Holding hands part three

Derek listened to two leading fundamental preachers from the past . there messages were a archived on you tube. It helped him to calm down. He heard s phone beep. He picked it up. It was a notification from face  book. It was a New friend request.
He clicked on it. It was from lexi. He immediately accepted it. He clicked on her profile. Her religious preference was Christian-Pentecostal. She was a member of the republican party. Her likes included k-love, various ccm artist, evangelical and Pentecostal figure. She enjoyed classic book and some fiction. She liked a few tv shows including star trek.
He wondered how they mesh there words In a way that would be pleasing to the Lord .
Then he stoped himself. He could not believe that he even entertained the idea that he could marry this person. He wondered if he would even see her again. He realized he had gone though every minutiae of her profile. He thought to himself that he must really be losing it.
She was execited when she saw that he had accepted her friend request. She was eager to look at his profile. His religious preference was Christian Baptist. He was a republican. He liked sacred Christian music. His hiroes were Dr. Bob Jones Sr, David cloud, Ian pasley. He was a fan of the king James bible,pilgrims progress and a book called daktar.he was a sports fan. She wanted to understand him. The man who would be her husband.
His phone went off again. He looked it over. It was a relationship request from lexi. His first inclination was to decline it. He really did not want to hurt her. His parents ,grand parents and tethers might see it.
He wanted this night to be over. He hopes to fall asleep and wake up and find that none of this happened. He knew that it had.
He stared at his screen for a few seconds.he hit the accept button.then he turned the phone off.
“Why’did this happen ?” he thought to himself. “If only if I said no to Tom. ” he had held out for quite a while. Why did he have to relent tobight? He prayed before he went to bed.he asked the lord to sort it all out. He asked that whatever happened that HE would have the preeminence.
She was thrilled that he had accepted her friend request.she was even more excited that he had accepted her relationship requests. She wanted to get to know him more. She prayed for him.she prayed that he would be the person the Lord ment him to be. She could not wait to see him again.
The next day was Sunday. Derek woke up. He got ready for church. He wondered if anyone saw his updates on facebook. He went to the kitchen table. “Morning!” he said . he was greated by his parents and siblings. His youngest sister was in the high chair. Either no one had notice or they were not going to say anything.
That day Derek had not heard form lexi. Derek taught Sunday school that day. After church he helped his younger brother work on a model air plane. Then his dad read from a missionary book. Then they got ready for the evening service.
Lexi got up.she went to her church.her church did not have a Sunday night service.she decided to go to his church. She wanted to get acclimated to thus world. She found she really wanted to see him.
He went into The church. He walked inside. He got some of the soynd equipment ready. He heard a voice in the distance. It sounded Luke lexi.
He wondered if maybe he was just hearing things. He turned around.sure enough it was her. She was talking to a younger lady in the church. He decided to walk over to her.
“Hi lex!” he said. “You know this young lady?” Marsha haglin asked “yes I do!” he said.
After they were relatively alone, she kissed him on the cheek. It made him nervous when she did that.even more so hear. He probably should have said something at The coffee shop but he did not. Now he did not want to hurt her feelings.
He suspected that she was very sensitive. He did care about her. She took his hand.they walked to a pew. “I missed you!” she said.
“I had no idea that you were coming tonight.” he told her. “I wanted to surprise You. My church doesn’t have a Sunday night service so I decided to come hear. I need to get more familiar with your church. Some day this will be my church.” she said.
He had no idea how to react to all of this. She seemed to believe that there getting married was a sure thing. He suspected she might even believe they were married at least I. God’s eyes. She feared She might be moving way too fast. She was passed the question of who. She now wanted to plan there lives. He was not there yet.
“Do you read call to glory?” She asked.”I do. Good stuff. I usually read it in the morning.” he said.”I picked one up. I love to read.” she said.”I read the devotional and a passage in the morning. At night I have been reading though psalms ” he said.
“I have been reading though a Pentecostal devotional book. As well as a pasege of scripture. At night I read a different passage. ” she said. “I like to read. I am not sure I am an avid reader.as a pastoral student I don’t really have a choice. ” he said.”I know how that is.” she said. “Personaly I would rather be reading more Winnie the poo. I have had a lot of time for that.” He told her. ” I perfect Clifford the big red dog but that’s just me!”she said. They laughed.
