Holding hands part seven

Derrek went into the sanctuary. He saw Lexi talking to Mrs brazen.she was an older lady in the church.she was a widow whose husband who had died a few years ago. Both seemed to be enjoying the conversation. He walked over to them. “Hello Mrs brazen” Derrek said.”good evening Derrek.””the older lady said.”Lexi smiled at him.she always lit up when she saw him. “Hi lex. “Derrek said.”hi dere. “She said.”I am so glad that you are hear Alexa. I have a feeling that you are going to be intregal part of the church. We are a small church but we are a very close knit group. I am excited to be a part of it. ” Mrs brazen told him.

“Thank you I really appreciate that. That means a lot. “Lexi said.” “Well it is good to see you.” Mrs brazen said.the two walked to the sanctuary. She took her hand.”they walked hand in hand into the sanctuary. They walked to a lesser and sat down. She smiled at him.” Everyone is really friendly hear.”she said.”I love this church.Of all of the churches my dad has pastored this one is definitely my favorite. “He said.”I can definitely see why. “She answered him.” I always look forward to services hear.”he said. 

His farther and mother along with baby Savannah came over to them. “Hi pastor ,Mrs Carlson “she said.”hi Lexi.it is good to see you. We are glad you are hear. “The pastor said.” Thank you.i am glad I can be hear.”he said.

Both pastor and Mrs Carlson were very glad that she had come. They were glad that she had a desire to be a part of the church. Despite her evengelical and penticoastal background,she definitely fit in. The poeple in the church liked her. They had said so. Both the pastor and his wife were getting used to her. she was becoming part of there family.

“I thought you were coming but I was not totally sure.,” Derrek said.” Of course I was coming silly. Like I told you I want to come to any service that meets when my church is not. I really like your church. I want to become part of your world” she said. “I am glad.”Derrek said. “Someday I will be coming hear full time. “She said. “You would leave your church?” He asked. “I go where you go. You can switch to my church if you want to. I know you are very invested in this church. I am sure when you start a church this will be your sending church.” She said.

She could tell that he was still holding back. She tried to be patient with him.he did not always makes it easy. Sometimes she felt like she was sitting a brick wall. It was like he would not even her an inch. She wished that he would open up even a little bit.

She did like his father’s preaching style. She understood why Derek was the godly person he was. He had godly Influence to follow in his mom and dad. He also had encouragement from his church. She felt like he was home.

She prayed with several of the women of the church. This included Derek’s mom. “We are very glad that your hear! “Derek’s mom told her.”we are all glad that you are hear. We thought it would only be a matter of Time before Derrek found .”Elen a founder maried lady said” we have been praying that he would find the right person . I believe he may have”Mrs.brazen said.” I have been praying about that myself.”Lexi said. “Trust in the Lord.i am sure you will.”Mrs brazan said.

After a while they went back up stairs. They met up with the men.”hi hunie,”she said.she kissed him in the forehead. “Hi lex. How was prayer time?”he asked. “Really good. How was yours?” She asked. “Very good.” He said.

The pastor prayed and the service was concluded. A lot of people came over and talked to Lexi. The people in the church seemed to be getting used to the idea of Derrek and Lexi. Not just used to but excited by it. Lexi was becoming part of the church. 

Lexi felt at home in the church. She believed this church would always hold a place in her heart. 

After the service they sat on the steps at the house. ” OK. Dere I want you to tell me three things I don’t know about you!” She said. “OK I don’t like heights. I will do them but I don’t like them. Our family went to visit family friends in Germany. It was a bit of bevily hillbillies in eroupe. I have a photo album of the trip. I will show it to you. I love old radio classics from the thirties and forties.” He said.

“Will you go on the roof of our house?” She asked. “Yes. Please let me ease into it. I will need some time.” He said. “OK I can do that. I don’t like heights myself so I will go easy on you. I will try to limit the times you have to do heights if I can.” She said.

“That’s good to hear. ” He said. “I do want to see your scrap book. I went on a mission trip to hatie,Mexico and chilie. I visited London but not a mission trip. ” She said. ” You like to travel?” He asked. “I do. I a! A but if a homebody at the same time. I guess I am an enigma !” She said.

“Tea I understand. I am a little bit of both myself. ” He said. “He suspected she was trying to emphasize there similarities. She wanted him to see that they were compatible. She wanted to reinforce the idea of an us. He recognized it but tried to qwel it a bit. That was not as achevible as he would like. ” OK so it’s your turn. Three things you have never told me!” He said. “OK I am a little insecure. It is something I struggle with. I am decoy afraid of spiders. If you see one kill it and never tell me about it. I am a Star trek fan. ” She said.

“I did not realize that you are insecure. ” He said. ” Inwaa afraid to tell you. Unthinkable you should know. I hope it will help you to understand me. Mayby it will help you to know how to interact with me. ” She said. 

