Holding hands part four

Derek stood at the steps for a few minutes. He had no idea how to explaine all of this to his parents. He did not think He should say that she was chasing him and he was letting her. He wished she would back off. She almost had them married. He knew that he could tell her that would not work out.
He knew why he had not told her that. He did not like that answer. He collected his thoughts .he took a deep breath and went inside.
He nervously opened the front door. He tapidly stepped inside. He walked further into the house. He got even more nervous. He walked into the living room. His mom and dad were there. His mom held his baby sister.
“I gues I have some exlaning to do. “Derek said.” we are a little confused. You met lexi at Tom and denise’ church ?”his mom asked. “Yes I did. ” he answered. “How did you too connect?” his dad asked.”well.. Tom and I were engaging in our usual banter. Lexi was sitting next to us. She found our banter humorous. We talked for a bit before the service. ” he said.
“There is something your not telling us. ” his farther said. “Yes there is. I am not sure how tell you this part. The pastor of the church said that the lord wanted us to be a couple. I am inclined not to believe in word from the Lord. She has embraced it whole heartily. Consequently she gas embraced me. I should discourage her but something keeps me from that. There is a part of me that wants her in my life. I am somewhat desirous of a relationship despite our many differences. ” Derek said.
He felt like time had stoped. This was hard for him to speak. He knew he had to tell them this. It was important that he would tell them this. He felt really exposed.
“So! Let me get this straight,a Pentecostal pastor gave a word that you should Mary this girl you met five minutes earlier. Now She is convinced that this is from the Lord. She has barely left your side sence. ” his dad asked.
“Yes. That prety much sums it up. “He said. “I see. Do do you Like her? “His dad asked. “Well I gues I kinda do. She is very sweet. She is caring. If I feel the word is problematic. ” he said.
“I understand your concern. Have you asked her to back off?” his dad asked. “No I have not! I am not sure how to word it. Is m not sure how to. I do not want to hurt her. I suspect she is s bit insecure. ” he said.
“Are you interested in a long relationship with her? ” his farther asked him. “I don’t know. I am feeling a thousand different emotions. I am having difficulty sorting this all out. ” derrek said. “You want to like her. ” his mom said.”perhaps” Derek said.
“I want to do what is right. If you ask me not to see her,I will hornor that. ” Derek said. “We know that . she seams like a nice person. We would like to know her more. You should not run right into this. Perhaps you should not run away from it as well. You have not dated anyone in quite a while. You have been waiting .” his mom said. “I felt I needed to focus on training for ministry. ” derrek answered.
“What do you feel about lexi?”his mom asked. “I don’t beve that I cannot go further with her. I don’t know that I have Clarence to proceed. ” he said. “We would like to get to know her more” his dad said. “Ok.” he said.
Later that night,he called his brother. “Hi Tom!”Derek said. “Hi Derek”Tom said.he told him all that had happened between him and lexi. “Have you talked to mom and dad about it?” Tom asked. “I did. They were surprisingly calm about it . it seems that they want to give her a chance. ” derrek told him.
“Look Rick you have been sending her mixed signals. If you don’t want this you need to tell her. You cannot leed her on if you have no intention of seeing this through. If you don’t see this as a possibility, end it now. She will be heart broken but it will be better now then later.” Tom said. “I will consider your words. ” Derek told him. “Please do. Denise and I think a lot if lexi. She would make a great wife for you. You two make a cute couple. I know you are reluctant to accept that this is from the Lord.don’t be quick to reject it.”Tom said.
Derek had no idea what to do. He read his bible played and then went to bed. He tried to collect his thoughts while trying to fall asleep. He could accept the word being from the Lord. He felt gravitated towards her. He had no idea why. He could embrace her yet. He finally fell asleep.
“I don’t think I have ever seen Rick so nervous. ” Anna Carlson said.”reminds me of when he was younger and did something wrong. “Bryan Carlson said. “He really thought we was going t be upset with him. ” his mom said. “I am not ready to discount them as a couple. ” Bryan said. “Nor am I.” she said.
“Derek should be skeptical of a personal prophecy but God cod be bringing then together. ” Anna said. “I think so too. ” he said.
Derek got up the next morning. He took out his bible. He found a note from lexi. “Hi babe. I hid this in your bible when you were not looking. I am praying for you to be who the lords wants you to be. I hope you feel your his presence In a dramatic way. I hope I can a help in that journey. Have a great day. Be strong in the Lord. Love always lexi” she said. He could not help but smile. She always appeared to have that affect on him.
Lexi had been praying for her future husband for a while now. She believed that he was out there. Now She was certain that she had met him. She now had a face and a name.  She was elicited that she could pray for him more intelligently. She thanked the Lord for being able to have met him. He was gratefull for now knowing who he was.
They both had classes that day. He had breakfast he got some code for the road. He left the house and hoped in his car. He headed for the campus.
They both had classes most of the day. They both had buisy days.he got home just before supper. Derek was a straight A student.he had to work hard to maintain it. It was naturally a great student. She had a 4.0 g.p.a.
While Derek was at school ,his mom called Tom.”I assume your calling about Derek?” Tom remarked. “I had no idea that this was going to happen. I promise this was not some kind of scam. I know your feelings on this sort of thing. Pastor Jeff would not have communicated it if he did not believe it. He is a sincere person. ” Tom said.
“Do you know lexi well?”his mom asked . “yes. She is very involved in the church. She is a very godly person. ” he said. “We got to meet her. She came to church last night. ” she said.
“I think that they would make a great couple. ” Tom told her. “Dad and I want to get to know her. They do seam to have a connection. ” she said.
Derek got out if school right before super. He drove right home. He got home and went to the dinner table. “Well If it is not Mr. I am in a relationship with lexi graves. ” his dad said. “You saw that. ” Derek comented. “Yes we did. There are numerous comments. ” his mom said. “I don’t know we can make this work. I really want to try. ” Derek said. “We want you to Mary someone who is saved.we want her to be someone who is serious about her work with the Lord.someone who will be a partner in the work of the Lord. Someone who a consistent walk and shows sign of continual speituel growth. From what I have seen it appears that lexi meets that critera. ” he said.
After dinner,Derek checked his Facebook. He had a lot of notifications . he clicked on the updates.
“Congratulations! I can’t wait to meet you lexi.” his maternal grandmother said. “So happy for you Derek. Lexi hope to meet you soon.”his paternal grandmother said.”hope to meet you soon Derek. Congrats alexa” from her step mom. ”  there were a lot if comments.
His phone went off. “Hi hunnie. I missed you. ” she said. “I missed you. ” he said. ” I am on my way home. Can I stop by?” she asked. “Yes of course. ” he said to her. He could yell she asked It in a slightly nervous tone. “Great I will see in a few minutes. ” she said. “See you then” he said.
He walked towards the door. ” Lexi is coming over on her way home. ” he said. “Oh ok. ” his dad said. He opened the door to the porch . he waited for her to arrive.
End of part four.


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