Holding hands part two

Derek and lexi walked hand in hand to his car .”I have known for a while that God had someone in mind for me. I have been praying for you. I have written you letters. I am so glad to be able to finally meet you. ” she said.
“Are you sure that I am the person your supposed to marry?” he asked.”if course I am. My sprit confirms it. You really put my mind at ease. ” she said. ” as I said earlier I am committed to fundamental Baptists . I need you to realize that. “He said.
“I know all about Baptist. I know all. That you don’t speak in tongues. “She said .
“That does not brother you? ” he asked. “God has brought us together. I know he has a plan for our lives. I trust him. He would sort all this out. ” She said.
“I have done a lot of study.  I have come to my views though careful study. Whatever churches I plant or pastor will reflect those views. ” Derek said.
“I figured. I am on your side. We will figure this out together. We are both believers that seek to be close to the Lord. Lets be on this journey together. ” she said.
She spoke very softly but was very determined at the same time. She started to melt his heart. He did not get it. Why was he even considering this? He parked the car. The two of then got out of the car. They got out. She temporarily let go of his hand but quickly took it back. They walked inside hand in hand.
She was cleving to the man she believed would be her future husband. They were in his mind one flesh. They met up with Tom,Denise and there family. She got a mocha ice code with extra mocha. That made him chuckle. He got black coffee with no cream or surger. He insisted on paying. They went to the table.
She put her arm around Him. “You two are really cute!” Denise said. “You two really are. ” Tom said.Derek wanted to throw something at Tom. He decided that that would be inappropriate. Why would Tom be encourage this?
“So did you grow up hear?”she asked. “No I was born in a smal town in Indiana. My dad started a church there. We lived there until I was five. Then went to a town in Pennsylvania where he started another church. We were there until I was 13. Then we moved hear. “Derrek said.
“Do you consider this home?” she asked. “”Yea I do. I don’t remember Gray Indiana. I remember beret pensivania. I gues I do consider this home. My most vivid memories happened hear.”he said
“Where are you from originally?”he asked. “I was born in Michigan. Lived in the same town. This is the first time I have left. “She said.
“Are you s student at sprit of fire?”he asked. “Yes I am. Are you a student at fundimenle Baptist college?” she asked. “Yes. I am in pastoral ministry tract. ” he said. “I am in a ministry tract I gues you would say. We do things quite a bit differently in a Pentecostal bible college. While much of it may not translate into a Baptist pastors wife I thunk Manny would. I have had life experiences that would help me fil the role of a pastors wife. ” she said.
“Is your dad a pastor?” Derek asked.” he is. He started out as a youth pastor but later became a Sr.pastor.” he said.
“It must be hard to be away from home?”he asked. “It is. I am not sure who it is harder for. My dad and step mom or me. ” she commented.
Derrek noticed that she got really tense when she mentioned her dad and step mom. He did not want to ask. He saw the hurt in her eyes. Itwa s weird he wanted to run and hide, at the same time he found himself troubled that she was troubled.
“Have you always wanted to be a pastor?” she asked. “Hardly. Derek has always been shy and reserve. He preferred to Be behind the scenes. For a while he wanted to Be a race car driver.” Derek said. He blushed. “What made you decide to be a pastor?” she asked.
“I was saved when I was five. I believe it was genuine but it Was only a few years ago that I really surrendered. I was never rebellious but I was not fully committed. I had not planed to attend bible college. At a bible college I Was challenged. The speaker said to abandon anything that keep from God’s best. I remember thinking ok Lord I get it. I just said I do what you want me to do.” he said .
“He really changed after that. He has grown a lot in a short amount of time.”Tom said.”God is definitely at work in his life. “Denise said. “I can see that. It is very evident.”she said. There eyes met. He was not sure he wanted to look at her that closely.
“So did you grow up in the church?Were you saved at a young age?” derrek asked. “I was saved when I was six. My dad led me to the Lord. He has been an inspiration for me. I have known for a while that I was supposed to be in some kind of full time ministry. I did consider doing something else but I am glad I did end up hear. “She said.
“Annie needs a diaper change. Do you want to come?” Denise asked. Lexi said yes and went with her. The two left. Tom’s som stayed close to Tom.Derek waited until they were out of earshot. “What are you doing?” Derek asked .” what do you mean?” Tom asked. “Why are you encoureging all of this?” Derek asked. “You don’t want me to?”Tom asked .”of course not!”Derek said.
“Why not?”Tom asked. “Well for starters I am a hymn only ,k.j.v separatist independent fundamental Baptist who believes that tounges have ceased as a viable gift of the holy sprit. How can I even consider dating a penticoastal let alone marrying one? How can I believe that ‘Word’ was from the lord? I don’t believe in prophecy!” he said
“I get that. I grew up in the same world you did. If you could see the way you two look at each other. You two have something. Set aside the prophecy, you two have a chemistry Rick. You two have the same chemistry nese and I do. Not only that, you two seam to have the same elements that mom and  dad do. “Tom said.
“I find that hard to believe. ” Derek said. “If you see yourselves from our angle ,you would not. ” he said.
Denise and lexi and the baby walked back to the table. Lexi kissed him in the cheek. He tried to hide his discomfort. She acted like they were already married.
She took his hand. She was totally committed to him now. He ignored it. He dismissed it. She wanted him to know his commitment. She wanted him to totally trust him.
“So do you have an idea where you want to live?” she asked. “No I am open to wherever. I want to start new churches in areas with little or no gospel witness.I don’t have a town or sate in mind. Do you have a preference?” Derek asked. “No I don’t!”she said.
After a while they decided that it was time to call it a night. They said there goodbyes to Tom and his family. Derek and lexi went to his car. “I am so glad to have met you. I am so excited to get to know you more. My Spirit is invigorated. I have a feeling I will always feel special around you. ” she told him.
He wished that he could calm down her exurburebce. All attempts to get her to back off failed miserably. He found he was having trouble just running away. He drove her back to the church parking lot. “I will give you my phone number and I want yours. “She said. “Sure!” he said. They exchanged phone numbers. She hugged him.
” it is so good to meet you. I have waited a long time for this day. I will be seeing you.”she said.she kissed him on the cheek. She got out of the car. She walked to the car. He watched her drive off. He had no idea how to react to all of this.
He turned up the CD.  It was a collection of hyims from one of his college choral groups. It helped him calm down. Right now He was prety tense. He had no idea how to react to all of this.
He parked and excited the car. He walked to the porch and then went inside. “How was the Pentecostal church? “His dad asked. “Um! Interesting. To say the least. It is a night I won’t soon forget. ” he said.
“You ok Rick you sesm worked up?”His farther asked. “I am a bit I gues. I will be ok. I might need to listen to a message from Dr. Bob Sr and Oliver p green but I will be fine. “Derek said”ok I am hear for you if you need to talk!” his dad said. He thanked him. Then he went upstairs.
End of part two.


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