“So your a star trek fan? I never would have known.” He said. “As you get to know me you will see how true it is. I did not want for when we maried you come across my model ships and wonder what’s this?” She remarked.he was not ready to think about them maried. He still did not believe it would happen. 

“Oh” he said.she could tell that he was uncomfortable by her comment. His discomfort caused her discomfort.she wanted him excited by the prospect of a future together. She wanted him. To want to have a future with her.he was not sure there. 

“OK!What is a secret about you you don’t tell people?”she asked.”I am not as confident as I want people to think. I am unsure of myself.i am mostly dysestic nothing too serious. Every once in a while I get tongue tied. It has made me a bit self conscious. ” He said.

“I suspected you had confidence issues. “She said. “How did you know?”he asked.”it’s me. I know these things. I care about you in a way no one does except for the Lord.”she said.

He was concerned when she talked that way.he was strict old fashioned non seeker sensitive. She loved CCM,she read the n.l.t.he did not own a TV.sge did not care that they were night and day difference. He could not understand why she could not see that this was a bad idea.

“What’s your secret?”he asked. “I am sometimes prone to panic attacks. I lost my mom to a car accident a few years ago.my dad remaried.i love my step mom . I know mom is with the Lord but it is not easy.”she said. “Undeerstandible.” He said.

“I don’t want to hide anything from you. I want you to know everything. I want you to know me. ” She said.he was not comfortable with this. He did not think it was appropriate. 

“Lex! I think we need to show down. We are going way too fast.i know that you believe that we are to be maried but we have to slow down. I have doubts. I don’t know if the Lord does things like this. I am sorry but I cannot subscribe to all this!”he said.

To be continued. 


The mage part five 

Kathy came home to a heroes welcome. The master led the entire household in a standing ovation. He joined in.He had a cake made for her. It was chocolate mint. Her favorite. She felt like a princess. She almost forgot that she was aslave. She was happy. Of course it hit her. She tried not to be sad. 

Noel went on and on about some comic book charictor. Andrew kept on going on about the dragons. She tried to be friendly. In a at her fellow slaves were like family. She had no family any more. According to the law all family collections were nul and void once she was sold. She was alone. She was not Kathleen suliven but Kathy x. No identity no last name. 

After a while she decided to excuse herself. She went outside. She looked up at the stars. It was a beautiful night. She loved looking at the stars. She always. She imagined going into space. She used to collect model airplanes and space ships. She lost all of her Pearson’s when she was sold. She imagined her family sold them off. It was like her life had been erased. It was like she never existed . 

He heard a noise. It was Brad. “I would like to be alone if it all the same.”she said. ” No you don’t.”,Brad said.”,I don’t! Why did I go to one of the most remote sections of the estate? ” Kathy asked.” Your hoping someone will come after you.”Brad said.” You are the one to do it ?”she asked. ” What are you doing hear! Why are you a slave? Most slaves are those from conquered Nations, prisoners , those in Dept, those who sell them into space the why you?” He asked.

” I was from a middle class family. My family was from a murchent class. My farther is a lawyer. I was studying to be alawer. I would graduated in the top five I am sure if it. I would have been a lawyer. “She said.”I have no doubt of that. What happened? ” Brad asked.

“My farther had a gambling problem. He was addicted. He could not stop. He got further and further into debt.he kept losing. If he would get further into debt. He sold even had. It was not enough to cover the debts. He had no choice but to sell me! He could not sell my brother.he wanted a male hair.not that there is anything to inherit at this point.  He was not going to sell my other sisters and younger brothers or the baby. I got to be the one. They gave me a week to adjust. I watched as many Jessica space cadet shows as I could. Don’t tell Noel. “She said.

“I won’t.”Brad said. ” I tried to pretend nothing was happening .I tried to becalm. Pretend nothing was happening. I knew something was up before. My Perents argured slot before they told me. My Perents never argured.i had a bright future. I will forget the look of my dad’s face as he told me. “She started to cry.she caught back the tears. Brad held her. “Kath don’t. Don’t try to fight it” she said. He held her tightly. 

” No offense but before this I would not given you the time of day!”she said”that’s OK!” He said.”that was my loss.”she said.she rested her head in his shoulder.”I was not the nicest person.i was full of myself. “She said.” It has happened. You did not deserve this. This was awful. This is a travisty of justice. It is unfair. There is no justification for it. ” Brad said. “Perhaps but maybe it is for the best. Maybe it was better it happened now as opposed to later. ” She said. ” Maybe. It should have never happened. How could your dad out his needs above his family? ” Brad said. ” What’s done is done. I am hear” she said.

