Only a matter of time ! 

What was once a Chinese restaurant and several other bussines now surves a different perpose. It is now an independent fundimental Baptist Church. The church started at people’s Holmes. Then they met in a hotel conference room. Now it is on land and in a building they own. Today is church picnic day!

While the church has some older couples and older people,there. Are many younger couple and singles. Many are first generation Christian. Manny were converted only for a short time. 

 After the meal, the young pastor ,a man in his twenties organized an impromptu game of flag football. While the game was getting g organized, he turned to a young lady sitting on a blanket spread out on the ground. Her long hair was braided into a poney tail. She wore a gray sweater with a denim skirt and flip flops.  A young boy was playing with toy cars on the ground. His mom held his baby sister. The little boy saved to his Dady. His dad wavedbacj. He smiled at his wife. She smiled back. He lipped the words I love you. She lipped it back. 

The two had been maried for a couple of years but we’re still very much In love. They were serving the Lord together. It was very much a ministry together. It was there ministry for the Lord. It was a partnership in every sense of the word.

Every couple has a story. Do ancestors does not just happen. There are events that brings couple together. That was certainly the case with these two. This is Kevin. And Rebecca Wakefield. Seeing them together ,you might think that they were always in love. That was not quite how it happened. For Kevin it was love at first sight. For Rebecca not so much. 

Things don’t always work as people think they should. Sometimes life happens in a way you would never expect. 

A few years earlier 

Back then Kevin was on summer break from fundimental Baptist university.he had finished his sophomore year. He was just about to enter his junior year. He was  part of a team helping a church plant. The church was started by a young couple. This pastor was a senior when he was a freshman. They had become friends. He got Kevin excited about church planting. 

Dale Reese and his wife Tiffany started gospel Baptist Church in the town of moor. The town and the seronding religion did not have a Baptist Church. The reeses decided to start one. Kevin and a team from the school that included his sister Sarah spent most of the summer helping the fledgling church.

When the team arived they were briefed by the husband and wife team. ” Moor was once home to  German Imigrants. They were mostly Lutheran. The churches all but vanished and the town became secular around the turn of the 20th century. For a while the church was non existent. During the late nineties a penticostal rivival meetings came to the sate and passed through moor. Brandon Kate was saved at those meetings. He later started the spirit of fire church. It went form a church of two families to a mega church. Brandon Kate became a celebrity of sorts. ” Dale said.

“Alarmed by the rise of penticostals,Calvinist groups tried to get a foothold into moor. The so. Of a prominent Presbyterian minister started a community Church to counter sprit of fire. The goal of gospel Baptist Church is to balience the extremes of penticostals and reformed Calvinist. We do not aim to compete with these groups but to communicate a simple gospel message. I grew up near moor. I have a burden for this area. “Pastor Reese said.

Kevin and his group spent there first Saturday in moor pasing out packets with the books of John and romons in them. They knocked on doors. They got to numerous people. It was a productive day. They all had the night free. 

Kevin wanted to get to know the community more. He decided to go on a kind of fact finding mission. He decided to go visit the penticostal church. He had no idea whether felt compelled to go visit the church.he know he did. He was curious. He paid the church a visit. This visit would change his life. 

End of part one. 



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