Holding hands part three

Derek listened to two leading fundamental preachers from the past . there messages were a archived on you tube. It helped him to calm down. He heard s phone beep. He picked it up. It was a notification from face  book. It was a New friend request.
He clicked on it. It was from lexi. He immediately accepted it. He clicked on her profile. Her religious preference was Christian-Pentecostal. She was a member of the republican party. Her likes included k-love, various ccm artist, evangelical and Pentecostal figure. She enjoyed classic book and some fiction. She liked a few tv shows including star trek.
He wondered how they mesh there words In a way that would be pleasing to the Lord .
Then he stoped himself. He could not believe that he even entertained the idea that he could marry this person. He wondered if he would even see her again. He realized he had gone though every minutiae of her profile. He thought to himself that he must really be losing it.
She was execited when she saw that he had accepted her friend request. She was eager to look at his profile. His religious preference was Christian Baptist. He was a republican. He liked sacred Christian music. His hiroes were Dr. Bob Jones Sr, David cloud, Ian pasley. He was a fan of the king James bible,pilgrims progress and a book called daktar.he was a sports fan. She wanted to understand him. The man who would be her husband.
His phone went off again. He looked it over. It was a relationship request from lexi. His first inclination was to decline it. He really did not want to hurt her. His parents ,grand parents and tethers might see it.
He wanted this night to be over. He hopes to fall asleep and wake up and find that none of this happened. He knew that it had.
He stared at his screen for a few seconds.he hit the accept button.then he turned the phone off.
“Why’did this happen ?” he thought to himself. “If only if I said no to Tom. ” he had held out for quite a while. Why did he have to relent tobight? He prayed before he went to bed.he asked the lord to sort it all out. He asked that whatever happened that HE would have the preeminence.
She was thrilled that he had accepted her friend request.she was even more excited that he had accepted her relationship requests. She wanted to get to know him more. She prayed for him.she prayed that he would be the person the Lord ment him to be. She could not wait to see him again.
The next day was Sunday. Derek woke up. He got ready for church. He wondered if anyone saw his updates on facebook. He went to the kitchen table. “Morning!” he said . he was greated by his parents and siblings. His youngest sister was in the high chair. Either no one had notice or they were not going to say anything.
That day Derek had not heard form lexi. Derek taught Sunday school that day. After church he helped his younger brother work on a model air plane. Then his dad read from a missionary book. Then they got ready for the evening service.
Lexi got up.she went to her church.her church did not have a Sunday night service.she decided to go to his church. She wanted to get acclimated to thus world. She found she really wanted to see him.
He went into The church. He walked inside. He got some of the soynd equipment ready. He heard a voice in the distance. It sounded Luke lexi.
He wondered if maybe he was just hearing things. He turned around.sure enough it was her. She was talking to a younger lady in the church. He decided to walk over to her.
“Hi lex!” he said. “You know this young lady?” Marsha haglin asked “yes I do!” he said.
After they were relatively alone, she kissed him on the cheek. It made him nervous when she did that.even more so hear. He probably should have said something at The coffee shop but he did not. Now he did not want to hurt her feelings.
He suspected that she was very sensitive. He did care about her. She took his hand.they walked to a pew. “I missed you!” she said.
“I had no idea that you were coming tonight.” he told her. “I wanted to surprise You. My church doesn’t have a Sunday night service so I decided to come hear. I need to get more familiar with your church. Some day this will be my church.” she said.
He had no idea how to react to all of this. She seemed to believe that there getting married was a sure thing. He suspected she might even believe they were married at least I. God’s eyes. She feared She might be moving way too fast. She was passed the question of who. She now wanted to plan there lives. He was not there yet.
“Do you read call to glory?” She asked.”I do. Good stuff. I usually read it in the morning.” he said.”I picked one up. I love to read.” she said.”I read the devotional and a passage in the morning. At night I have been reading though psalms ” he said.
“I have been reading though a Pentecostal devotional book. As well as a pasege of scripture. At night I read a different passage. ” she said. “I like to read. I am not sure I am an avid reader.as a pastoral student I don’t really have a choice. ” he said.”I know how that is.” she said. “Personaly I would rather be reading more Winnie the poo. I have had a lot of time for that.” He told her. ” I perfect Clifford the big red dog but that’s just me!”she said. They laughed.
Derek’s dad entered the auditorium. He saw Derek and lexi talking. They were being very playfull. His dad did not recognize her. He observed that they had quite a report. His dad went over to see them. Derek was embarissed about holding her hand. He retracted it. She retook it. He tried several times to get it free. She would have none of it
“Hi dad! ” Derek said. ” who is this?” the pastor asked. ” this is lexi. Lexi this is my dad,” Derek said. ” pastor Bryan Carlson.  It is nice to meat you. “He said . ” it is good to meet you!” she said.
” I am glad your hear. We are a smal church but we have a really good group. I am pleased to see how the Lord is working hear. ” he said. ” it seams like a very friendly church. “She said.
Derek”s mom came in. She was holding the baby. She went over to them. “Hello I’m Anna Carlson. I am Derek’s mom.this is Savannah. ” She said. “I’m Lexi!” she said. ” it is a good to meat you. ” Anna said. ” is lexi short for alexis?” Derek asked.”alexsa but I never go by it.” she said. Lexi smiled at the baby. The baby smiled back. “So how do you know each other ? “Derek’s dad asked .