” Your a princess. Me I am a serf. That is who I have always been. I never had a chance for anything more but you. You should be a lawyer. A judge. Future member of Parliament or a senator. Not a slave. “Brad said.she hugged him. ” Hold me !” She said. He put his arm around her. She rested. 

They heard a noise.”what is that ?”she asked.”I don’t know.”he said. They got up. They followed the noise. It was coming form inside the barn. They peeked In. Inside was a series of men. They wore robes. The Rob’s were gray.they had magic staffs. They were burning incense. They were chanting.the chants were in an ancient tounges. The grandmage turned around. It was the master. 

The other mages were all members of the oversears. The master and his staff were magicians. They were part of a secret sect. It all Andrew sense. The staff including the master were all bald. They were not nuturaly bald. They had shaved there heads. They had a dragon. While owning of dragons were permitted it was unusual. Because of the negitive connotation associated with such animal,Manny avoided owning such creatures. Every thing was starting to make sense. 

The world was once filled by mages. Kings wanted mages to aid them magicians were feared. They whielded much power. As science explained things magic fell into disrepute. There was also the rise of monotheism.magic became associated with evil. Magic was baned and was magical orders. Megicians mostly dissapered. 

Some magical orders remained. They were outlaws. It was a potential capital crime.  By law all suspecions of mages had to be reported. It was a felony not to report suspected ties to mages. 

Kathy had horrible thoughts. If the master and his staff were mages. They had a plan. She suspected that this was the site of a secret base of operations. She suspected that this was a plot. They were planing to build up power and influence. What if the whole business of the house of cornbloom was the work of coercion. A magical mafia. If she was right the master was planing a hostile takeover. It was not just the house of cornbloom. She suspected he was going to over whelm and devisate. Quelt build and then wage war on the empire. Worse then that she helped them do it. 

They quetly left the area. “What do we do.magic is illegal and dangerous.if we dont report it and the master is exposed.we will be arrested as well. We will probably end up in the salt mines. “Brad said.” If he suspect we know they might kill us to coverall this up.he might try to bribe the others.give Andrew more responsibilites. Give Noel more comic books. Our deaths could have been explained as acident. They might even bribe the justice ministry to look the other way. ” She said.

“What the answer?” Brad asked. ” I have an idea. I know what I can do. It is dangerous. I know someone I can trust. I will keep you out of it as long as I can.” Kathy assured her. “I know you will!”she said. ” We are in this together!”he said.” Agreed!” They hugged.

Kathy was scared. She was shaking.he hugged her. Things were going to get hard now. They had no choice. 

End of part five

Only a matter of time part two 

Kevin wanted to get to know the community more. He wanted to go on skins if fact finding mission. He decided to go visit the penticoastal church. He was not sure why but he felt compelled to visit. He knew that he did.he was curious.

He tried to sit near the back. He wore a polo shirt and khacky pants. That was as dress down as he got . Several said hi to him. He was a little nervous. He tried not to show it. He wanted to understand this area. He really could not do that without visiting a penticoastal church. Like it or not the charismatic movement was at the heart of moor.

A young lady came near him. She wore a t shirt . It had a name on it that he figured was some kind of  a Christian rock band. The name was newsboys.  The name did not mean anything to him. She wore jeens and sandles.”excuse me may I get by?” She asked. ” Of course!” He said.he no experience back so she could get by. She was greated by a group of her friends .

Kevin was not trying to spy on them. He did o rehearsal there conversation.the girl who sat next to him captivated him. He had no idea why. He overheard there conversation. 

During the service the mystery girl was very involved in the music. As was her friends. They sang danced and raised there hands. Kevin was a firm believer insinginf old hyms form a hymbook. He was against dancing. He found himself a bit uncomfortable. He touched it out. 

The preaching was interesting. It was biblical . Kevin was an avid note taker. He added thoughts of his own . He turned it into a position paper. He later showed it to that mystery girl who would later become his wife. They discussed his paper at length. She had taken notes as well.

He wanted to introduce hi self to her. He really wanted to meet her. He wanted to find out her name. After the service he made several attempts to say hi but it was not unsuccessful. Before he could get a word I. Edgewise she was gone. 

He felt bad that he did not get to say hi. He did not get her name. That made him sad.he realized he might never get another chance . He left the auditoriums went to the lobby. It took a while for the crowd to thin out. He looked around for the mystery girl. He did not see her. He knew finding her would be a daunting task. He headed out and made it to the parking lot.

As he went to his car,he saw her again. He really wanted to say hi to her.he was even more nervous then he was before. He decided to throw caution to the wind and went over to her. “Hi”he said.”you were the ones sitting next to us?” She asked.” Yes Iam Kevin. This was my first time hear. “He said.”did you get the welcome packet?”she asked. “I did thank you. “He answered. The packet included Bryan Kate,s book,let the fire fall on you. 