Derek’s dad entered the auditorium. He saw Derek and lexi talking. They were being very playfull. His dad did not recognize her. He observed that they had quite a report. His dad went over to see them. Derek was embarissed about holding her hand. He retracted it. She retook it. He tried several times to get it free. She would have none of it
“Hi dad! ” Derek said. ” who is this?” the pastor asked. ” this is lexi. Lexi this is my dad,” Derek said. ” pastor Bryan Carlson.  It is nice to meat you. “He said . ” it is good to meet you!” she said.
” I am glad your hear. We are a smal church but we have a really good group. I am pleased to see how the Lord is working hear. ” he said. ” it seams like a very friendly church. “She said.
Derek”s mom came in. She was holding the baby. She went over to them. “Hello I’m Anna Carlson. I am Derek’s mom.this is Savannah. ” She said. “I’m Lexi!” she said. ” it is a good to meat you. ” Anna said. ” is lexi short for alexis?” Derek asked.”alexsa but I never go by it.” she said. Lexi smiled at the baby. The baby smiled back. “So how do you know each other ? “Derek’s dad asked .
” she goes to Tom and denise’s church. ” he answered . ” I see.”the pastor said. ” are you Pentecostal?” Anna asked. ” yes I am. I would never try to influence. I respect his view. ” she said. ” I am glad you came  tonight. “Pastor Carlson said.”it is good to meet you. “Anna said
He gave up trying to get his hand back. ” am I making you nervous?” she asked .” maybe a little. I am very reserved. Its ok. ” he told her.
She liked his father’s preaching. He preached on the blood of Christ. She was an avid note taker. She took a million notes. After church they went to the parsnege to chat.
“What?” Derek asked.” your cute when your nervous. ” she said. He chuckled.” I had no idea. ” he said. “Get use to it dere. I intend to shake things up. ” she said. ” thanks for the warning. ” he said. ” I admit it.I am a hand full. ” she told him. “I will keep that in mind. ” he responded.
“What are reading for deviotions?”she asked. “I just started Romans . it is one of my favorite book of the bible. I am in Romans three. What are you reeding right now ?” he asked her. 
“Why now I am reeding though Mathew. I am in chapter 18 right now. ” she said.” your not reading though acts ? ” he asked. “Funy! I do like the book of acts. I do study it frequently!” She said “especially acts chapter two?” she asked. “It is an important chapter?” she said. “Not as much as you Pentecostal hep it up to be. ” he said.
“So is first Corinthians 13: 8-10 your life verses? ” she asked. “My life verse is to Romans 8:1 and 2.  ” he said . “I love that verse. I love that whole chapter. Why do you like it?” she asked. ” when I first studied thought the book, it really gave me an understanding of the Christian life. It is tied into me making my faith my own. Reading though chapter seven can be hard.I never told anyone but that was me realizing how awful sin was but being unable to conqur it. It was not serious sin at least it was the world’s eyes. I knew that any sin is bad. Coming to Romans 8. Realizing the power of the holy sprit the secret ingredient of the Christian life. ” he said.
He got a little emotional. He did nor realize it but it had really opened up he had just made himself venerable. She realized she had just got a glimpse of the real him. He was melting her heart.
“It sounds like you have really studied though Romans!” she remarked.”if I become a pastor , I definently intend to preach though the book. ” he said. “I look forward to hearing it. ” she said.
“What us your favorite verse or pasege?”he asked. “John one. I love how it ties Jesus to creation. I could live in John one. ” she said. “I know what you mean. I share your passion for it. I definitely want to preach from John one . ” he said. “Good !” she said.
” do you see those two ,” Derek’s dad asked. “I do. You see the way they look at each other? I know that look!” Anna said. “I have seen it before myself. ” he said. “They do make a cute couple!” she said. “They do. Do you think anything will come of it? ” he asked. ” yes I do. ” he said.
“I do too. Another Pentecostal in the family. Oh well. ” Anna said. “She does seem really sweet. I don’t think she will try to steer Rick away from the I.f.b. I don’t think he could. ” he said.”I am not worried about that. Look it’s like they have known each other for years. ” she said.
” it’s funny everyone was worried he would never get married or if ge would meet someone. He use to say that he did not want to rush the Lord. Perhaps he feel free to peruse her. ” Anna said. ” she seems nice. ” he said.