” she goes to Tom and denise’s church. ” he answered . ” I see.”the pastor said. ” are you Pentecostal?” Anna asked. ” yes I am. I would never try to influence. I respect his view. ” she said. ” I am glad you came  tonight. “Pastor Carlson said.”it is good to meet you. “Anna said
He gave up trying to get his hand back. ” am I making you nervous?” she asked .” maybe a little. I am very reserved. Its ok. ” he told her.
She liked his father’s preaching. He preached on the blood of Christ. She was an avid note taker. She took a million notes. After church they went to the parsnege to chat.
“What?” Derek asked.” your cute when your nervous. ” she said. He chuckled.” I had no idea. ” he said. “Get use to it dere. I intend to shake things up. ” she said. ” thanks for the warning. ” he said. ” I admit it.I am a hand full. ” she told him. “I will keep that in mind. ” he responded.
“What are reading for deviotions?”she asked. “I just started Romans . it is one of my favorite book of the bible. I am in Romans three. What are you reeding right now ?” he asked her. 
“Why now I am reeding though Mathew. I am in chapter 18 right now. ” she said.” your not reading though acts ? ” he asked. “Funy! I do like the book of acts. I do study it frequently!” She said “especially acts chapter two?” she asked. “It is an important chapter?” she said. “Not as much as you Pentecostal hep it up to be. ” he said.
“So is first Corinthians 13: 8-10 your life verses? ” she asked. “My life verse is to Romans 8:1 and 2.  ” he said . “I love that verse. I love that whole chapter. Why do you like it?” she asked. ” when I first studied thought the book, it really gave me an understanding of the Christian life. It is tied into me making my faith my own. Reading though chapter seven can be hard.I never told anyone but that was me realizing how awful sin was but being unable to conqur it. It was not serious sin at least it was the world’s eyes. I knew that any sin is bad. Coming to Romans 8. Realizing the power of the holy sprit the secret ingredient of the Christian life. ” he said.
He got a little emotional. He did nor realize it but it had really opened up he had just made himself venerable. She realized she had just got a glimpse of the real him. He was melting her heart.
“It sounds like you have really studied though Romans!” she remarked.”if I become a pastor , I definently intend to preach though the book. ” he said. “I look forward to hearing it. ” she said.
“What us your favorite verse or pasege?”he asked. “John one. I love how it ties Jesus to creation. I could live in John one. ” she said. “I know what you mean. I share your passion for it. I definitely want to preach from John one . ” he said. “Good !” she said.
” do you see those two ,” Derek’s dad asked. “I do. You see the way they look at each other? I know that look!” Anna said. “I have seen it before myself. ” he said. “They do make a cute couple!” she said. “They do. Do you think anything will come of it? ” he asked. ” yes I do. ” he said.
“I do too. Another Pentecostal in the family. Oh well. ” Anna said. “She does seem really sweet. I don’t think she will try to steer Rick away from the I.f.b. I don’t think he could. ” he said.”I am not worried about that. Look it’s like they have known each other for years. ” she said.
” it’s funny everyone was worried he would never get married or if ge would meet someone. He use to say that he did not want to rush the Lord. Perhaps he feel free to peruse her. ” Anna said. ” she seems nice. ” he said.
“Tom and Denise said you have really grown in the Lord over the past few years. What brought that about?” she asked. ” the church had a revival meeting. We had an evangelist from the south speak. The thrust of his mesege was that a godly heritage does not gurente that the next generation will live for God. Examples from scripture was Noah son,Solomon’ son,the son of Hezekiah etc. He said that everyone had to chose for themselves rather or not that they would serve the lord. I have not told anyone this either but I had been fighting with the lord a lot just before that mesege. I believe I was saved but I was not surrendered to the Lord. That was I gave up. That was when I agreed to go into ministry. I have never regretted it. ” He said.
“When was that? ” she asked. ” April about three years ago. Why?” he asked.She pulled out a peace of paper. She read it.” I have compelled to pray for my future husbend. I feel that he has an important decision to make. I don’t what it is but I am sure it is a big decision. I hope he makes the right one. I am praying that he will chose to follow the Lord. I chose to believe better things. I know that the Lord is able to complete the work he started in him. I wish I knew the outcome. I will ask him about it when I meet him. “She said.
” are you sure that you wrote that about me?” he asked. “Yes I’m sure. Before the word was given. I suspected it was you.now I’m sure. ” she said. ” that could change. I am accident prone. I snore and occasionally talk in my sleep!” he said. “I will a just!” she said..
“Eventually the warm and fuzies will ware off. I only read the kung James. I don’t listen to k-lov9. I believe In separating from non I.f.b. I am not sure you know what your getting into. ” he told her.
“It is a possibility that I don’t know what I am getting into. I only ask that you are submitted to Christ. Love Me as Christ loved the church. The rest will short itself out. ” she said.
” it is getting late.”he said. ” I should be going. I love talking to you. I can’t wait to see you again !”she said. “Have a good night. ” he said. She hugged him. She then kissed him on the cheek. He watched her get in the car and drive off.
End of part three


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