“I’m sorry I was rude you hit me at a bad minute. I hope it did not reflect badly on the church. This is a friendly church. Usually I am a friendly person. “She said. “I took no offense. Apology accepted. “He told her.”thank you for that.im Becky by the way. ” She told him. “Hi Becky I’m Kevin.”he said. 

“It’s nice to meet you. “She said. “It is nice to meet you. “He said. “No did you like our church?” She asked. “It is different. It was interesting. “,He told her. “I take it your not penticoastal?”she asked. “No I’m not. I had heard about thus church. I was curious. “He admitted. “I am Baptist. “He said. “Oh ! I assume you belong to a more conservative breach of the Baptist.”that would be a fair assessment. “He said. “,Let me guess your form the church renting the town hall? ” She asked. “Yes. That is correct.”he answered. 

“Beck. We should be going. “A friend of hers said. “Well it was good to have met you”she said. “You as well!”he said.becky and her friends walked off. He watched her leave. He went to his car. His heart felt heavy. He could not get her out of his mind. He force back to where he was staying. He had no idea if he would ever see her again. 

Becky walked back to her friends. They all walked to there cars. “That was the guy that sat next to her during the service?” A friend Melisa commented. “Yes. I guess he is Baptist. He was  curious about our church. “She said. ” Is he a spy? ” Brad another friend asked. ” I don’t think I would necessarily characterize it that way. I guess one could !”she said.

Kevin kept busy. He preached the next morning. He led the group in spray time for the church and the community Sunday afternoon. Monday consisted of vising nursing homes. 

Tuesday morning,the team was at dunken donuts. They were talking about the church and the community. They were doing some informal planing. The door opened.a young lady entered. It was Becky. 

“Hi Becky!” He said. “Hi”she said.she ordered a mocha ice coffee with an extra schot of coffee. “Care to join us?”Kevin asked. She was reluctant to join them but decided to anyways. She sat down . He introduced her to his friends and fellow summer missionaries and his sister Sarah who was part of the group.

“So this is your team?” She asked.”indeed it is.”he said.”what is your team doing?”Becky asked. “Well we are passing out literature. We are talking to people. We are visit g needing homes ,prisons and hospital. We are going to beholding a VBS and a teen event. We are trying to reach out to the community.”he said. 

“Your all Bible college students?”Becky asked. “Yes we are.we attend fundimental Baptist university.”tom one of the team members said. “We are going to be sorohnore or juniors next year. “George said.”so what is the goal of this missios trip?”Becky asked. ” We want to aid the church. We want to see the church grow. We want to see new members. We also wants to see souls saved. Right now the church has a small group of regular attendees. We really want to see the church firmly established in the area. “Kevin said. 

“I must say I am about surprised that you chose to set up a church in moor.at one time there were no good churches in moor. Today the church is crowded with churches. You don’t fear your church being lost in the shuffle?”she asked. 

“It’s definitely a concern. The pastor feel a burden to have a church started hear in moor. He believes that the Lord has out it on his heart to start this church. “Jamie said. ” There are good churches hear. Things are happening hear.”Becky said. ” The pastor feels that that is where he and his family needs to be. We are not trying to compete with other churches. We are not to get people to leave those churches and come hear. We do want to to present a more traditional and conservative alternative . I know the pastor personally. He had a desire to reach the lost and unchurched. He doesn’t want to step on any ones toes. I know that we may take some form other churches but that is not our intent.”Kevin said. 

 “Well Mr.kevin where is your heart?” She asked. “I too would like to start churches in little reached areas. I came hear to get a feel for church planting. I wanted to observe and shadow someone who is doing it. I have already learned a lot. ” He answered.

“I did not mean to challenge your ministry. I love seeing people serving the Lord. Especially those close to my age. Although you act way older then me. I am very happy with my church. You do not see it as legitimate. ” She remarked.

“I don’t know your church well enough. It is difficult for me to judge. The gifts of tounges was mentioned in acts and first corrinthians. It was not a major gift. I don’t see evidence that it was evidence of the indweling of he holy Spirit. It was not a gift every believer received. Within penticoastasm all of the wags are out in the basket of tounges. Much of the charismatc movement is based on emotion . It is how I feel!”he said. 

“We are to worship in sprit and in truth. Emotion is part of our spiritual life.Gid created us with emotion as well as intellect. Baptist almost want a platonic Christianity devoid of emotion. You give lip service to mericles you ride a slippery slope of sisationsism. “She said.

“We do believe in mericles. In this day I believe they are things that only the Lord could do. I do not know about believer Lwas mericles. I am sceptical of those who claim to have the gift of healing. I do not believe in faith healers. The holy Spirit works in our day. There are heelings”he said. 