“Tom and Denise said you have really grown in the Lord over the past few years. What brought that about?” she asked. ” the church had a revival meeting. We had an evangelist from the south speak. The thrust of his mesege was that a godly heritage does not gurente that the next generation will live for God. Examples from scripture was Noah son,Solomon’ son,the son of Hezekiah etc. He said that everyone had to chose for themselves rather or not that they would serve the lord. I have not told anyone this either but I had been fighting with the lord a lot just before that mesege. I believe I was saved but I was not surrendered to the Lord. That was I gave up. That was when I agreed to go into ministry. I have never regretted it. ” He said.
“When was that? ” she asked. ” April about three years ago. Why?” he asked.She pulled out a peace of paper. She read it.” I have compelled to pray for my future husbend. I feel that he has an important decision to make. I don’t what it is but I am sure it is a big decision. I hope he makes the right one. I am praying that he will chose to follow the Lord. I chose to believe better things. I know that the Lord is able to complete the work he started in him. I wish I knew the outcome. I will ask him about it when I meet him. “She said.
” are you sure that you wrote that about me?” he asked. “Yes I’m sure. Before the word was given. I suspected it was you.now I’m sure. ” she said. ” that could change. I am accident prone. I snore and occasionally talk in my sleep!” he said. “I will a just!” she said..
“Eventually the warm and fuzies will ware off. I only read the kung James. I don’t listen to k-lov9. I believe In separating from non I.f.b. I am not sure you know what your getting into. ” he told her.
“It is a possibility that I don’t know what I am getting into. I only ask that you are submitted to Christ. Love Me as Christ loved the church. The rest will short itself out. ” she said.
” it is getting late.”he said. ” I should be going. I love talking to you. I can’t wait to see you again !”she said. “Have a good night. ” he said. She hugged him. She then kissed him on the cheek. He watched her get in the car and drive off.
End of part three


The mage part two

The empire did practice slavery. Slaves dus have protection under the law. Some willingly enter into slavery to avoid homelessness or to get out of poverty. Some slaves who were owner by noble or government officials could gain power or presteze.
While there were bad masters.there was cruelty. It was not always bad. When someone was sold into slavery against there will no never knew what kind of master they would serve. It was not just the master but also the overseas. Those hired to administer the slaves. When one became a slave there were Manny unknown elements.
The helicopter left the auction site . the chopper headed for the estate. Noel one of the New slaves went on and on about his favorite comic books. While no one was really listening that did not deter him from talking. Talk he did.
Brad felt sorry for Kathy. Her hair was in a beaded only tail.she was fairly tall. He guessed that she had been part of a middle-class family. Probably a merchant family. Perhaps he farther practiced a profession . sometimes if a family fell into debt after they sold everything else they would be forced to sell family members.
Brad felt for her.she should not be hear ge thought.
They saw the estate over heard. It was vast. There were horses and various other animals. There was everything you imagine. Field’s,farms even a swimming pool.
The master had his. Own landing strip and hanger. The helicopter landed. The slaves were allowed to disembark the craft.
“I am your master. I am xerxis. This is chief oversear perit. According to the law I own you. You are my slaves. You have two choices you can be members of my family or my slaves your choice. Work well and you will enjoy all the fruits of your labor. This can be a home a refugee . I do not tolerate insurection but reward hard work. I can be your friend or your worst nightmare.I would prefer to be your friend. It is your choice. ” the master said.
The New slaves were allowed to change out of the Orange prison style jumpsuits .male slaves wore light  blue t shirts and matching pants.  If the work required shoes or boot they were permitted to do otherwise they went barefoot. Female wore a simple sleveless blue dress. They were barefoot.
The slave qurter were set up like college dormitories. They had a lounge that slaves could use in off time. It included a kitchen refrigerator and a room with tv filtered internet enabled computer,WiFi and a stereo systems. Female and males had there separate facilities.
After given time to settle in, they were brought to the administration building for orientation. The rules were simple.there were not Manny. Work time was from eight in the morning to four thirty. Unles they were in a Job that required work outside that window.
After the orientation they were assigned to there jobs. Charles who had been in medical school was a signed to the estate hospital. He was thrilled to find that he could practice medicine.as he got to work he forgot he was a slave.
Brad was not a stranger to hard work. He got right to work. He was knowledgeable as well.
“Brad!” the bald master said. “Sir!” brad said. ” I am making you foreman. ” xerxis said. ” thank you sir. I will not dusipoint you.” brad said. ” I am certain of that. ” he said.
Noel and Andrew got to work. As the work day was almost over they went to purit. ” what is that barn for?”Noel asked.the oversear smiled. ” I will show you. ” he said.they went inside.it was a dragen. “A Dragon? ” Andrew asked.” it required a million permits and wavers and parliamentary permission. ” purit said.
