Holding hands

Darrek Carlson was a pastoral student at an independent fundamental Baptist college. His farther was the pastor of a smal Baptist church. He was being mentored by his dad. He was acting as an asistent. He assisted In Visitation,he preached and engaged in orther duties. He showed sign of sprituel growth and a maturity. His whole church was behind him going into ministry.
Darrek has seven siblings. His second oldest brother Tom has become a Pentecostal. His wife was a life long Pentecostal. Despite doctrinal differences Darrek and Tom were close. Tom had been trying to get Darrek to come to a service on Saturday night. He had been very reluctant but finely relented.
Derrek felt out of place. He was used to Waring a suit and tie to church. Most men at sprit church wore a pollo suit and jeans. Derek wore a polo shirt and tan pants.this was his version of dressing down. That was as far as he went.
He went into the auditorium. He looked around for his brother and family. He saw Tom and Denise. He went over to them.  “You really came !” Tom said. “I said I would. So far I have not melted ” Darrek said.
For some reason,this New commer caught the attention of a young women who sat near Tom and Denise. ” did you think you would melt?” lexsi asked. “My brother Derek hear is a fundamental Baptist. He is a bit taken aback by us .” Tom said.
“Despite your objections,you stil came?” lexsi asked. “I think the world Of Tom even though he is the black sheep of the family. ” Derek said jockingly. “Personaly I think I am the normal person in the family but that’s just me. ” he said
“You are stil close?” lexsi asked .”yes we are. We think the other person is nuts but we are close. . Darrek answered.
“I think he looks up to me.”Tom said.  Well I would not go that far. For wisdom I go to our dest brother Rob. ” Darrek said.
“Our oldest brother Rob is the president of a very strict bible college. Nice guy but a bit dull. For wisdom He is probably more credible! ” Tom said.  “Probably?” Derek said.
“I am Sory you have to witness this but this is normal for us. We really do get along. ” he said. “I can see that. ” lexsi said .”I have gotten use to there banter. ” Denise told her.
“Hi by the way I’m Alexsa but everyone calls me lexsi. ” she said. “Hi I’m Darrek. ” he said. “She is a strong member of our church and is very active. ” Tom said.
Darrek got the feeling that Tom was trying to set the two of them up. He tried to move pass the comment. She seemed nice but she was not his type. That was what he told himself at the time.
“Derek is going to bible college.he wants to pastor churches.” Tom said. “I see!” She said.
The service started. The music was what was known as praise and worship. The kind you might hear on k love or other Christian music stations. Everyone seemed to be into it. Manny raised there hands and danced. Lexsi was into it. He felt really out of place. He felt like he was on a different planet.
It seemed to go on forever. It was not so bad he thought. Then the worship time was concluded. He was happy about that. Then the Sr. Pastor took to the pulpit. He did some customary greetings. Then he said something that would change both lexsi and Derek’s lives forever.
” before I begin tonight’s mesege ,the Lord has put something on my heart. I believe it is something I need to declare. ” pastor Jeff said.
Darrek had no ideal what was going on. He knew that The Pentecostal believed in getting words from the Lord. Derek did not believe that God communicated prophecy in thus age. He held his tounge. “This too shall pass” he told himself.
“I love when the Lord imparts wisdom to a believer. These. Are of the kind I enjoy. ” the pastor said.
The pastor of the church walk though the pews. He came to the row where Derek and lexsi were.
Derek had no idea what was going on. As pastor Jeff got closer,Darrek was getting more and more nervous. He stoped where the two were. “The Lord wants me to tell both of you that before you were born He declared that the two of you should be a couple. You will bring glory to him though your marriage. He created you both with talents and abilities that would compliment each other. You will fill In each others gaps. You will be able to relate to each other in a way no one else will. ” the pastor said.
“The Lord is pleased with this coupling. He wants you to embrace one another . you Wil start churches. You are gifted with preaching and teaching. She is an asset. You will discover this to be true. I am excited for you too. I know will do great thing though you” the pastor of the sprit church said.
Derrek had no ide how to react to this.He wanted to run away and hide. He saw no way to get out just now. His heart raced. He was really anxious .
Lexsi was excited. She a ended something in him the moment he g it there. She suspected that he would be important in her life. She enjoyed. His humor.she liked his bantor. He was fun. Without really thinking about it consciously she took his hand. She placed his hand in hers. It felt right. She felt safe with him. She fully embraced the thought of marrying him.
When he heard the word, he was stunned. He was In disbelief. He could not believe what was happening. His first visit to a Pentecostal church and now this happends. He hoped that while this was awkward in a few year’s this would be a distant memory. It might even be humorous. He wanted this whole night to end. He felt like he was trapped and unable to leave.
Then it got even more complicated. She smiled at him. He did not want to look her In the eye. He did not want her to see him. He felt really vulnerable  right now. He did not like being vulnerable I’m front of others.
Why did she take his hand he thought. They had literally just met. He wanted to remove his hand from hers. He suspected that this was not s good idea. While He was uncomfortable he did not want to hurt her. He did care for her. He decided not to try to get his hand back for now.
It appeared that why he has some doubts ,  in realty a lot of doubts. Lexsi did not share those doubts. It seemed that She fully embraced it and him.
He considered running. He suspected that she might run with him. What was he going to do. He was not romanticly involved with anyone . it had been a while sense he was. He did not take any of this seriously. How could he?  The Lord did not work this way In this dispensation. 
She held his hand though the entire messege. He tried to focus on the mesege. This was turning out to be a very unusual night.
She never left his side during the service. He believed that physical contact should happen over the course of a relationship. They were not even a couple yet. She did not seam ruling to remove her hand from his.
She seemed sweet. He wanted to marry a fellow independent fundamental Baptist . she was not in his mi d a suitable candidate to be his future wife. Right now she was not going where.
Tom wondered what Derek was thinking . Tom was prety sure that he was extremely uncomfortable. They looked so cute together. Tom knew he should not bring it up right now.
Derek liked the message.he found it to be fairly bible based. Pastor Jeff was not as good as his dad or some of the professors at college but it was not bad. He hoped that he could get right out of there.
“I kinda suspected that you would play a key role in my life. I did not fully understand it but it all makes sense now..I pledge to be s godly wife . I will support you and will be your friend and confident. You can count on me” lexsi told him.
He started to blush. He was beyond embarrassed. He really wanted to go home . he was trying to find a way to get yo the exit.
” lexsi I can assure that Derek is a godly person. I have no reservation about recommending him. He is a person character and character. ” Tom said.
Derek hoped that Tom would run Interference for him. Tom was not going to help him. The opposite was happening. Tom was encouraging all of this.
“Derek lexsi is a keeper.she Is known for being an encouragement. I know she will be an asset..” Denise said.  
Derek could not believe this was happening. Just when he thought it could not possibly get any weirder it did. He felt like the Baptist version of the twilite zone.
“I trust you. I know you will seek the Lord In all you do. ” lexsi said. “Do you want to join us for coffee?” Tom asked.
.oh I don’t know. Mayby another night. “Derek suggested. “Come on Derek. It wi be fun. “Denese suggested. “It will give us Chance to get to know each other. ” she suggested.
He felt surrounded. He just wanted To go home.he wished that Tom had backed him up. This was a fight or flight situation and he wanted to flea. There did not appear to be any way to flea at least right now. ” ok !” Darrek said.
“Can I go in your car? ” lexsi asked.” ok!” Darrek said . “we Will meet you there. ” defense said. They walked hand in hand to the car.
To be continued.


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