“Your lane of Baptist are known for there extreme sepritism. You even separate from Baptist who are not Baptist enough. There is a joke where a guy is given a tour of heaven. At the end he gets to the Baptist cave.he is told to keep quiet because they think they are the only ones hear. “She said. “Ha ha we have e heard that joke!”Kevin said.

“We do separate . Prayer qoating form deturonomy says be holy for I am holy. We are to be separated from the world. We are to be destinct,we are to be different. We have to separate form worldliness .We feel that holiness is so serious an issue that it may require us to separate from those within Christianity who do not separate..We believe in the Superiority of the textus receptus. We believe in separating from ungodly music. We believe in dressing differenly form the world. We believe we have to separate form those who don’t!”Kevin said.

“I can’t see separating form those with a difference of opinion. Where do you draw the line? Don’t you run the risk of majoring in the minors? Can’t you take this too far?”she asked. “Some issus are important. Bible translations do matter. Other versions omit whole verses and phrases. This is not a trivial matter. Musucal styles are not trivial. We need to worship the Lord in the way he wants to be worshiped. “He said. 

“You feel quite pasonate on this?”Becky asked. “I am quite pasonate on this. “Kevin said.”I understand where your coming form. I can’t reach the same conclusion that you do. “She said. Kevin’s friends were really surprised that he was ending her in this. Why was he trying to win her over? To them it did not make sense. They felt like part of there mission was to undo the damage of sprit of fire church. Did he not feel that way. Why was he doing this? 

“Well I should probably be going. I enjoyed our conversation. We will have to pick it up again some time. “Becky said. “I too have found it insightfull. I too look forward to resuming it at a later date. . She said her goodbyes to the rest of the team then left. 

End of part two. 

Holding hands part six

Derrek did not get her message until after his afternoon class had concluded. He was reading it. A friend of his went over to her. “You have been on the phone all day. It’s not like you. “Zach said.

“A friend of mine and I have been having an I going conversation on romons 3:23 and 24. It has kinda taken on a life of its own. It has proven to be beneficial and edifying . I guess I got carried away with it.” He told him. 

“Oh! Who are you talking to?”Zach asked. “Oh no one you know! ” Derrek said.”oh ok!” He said. Zach was a little confused.zach got the impression that Derrek did not want to go into detail about all of this. He did not press him a y further. Derrek was happy with that. He was not ready to talk about Lexi.

He went to his car. He got in the driver’s seat. Classes were done for the day. He took out his phone. He che krdbjs Facebook messages. It had not accured to him that this email exchange had been going on all day. He started writing her and kept on writing to her. He had considered rather or not this was a good idea. He simply did it. Now that he took a step back,he wondered if this was a good idea. Many he should not have done this. He had engaged her. That particular train had left the station. 

” Hi lex. Classes are over for the day. It has been a long day but a good day. Classes were really good. At the same time I am glad to be going home. It is not easy keeping in contact with the Lord. This is especially true when one’s heart is not fully right with the Lord. It is so important to keep the lines of communication with the Lord open. I have heard it said that one should keep short accounts with the Lord. Confess often. He wants to be I. Fellowship with us. I know that I do not always see it that way. I know I don’t always think biblicay on confession and restoration. I believe that God wants us to live in victory not in defeat. ” Then he sent it.

He closed the car door. He drove off.the drive home was fairly short. It was basically a hop ,skip and a jump. He then parked.he got his stuff and walked inside. He said helo to his parents. He said hi to his siblias well. He picked up his baby sister. He held her and made faces at her. She giggled. 

After supper,he turned on his phone. There was one missed call. He had a feeling that it was lex. He was not sure if he wanted to call her back. She was very sweet. He was not sure if he should encourage things between them.

Then as he was  contimplating rather or not to call her back,his phone went off. He answered it. ” Hey lex! ” He said.” I really loved our conversation today. I can see that God has a hold on your heart. I know he will use you mightily. “She told him. “I definitely want to be used by the Lord. I have surendard myself to his will. I am willing to do whatever he wants me to. “Derrek told her. “I know it’s true. I want to serve him as well. I know we can surve him together. I know it is part of his plan. He wants us to see e him together. ” She told him.

He did not know how to respond to that statement. He still had a lot of doubt. He had no where near the same assurance that she did. He had no idea how to tell her that. She waited for his response. She long for some kind of affirmation for him. He did not feel at liberty to give her that affirmation.

“I am sure that the Lord will use you and I. ” He said. He tried to keep it generic. He believed that the Lord would use her he was just not sure if he would use them as a couple. ” I know that he wants to use us as a couple? Do you feel that way as well hunnie?” She asked. 

“Well I don’t know about that. I know that is not what you want to hear. “Derrek told her.”no its not. I understand your concern. I respect to that your views are very different from myne especially on tonges and prophecy. I really hoped you would be open . I know you will come to embrace it and me. “She said.