“Is he ferocious?” Noel asked. ” he can be. He can be controlled. We have become found of him. ” the head oversear said.
Amy was assigned to domestic work. She found everyone was nice. This was not what she expected. It seemed almost too good to be true.
After the orientation, Kathy was told to report to the master. He had an office in the administration building. ” Kathy! I was given all you’re. Records. You graduated from your private high school as class valedictorian. You have a 4.0 g.p.a from the university of emperor William the great. You were a law school student. You were sophomore class treasurer. You were school newspaper editor. I don’t like administrative work. I perfect hands in work. I would like you to be my office manager, financial manager and my lawyer. Under the law you can practice law on my bahath. I want you to be the estate administrators. “He said.
“Thank you master.I am most greatfull. You can count on me!”she said.” I know that. Cingradulations . ” he said .
He was quite pleased with her work.  She liked her duties.she got to do what she loved. She enjoyed law finances and administration. She got to do all of that.
.” you may go!” the master said.” I almost hate to go. ” Kathy said. ” I suspected that might happen.” he said. She laughed.
“Thank you master.” she said. She bowed. ” Kath ! I know you like stuffed animal. You will find some on your bed including a stuffed bear. His name is edger. “He said. She smiled and thanked him.
Noel was escorted to the library.” this is the comic section. ” purit said. “Is that torch man? I heard emperor Bryon the 15th had all of them destroyed.” Noel said. ” not all of them. ” the head oversear said.”may I read it?” Noel said ” you May procede.as you read it.I think it will become clear why the emperor may be rest in peace sought to eraise all traces of The series. ” purit said. Noel could not be hapier.
Brad looked for Kathy.he finally found her. She was outside reeding. “What are you reading?” he asked.”she was embarrassed.  “Jenny teenaged spy. I know ! I am not a Female version of Noel I promise. ” she said. “I’m not judging.I just figured you would read the economist or the boulder ridge journal !” he said.
” I am not that aristocratic even when I was in the professional circle.”she said. “You probably guesed that I am form the back woods. Grew up in jackman. More moose then people. ” he said. She laughed. “So let me gues your farther long dead mom just died.you barely made it.you sold yourself into slavery to survive.” she said. “Prety much. ” he said.
” your not going to ask me how I ended up a slave?” she asked.”you will tell me when your ready. If you don’t that is fine too. ” brad said.
“Are we friends?” Kathy said.”yes we are. ” brad said. ” you do know I would not have givin you the time of day before. ” she remarked.”yea I figured ” brad said. ” that’s all changed now. We are eaquils now .” she said. “I suppose so. I don’t mind to brother you. I will let you get back to your book. ” he said.”I can read later. Will you join me ?” she said. He smiled.
The new master was nice . he could be benevolent. He had a secret. One that could ruin him. One that had to stay hidden. One that would threaten his own personal fiefdom.he knew how to navigate the matters the powers that be made him tread.while he was playing a dangerous game. If sycesfull he would become the powers that be. He would be free to be who he was ment to be. He would get revenge on those who tried to keep him down.
End of part two.

Holding hands part two

Derek and lexi walked hand in hand to his car .”I have known for a while that God had someone in mind for me. I have been praying for you. I have written you letters. I am so glad to be able to finally meet you. ” she said.
“Are you sure that I am the person your supposed to marry?” he asked.”if course I am. My sprit confirms it. You really put my mind at ease. ” she said. ” as I said earlier I am committed to fundamental Baptists . I need you to realize that. “He said.
“I know all about Baptist. I know all. That you don’t speak in tongues. “She said .
“That does not brother you? ” he asked. “God has brought us together. I know he has a plan for our lives. I trust him. He would sort all this out. ” She said.
“I have done a lot of study.  I have come to my views though careful study. Whatever churches I plant or pastor will reflect those views. ” Derek said.
“I figured. I am on your side. We will figure this out together. We are both believers that seek to be close to the Lord. Lets be on this journey together. ” she said.
She spoke very softly but was very determined at the same time. She started to melt his heart. He did not get it. Why was he even considering this? He parked the car. The two of then got out of the car. They got out. She temporarily let go of his hand but quickly took it back. They walked inside hand in hand.
She was cleving to the man she believed would be her future husband. They were in his mind one flesh. They met up with Tom,Denise and there family. She got a mocha ice code with extra mocha. That made him chuckle. He got black coffee with no cream or surger. He insisted on paying. They went to the table.
