Holding hands part seven

Derrek went into the sanctuary. He saw Lexi talking to Mrs brazen.she was an older lady in the church.she was a widow whose husband who had died a few years ago. Both seemed to be enjoying the conversation. He walked over to them. “Hello Mrs brazen” Derrek said.”good evening Derrek.””the older lady said.”Lexi smiled at him.she always lit up when she saw him. “Hi lex. “Derrek said.”hi dere. “She said.”I am so glad that you are hear Alexa. I have a feeling that you are going to be intregal part of the church. We are a small church but we are a very close knit group. I am excited to be a part of it. ” Mrs brazen told him.

“Thank you I really appreciate that. That means a lot. “Lexi said.” “Well it is good to see you.” Mrs brazen said.the two walked to the sanctuary. She took her hand.”they walked hand in hand into the sanctuary. They walked to a lesser and sat down. She smiled at him.” Everyone is really friendly hear.”she said.”I love this church.Of all of the churches my dad has pastored this one is definitely my favorite. “He said.”I can definitely see why. “She answered him.” I always look forward to services hear.”he said. 

His farther and mother along with baby Savannah came over to them. “Hi pastor ,Mrs Carlson “she said.”hi Lexi.it is good to see you. We are glad you are hear. “The pastor said.” Thank you.i am glad I can be hear.”he said.

Both pastor and Mrs Carlson were very glad that she had come. They were glad that she had a desire to be a part of the church. Despite her evengelical and penticoastal background,she definitely fit in. The poeple in the church liked her. They had said so. Both the pastor and his wife were getting used to her. she was becoming part of there family.

“I thought you were coming but I was not totally sure.,” Derrek said.” Of course I was coming silly. Like I told you I want to come to any service that meets when my church is not. I really like your church. I want to become part of your world” she said. “I am glad.”Derrek said. “Someday I will be coming hear full time. “She said. “You would leave your church?” He asked. “I go where you go. You can switch to my church if you want to. I know you are very invested in this church. I am sure when you start a church this will be your sending church.” She said.

She could tell that he was still holding back. She tried to be patient with him.he did not always makes it easy. Sometimes she felt like she was sitting a brick wall. It was like he would not even her an inch. She wished that he would open up even a little bit.

She did like his father’s preaching style. She understood why Derek was the godly person he was. He had godly Influence to follow in his mom and dad. He also had encouragement from his church. She felt like he was home.

She prayed with several of the women of the church. This included Derek’s mom. “We are very glad that your hear! “Derek’s mom told her.”we are all glad that you are hear. We thought it would only be a matter of Time before Derrek found .”Elen a founder maried lady said” we have been praying that he would find the right person . I believe he may have”Mrs.brazen said.” I have been praying about that myself.”Lexi said. “Trust in the Lord.i am sure you will.”Mrs brazan said.

After a while they went back up stairs. They met up with the men.”hi hunie,”she said.she kissed him in the forehead. “Hi lex. How was prayer time?”he asked. “Really good. How was yours?” She asked. “Very good.” He said.

The pastor prayed and the service was concluded. A lot of people came over and talked to Lexi. The people in the church seemed to be getting used to the idea of Derrek and Lexi. Not just used to but excited by it. Lexi was becoming part of the church. 

Lexi felt at home in the church. She believed this church would always hold a place in her heart. 

After the service they sat on the steps at the house. ” OK. Dere I want you to tell me three things I don’t know about you!” She said. “OK I don’t like heights. I will do them but I don’t like them. Our family went to visit family friends in Germany. It was a bit of bevily hillbillies in eroupe. I have a photo album of the trip. I will show it to you. I love old radio classics from the thirties and forties.” He said.

“Will you go on the roof of our house?” She asked. “Yes. Please let me ease into it. I will need some time.” He said. “OK I can do that. I don’t like heights myself so I will go easy on you. I will try to limit the times you have to do heights if I can.” She said.

“That’s good to hear. ” He said. “I do want to see your scrap book. I went on a mission trip to hatie,Mexico and chilie. I visited London but not a mission trip. ” She said. ” You like to travel?” He asked. “I do. I a! A but if a homebody at the same time. I guess I am an enigma !” She said.

“Tea I understand. I am a little bit of both myself. ” He said. “He suspected she was trying to emphasize there similarities. She wanted him to see that they were compatible. She wanted to reinforce the idea of an us. He recognized it but tried to qwel it a bit. That was not as achevible as he would like. ” OK so it’s your turn. Three things you have never told me!” He said. “OK I am a little insecure. It is something I struggle with. I am decoy afraid of spiders. If you see one kill it and never tell me about it. I am a Star trek fan. ” She said.

“I did not realize that you are insecure. ” He said. ” Inwaa afraid to tell you. Unthinkable you should know. I hope it will help you to understand me. Mayby it will help you to know how to interact with me. ” She said. 

“So your a star trek fan? I never would have known.” He said. “As you get to know me you will see how true it is. I did not want for when we maried you come across my model ships and wonder what’s this?” She remarked.he was not ready to think about them maried. He still did not believe it would happen. 

“Oh” he said.she could tell that he was uncomfortable by her comment. His discomfort caused her discomfort.she wanted him excited by the prospect of a future together. She wanted him. To want to have a future with her.he was not sure there. 

“OK!What is a secret about you you don’t tell people?”she asked.”I am not as confident as I want people to think. I am unsure of myself.i am mostly dysestic nothing too serious. Every once in a while I get tongue tied. It has made me a bit self conscious. ” He said.

“I suspected you had confidence issues. “She said. “How did you know?”he asked.”it’s me. I know these things. I care about you in a way no one does except for the Lord.”she said.

He was concerned when she talked that way.he was strict old fashioned non seeker sensitive. She loved CCM,she read the n.l.t.he did not own a TV.sge did not care that they were night and day difference. He could not understand why she could not see that this was a bad idea.

“What’s your secret?”he asked. “I am sometimes prone to panic attacks. I lost my mom to a car accident a few years ago.my dad remaried.i love my step mom . I know mom is with the Lord but it is not easy.”she said. “Undeerstandible.” He said.

“I don’t want to hide anything from you. I want you to know everything. I want you to know me. ” She said.he was not comfortable with this. He did not think it was appropriate. 

“Lex! I think we need to show down. We are going way too fast.i know that you believe that we are to be maried but we have to slow down. I have doubts. I don’t know if the Lord does things like this. I am sorry but I cannot subscribe to all this!”he said.

To be continued. 


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