Holding hands part nine 

Lexi decided to back off for a while. She did not call him. She would coment on his post on face book. She tried to put the baball in His court. 

He seamed to go back and forth. He went from zero to a hundred and then back.it drove her crazy.  In a span of a couple mouths that continued. 

She spent a lot of time with his family. She started to make connections with them.she and his mom had become close. She became close with his sisters. SHe adored his baby sister. The youngest boy refered to her as exi. 

He was not ready to fully comit. He was not ready to fully ready to uncommit either.she struggled to sort all this out.  She hoped it would all came togeher. She had done all she could.  

She went to his church on Sunday and wendsday night. He went to her Saturday night. 

One saterday afternoon, she got a call . She answered it. “Hello!”she said. “Lex i was wondering if we could go to church in the same car? “He asked. 

“Sure. I would like that. “She said.”can you be ready by five thirty?”he asked. “I will be ready a little before five thirty.i know all about Derek promptness. ” she told him. “I will see you then. “He told her. “You got it. ” she answered. Lexi was excited at first. After she hung uo,the euphoria wore off. Evetytime she ley her gaurd down,every time she dared to get close to him he would back track. 

She could not keep going though this old familiar paturn.she could not keep going though this. She decided she would talk to him tonight. This had to be settled ine way or the orther.

She put her hair in a poney tail. She wore a gray t shirt and a pink skirt.she wore flip flops. She was ready way earlier. Derek was notoriously known for being early. There he was. She walk to thr car and got in. He always made her smile. It was hard right then.being with him,this was the life she wanted.she feared that it might be the life she would never have. 

As they walked inside, they did not hold hands. She did want to. They went inside.  They saw tom ,denese and the kids. They usualy sat with them. “You must enjoy living dangerously.  Just because you have not melted does not meen that you wont. ” tom told him. 

“Very funny! “Derrek said. “We are realy glad your hear. “Denese said.”thank you denese. ” dereek told her. “So do you keep draging him or does he come on his own?”tom asked.”no he comes on his own.”lexi assured him. “Oh ok.”tom said.”dont get too exited. I am not becoming a. Pentacoastal!”derek said. “I did not think so. ” tom said.

 During a worship lexi did what she usualy did. She danced and raised her hands. She tried not to make derek too uncomfortable.  She noticed he did ocasionaly sing along. She found it qute thwn she noticed it he would stop.

He always made her smile. She realy liked his personality. She even liked his more qirky parts. She was in love with him. It was not in a mushy way. It was in  a biblical way.she was certain that he would fall in love with her like that if he let himself. 

“Are you in a rush to get home or do you want to make a timys run?” he asked her. “Lets hit tim hortons!”she answered.  The ride was quiet.  She did not want to talk to him about there relationship or lack of it but felt she had to.They got coffe and mufins. 

“Derrek we need to talk!  “She said.”oh!”he said.  “This is not working. I am spining my wheals. I cant make this work on my own. Your sending me mixed signals.  Your sending yourself mixed signals.  Your devided. I know you feel about me the way i feel about you. The word is getting in the way.a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

“You have to be fully persuaded in your mind. If yiu cant commit to this or you simply dont want to thats fine.  I cant do this.  I wil give you two weeks from today. I need a firm answer. Yes or no. It has to be definitive. No turning back. You say its over then its over. We part ways. Until then i will stil go to your church. Orther then that i will give you space. I wony bug you or presure you.  If we do break up or whatever i dont believe that i can fully swrve the lord without you but God gives grace.  That is not what i want to do but i will if i must. I cant make you be into this. Its up to you dere. The ball is in your court.”she told him. 

“I need stability.  I need security. I need you to make up your mind.i will abide by whatever you decide. “She said.

He was not expecting this.he had wanted her to back off for a bit. He wanted some time to catch her breath.  He wanted to take some time to consider all of this. This was not quite what he had in mind. He thought about what she said. He realized he probably did send mixed signals.  He did not intend do but he realized that he did.

“Alright! I will give it some thought. I will pray about it. I will give you an answer by saterday two weeks from now. “He assured her.

“Ok like i said i wont pressure you. This has to be your decision.  I wont like a no answer but i will accept it.whatever your decision is it will be final. You say no we part ways agreed?” she said.”agreed.”he said.