She put her arm around Him. “You two are really cute!” Denise said. “You two really are. ” Tom said.Derek wanted to throw something at Tom. He decided that that would be inappropriate. Why would Tom be encourage this?
“So did you grow up hear?”she asked. “No I was born in a smal town in Indiana. My dad started a church there. We lived there until I was five. Then went to a town in Pennsylvania where he started another church. We were there until I was 13. Then we moved hear. “Derrek said.
“Do you consider this home?” she asked. “”Yea I do. I don’t remember Gray Indiana. I remember beret pensivania. I gues I do consider this home. My most vivid memories happened hear.”he said
“Where are you from originally?”he asked. “I was born in Michigan. Lived in the same town. This is the first time I have left. “She said.
“Are you s student at sprit of fire?”he asked. “Yes I am. Are you a student at fundimenle Baptist college?” she asked. “Yes. I am in pastoral ministry tract. ” he said. “I am in a ministry tract I gues you would say. We do things quite a bit differently in a Pentecostal bible college. While much of it may not translate into a Baptist pastors wife I thunk Manny would. I have had life experiences that would help me fil the role of a pastors wife. ” she said.
“Is your dad a pastor?” Derek asked.” he is. He started out as a youth pastor but later became a Sr.pastor.” he said.
“It must be hard to be away from home?”he asked. “It is. I am not sure who it is harder for. My dad and step mom or me. ” she commented.
Derrek noticed that she got really tense when she mentioned her dad and step mom. He did not want to ask. He saw the hurt in her eyes. Itwa s weird he wanted to run and hide, at the same time he found himself troubled that she was troubled.
“Have you always wanted to be a pastor?” she asked. “Hardly. Derek has always been shy and reserve. He preferred to Be behind the scenes. For a while he wanted to Be a race car driver.” Derek said. He blushed. “What made you decide to be a pastor?” she asked.
“I was saved when I was five. I believe it was genuine but it Was only a few years ago that I really surrendered. I was never rebellious but I was not fully committed. I had not planed to attend bible college. At a bible college I Was challenged. The speaker said to abandon anything that keep from God’s best. I remember thinking ok Lord I get it. I just said I do what you want me to do.” he said .
“He really changed after that. He has grown a lot in a short amount of time.”Tom said.”God is definitely at work in his life. “Denise said. “I can see that. It is very evident.”she said. There eyes met. He was not sure he wanted to look at her that closely.
“So did you grow up in the church?Were you saved at a young age?” derrek asked. “I was saved when I was six. My dad led me to the Lord. He has been an inspiration for me. I have known for a while that I was supposed to be in some kind of full time ministry. I did consider doing something else but I am glad I did end up hear. “She said.
“Annie needs a diaper change. Do you want to come?” Denise asked. Lexi said yes and went with her. The two left. Tom’s som stayed close to Tom.Derek waited until they were out of earshot. “What are you doing?” Derek asked .” what do you mean?” Tom asked. “Why are you encoureging all of this?” Derek asked. “You don’t want me to?”Tom asked .”of course not!”Derek said.
“Why not?”Tom asked. “Well for starters I am a hymn only ,k.j.v separatist independent fundamental Baptist who believes that tounges have ceased as a viable gift of the holy sprit. How can I even consider dating a penticoastal let alone marrying one? How can I believe that ‘Word’ was from the lord? I don’t believe in prophecy!” he said
“I get that. I grew up in the same world you did. If you could see the way you two look at each other. You two have something. Set aside the prophecy, you two have a chemistry Rick. You two have the same chemistry nese and I do. Not only that, you two seam to have the same elements that mom and  dad do. “Tom said.
“I find that hard to believe. ” Derek said. “If you see yourselves from our angle ,you would not. ” he said.
Denise and lexi and the baby walked back to the table. Lexi kissed him in the cheek. He tried to hide his discomfort. She acted like they were already married.
She took his hand. She was totally committed to him now. He ignored it. He dismissed it. She wanted him to know his commitment. She wanted him to totally trust him.
“So do you have an idea where you want to live?” she asked. “No I am open to wherever. I want to start new churches in areas with little or no gospel witness.I don’t have a town or sate in mind. Do you have a preference?” Derek asked. “No I don’t!”she said.
After a while they decided that it was time to call it a night. They said there goodbyes to Tom and his family. Derek and lexi went to his car. “I am so glad to have met you. I am so excited to get to know you more. My Spirit is invigorated. I have a feeling I will always feel special around you. ” she told him.
