The mage

Pristine city
The provincial capital city of pristine. The city was one of the largest in the empire. People came from all over the empire and outside.
The slave market was heavily guarded by.members of the auction house security and the imperial forces. While there has not been any incidents at the pristine auction house in forty year’s.  It was one of the most secure slave auction in the empire. No one was going to take any chances.
Slavery was legal in the empire. There was an aboulition movement. It was very smal. It had been growing a little bit. There were always family members of s slave to be who believed that the selling was unjust. Extra steps were being taken just in case.
The potential buyers were arriving. Anyone could buy slaves.they had to register and show proof that they could buy a slave. They were screaned. There weapons had to be presented.
The auction house did not want By problems. They wanted a successfull auction. Both the auction company and the military were on high alert . everyone believed that there would be no major incidents.
While In the cages the slaves to be waited. Brad was different from most unsold slaves. He was a willing slave. His parents were dead. He came from a poor family in a remote town on the edge of the provinces . there was no jobs. No real prospects.he decided to sell himself to the slavers. Beter to be sold into slavery then to scrounge for food in a desert.
The slaves to be wore orange prison style jumpsuits. They had the name of the auction house on the uniform. Other wise barefoot.
He looked around.he hoped that whatever house he ended up serving with ,he hoped that the circumstances would be better then they were currently. He had bo idea. For all he knew they could be worse. It was to late now. He had sign the paper work literally signing his life away. It was done now. There was no going back.
He saw the nearby cells. He looked around. Some looked scared. Others looked like they were in shock. Others we’re resolute.
In the empire there we’re different kind of slaves. Some slaves we’re members of enemy nations captured In war. Some were non violent criminals sentenced to slavery or who agreed to be slaves to avoid prison. Some became slaves due to debt by themselves or family members.
He saw one fellow New slave that caught his eye. She was tall. Her hair was In a simple pony tail.she had almost perfect posture. She was well manicured. He surmised that She was from a professional or murchent class. Before today She would probably not even acknowledge his existence.
There eyes met. He smiled at her. She made a he smile back to her. He guesed that she was not hear at her own will like he was. He wished he could talk to her. He guessed that he would probably never see her again. Perhaps that was how It had to be.
The stands were full of people. There were rich to middle class. There were members of the mobility. Curent and former military commanders from army, navy marines and air force.there were also merchants ,administrators doctors ,lawyers and common people.
Amount the atendies was a bald man. He was tall and imposing. He looked strong but not obese. He was thin but hardly anorexic. He was there with partners. People seemed nervous to be around him. No one why. The just were.he almost never smiled.
The back ground check done by the auction house with the help of the internal revenue service revealed that he was quite wealthy. His title says he was a non noble land owner. He was not part of a cooperation or merchant guild. He owned his own business. His aides were all bald and male. The were all imposing.
The unsold slaves were moved to cage near the auction site. He saw her. He knew that this might be the last time he ever saw her .
Several were sold . ” the next is the daughter of a lawyer. She has had three years if law school at university of kings town. Her grandfather was a judge.she attended bording school before college. She is expert in literature,law, computer science and finances. ” the auctioner said.
“Kathy will make a fine worker,cleaner financial or legal advisor as well as numerous other task. ” the auctioned said.
She started at five hundred Alexander’s.  She went up to a thousand . the bald man bided a thousand. A noble man bided two thousand. The bald man bid four thousand Alexander’s. An admiral bid ten thousand Alexander’s. The bald man bid a million. The noble man bid two million . the bald man went to ten million. It went once twice . the bald msn won.
He felt bad for her. She look so sweet.she did not deserve this. It came to him. Brad knew that he would probably not get a high price. He was unskilled.he barely graduated high school. Except for being in a rock band he nothing to offer.
His opening bid was for three hundred alexander’s. A merchant made that bid. The bald man bid four hundred. The merchant bid five hundred. An older lady bid six hundred Alexander’s. The bald man bided eight hundred Alexander’s. A General bided nine hundred . the bald man bided a thousand. Alexander’s. No one kept going.
A part of brad was excited. The bald man was creepy looking. He was going to be living on the same compound as Kathy. Would she even talk to him.
They were taken to a transfer area. The bald man baught six new slaves. A slave named Noel went on and on about comics book. He engaged him for a few minutes. He went over to Kathy. ” it’s going to be ok. Kath. Your strong.this won’t destroy you. ” he said . she squized his hand “thank you.”she said.
Once the purchase was finalized, the slaves were turned over to the bald man’s staff. They were loaded
On to a helicopter owned by The bald man. The chopper lifted off.
End of part one.


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