It kinda put a danper on the rest of the date. Neither one said much after that. Tgey finished there cofee.they got up from the table. They headed out. They walked to the car. He opened the door. She got inside. He closed the door. He got into the drivets seat. He started tge car. The car speeds off.

The car arived at the home of Lexi.  The night had been very akward.derrek parked the car at her driveway. “I promise i will give this a lot of thought with a lot of prayer. “He assured her. ” i know you wil. “She told him. He wished him a good night. She reciprocated. She left the car. He made sure she got inside. Then he left. 

He felt tense as he drove home. He felt a knot in the pit of his stomach. He knew she was right. He had no idea how to tackle this. He drove from lexi’s apartment to his house.he parked the car and walked to the steps of his parrents house.

He went inside the home. “How were things at lexi’s church?”anna carlson asked. “Fine. “Derrek responded. “Is everything ok?”pastor carlson asked. “Yes of course. ” derrek answered.  “Are you sure?” his mom asked. “I am fine!” he reaplied.

He wanted to think for a while. He was im schock over what had occured that night. He wanted time to process what had happened.  He went up to his bedroom. He tried to destressify.  He had no idea where to start. He was quite bewildered.  He hated feeling like this.

This was what he wrote in his journal. “My heart is heavy tonight.lexi gave me basically an ultimatum.  She wants me to figure out if i want this relationship with her or not. I felt like this was moving too fast. I did want to slow down a bit. I gues unwitingly i did send mixed feelings.  I did not thini so when she first said it. In retrospect perhaps she waa correct.i have troubling believing that this is God’s will given how it came about.because of that i have tried to rebuff her. Perhaps i did not rebuff her as much as i thought i did. I did not neen to but i did give her the impression that a union was plausible.  Now i have to figure out to do. I have to embrace it foever or end it foever. I have two weeks to make a decision that could totaly change my life and its course. It was a decision i wanted to wait on.i do see her point. It was nit fair to string her along. Hear goes nothing i supposed.  Now i must begin to figure this all out. ” 

He was realy nervous about all this.for whatever reason,he really rattled him. He tried to remain calm. He figured that nothing would come off that saterday night. Then it seemed like mayby it would.  Now it was his decision.  He had no idea how to tackle this. 

When he went to bed,he tried to remain calm so that he could fall asleep.  His mind raced. He tried to wind down. He gave up and let his mind race. He tried to deal witj the question could this be Gods will . he considered key points.  He tried to unravel his objections. Eventually his exhaustion gave in and he fell asleep. 

End of part nine. 


Only a matter of time part four 

Kevon foccused on the work. He was interested in every aspect of the ministry. He tried to stay focused even with thr distraction. He trued to keep the main thing the maine thing. Things were happening.  Things were changing. New people were attending the church. Kevin and his team were making conections. Kevin wanted not to just to get people to attend the church but to become a part of it. He wanted to maje friendship. He wanted to emphasize the family aspect of the church. He tried to get the team members to keep in mind that the church is a body. He stresed that every part of a body is esential. That was starting to materialize with kevin and his team. 

Kevin studied i.f.b evangelism past and present. The i.f.b is realy good at getting people into church,not so good at keeping them. Kevon wanted people to become part of the church. He wanted them to feel that they are esential parts of that local assambly. Kevin worked at that. Both kevin and the pastor wanted a church of new and newer converts. 

He wanted people saved,decipled ,then go out and and leed orhers to Christ and they would desiple them. Unfortunately they did not always happen in i.f.b churches. The pastor wanted this church to folow that formula. He hoped that that would become a foundation of the church long after he left.  He wanted it to be the leading philosophy of the church. 

The church had continued to reach out to the surrounding area. They had met a lot of peoole. They did get plenty of rejection. They had plenty of meeningfull conversation as well. They were starting to see results.the team had a good reputation. They were seen as friendly and genuine.  They had the joy of the lord. 

He did not hear from becky during the week. He did see her face book posts. She often posted Christian music videos,penticoastal speakers .she seemed to be a star trek fan.she liked xmen and read armish romance novels.  Normally he might be offended she amused him. 