He wished that he could calm down her exurburebce. All attempts to get her to back off failed miserably. He found he was having trouble just running away. He drove her back to the church parking lot. “I will give you my phone number and I want yours. “She said. “Sure!” he said. They exchanged phone numbers. She hugged him.
” it is so good to meet you. I have waited a long time for this day. I will be seeing you.”she said.she kissed him on the cheek. She got out of the car. She walked to the car. He watched her drive off. He had no idea how to react to all of this.
He turned up the CD.  It was a collection of hyims from one of his college choral groups. It helped him calm down. Right now He was prety tense. He had no idea how to react to all of this.
He parked and excited the car. He walked to the porch and then went inside. “How was the Pentecostal church? “His dad asked. “Um! Interesting. To say the least. It is a night I won’t soon forget. ” he said.
“You ok Rick you sesm worked up?”His farther asked. “I am a bit I gues. I will be ok. I might need to listen to a message from Dr. Bob Sr and Oliver p green but I will be fine. “Derek said”ok I am hear for you if you need to talk!” his dad said. He thanked him. Then he went upstairs.
End of part two.

The mage

Pristine city
The provincial capital city of pristine. The city was one of the largest in the empire. People came from all over the empire and outside.
The slave market was heavily guarded by.members of the auction house security and the imperial forces. While there has not been any incidents at the pristine auction house in forty year’s.  It was one of the most secure slave auction in the empire. No one was going to take any chances.
Slavery was legal in the empire. There was an aboulition movement. It was very smal. It had been growing a little bit. There were always family members of s slave to be who believed that the selling was unjust. Extra steps were being taken just in case.
The potential buyers were arriving. Anyone could buy slaves.they had to register and show proof that they could buy a slave. They were screaned. There weapons had to be presented.
The auction house did not want By problems. They wanted a successfull auction. Both the auction company and the military were on high alert . everyone believed that there would be no major incidents.
While In the cages the slaves to be waited. Brad was different from most unsold slaves. He was a willing slave. His parents were dead. He came from a poor family in a remote town on the edge of the provinces . there was no jobs. No real prospects.he decided to sell himself to the slavers. Beter to be sold into slavery then to scrounge for food in a desert.
The slaves to be wore orange prison style jumpsuits. They had the name of the auction house on the uniform. Other wise barefoot.
He looked around.he hoped that whatever house he ended up serving with ,he hoped that the circumstances would be better then they were currently. He had bo idea. For all he knew they could be worse. It was to late now. He had sign the paper work literally signing his life away. It was done now. There was no going back.
He saw the nearby cells. He looked around. Some looked scared. Others looked like they were in shock. Others we’re resolute.
In the empire there we’re different kind of slaves. Some slaves we’re members of enemy nations captured In war. Some were non violent criminals sentenced to slavery or who agreed to be slaves to avoid prison. Some became slaves due to debt by themselves or family members.
He saw one fellow New slave that caught his eye. She was tall. Her hair was In a simple pony tail.she had almost perfect posture. She was well manicured. He surmised that She was from a professional or murchent class. Before today She would probably not even acknowledge his existence.
There eyes met. He smiled at her. She made a he smile back to her. He guesed that she was not hear at her own will like he was. He wished he could talk to her. He guessed that he would probably never see her again. Perhaps that was how It had to be.
The stands were full of people. There were rich to middle class. There were members of the mobility. Curent and former military commanders from army, navy marines and air force.there were also merchants ,administrators doctors ,lawyers and common people.
Amount the atendies was a bald man. He was tall and imposing. He looked strong but not obese. He was thin but hardly anorexic. He was there with partners. People seemed nervous to be around him. No one why. The just were.he almost never smiled.
The back ground check done by the auction house with the help of the internal revenue service revealed that he was quite wealthy. His title says he was a non noble land owner. He was not part of a cooperation or merchant guild. He owned his own business. His aides were all bald and male. The were all imposing.
The unsold slaves were moved to cage near the auction site. He saw her. He knew that this might be the last time he ever saw her .
Several were sold . ” the next is the daughter of a lawyer. She has had three years if law school at university of kings town. Her grandfather was a judge.she attended bording school before college. She is expert in literature,law, computer science and finances. ” the auctioner said.
“Kathy will make a fine worker,cleaner financial or legal advisor as well as numerous other task. ” the auctioned said.