“I can’t make any promises. We just met. I just don’t know.,”he said. “OK. I am excited for when you change your mind. I know you will. “She said. He was not so sure. He decided not to say anything more on the subject tonight. 

“I should probably let you go. You have a good night!”he told her.”you too my love! Talk to you tomorrow.”she said”of course!”he said. Then the call ended. 

She felt a little sad that night. It seemed that Everytime there relationship took one step froward it was followed by two steps back. They appeared to have such a good day together.she thought that they had made a connection.that connection was all but unrevealed. Maybe this was a number setback. She hoped that that was the case. She trusted the Lord no matter what. 

Derrick felt really overwhelmed.he could not believe all that had happened over the last week. It felt so surreal.he had no idea how to make sense of it. He had no clue what to do. Did he want her to be a part of his life? Did he really want her to not be a part of his life. If he never saw her again, would he be OK with that? 

He did some devotions before he went to bed. He fell asleep faily easily. He got up the next day. He showered and did devotions and got ready to go. “So is Lexi coming to church tonight’s?”his mom asked. “I am not sure. We have not really discussed it. “He said. “You have not asked her? “His father asked. “No I have not. “He answered. “You want her to come don’t you?” His mom asked. “,I think so yes!”Derrek responded. “Oh OK.”his dad said.

“The way she sounded,she did want to start coming when her church did not meat. There is a pretty good chance she will be there. “Derrek commented.” He was almost certain she would be there. They both had classes today. They ended for both of them around four.

After classes he went home. He eat lunch then got ready for church. He started to get nervous.what if she was there? Maybe she would not be there. Maybe she would forget what day it was. 

As he walked to the church form the parsnege he saw that her car was parked there. He should have known that she would be hear. She walked slowly to the front door. He tried to collect his thoughts before he entered. Then he went inside. 

End of part six. 

Holding hands part 5.1

“you don’t have any doubts that I am the one?” He asked. “None! ” She said smiling. ” No even a little bit of doubt?” He asked. ” No none!” She said. ” You don’t want to Mary some penticoastal guy? ” He asked. ” No silly! It’s not God’s will. God made you for me and vice versa. That’s so clear to me. You complete me. You fill in my gaps. I believe I will compliment you and fill in some of your gaps. I am excited to be your partner your helper. ” She said.

 After a while they decided to call it a night. “Make sure you read my note around devotions time. Promise?” She asked. ” I promise. ” He assured her. “Good. Just making sure. ” She said. “We’ll have a good night lex. ” He said. “You too my love! ” She told her.she hugged him and kissed her on the cheek. He walked her to her car. She got into the car. He watched her drive off. He went back inside. 

“How was your visit?” His mom asked. “Really good!” He answered. “You really do like her?” She asked. He blushed a bit. 

 The next morning ,he took out the note she left for him. He unfolded the peace of paper. He unfolded it. He was nervous about reading it. “Good morning Bunnie. I hope all is well with you today. I hope classes go well for you. I hope you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you feel his presence in a way you have not yesterday.i pray that you will seek him throughout the day. I know he will receipt himself in a vibrant way if you do. I will be thinking about you and praying for you though our the day. Don’t lose the sense of wonder.ilove you and miss you.i can’t wait to see you again. Love always in Christ Lexi.” 

She had this affect on him. He did not make sense to him. He could not deny that that she did. She had the ability to melt his heart. She did it quite frequently.

He read from romons three.he sent Lexi some of his thoughts. He focusedon verse 23 and. 24. “We sin and don’t meet God’s standards. What is more dismal then that? As I read 22 and 23,I realize that the propose of the verse is not to say mankind if horrible. Because everyone sins and constantly sins,all are equally guilty before God. God’s grace steps in.this gives us the ability to have pea r with God something impossible earlier. The tone changes in verse 24. We are all sinners who are guilty before God. We can have peace with God though his grace. Just some thoughts.” Then he sent the email.

Then he had breakfast. He drank coffee. Then he headed out. He headed to class. Lexinfor up as well. She read her usual devotions including call to glory the Baptist version of our daily bread. Then she read though romons and Matthew. 

Then she had a time of prayer. She spent a lot of time praying for Derrek. She found joy in praying for him. As she prayed things poped in her head to pray for. She loved that. 

She gathered her stuff. She went to the car. Her phone went off. There was a Facebook notice. She read it. It was a message form Derrek. She read it. She waited until she got to her campus to draft a response. 

“Dearest Derrek, peace with God seams to be something unatanible. How can mankind who does nothing but sin and violates God’s standards now have peace e with God? God’s Holly character bars him form simply excusing it. This sin had to be delt with. Int God’s grace because of the cross could achieve that peace. Thank you for that reminder! ”

She then sent it. She excited the car. She walked to the door of the college. She went inside. She went to the class room. She was excited for classes to begin.

