Holding hands( January 23rd)

Derek walked to the door. “Lexi is coming over on her way home. ” .He told his parents. “Oh OK! ” His dad said. “He walked to the porch. He opened the door to the porch.he waited for her to arrive. He saw the car pulling up near there house. The car parked. She got out of the car. He walked towards her. She kissed him on the cheek. He hugged her. The two held on to each other for a few seconds. They went over to a swing on the porch.

“Did you get my note?” She asked.”yes I did. Thank you!” He said.”hear is one for tomorrow. You have to wait until tomorrow to read it. I want you to read it around the time of devotions OK?” She remarked. “OK will do!” He said.”both sets of your grand parents seam nice. ” She said.”they are. Half of your family are on my friend list now!” She told him. “That does not surprise me. Half of yours are on myne now. Should I be afraid to  meet your parents?” He asked.”I think you will be OK! “She said. ” That’s good!” He said.

“So I understand independent fundimental Baptist can be a little strict?” She asked. “Some on the outside looking in see us that way. We believe in being separated from the world but also from those who are not separated.  I personally do not think that we are strict . In fact our family can be a little silly especially at Holiday gatherings. I have to earn you about that. ” He said. 

“Do you separate from penticostals?” She asked.”I.f.b generally do. I believe that the gifts of tounges have ceased as a gift today. ” He said. He was afraid to talk to her about this. He knew that this would be a thorny issue for them. ” Look I understand your views. ” She said. “I don’t want to be meen. I don’t want to hurt you. I have research this and I did not come to this view lightly.” He said. “She rested her head on her shoulder. She took his arm and she put it around her. I know that. I heard you don’t believe in Contemporary Christian music! ” She commented. ” Yes I don’t believe that CCM is a viable style of music for believers. “He told her. “Do you expect me to give up listening to ccm?” She asked.”no! I don’t.  I know it will take time to adjust! I don’t expect to change everything you do. We will make this work!” He assured her. 

“I know we will. I know it will short itself all out!” She told him. I can’t promise I will change my views on any of these issues. ” He told her. “I figured. I am not trying to convert you to penticostalism. I do trust you.” She told him. “I promise you that I do not take that lightly. I understand the responsibility that comes with that trust. ” He said. ” I know you will take it seriously! I know you do!” She told him. “You really don’t have any doubts that I am the one?” He asked. 


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