She started at five hundred Alexander’s.  She went up to a thousand . the bald man bided a thousand. A noble man bided two thousand. The bald man bid four thousand Alexander’s. An admiral bid ten thousand Alexander’s. The bald man bid a million. The noble man bid two million . the bald man went to ten million. It went once twice . the bald msn won.
He felt bad for her. She look so sweet.she did not deserve this. It came to him. Brad knew that he would probably not get a high price. He was unskilled.he barely graduated high school. Except for being in a rock band he nothing to offer.
His opening bid was for three hundred alexander’s. A merchant made that bid. The bald man bid four hundred. The merchant bid five hundred. An older lady bid six hundred Alexander’s. The bald man bided eight hundred Alexander’s. A General bided nine hundred . the bald man bided a thousand. Alexander’s. No one kept going.
A part of brad was excited. The bald man was creepy looking. He was going to be living on the same compound as Kathy. Would she even talk to him.
They were taken to a transfer area. The bald man baught six new slaves. A slave named Noel went on and on about comics book. He engaged him for a few minutes. He went over to Kathy. ” it’s going to be ok. Kath. Your strong.this won’t destroy you. ” he said . she squized his hand “thank you.”she said.
Once the purchase was finalized, the slaves were turned over to the bald man’s staff. They were loaded
On to a helicopter owned by The bald man. The chopper lifted off.
End of part one.

Holding hands

Darrek Carlson was a pastoral student at an independent fundamental Baptist college. His farther was the pastor of a smal Baptist church. He was being mentored by his dad. He was acting as an asistent. He assisted In Visitation,he preached and engaged in orther duties. He showed sign of sprituel growth and a maturity. His whole church was behind him going into ministry.
Darrek has seven siblings. His second oldest brother Tom has become a Pentecostal. His wife was a life long Pentecostal. Despite doctrinal differences Darrek and Tom were close. Tom had been trying to get Darrek to come to a service on Saturday night. He had been very reluctant but finely relented.
Derrek felt out of place. He was used to Waring a suit and tie to church. Most men at sprit church wore a pollo suit and jeans. Derek wore a polo shirt and tan pants.this was his version of dressing down. That was as far as he went.
He went into the auditorium. He looked around for his brother and family. He saw Tom and Denise. He went over to them.  “You really came !” Tom said. “I said I would. So far I have not melted ” Darrek said.
For some reason,this New commer caught the attention of a young women who sat near Tom and Denise. ” did you think you would melt?” lexsi asked. “My brother Derek hear is a fundamental Baptist. He is a bit taken aback by us .” Tom said.
“Despite your objections,you stil came?” lexsi asked. “I think the world Of Tom even though he is the black sheep of the family. ” Derek said jockingly. “Personaly I think I am the normal person in the family but that’s just me. ” he said
“You are stil close?” lexsi asked .”yes we are. We think the other person is nuts but we are close. . Darrek answered.
“I think he looks up to me.”Tom said.  Well I would not go that far. For wisdom I go to our dest brother Rob. ” Darrek said.
“Our oldest brother Rob is the president of a very strict bible college. Nice guy but a bit dull. For wisdom He is probably more credible! ” Tom said.  “Probably?” Derek said.
“I am Sory you have to witness this but this is normal for us. We really do get along. ” he said. “I can see that. ” lexsi said .”I have gotten use to there banter. ” Denise told her.
“Hi by the way I’m Alexsa but everyone calls me lexsi. ” she said. “Hi I’m Darrek. ” he said. “She is a strong member of our church and is very active. ” Tom said.
Darrek got the feeling that Tom was trying to set the two of them up. He tried to move pass the comment. She seemed nice but she was not his type. That was what he told himself at the time.
“Derek is going to bible college.he wants to pastor churches.” Tom said. “I see!” She said.
The service started. The music was what was known as praise and worship. The kind you might hear on k love or other Christian music stations. Everyone seemed to be into it. Manny raised there hands and danced. Lexsi was into it. He felt really out of place. He felt like he was on a different planet.
It seemed to go on forever. It was not so bad he thought. Then the worship time was concluded. He was happy about that. Then the Sr. Pastor took to the pulpit. He did some customary greetings. Then he said something that would change both lexsi and Derek’s lives forever.
” before I begin tonight’s mesege ,the Lord has put something on my heart. I believe it is something I need to declare. ” pastor Jeff said.
Darrek had no ideal what was going on. He knew that The Pentecostal believed in getting words from the Lord. Derek did not believe that God communicated prophecy in thus age. He held his tounge. “This too shall pass” he told himself.