He went to his class as well. He turned off his phone during classes. Classes concluded before noon. He had some time before classes resumed in the afternoon. He turned on his phone and read her message. 

“Hey lex, I forgot to mention that the idea of sin is nothing but sin. Not only do we chose the bad over the good but many times we choose the good enough over the perfect. I know I have don’t that. He could have wiped out Adam after he sinned. He allowed Adam to continue to exist and to have a chance at redemption.i am focused on this idea of peace with God. Talk to you soon lex!” He sent it. 

She saw his message right before she went to lunch. She wrote back right. Away. “Dere the ideaof how bad sin is has really hit me lately. Sense I was a kid I knew what sin was.i defined it as disobeying parents etc.like you said sin is also not doing what you know you should or simply doing the bare minimum needed to get byi know I have done better but certainly not the best. That is sin. I too am glad that we can have peace with God. Knowing how bad sin is bad sin ismakes grace more amazing. It really is mind boggling. Lexi sent it.

then she sent it.after lunch he checked his message s. Sure enough there was one from her. He read it and drafted a response. “Being a pastors kid it was assumed that I was a good kid. In the world standards I was. I probably was by church standard as well. This understand of a biblical definition of a church has altered my thinking. It is the reason for the change in me over the last few years. It brought me closer to the Lord. It has made me great full for all the Lord has done for me!”he wrote. 

She sent him a response just before her next class. “I had heard that there was a change in you. I am thrilled that the Lord has his hand on you. I know that you have surrendered your life to him fully. I see evidence that he is working in your life. Don’t let sin get you down. Let it instead make you great full of God’s grace. I know you love the Lord. I know you love God’s grace.sin should not bring us aaway form the  cross but to it. ” She wrote.

He did not get her message until after his afternoon classes were concluded. He saw it. A friend came over to him. 

End of part five. 

The mage part four

Kathy was once a law student. Now she was a slave. She feared she would end up as a field hand or involved in working in the home. She had become an administrator. She ran his house,s finances and other operations. She lived it. Today she got to represent him in court. She got to practice law. She dreamed of litigation in a court room. She used to spend her summer break watching her dad in the courtroom.while other kids played outside she was watching court cases. She dreamed of being able to be a  lawyer. Now she got her chance.  Not the way she planned but that is OK. At least she got to argue before a court. 

“All rise!”the court officer said. They rose. The emperor commissioned Exchequer who collected taxis and fees. The Exchequer was empowered to settle dispute. He had legal authority as well. He could try criminal and civil cases. He could make arrest as well. 

Kathy knew this particular Exchequer. Lord Thomas Hammond . Regional Exchequer. she had a great deal of respect for him. He was an honorable men. In the courtroom he was tough but fair. He sat down. He motioned everyone else to sit. They did so.

“Will the court reporter please read the case on the docket?” The presiding officer instructed. ” The house of cornbloom vrs  landowner everiston. The complantent charges that the land owner coerced his father who was on his death bed into a deal that he charges should be nullified due to his imcompacitated sate. ” The reporter said. 

“Consul for the planteth?” The judge asked. “Eric Sawyer my lord!”he said. “Consul for the respondent !” The judge asked. ” Kathy x my lord!” She said.” My lord may I be heard?”Eric asked. “Proceed !” The judge asked. “My lord, I challenge the choice of consul. Miss x is not a lawyer but is one of his slaves. “Eric said. “Miss x !” The judge said. 

“My lord, in Ashcroft vrs mahascal,the court ruled that a slave with legal training can litigate cases in a court room. “Kathy said. ” My lord. That case the slave had graduated from law school. Miss x has not.” He said. ” There is no stipulation on the ruling in Ashcroft. I have the training to be an efctive advocate. I believe my grade point average will bare that out!” She said. ” I see no reason not to allow her to represent landowner everiston. I am renting this motion. “The judge said!.” Thank you my lord. ” She said!

“Do you have a response miss x ?” The judge asked. ” We asset that the deal was conducted in good faith. We believe that the deal should go forward.” Kathy said.  

” Mr. Sawyer are you ready to proceed with your case?”the judge asked. “I am my lord! ” Eric said. ” Then you may address this court!” The judge said.” If it pleases the court my lord we asset that at the time the deal was made, the lord of cornbloom was dying and unable to sign a deal that had the rule of law attached to it. ” Eris said.

“I offer into evidence the medical report of the late lord of cornbloom! On the day the deal was signed. I also have a shrown affidavit form the doctor and nurses who attended the late lord! He was quite ill on that day. He was not of sound mind or  judgement at the time of the deal. We request that the deal be nullified.” Eric said. 

