The mage part two

The empire did practice slavery. Slaves dus have protection under the law. Some willingly enter into slavery to avoid homelessness or to get out of poverty. Some slaves who were owner by noble or government officials could gain power or presteze.
While there were bad masters.there was cruelty. It was not always bad. When someone was sold into slavery against there will no never knew what kind of master they would serve. It was not just the master but also the overseas. Those hired to administer the slaves. When one became a slave there were Manny unknown elements.
The helicopter left the auction site . the chopper headed for the estate. Noel one of the New slaves went on and on about his favorite comic books. While no one was really listening that did not deter him from talking. Talk he did.
Brad felt sorry for Kathy. Her hair was in a beaded only tail.she was fairly tall. He guessed that she had been part of a middle-class family. Probably a merchant family. Perhaps he farther practiced a profession . sometimes if a family fell into debt after they sold everything else they would be forced to sell family members.
Brad felt for her.she should not be hear ge thought.
They saw the estate over heard. It was vast. There were horses and various other animals. There was everything you imagine. Field’s,farms even a swimming pool.
The master had his. Own landing strip and hanger. The helicopter landed. The slaves were allowed to disembark the craft.
“I am your master. I am xerxis. This is chief oversear perit. According to the law I own you. You are my slaves. You have two choices you can be members of my family or my slaves your choice. Work well and you will enjoy all the fruits of your labor. This can be a home a refugee . I do not tolerate insurection but reward hard work. I can be your friend or your worst nightmare.I would prefer to be your friend. It is your choice. ” the master said.
The New slaves were allowed to change out of the Orange prison style jumpsuits .male slaves wore light  blue t shirts and matching pants.  If the work required shoes or boot they were permitted to do otherwise they went barefoot. Female wore a simple sleveless blue dress. They were barefoot.
The slave qurter were set up like college dormitories. They had a lounge that slaves could use in off time. It included a kitchen refrigerator and a room with tv filtered internet enabled computer,WiFi and a stereo systems. Female and males had there separate facilities.
After given time to settle in, they were brought to the administration building for orientation. The rules were simple.there were not Manny. Work time was from eight in the morning to four thirty. Unles they were in a Job that required work outside that window.
After the orientation they were assigned to there jobs. Charles who had been in medical school was a signed to the estate hospital. He was thrilled to find that he could practice he got to work he forgot he was a slave.
Brad was not a stranger to hard work. He got right to work. He was knowledgeable as well.
“Brad!” the bald master said. “Sir!” brad said. ” I am making you foreman. ” xerxis said. ” thank you sir. I will not dusipoint you.” brad said. ” I am certain of that. ” he said.
Noel and Andrew got to work. As the work day was almost over they went to purit. ” what is that barn for?”Noel asked.the oversear smiled. ” I will show you. ” he said.they went was a dragen. “A Dragon? ” Andrew asked.” it required a million permits and wavers and parliamentary permission. ” purit said.
“Is he ferocious?” Noel asked. ” he can be. He can be controlled. We have become found of him. ” the head oversear said.
Amy was assigned to domestic work. She found everyone was nice. This was not what she expected. It seemed almost too good to be true.
After the orientation, Kathy was told to report to the master. He had an office in the administration building. ” Kathy! I was given all you’re. Records. You graduated from your private high school as class valedictorian. You have a 4.0 g.p.a from the university of emperor William the great. You were a law school student. You were sophomore class treasurer. You were school newspaper editor. I don’t like administrative work. I perfect hands in work. I would like you to be my office manager, financial manager and my lawyer. Under the law you can practice law on my bahath. I want you to be the estate administrators. “He said.
“Thank you master.I am most greatfull. You can count on me!”she said.” I know that. Cingradulations . ” he said .
He was quite pleased with her work.  She liked her duties.she got to do what she loved. She enjoyed law finances and administration. She got to do all of that.
.” you may go!” the master said.” I almost hate to go. ” Kathy said. ” I suspected that might happen.” he said. She laughed.
“Thank you master.” she said. She bowed. ” Kath ! I know you like stuffed animal. You will find some on your bed including a stuffed bear. His name is edger. “He said. She smiled and thanked him.
Noel was escorted to the library.” this is the comic section. ” purit said. “Is that torch man? I heard emperor Bryon the 15th had all of them destroyed.” Noel said. ” not all of them. ” the head oversear said.”may I read it?” Noel said ” you May you read it.I think it will become clear why the emperor may be rest in peace sought to eraise all traces of The series. ” purit said. Noel could not be hapier.
Brad looked for Kathy.he finally found her. She was outside reeding. “What are you reading?” he asked.”she was embarrassed.  “Jenny teenaged spy. I know ! I am not a Female version of Noel I promise. ” she said. “I’m not judging.I just figured you would read the economist or the boulder ridge journal !” he said.
” I am not that aristocratic even when I was in the professional circle.”she said. “You probably guesed that I am form the back woods. Grew up in jackman. More moose then people. ” he said. She laughed. “So let me gues your farther long dead mom just barely made sold yourself into slavery to survive.” she said. “Prety much. ” he said.
” your not going to ask me how I ended up a slave?” she asked.”you will tell me when your ready. If you don’t that is fine too. ” brad said.
“Are we friends?” Kathy said.”yes we are. ” brad said. ” you do know I would not have givin you the time of day before. ” she remarked.”yea I figured ” brad said. ” that’s all changed now. We are eaquils now .” she said. “I suppose so. I don’t mind to brother you. I will let you get back to your book. ” he said.”I can read later. Will you join me ?” she said. He smiled.
The new master was nice . he could be benevolent. He had a secret. One that could ruin him. One that had to stay hidden. One that would threaten his own personal fiefdom.he knew how to navigate the matters the powers that be made him tread.while he was playing a dangerous game. If sycesfull he would become the powers that be. He would be free to be who he was ment to be. He would get revenge on those who tried to keep him down.
End of part two.


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