“I love when the Lord imparts wisdom to a believer. These. Are of the kind I enjoy. ” the pastor said.
The pastor of the church walk though the pews. He came to the row where Derek and lexsi were.
Derek had no idea what was going on. As pastor Jeff got closer,Darrek was getting more and more nervous. He stoped where the two were. “The Lord wants me to tell both of you that before you were born He declared that the two of you should be a couple. You will bring glory to him though your marriage. He created you both with talents and abilities that would compliment each other. You will fill In each others gaps. You will be able to relate to each other in a way no one else will. ” the pastor said.
“The Lord is pleased with this coupling. He wants you to embrace one another . you Wil start churches. You are gifted with preaching and teaching. She is an asset. You will discover this to be true. I am excited for you too. I know will do great thing though you” the pastor of the sprit church said.
Derrek had no ide how to react to this.He wanted to run away and hide. He saw no way to get out just now. His heart raced. He was really anxious .
Lexsi was excited. She a ended something in him the moment he g it there. She suspected that he would be important in her life. She enjoyed. His humor.she liked his bantor. He was fun. Without really thinking about it consciously she took his hand. She placed his hand in hers. It felt right. She felt safe with him. She fully embraced the thought of marrying him.
When he heard the word, he was stunned. He was In disbelief. He could not believe what was happening. His first visit to a Pentecostal church and now this happends. He hoped that while this was awkward in a few year’s this would be a distant memory. It might even be humorous. He wanted this whole night to end. He felt like he was trapped and unable to leave.
Then it got even more complicated. She smiled at him. He did not want to look her In the eye. He did not want her to see him. He felt really vulnerable  right now. He did not like being vulnerable I’m front of others.
Why did she take his hand he thought. They had literally just met. He wanted to remove his hand from hers. He suspected that this was not s good idea. While He was uncomfortable he did not want to hurt her. He did care for her. He decided not to try to get his hand back for now.
It appeared that why he has some doubts ,  in realty a lot of doubts. Lexsi did not share those doubts. It seemed that She fully embraced it and him.
He considered running. He suspected that she might run with him. What was he going to do. He was not romanticly involved with anyone . it had been a while sense he was. He did not take any of this seriously. How could he?  The Lord did not work this way In this dispensation. 
She held his hand though the entire messege. He tried to focus on the mesege. This was turning out to be a very unusual night.
She never left his side during the service. He believed that physical contact should happen over the course of a relationship. They were not even a couple yet. She did not seam ruling to remove her hand from his.
She seemed sweet. He wanted to marry a fellow independent fundamental Baptist . she was not in his mi d a suitable candidate to be his future wife. Right now she was not going where.
Tom wondered what Derek was thinking . Tom was prety sure that he was extremely uncomfortable. They looked so cute together. Tom knew he should not bring it up right now.
Derek liked the message.he found it to be fairly bible based. Pastor Jeff was not as good as his dad or some of the professors at college but it was not bad. He hoped that he could get right out of there.
“I kinda suspected that you would play a key role in my life. I did not fully understand it but it all makes sense now..I pledge to be s godly wife . I will support you and will be your friend and confident. You can count on me” lexsi told him.
He started to blush. He was beyond embarrassed. He really wanted to go home . he was trying to find a way to get yo the exit.
” lexsi I can assure that Derek is a godly person. I have no reservation about recommending him. He is a person character and character. ” Tom said.
Derek hoped that Tom would run Interference for him. Tom was not going to help him. The opposite was happening. Tom was encouraging all of this.
“Derek lexsi is a keeper.she Is known for being an encouragement. I know she will be an asset..” Denise said.  
Derek could not believe this was happening. Just when he thought it could not possibly get any weirder it did. He felt like the Baptist version of the twilite zone.
“I trust you. I know you will seek the Lord In all you do. ” lexsi said. “Do you want to join us for coffee?” Tom asked.
.oh I don’t know. Mayby another night. “Derek suggested. “Come on Derek. It wi be fun. “Denese suggested. “It will give us Chance to get to know each other. ” she suggested.
He felt surrounded. He just wanted To go home.he wished that Tom had backed him up. This was a fight or flight situation and he wanted to flea. There did not appear to be any way to flea at least right now. ” ok !” Darrek said.
“Can I go in your car? ” lexsi asked.” ok!” Darrek said . “we Will meet you there. ” defense said. They walked hand in hand to the car.
To be continued.