Only a matter of time part two 

Kevin wanted to get to know the community more. He wanted to go on skins if fact finding mission. He decided to go visit the penticoastal church. He was not sure why but he felt compelled to visit. He knew that he did.he was curious.

He tried to sit near the back. He wore a polo shirt and khacky pants. That was as dress down as he got . Several said hi to him. He was a little nervous. He tried not to show it. He wanted to understand this area. He really could not do that without visiting a penticoastal church. Like it or not the charismatic movement was at the heart of moor.

A young lady came near him. She wore a t shirt . It had a name on it that he figured was some kind of  a Christian rock band. The name was newsboys.  The name did not mean anything to him. She wore jeens and sandles.”excuse me may I get by?” She asked. ” Of course!” He said.he no experience back so she could get by. She was greated by a group of her friends .

Kevin was not trying to spy on them. He did o rehearsal there conversation.the girl who sat next to him captivated him. He had no idea why. He overheard there conversation. 

During the service the mystery girl was very involved in the music. As was her friends. They sang danced and raised there hands. Kevin was a firm believer insinginf old hyms form a hymbook. He was against dancing. He found himself a bit uncomfortable. He touched it out. 

The preaching was interesting. It was biblical . Kevin was an avid note taker. He added thoughts of his own . He turned it into a position paper. He later showed it to that mystery girl who would later become his wife. They discussed his paper at length. She had taken notes as well.

He wanted to introduce hi self to her. He really wanted to meet her. He wanted to find out her name. After the service he made several attempts to say hi but it was not unsuccessful. Before he could get a word I. Edgewise she was gone. 

He felt bad that he did not get to say hi. He did not get her name. That made him sad.he realized he might never get another chance . He left the auditoriums went to the lobby. It took a while for the crowd to thin out. He looked around for the mystery girl. He did not see her. He knew finding her would be a daunting task. He headed out and made it to the parking lot.

As he went to his car,he saw her again. He really wanted to say hi to her.he was even more nervous then he was before. He decided to throw caution to the wind and went over to her. “Hi”he said.”you were the ones sitting next to us?” She asked.” Yes Iam Kevin. This was my first time hear. “He said.”did you get the welcome packet?”she asked. “I did thank you. “He answered. The packet included Bryan Kate,s book,let the fire fall on you. 

“I’m sorry I was rude you hit me at a bad minute. I hope it did not reflect badly on the church. This is a friendly church. Usually I am a friendly person. “She said. “I took no offense. Apology accepted. “He told her.”thank you for Becky by the way. ” She told him. “Hi Becky I’m Kevin.”he said. 

“It’s nice to meet you. “She said. “It is nice to meet you. “He said. “No did you like our church?” She asked. “It is different. It was interesting. “,He told her. “I take it your not penticoastal?”she asked. “No I’m not. I had heard about thus church. I was curious. “He admitted. “I am Baptist. “He said. “Oh ! I assume you belong to a more conservative breach of the Baptist.”that would be a fair assessment. “He said. “,Let me guess your form the church renting the town hall? ” She asked. “Yes. That is correct.”he answered. 

“Beck. We should be going. “A friend of hers said. “Well it was good to have met you”she said. “You as well!”he said.becky and her friends walked off. He watched her leave. He went to his car. His heart felt heavy. He could not get her out of his mind. He force back to where he was staying. He had no idea if he would ever see her again. 

Becky walked back to her friends. They all walked to there cars. “That was the guy that sat next to her during the service?” A friend Melisa commented. “Yes. I guess he is Baptist. He was  curious about our church. “She said. ” Is he a spy? ” Brad another friend asked. ” I don’t think I would necessarily characterize it that way. I guess one could !”she said.

Kevin kept busy. He preached the next morning. He led the group in spray time for the church and the community Sunday afternoon. Monday consisted of vising nursing homes. 

Tuesday morning,the team was at dunken donuts. They were talking about the church and the community. They were doing some informal planing. The door opened.a young lady entered. It was Becky. 

“Hi Becky!” He said. “Hi”she said.she ordered a mocha ice coffee with an extra schot of coffee. “Care to join us?”Kevin asked. She was reluctant to join them but decided to anyways. She sat down . He introduced her to his friends and fellow summer missionaries and his sister Sarah who was part of the group.