He posted updates of ministries he was involved in.  He posted pics.he shared king james bible verses. He qoated from i.f.b speakers past and present. Becky did like some of his post. She comented on them as well.  

He was very buisy. He hardly had time to miss her. When he did stop and smel the roses,he realized that he did miss her. He decided to give her a call. He nervously dialed her number. “Hi this is becky. I am probably evevangelizing or reading a sci fi novels etc. Please leave a messege and i will get back to you when i can. God bless. ” she said in her vioce mail. 

“Hi beck. Its keven. I had not from you in a while. I have been prety buisy myself.  I just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing. Call me when you get a chance.  “He said. Then he hung up.

He did not realize how much he miased her. He loved talking to her.even if they disagreed.  He enjoyed hearing her point if view even if he disagreed with her. 

His dad told had told him that getting a warm fuzzy feeling from a spouse was not the sum total of a relationship between a husband and wife. His dad said that not everyone got those feeling but he did.his mom said the sane thing. His perents said that for them as three relationship grew so did the fuzy feeling. He saw that with Becky.  

He never intended this to happen.  He had never planed to have these feelings. He tried to pretend that they did not exist.  It became clear to him that he did. He kept it to himself. Sarah, his sister has figured it out. Right now becky had her own life. A life very seperate from his. He feared that eventualy they would go there separate ways. He started to think that he would acept that. It she was heading towards that separation.  Maybe he should do the same. 

He considered going to her church’s saterday night service.  He feared that his fellow team members might not aprove. He knew that they might not understand. He decided not to go. He did really miss her. He was a bit mad at himsekf for feeling this way.

He checked his face book. He scrolled down the newsfeed. He looked at several entries.  He liked some and commented on some.  He saw a post from becky. It was a picture of her and some if her friends. Jake had his arm around her. Kevin found that he is a little jellous. He scolded himself. He told her about it after they got together. They laughed about it.

“You were jealous? ” she asked. “I know,  it was not my finest hour. I never said it was rational. “He told her. “It was not my finest hour either. I broke my own rule. I flirted with someone i was prety sure was not God’s will for me. I feel bad for that. I regret that you saw it. That was not right. ” she told him. 

One day after they got maried,it came up. They talked it over. For the most part she had prepared herself for her future husband.  On this day,she had let her gaurd down. She regreted that.

He turned  off facebook. He played dutch blitz with other members of the team. Then his phone rang. He looked at the called id. It was beck.his heart sank. He presed the talk button. “Beck hi! “He said. 

“Hi long time no hear from. “She said. “I have been prety buisy. Despite that i have not stoped thinking about you. Wait that canw out wrong. “Kevin told her.”i know what your trying to say.  I have missed you as well. ” she said “you have?” he asked. “Yes i have.why are you so suprised? “She asked. “I am glad to hear that. “He said “oh ok.” she said.

“How have you been?” he asked. “Good. I have kept myself buisy. I have been involved in various ministries.  Some as a leader, some as a student.  I like it but its kept me buisy. “She said. “I can understand that. ” he said.

“Church was really good. You should have come !”she told him. “I did think about it. Perhaps another time. “He told her. “Your welcome any time.” she told her.  “Thank you.i do know that.  ” he said. 

“I have enjoyed your face book posts. I have been following you extensively.  ” she said. “I suspected as much. I have been enjoyed yours as well. “He said. “You can probably see that i have a silly side. ” she told him. “I picked up on that.  ” he told her.”i will try not to go overboard with it.” she said. ”  oh ok!” he said. 

”  look. I wont take up any more of your time. I lost wanted to hear your vioce. I missed you. “He told her. “It was good to talk to you. I hope to talk to you again very soon. “She said told him. “I look froward to that as well. “He told her.”talk to you again soon. “She said. “Bye for now. ” he said.

“Who was that?” the pastor asked. “Her name is rebecca.  ” he said.  “Oh!” the pastor said. “Its not like that. We were friends.  “He told him. 

“I had a friend like that once.  What was her name? Oh Tiffany.  ” pastor reese asked. “Funy pastor.  It is realy not like that. We are friends. Thats all” he told him.

