Holding hands part 5.1

“you don’t have any doubts that I am the one?” He asked. “None! ” She said smiling. ” No even a little bit of doubt?” He asked. ” No none!” She said. ” You don’t want to Mary some penticoastal guy? ” He asked. ” No silly! It’s not God’s will. God made you for me and vice versa. That’s so clear to me. You complete me. You fill in my gaps. I believe I will compliment you and fill in some of your gaps. I am excited to be your partner your helper. ” She said.

 After a while they decided to call it a night. “Make sure you read my note around devotions time. Promise?” She asked. ” I promise. ” He assured her. “Good. Just making sure. ” She said. “We’ll have a good night lex. ” He said. “You too my love! ” She told her.she hugged him and kissed her on the cheek. He walked her to her car. She got into the car. He watched her drive off. He went back inside. 

“How was your visit?” His mom asked. “Really good!” He answered. “You really do like her?” She asked. He blushed a bit. 

 The next morning ,he took out the note she left for him. He unfolded the peace of paper. He unfolded it. He was nervous about reading it. “Good morning Bunnie. I hope all is well with you today. I hope classes go well for you. I hope you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you feel his presence in a way you have not yesterday.i pray that you will seek him throughout the day. I know he will receipt himself in a vibrant way if you do. I will be thinking about you and praying for you though our the day. Don’t lose the sense of wonder.ilove you and miss you.i can’t wait to see you again. Love always in Christ Lexi.” 

She had this affect on him. He did not make sense to him. He could not deny that that she did. She had the ability to melt his heart. She did it quite frequently.

He read from romons three.he sent Lexi some of his thoughts. He focusedon verse 23 and. 24. “We sin and don’t meet God’s standards. What is more dismal then that? As I read 22 and 23,I realize that the propose of the verse is not to say mankind if horrible. Because everyone sins and constantly sins,all are equally guilty before God. God’s grace steps in.this gives us the ability to have pea r with God something impossible earlier. The tone changes in verse 24. We are all sinners who are guilty before God. We can have peace with God though his grace. Just some thoughts.” Then he sent the email.

Then he had breakfast. He drank coffee. Then he headed out. He headed to class. Lexinfor up as well. She read her usual devotions including call to glory the Baptist version of our daily bread. Then she read though romons and Matthew. 

Then she had a time of prayer. She spent a lot of time praying for Derrek. She found joy in praying for him. As she prayed things poped in her head to pray for. She loved that. 

She gathered her stuff. She went to the car. Her phone went off. There was a Facebook notice. She read it. It was a message form Derrek. She read it. She waited until she got to her campus to draft a response. 

“Dearest Derrek, peace with God seams to be something unatanible. How can mankind who does nothing but sin and violates God’s standards now have peace e with God? God’s Holly character bars him form simply excusing it. This sin had to be delt with. Int God’s grace because of the cross could achieve that peace. Thank you for that reminder! ”

She then sent it. She excited the car. She walked to the door of the college. She went inside. She went to the class room. She was excited for classes to begin.

He went to his class as well. He turned off his phone during classes. Classes concluded before noon. He had some time before classes resumed in the afternoon. He turned on his phone and read her message. 

“Hey lex, I forgot to mention that the idea of sin is nothing but sin. Not only do we chose the bad over the good but many times we choose the good enough over the perfect. I know I have don’t that. He could have wiped out Adam after he sinned. He allowed Adam to continue to exist and to have a chance at redemption.i am focused on this idea of peace with God. Talk to you soon lex!” He sent it. 

She saw his message right before she went to lunch. She wrote back right. Away. “Dere the ideaof how bad sin is has really hit me lately. Sense I was a kid I knew what sin was.i defined it as disobeying parents etc.like you said sin is also not doing what you know you should or simply doing the bare minimum needed to get byi know I have done better but certainly not the best. That is sin. I too am glad that we can have peace with God. Knowing how bad sin is bad sin ismakes grace more amazing. It really is mind boggling. Lexi sent it.

then she sent it.after lunch he checked his message s. Sure enough there was one from her. He read it and drafted a response. “Being a pastors kid it was assumed that I was a good kid. In the world standards I was. I probably was by church standard as well. This understand of a biblical definition of a church has altered my thinking. It is the reason for the change in me over the last few years. It brought me closer to the Lord. It has made me great full for all the Lord has done for me!”he wrote. 

She sent him a response just before her next class. “I had heard that there was a change in you. I am thrilled that the Lord has his hand on you. I know that you have surrendered your life to him fully. I see evidence that he is working in your life. Don’t let sin get you down. Let it instead make you great full of God’s grace. I know you love the Lord. I know you love God’s grace.sin should not bring us aaway form the  cross but to it. ” She wrote.

He did not get her message until after his afternoon classes were concluded. He saw it. A friend came over to him. 

End of part five. 


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