Holding hands part six

Derrek did not get her message until after his afternoon class had concluded. He was reading it. A friend of his went over to her. “You have been on the phone all day. It’s not like you. “Zach said.

“A friend of mine and I have been having an I going conversation on romons 3:23 and 24. It has kinda taken on a life of its own. It has proven to be beneficial and edifying . I guess I got carried away with it.” He told him. 

“Oh! Who are you talking to?”Zach asked. “Oh no one you know! ” Derrek said.”oh ok!” He said. Zach was a little confused.zach got the impression that Derrek did not want to go into detail about all of this. He did not press him a y further. Derrek was happy with that. He was not ready to talk about Lexi.

He went to his car. He got in the driver’s seat. Classes were done for the day. He took out his phone. He che krdbjs Facebook messages. It had not accured to him that this email exchange had been going on all day. He started writing her and kept on writing to her. He had considered rather or not this was a good idea. He simply did it. Now that he took a step back,he wondered if this was a good idea. Many he should not have done this. He had engaged her. That particular train had left the station. 

” Hi lex. Classes are over for the day. It has been a long day but a good day. Classes were really good. At the same time I am glad to be going home. It is not easy keeping in contact with the Lord. This is especially true when one’s heart is not fully right with the Lord. It is so important to keep the lines of communication with the Lord open. I have heard it said that one should keep short accounts with the Lord. Confess often. He wants to be I. Fellowship with us. I know that I do not always see it that way. I know I don’t always think biblicay on confession and restoration. I believe that God wants us to live in victory not in defeat. ” Then he sent it.

He closed the car door. He drove off.the drive home was fairly short. It was basically a hop ,skip and a jump. He then parked.he got his stuff and walked inside. He said helo to his parents. He said hi to his siblias well. He picked up his baby sister. He held her and made faces at her. She giggled. 

After supper,he turned on his phone. There was one missed call. He had a feeling that it was lex. He was not sure if he wanted to call her back. She was very sweet. He was not sure if he should encourage things between them.

Then as he was  contimplating rather or not to call her back,his phone went off. He answered it. ” Hey lex! ” He said.” I really loved our conversation today. I can see that God has a hold on your heart. I know he will use you mightily. “She told him. “I definitely want to be used by the Lord. I have surendard myself to his will. I am willing to do whatever he wants me to. “Derrek told her. “I know it’s true. I want to serve him as well. I know we can surve him together. I know it is part of his plan. He wants us to see e him together. ” She told him.

He did not know how to respond to that statement. He still had a lot of doubt. He had no where near the same assurance that she did. He had no idea how to tell her that. She waited for his response. She long for some kind of affirmation for him. He did not feel at liberty to give her that affirmation.

“I am sure that the Lord will use you and I. ” He said. He tried to keep it generic. He believed that the Lord would use her he was just not sure if he would use them as a couple. ” I know that he wants to use us as a couple? Do you feel that way as well hunnie?” She asked. 

“Well I don’t know about that. I know that is not what you want to hear. “Derrek told her.”no its not. I understand your concern. I respect to that your views are very different from myne especially on tonges and prophecy. I really hoped you would be open . I know you will come to embrace it and me. “She said.

“I can’t make any promises. We just met. I just don’t know.,”he said. “OK. I am excited for when you change your mind. I know you will. “She said. He was not so sure. He decided not to say anything more on the subject tonight. 

“I should probably let you go. You have a good night!”he told her.”you too my love! Talk to you tomorrow.”she said”of course!”he said. Then the call ended. 

She felt a little sad that night. It seemed that Everytime there relationship took one step froward it was followed by two steps back. They appeared to have such a good day together.she thought that they had made a connection.that connection was all but unrevealed. Maybe this was a number setback. She hoped that that was the case. She trusted the Lord no matter what. 

Derrick felt really overwhelmed.he could not believe all that had happened over the last week. It felt so surreal.he had no idea how to make sense of it. He had no clue what to do. Did he want her to be a part of his life? Did he really want her to not be a part of his life. If he never saw her again, would he be OK with that? 

He did some devotions before he went to bed. He fell asleep faily easily. He got up the next day. He showered and did devotions and got ready to go. “So is Lexi coming to church tonight’s?”his mom asked. “I am not sure. We have not really discussed it. “He said. “You have not asked her? “His father asked. “No I have not. “He answered. “You want her to come don’t you?” His mom asked. “,I think so yes!”Derrek responded. “Oh OK.”his dad said.

“The way she sounded,she did want to start coming when her church did not meat. There is a pretty good chance she will be there. “Derrek commented.” He was almost certain she would be there. They both had classes today. They ended for both of them around four.

After classes he went home. He eat lunch then got ready for church. He started to get nervous.what if she was there? Maybe she would not be there. Maybe she would forget what day it was. 

As he walked to the church form the parsnege he saw that her car was parked there. He should have known that she would be hear. She walked slowly to the front door. He tried to collect his thoughts before he entered. Then he went inside. 

End of part six. 


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