Kevin felt a lot of mixed emotions that day. That picture of her and jake had rattled him. After seing it,he concluded that he ans Becky was a fantasy he created. It had no bases in reality. Him and becky was sinply not going to happen.  

This was all in his head. That was ok. He fugured he had to move on. It might take time for him to move on. He had to rebound from something that never happen.  

The next week, the church held a v.b.s. This kept him very buisy. It was sucesfull but taxing.  All of the team was tired. On that saterday morning,they passed out copies of john and romans. They took that saterday afternoon off. 

He rested during the afternoon.  He took it easy.  He decided not to check facebook. He was tired.he decided he needed to rest.

“Sarah!  Want to go out for a drive tonight?”he asked.” let me gues a drive that ends up ay sprit of fire church?”she asked. “You caught me sis.” he told her. “Ok we can go. If i get a headache from the worship team i am blaiming you.” she told her.he chuckled.  “Ok deal.uf you do get a headache i will suply the headache mistake.”he told her. “Gee thanks.  ” she said.

He texted Becky.   He told her that she and sarah were coming to the church. She texted him back. She told him to text her when she arived. He told her that he would. Becky parked next to her.

Kevin and sarah got out of the car.Becky then got out of her car. “Hi stranger.  ” becky said.he smiled in a way he never had previously.  “Hi beck. It is so good to see you.” he told her. “I was beginning to think that there was a partial rapture ans Baptist went before us.  ” she told her.  “No!nothing like that.” he responded.

“Hi sarah. It is good to see you again.”rebeca said. “You too becky.”sarah said. The three walked in together.   “You look tired kev.”becky commented. “I am a bit tired.  I am a little tired. I expected that this might be the case. ” keven said.”make you take care of yourself.i dont want you to go down for the count. “She said. They walked towards the maine section of the church.

“I tell him the same thing. He has always been a workaholic.  Dad and the grandpa are the same way.”sarah said. “Know your limitations.  “Rebecca said. Thats good advice.  Mayby he will take it if it comes from you. ” she said.

They went inside and sat down. ” i did not realize i had that effect on him. ,Becky said. “I am prety sure you do. ” sarah said. “Helo i am in the room.” he said. They laughed.

The more time he spent with her,the more he fell in love with her. At the time he did not see it that way. He would later.  He did not all of a suden fall in love with her. It was a slow progression.  It was a series of steps in that direction.  Thr early steps were unnoticed.  After a while it was undeniable.  There was a time in his life he did realize that he was in love with becky.

One day he woke up at 2:00 in the morning. It hit him like a ton if bricks.  That day it all aded up. It all added up. Today he was not quite there.  

The door opened ,a group of friends entered.this included jake.they came over to her. When becky was around jake,she totally changed. Kev found it odd. Sarah picked up on it as well.

“Who is this?”eric asked. “Im sarah.keven’s sister.”she said. Everyone was friendly to them . jake was not rude but ut was different. .

Everything was tense. How could things change so rapidly between those two. He would eventualy understand her personality. He would learn how to relate to her. She had to ajust to him as well. By the time they started to date, they knew how to relate to eachother. 

Kevin stil found the worship time hard to take. He knew how it went.he stil had to ajust in. He figured that he would never fully get use to it. Sarwh could not ubderstand why wirship time incoperated worldly music into it. She tried to muddle though.

Becky figured kevin and his sister found worship time problemetic. She did not understand there views.she respected it. That nighr she looked over at kevin. She wanted to make sure he was ok. She was intreged by him. 

He always like the pastor’s messege.after Kevin and sarah discussed it at length. She found it to be mostly biblicaly based. 

After the service. “Do you want to join us?”becky asked. “Sounds good.”he said.they all walked out together as a group. Kevin saw her get into Jake’s car. Was there something going on between them?he did not to be jellous. He wanted to overcome this. He believed that it was a problem.  He knew he needed the lords help to overcome it. 

“You ok kev?”sarah asked. “Yea im fine. ” keven said.”it might not meen what you thini it meens. “Sarah commented. “I know that”keven said. “You dont have all the information yet. Dont jump to conclusions. “She told her.

“I am an idiot. What am i doing? Why did i actualy think this would work? I feel like i have gone crazy or simething. ” he said. “I have thought as long as i have known you.” she remarked. “Funy!i never should have come tonight. This was a really bad idea. ” he said. 