“Mis x !”the judge said. “Thank you my lord. At the time of the deal, the late lord was the legal and cerimonial head of the family.he had the control rights of the house. I have documents baring out that he was the controlling legal authority of the house of cornbloom at the time of the deal. This deal  was not atypical. Manny operations are conducted by lord who was in ill health. ” Kathy said.

“My lord. the opposition of the deal by my client the current lord of cornbloom was well known and documented. Landowner everiston made a clear attempt at circumventing my client. ” Eric said. ” My lord at the time of the deal the now lord of cornbloom had no legal authority within the house at the time of the deal. The authority of the family lied with the former lord at the time of the deal. ” Kathy said.

” The landowner knew that the lord was dying and knew that my client was opposed to this. The landowner did everything he could to circumvent my client and get this case though. ” Eric said. “Are you setting fraud and coercion?” The judge asked. “Maybe not fraud but certainly coercion. ” Eric said. 

” My master fully followed the law. It is unfair for him to be burdened due to family infighting. He followed the law. This contract was legally binding and was done in accordance with the laws of this empire and should be respected.” She said.

 ” Mr. Dear this sail was reviewed and certified by the ministry of commerce. They saw no need to challenge it.” The judge said! ” They usually rubber stamp these sails. To let it go though encourages this behavior.every one who wants there own way will pray on a dying aristocrat. It must not be allowed to be encouraged!” Sawyer said.

” The empire is committed to allowing commerce. The right to conduct business as they say fit unhindered by the government. ” Kathy said. “Unless it violates the latter of sprit of the law. This deal does. “He said. ” This was a difference of opinion. The fact is that the deal was done within the law and should be respected.” She said!

” I see no evidence of fraud or coercion. Deals are conducted with those of ill health. The lord did run it though his official consul. I am nearby ordering the sale to go though this instance!” He said.

 Kathy won. For the first time since she was told she would be sold into slavery she was happy.mayby she could still have fulfilment In life. She wanted to prove her value to her master. Now she had . 

After Eric went over to her. ” You did good kid!” He said. “I enjoyed this!”she said. “,I hope we can do this again. Sometime.” Eric said. “You were amazing Kathy!” The master said.” Thank you sir!” She said. She hoped she did the right thing. In the back of her mind she feared that there was coercion. She had no way of knowing that. She hoped she was wrong. She had no records if she was right. She tried to hide her fears but that did not gnaw at her.

End of part three


In the British system, judges are referred to as my lord not your honor. 

Holding hands( January 23rd)

Derek walked to the door. “Lexi is coming over on her way home. ” .He told his parents. “Oh OK! ” His dad said. “He walked to the porch. He opened the door to the porch.he waited for her to arrive. He saw the car pulling up near there house. The car parked. She got out of the car. He walked towards her. She kissed him on the cheek. He hugged her. The two held on to each other for a few seconds. They went over to a swing on the porch.

“Did you get my note?” She asked.”yes I did. Thank you!” He said.”hear is one for tomorrow. You have to wait until tomorrow to read it. I want you to read it around the time of devotions OK?” She remarked. “OK will do!” He said.”both sets of your grand parents seam nice. ” She said.”they are. Half of your family are on my friend list now!” She told him. “That does not surprise me. Half of yours are on myne now. Should I be afraid to  meet your parents?” He asked.”I think you will be OK! “She said. ” That’s good!” He said.

“So I understand independent fundimental Baptist can be a little strict?” She asked. “Some on the outside looking in see us that way. We believe in being separated from the world but also from those who are not separated.  I personally do not think that we are strict . In fact our family can be a little silly especially at Holiday gatherings. I have to earn you about that. ” He said. 

“Do you separate from penticostals?” She asked.”I.f.b generally do. I believe that the gifts of tounges have ceased as a gift today. ” He said. He was afraid to talk to her about this. He knew that this would be a thorny issue for them. ” Look I understand your views. ” She said. “I don’t want to be meen. I don’t want to hurt you. I have research this and I did not come to this view lightly.” He said. “She rested her head on her shoulder. She took his arm and she put it around her. I know that. I heard you don’t believe in Contemporary Christian music! ” She commented. ” Yes I don’t believe that CCM is a viable style of music for believers. “He told her. “Do you expect me to give up listening to ccm?” She asked.”no! I don’t.  I know it will take time to adjust! I don’t expect to change everything you do. We will make this work!” He assured her. 

“I know we will. I know it will short itself all out!” She told him. I can’t promise I will change my views on any of these issues. ” He told her. “I figured. I am not trying to convert you to penticostalism. I do trust you.” She told him. “I promise you that I do not take that lightly. I understand the responsibility that comes with that trust. ” He said. ” I know you will take it seriously! I know you do!” She told him. “You really don’t have any doubts that I am the one?” He asked.