“So this is your team?” She asked.”indeed it is.”he said.”what is your team doing?”Becky asked. “Well we are passing out literature. We are talking to people. We are visit g needing homes ,prisons and hospital. We are going to beholding a VBS and a teen event. We are trying to reach out to the community.”he said. 

“Your all Bible college students?”Becky asked. “Yes we are.we attend fundimental Baptist university.”tom one of the team members said. “We are going to be sorohnore or juniors next year. “George said.”so what is the goal of this missios trip?”Becky asked. ” We want to aid the church. We want to see the church grow. We want to see new members. We also wants to see souls saved. Right now the church has a small group of regular attendees. We really want to see the church firmly established in the area. “Kevin said. 

“I must say I am about surprised that you chose to set up a church in one time there were no good churches in moor. Today the church is crowded with churches. You don’t fear your church being lost in the shuffle?”she asked. 

“It’s definitely a concern. The pastor feel a burden to have a church started hear in moor. He believes that the Lord has out it on his heart to start this church. “Jamie said. ” There are good churches hear. Things are happening hear.”Becky said. ” The pastor feels that that is where he and his family needs to be. We are not trying to compete with other churches. We are not to get people to leave those churches and come hear. We do want to to present a more traditional and conservative alternative . I know the pastor personally. He had a desire to reach the lost and unchurched. He doesn’t want to step on any ones toes. I know that we may take some form other churches but that is not our intent.”Kevin said. 

 “Well Mr.kevin where is your heart?” She asked. “I too would like to start churches in little reached areas. I came hear to get a feel for church planting. I wanted to observe and shadow someone who is doing it. I have already learned a lot. ” He answered.

“I did not mean to challenge your ministry. I love seeing people serving the Lord. Especially those close to my age. Although you act way older then me. I am very happy with my church. You do not see it as legitimate. ” She remarked.

“I don’t know your church well enough. It is difficult for me to judge. The gifts of tounges was mentioned in acts and first corrinthians. It was not a major gift. I don’t see evidence that it was evidence of the indweling of he holy Spirit. It was not a gift every believer received. Within penticoastasm all of the wags are out in the basket of tounges. Much of the charismatc movement is based on emotion . It is how I feel!”he said. 

“We are to worship in sprit and in truth. Emotion is part of our spiritual life.Gid created us with emotion as well as intellect. Baptist almost want a platonic Christianity devoid of emotion. You give lip service to mericles you ride a slippery slope of sisationsism. “She said.

“We do believe in mericles. In this day I believe they are things that only the Lord could do. I do not know about believer Lwas mericles. I am sceptical of those who claim to have the gift of healing. I do not believe in faith healers. The holy Spirit works in our day. There are heelings”he said. 

“Your lane of Baptist are known for there extreme sepritism. You even separate from Baptist who are not Baptist enough. There is a joke where a guy is given a tour of heaven. At the end he gets to the Baptist cave.he is told to keep quiet because they think they are the only ones hear. “She said. “Ha ha we have e heard that joke!”Kevin said.

“We do separate . Prayer qoating form deturonomy says be holy for I am holy. We are to be separated from the world. We are to be destinct,we are to be different. We have to separate form worldliness .We feel that holiness is so serious an issue that it may require us to separate from those within Christianity who do not separate..We believe in the Superiority of the textus receptus. We believe in separating from ungodly music. We believe in dressing differenly form the world. We believe we have to separate form those who don’t!”Kevin said.

“I can’t see separating form those with a difference of opinion. Where do you draw the line? Don’t you run the risk of majoring in the minors? Can’t you take this too far?”she asked. “Some issus are important. Bible translations do matter. Other versions omit whole verses and phrases. This is not a trivial matter. Musucal styles are not trivial. We need to worship the Lord in the way he wants to be worshiped. “He said. 

“You feel quite pasonate on this?”Becky asked. “I am quite pasonate on this. “Kevin said.”I understand where your coming form. I can’t reach the same conclusion that you do. “She said. Kevin’s friends were really surprised that he was ending her in this. Why was he trying to win her over? To them it did not make sense. They felt like part of there mission was to undo the damage of sprit of fire church. Did he not feel that way. Why was he doing this? 

“Well I should probably be going. I enjoyed our conversation. We will have to pick it up again some time. “Becky said. “I too have found it insightfull. I too look forward to resuming it at a later date. . She said her goodbyes to the rest of the team then left. 

End of part two. 


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