“Do you want to head back to the command post?” sarah asked.”no i alreqey agreed. It is just one night. Tonight i go home. Forget it ever happened. I let my gourd down.  I have no idea how i will explain this one to my future wife.” he said. 

The car parked at the parking lot of the cofe shop. Everyone got out of there cars. Kevin saw that Kevin and rebecca were being playfull. He tried to ignore it.sarah kept checking on keven. She wanted to make sure he was ok. He wished he had not commited to this. He wished he had realized before this that it was a bad idea. He was commited right now. He decided to keep this commitment.  

Inside the group engage in benign fevolity.  He realized how out of his place he was. He really wished he was not hear. He decided to stay for a little bit then when it was polite to left. He wondered if he left if anyone would notice. 

Everyone got there cofee and snacks to to with it. They all sat down at a table. Kevon could not have been any further but from becky. The conversation was very esoteric. Kevin could not relate to it. He felt so isolated. He saw that the dream if him and becky was just that a dream. He came to see it would not work. He got realy qiet.

“You must feel out numbered?”eric asked. “I have brothers i am use to it. “She said. “You two are the first non penticoastal to be in our group. I think it is a good thing. “He said.”i hope you see it that way.”she said.  “I for one see the need for aome differencecof opinion.”he told her. “I think we can get along.”she said.”i have never had a baptist friend before. ” he said. “We are realy not trying to step on your toes. “She said.”when the reeses arived there was suspicion. I am seing that your not a threat.”he said. 

“We are hear because there is no king james conservitive churches. We are not trying to compete. “Kevon said.”i am starting to see that.  “Eric said. “I am glad we can talk. “Sarah said. “I am too” eric said.

Becky and jake were in a whole different world. The conversation shifted to eric and sarah. Eric tried to get the whole group together. “The reason we are all hear is due to kevin and becky. “Eric said. That satement changed the tone of that evening. 

“Whats that?”Becky asked.”you and Kevin opened the door to all this. You two alowed for this dialog. “Eric said. “Well i am not sure where i fall into all this. Kevin came to the church. I just happened to sit next to him. As i recal i was not at my best.”she said. 

“Its ok. I did not take ofense. “Kevin said. “I am glad to hear that.”becky said. 

“I hope that we can all be friends.”eric said.  “I would like that.  I think we will. “Kevon said “i do too. ” becky said.

After a while ,the group started to disperse.  “Dont be a stranger ok?”eric told sarah and kevin. “I will try not to be.”she told him. They went to the car. 

In the car.  “You ok kev?”sarah asked.”what am i doing sarah? Why did i think i could crack into her world? We are just too different? Mwyby i saw what i wanted to see.i wanted there to be something between becky and i. I might have clues that did not existed. Its not her fault.  She has no obligation to me. We are not together. We never have been. I hate feeling like this.”he said.

“It is a part of life. It will pass. “Sarah said. “I know but until it does pass. Its going to drive me crazy.  “He said.”it will.”Sarah said.”i want to go back to being me. I dont know this kevin.”he said.”your stil are. The core of you is still you. Learn from this.it did not happen in a vacume. The lord will use this. “She said. “I know.”he said.

It was a hard night for keven.he had trouble getting over the stress of the day. Then the phone rang. He saw that it was her. “Hi beck!”he said.”look kev im so sory. I acted badly.  I was so ungodly tonight. I know i hurt you. I am very sory.”she said. 

“I really appreciate hearing from you. I accept your apology. I was hurt. I did not understand it. You meen a great deal to me. I value our friendship beyond my ablity to express. All is forgiven. I want to be in a good place with you. “He told her.

She started to cry. “I do too. I got caught in myself. You saw a nasty side of myself. I am sad you saw it.”she said.  

“Like i said i waa hurt but i am over it now. I am so glad you called.”he said.  

“Your so special to me kev. I font want us ina bad place. “She said.”i dont want that either. “He said.”i want us to be ok!”she said “i love you. I want us to be close no matter what. “He said.”i love you too. Again i am sory”she said. “I firgive you. We are good i promise.”he said.

