The mage part five 

Kathy came home to a heroes welcome. The master led the entire household in a standing ovation. He joined in.He had a cake made for her. It was chocolate mint. Her favorite. She felt like a princess. She almost forgot that she was aslave. She was happy. Of course it hit her. She tried not to be sad. 

Noel went on and on about some comic book charictor. Andrew kept on going on about the dragons. She tried to be friendly. In a at her fellow slaves were like family. She had no family any more. According to the law all family collections were nul and void once she was sold. She was alone. She was not Kathleen suliven but Kathy x. No identity no last name. 

After a while she decided to excuse herself. She went outside. She looked up at the stars. It was a beautiful night. She loved looking at the stars. She always. She imagined going into space. She used to collect model airplanes and space ships. She lost all of her Pearson’s when she was sold. She imagined her family sold them off. It was like her life had been erased. It was like she never existed . 

He heard a noise. It was Brad. “I would like to be alone if it all the same.”she said. ” No you don’t.”,Brad said.”,I don’t! Why did I go to one of the most remote sections of the estate? ” Kathy asked.” Your hoping someone will come after you.”Brad said.” You are the one to do it ?”she asked. ” What are you doing hear! Why are you a slave? Most slaves are those from conquered Nations, prisoners , those in Dept, those who sell them into space the why you?” He asked.

” I was from a middle class family. My family was from a murchent class. My farther is a lawyer. I was studying to be alawer. I would graduated in the top five I am sure if it. I would have been a lawyer. “She said.”I have no doubt of that. What happened? ” Brad asked.

“My farther had a gambling problem. He was addicted. He could not stop. He got further and further into debt.he kept losing. If he would get further into debt. He sold even had. It was not enough to cover the debts. He had no choice but to sell me! He could not sell my brother.he wanted a male hair.not that there is anything to inherit at this point.  He was not going to sell my other sisters and younger brothers or the baby. I got to be the one. They gave me a week to adjust. I watched as many Jessica space cadet shows as I could. Don’t tell Noel. “She said.

“I won’t.”Brad said. ” I tried to pretend nothing was happening .I tried to becalm. Pretend nothing was happening. I knew something was up before. My Perents argured slot before they told me. My Perents never argured.i had a bright future. I will forget the look of my dad’s face as he told me. “She started to cry.she caught back the tears. Brad held her. “Kath don’t. Don’t try to fight it” she said. He held her tightly. 

” No offense but before this I would not given you the time of day!”she said”that’s OK!” He said.”that was my loss.”she said.she rested her head in his shoulder.”I was not the nicest person.i was full of myself. “She said.” It has happened. You did not deserve this. This was awful. This is a travisty of justice. It is unfair. There is no justification for it. ” Brad said. “Perhaps but maybe it is for the best. Maybe it was better it happened now as opposed to later. ” She said. ” Maybe. It should have never happened. How could your dad out his needs above his family? ” Brad said. ” What’s done is done. I am hear” she said.

” Your a princess. Me I am a serf. That is who I have always been. I never had a chance for anything more but you. You should be a lawyer. A judge. Future member of Parliament or a senator. Not a slave. “Brad said.she hugged him. ” Hold me !” She said. He put his arm around her. She rested. 

They heard a noise.”what is that ?”she asked.”I don’t know.”he said. They got up. They followed the noise. It was coming form inside the barn. They peeked In. Inside was a series of men. They wore robes. The Rob’s were gray.they had magic staffs. They were burning incense. They were chanting.the chants were in an ancient tounges. The grandmage turned around. It was the master. 

The other mages were all members of the oversears. The master and his staff were magicians. They were part of a secret sect. It all Andrew sense. The staff including the master were all bald. They were not nuturaly bald. They had shaved there heads. They had a dragon. While owning of dragons were permitted it was unusual. Because of the negitive connotation associated with such animal,Manny avoided owning such creatures. Every thing was starting to make sense. 

The world was once filled by mages. Kings wanted mages to aid them magicians were feared. They whielded much power. As science explained things magic fell into disrepute. There was also the rise of monotheism.magic became associated with evil. Magic was baned and was magical orders. Megicians mostly dissapered. 

Some magical orders remained. They were outlaws. It was a potential capital crime.  By law all suspecions of mages had to be reported. It was a felony not to report suspected ties to mages. 

Kathy had horrible thoughts. If the master and his staff were mages. They had a plan. She suspected that this was the site of a secret base of operations. She suspected that this was a plot. They were planing to build up power and influence. What if the whole business of the house of cornbloom was the work of coercion. A magical mafia. If she was right the master was planing a hostile takeover. It was not just the house of cornbloom. She suspected he was going to over whelm and devisate. Quelt build and then wage war on the empire. Worse then that she helped them do it. 

They quetly left the area. “What do we do.magic is illegal and dangerous.if we dont report it and the master is exposed.we will be arrested as well. We will probably end up in the salt mines. “Brad said.” If he suspect we know they might kill us to coverall this up.he might try to bribe the others.give Andrew more responsibilites. Give Noel more comic books. Our deaths could have been explained as acident. They might even bribe the justice ministry to look the other way. ” She said.

“What the answer?” Brad asked. ” I have an idea. I know what I can do. It is dangerous. I know someone I can trust. I will keep you out of it as long as I can.” Kathy assured her. “I know you will!”she said. ” We are in this together!”he said.” Agreed!” They hugged.

Kathy was scared. She was shaking.he hugged her. Things were going to get hard now. They had no choice. 

End of part five


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