The mage part four

Kathy was once a law student. Now she was a slave. She feared she would end up as a field hand or involved in working in the home. She had become an administrator. She ran his house,s finances and other operations. She lived it. Today she got to represent him in court. She got to practice law. She dreamed of litigation in a court room. She used to spend her summer break watching her dad in the courtroom.while other kids played outside she was watching court cases. She dreamed of being able to be a  lawyer. Now she got her chance.  Not the way she planned but that is OK. At least she got to argue before a court. 

“All rise!”the court officer said. They rose. The emperor commissioned Exchequer who collected taxis and fees. The Exchequer was empowered to settle dispute. He had legal authority as well. He could try criminal and civil cases. He could make arrest as well. 

Kathy knew this particular Exchequer. Lord Thomas Hammond . Regional Exchequer. she had a great deal of respect for him. He was an honorable men. In the courtroom he was tough but fair. He sat down. He motioned everyone else to sit. They did so.

“Will the court reporter please read the case on the docket?” The presiding officer instructed. ” The house of cornbloom vrs  landowner everiston. The complantent charges that the land owner coerced his father who was on his death bed into a deal that he charges should be nullified due to his imcompacitated sate. ” The reporter said. 

“Consul for the planteth?” The judge asked. “Eric Sawyer my lord!”he said. “Consul for the respondent !” The judge asked. ” Kathy x my lord!” She said.” My lord may I be heard?”Eric asked. “Proceed !” The judge asked. “My lord, I challenge the choice of consul. Miss x is not a lawyer but is one of his slaves. “Eric said. “Miss x !” The judge said. 

“My lord, in Ashcroft vrs mahascal,the court ruled that a slave with legal training can litigate cases in a court room. “Kathy said. ” My lord. That case the slave had graduated from law school. Miss x has not.” He said. ” There is no stipulation on the ruling in Ashcroft. I have the training to be an efctive advocate. I believe my grade point average will bare that out!” She said. ” I see no reason not to allow her to represent landowner everiston. I am renting this motion. “The judge said!.” Thank you my lord. ” She said!

“Do you have a response miss x ?” The judge asked. ” We asset that the deal was conducted in good faith. We believe that the deal should go forward.” Kathy said.  

” Mr. Sawyer are you ready to proceed with your case?”the judge asked. “I am my lord! ” Eric said. ” Then you may address this court!” The judge said.” If it pleases the court my lord we asset that at the time the deal was made, the lord of cornbloom was dying and unable to sign a deal that had the rule of law attached to it. ” Eris said.

“I offer into evidence the medical report of the late lord of cornbloom! On the day the deal was signed. I also have a shrown affidavit form the doctor and nurses who attended the late lord! He was quite ill on that day. He was not of sound mind or  judgement at the time of the deal. We request that the deal be nullified.” Eric said. 

“Mis x !”the judge said. “Thank you my lord. At the time of the deal, the late lord was the legal and cerimonial head of the family.he had the control rights of the house. I have documents baring out that he was the controlling legal authority of the house of cornbloom at the time of the deal. This deal  was not atypical. Manny operations are conducted by lord who was in ill health. ” Kathy said.

“My lord. the opposition of the deal by my client the current lord of cornbloom was well known and documented. Landowner everiston made a clear attempt at circumventing my client. ” Eric said. ” My lord at the time of the deal the now lord of cornbloom had no legal authority within the house at the time of the deal. The authority of the family lied with the former lord at the time of the deal. ” Kathy said.

” The landowner knew that the lord was dying and knew that my client was opposed to this. The landowner did everything he could to circumvent my client and get this case though. ” Eric said. “Are you setting fraud and coercion?” The judge asked. “Maybe not fraud but certainly coercion. ” Eric said. 

” My master fully followed the law. It is unfair for him to be burdened due to family infighting. He followed the law. This contract was legally binding and was done in accordance with the laws of this empire and should be respected.” She said.

 ” Mr. Dear this sail was reviewed and certified by the ministry of commerce. They saw no need to challenge it.” The judge said! ” They usually rubber stamp these sails. To let it go though encourages this behavior.every one who wants there own way will pray on a dying aristocrat. It must not be allowed to be encouraged!” Sawyer said.

” The empire is committed to allowing commerce. The right to conduct business as they say fit unhindered by the government. ” Kathy said. “Unless it violates the latter of sprit of the law. This deal does. “He said. ” This was a difference of opinion. The fact is that the deal was done within the law and should be respected.” She said!

” I see no evidence of fraud or coercion. Deals are conducted with those of ill health. The lord did run it though his official consul. I am nearby ordering the sale to go though this instance!” He said.

 Kathy won. For the first time since she was told she would be sold into slavery she was happy.mayby she could still have fulfilment In life. She wanted to prove her value to her master. Now she had . 

After Eric went over to her. ” You did good kid!” He said. “I enjoyed this!”she said. “,I hope we can do this again. Sometime.” Eric said. “You were amazing Kathy!” The master said.” Thank you sir!” She said. She hoped she did the right thing. In the back of her mind she feared that there was coercion. She had no way of knowing that. She hoped she was wrong. She had no records if she was right. She tried to hide her fears but that did not gnaw at her.

End of part three


In the British system, judges are referred to as my lord not your honor. 


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