“Thank you.i willnletbyou go. I did not want to leve things as they were. “She said. “Thank you for caling. Good night.”he said.  He started to cry after he hung up. Despite there isues God kept briging them back.

End of part four

The mage valentines special

Kathy was the daughter of a lawer. She was an hournor student. Due to financial trouble due to her fathers’s gambling,kathy was sold into slavery. 

Kathy ended up a slave to a mage.magic was ilegal. She helped expose him . she and all her felow slaves owned by the mage were ordered free. They got to stay at the esate. 

Kathy was basically put in charge of the administrative end of the esate. She headed up the financial end. Brad ran the operations aspect. He liked farming and hands on. They kept everything runing. They had the titles. They did not want a hierarchical sysitom. Her philosophy we work together, we get thibg done,then we all enjoy the fruits of our labor.  

She was kind and fair. She was a servent leader. She was only harsh on one person,herself. She pushed herself to the limits and beyond.  She was a workaholic.  She held herself to a higher standard then she would ever hold anyone else. 

She felt like she has a lot to prove.  She had to prove that this could work. There was a lot riding on this.  A lot of people on the outside wanted them to fail. A lot of people wanted the land. If. They failed the perspective business people. Could swoop in. 

Kathy felt the pressure. More then every one else. She had to make it work.the others just did the work.she had to nake ends meet. 

Brad went to her office. “Kath! Its quiting time.”brad said.”five more minutes b!”she said.  “Noel made supper tonight.  Hamburgers in the shapes of ships form knight in space !”brad said. “I am coming.five more minutes! “She said. “I think i have seen you more when we were slaves then now. ” he said. “I promise.  Five more minutes.  “She said. “Ok. Five minutes.  Then you leave. We go have dinner. Work day is done!”he said. “Deal.”she said. 

Five minutes later. 

He came back in. “Kathy time to make like a duck and quack off. “He said.  “I am not getting out of this one am i?”she remarked. “No not at all. “He said. “Five more minutes.  “Kathy said. “Nope. No nore extensions. Time to go. “He said. “Five more minutes. “She said.

He picked up her tedy bear.”i am taking foster hostege. I wont return him until you agree to come to the maine house.” he said.

“No foster.  You can’t! “She said.”no foster until you agree to leave!”she said. “This is so not fair. “She said.” brad vrs kathy found that if brad gets bear he can use it as laverge.”brad said “that decision is going to have to be apealed. Lets go.”she said. He smiled. She folowrd him. They left the office.

“When do i get foster bear back?”she asked. “Not till we get to the maine house.”he answered. “What do you think i am going to do?grab the bear and race back to my office?”she asked. “Yes. !” he said.

The maine house was by invitation only. It was usually off limits to slabes unless it was part of there work assignments. Now they owned it so they use it. 

Reverend lutter and brothers form the order of saint Sebastian had moved into to insure that every thing went on was done in decentcy and in order. 

“I was wondering if you were coming. The fss. Nova is for you kathy!” noel said. “Awsome ! It was my dream to command the nova one day!” kath declared. “You do know that knights in space is ficticious. It is a work of fiction. “Brad said. Kathy and noel gave him a dirty look. “Never mind! Forget i said anything!”brad said. 

After dinner. “Kath. Sence tomorow is valentine’s day. I was wondering if we could go out for dinner.” brad said. “Yea i dont see why not. Can we go after five a clock?”she asked.  “Sounds good! We agree, no bussiness? Just you and me? No cell phones or any other electronic device. Not even a calculator! Ok?” brad asked. 

“Not even a calculator?  What if i wanted to figure out the tip?” she asked.  “You have a 4.0 g.p.a? I think you can figure it out! Agreed?no technology? ” he asked. “Ok! Agreed. ” she respinded. “Sounds good!” he said. 

Kathy tried to get as much work done as possible before she had to go with brad. She had a Very productive day. There was stil things she wished to get done before the dinner date. He arived at the office promptly at 5:00.

“Hey its time. “He said. She got up. He gave her flowers and a bear. “I dis not want foster to be lonley!” he said.”very thoughtful!  Thank you. ” she told him. He hugged her “happy valentines day!” he told her. She said it back to him. 

They walked hand in hand to the car. He opened the car door for her. She went inside. He got into his car. They drove off.

They were escorted to a table. Sense her emancipation, she mostlt wore the simple blue sleve less dress ans usually went barefoot. Hear she wore a red dress and flip flops. Amy who was her asistent wore skirt and a tank top. She wore flip flop but they rarely stayed on. 

“I hope this was a good pick?”he asked. “Absolutely.  I have never been hear. I would rather to go any where connected to my old life. “She said.  “You cant avoid it foever. ” brad said. ” i know. I would rather avoid it as long as i can.” she said. 

“Ok. I do under stand that. “He said.”i want to create new traditions. Right now with you and me. Later on you me and our children. ” she told him. “Sounds good. I like that idea. ” brad said. 

The food arived, they started to eat. They had very plesent conversation then they were interupted.  Her cell phone rang. She answered it. She kept on it for a few minutes.  

“Sorry! ” she said. “Kath we agreed. No cell phones or any electronic device. ” she said. ” your right? I will turn it off. ” she said. As she was about to turn it off,the phone rang again. She picked up the phone and took the call. Much to brads chagrin.  

“Ok now i’m done! “She said. He tried not to be angry with her. He was madly in love with her. He got really qiet. He tried to sort all this out. “Ok my phone is off!”she said.

“Ok! I was really looking froward to this! Just you and me. ” he said. “I know i was too. Im sory. ” she said.Then her other  phone went off. She did not answer it. She turned it off. “You had a second phone?” he asked. 

“Yes. “She said. “Kath! Dont you want to spend time with me?” she asked.  “Of course i do. There is a lot of pressure on me. I am basicaly the c.e.o of a compony. I am also c.f.o and i have to keep it running. ” she said. “One night is not going to make a difference!” he said. “I know. ” she said. 

They walked to the car. She started to take his hand.he took it. “I am sorry i runed the night. ” she said “its ok. ” he said.

When they got home,  they hung out outside.she removed her flip flop. “You know your going to have to stop eventually! ” he said. “I Dont want to stop! If i stop i have to think about everything.  I Dont want to do that. I dont want to have to think about everything.  I dont want to confront the pain. “Kathy said. 

He hugged her. “You cant run from it. Its there. It only will be! You have to deal with it.it is not going away. “He said. “Everyone i trusted, everyone who was suposed to care for me has betrayed me. ” she said.

“Not everyone!  I am hear for you. “He said. He held her closely.  “I know that.  I dont know my role in the larger scheme of things. Where do i fit in? I want this esate to be sucesfull. ” she said.

 “You have so much potential.  Your going to make this work.  I will be at your side? Sorting out the pratical stuff. Lets have some time together ok?” he asked.  “Ok! ” she said.

She started to break down. She tried to fight it. He told her not to. “Dont ! Dont fight it? ” he said.  She let her tears flood. He held her. “Kathy you not in this alone. We are in this together. I am not like the others. I wish i could say i would never let you down. I probability will. I am human but i care about you. ” he said. ” i know that. I love you ” she said. “I love you.  ” he said. 

“We have time just for us ok? ” brad asked. “Agreed. ” she said. They kissed. 

The end.

Kathy and brad will return. 

Holding hands part eight 

” I don’t want to to hold anything form you. I want you to know everything. I want you to know me. “She said.he was not comfortable with all this.he did not think that this was appropriate. “Lex! I think we need to slow down. We are going way too fast. I know that you believe that we are to be married. I feel we have to slow down.i have doubts. I find it hard to believe that God would communicate his will in this manner. I am sorry. I just cannot subscribe to all this. It’s not me!” He told her.

“We mesh so well! We are already close friends. We are perfect for each other. “She said. ” Would you really be happy with a seperitist k.j.v reeding hymn singing person as your husband?” He asked. “As long as your serving the Lord. Yes!” She said. 

“Will you always feel that way?” He asked. “Yes! I know I will. “She answered.”well I think I should be turning in soon. It is getting late. “Derrek said. “OK! Have a great night my love!” She said. “Thank you. You too!”she said. She did not hug or kiss him even though she really wanted to. 

She decided to back off for a while. She would give him some space. From. The time she headed home,no text,no phone,no Facebook messages or email.she focused on school . She did pray for him like she always did. She got peace form the sprit that he was Indeed her future husband. She was to be his wife. She can wait. 

“Your dad and I were talking. We want you to invite Lexi to dinner tomorrow. “His mom said. ” Are you sure?” “Derrek asked. “Yes . We would like to get to know her more. “His dad said. “Do you not want her to come over?”his mom asked. “Oh no! I do. “Derrek said. ” Ask her.if it’s is not good for her ask her about Saturday.”his mom said. “Ask her. ” His dad said.

He called her. She saw the caller I.d. she picked it up. “Hey Derrek! I have missed you. I felt like I could not call you. I am glad to hear form you.”she told him. ” My parents were wondering if you would like to come to dinner tomorrow?”he asked. “I would love to? Tell them thank you.”she said.” I will do that.”she said. 

“She was really happy. She is excited to come over. ” He told his parents. “I figured that she would. “His mom told him. 

Lexi wore a pink shirt,green skirt and sandles. She could not wait to come. She was excited to interact with her future in law’s. She had k love on the radio. She parked. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She headed out of the car. 

She walked up the stairs. He was to greet her. “Hey lex! “He said. She kissed him on the cheek. She took his hand. He was nervous about holding hands in front of his family but decided not to take his hand away. They walked to the living room .” Thanks so much for inviting me to dinner. “Lex said. ” We are looking froward to getting to know you.” Anna said. “I am really looking forward to getting to know you.”she said. 

At dinner . “We have a thousand questions! “His dad asked. “You don’t have to answer all a thousand at once.”his mom said.” My question is why Derrek? He is not the most exciting person ever. He organizes his sox drawer for fun. “His sister Marisa said. ” I find him very interesting and plenty exciting “she said. 

“Organizing six drawer can be quite a stress reliever. ” she said.” One Saturday he was bored so he decided to put together a flash card on the history of urkrane. “His sister Emma said.” Do you still have them?”she asked. “He does Indded! ” His brother Ben said. 

“I don’t find him dull at all.  “Lexi said. ” I am very glad to hear that. “,Derrek said. He blushed. She found him cure when he was embarissed.

” Where did you grow up?” His mom asked her. ” Well I was born in Vermont.i grew up in Ohio and Pennsylvania. My dad was a youth pastor then was A senior pastor. We moved around a lot. In our denomination pastors go where they are sent. I know where Derrek grew up but where are you form? “She asked.

” I grew up in Springfield Massachusetts. “His dad said. ” I grew up in dellerware. “His mom said. ” How did you meet?”Lexi asked. ” It’s funny our poor kids know these stories by heart. It nice to be able to. Tell it to someone who has not heard it. We met at Bible college. I was a freshman and he was a junior. “Anna said.

“We were both saved when we were young. We both grew up in the church. My dad was a deacon and my mom taught sunday school. “He said.”my dad was a pastor. As was my dad’s dad. When I went to Bible college,I was not interested in dating. I was there to learn not to date.” She said. ” After a few mouths she relented.”he said. 

“My Perents met at Bible college. My dad grew up in the church. Mom was converted in her teens. My mom likes my dad before he liked her. It took some convincing. She was new to Christian life.”,Lexi said. “It is the school your going to now?” His mom asked.”yes it is”she said.

“The school my parents went to still exist but it is not as doctrinally sound Asif once was. It is one that we do not reply support any more.,”he said. Lexi was new to the I.f.b view on seperation. Independent fundimental Baptist believe that not only should a believer seperate from non believers but also  form believers who held to error even error that some might see as trivial. Fundimental Baptist held to certain fundimental. They believed in eternal security,King James Bible,traditional music and seperate.this was all new to Lexi. 

” Our views on separation are probably a bit  different for you “the pastor commented. “It is new to me. We don’t associate with liberal denominations. We tend to fellowship with like minded prostistant groups. “She said. “,We don’t want you to think we are stick in the middle seperitist. We believe that seperitist while not always nice is necessary!”Anna said.

After dinner,his brother Ben showed Lexi the drone that they had been working on. “Anything I should know about Derrek?She asked him. “He really likes cheaz puffs. “Ben said. “What are you telling flex?”Derek asked. “You really like chese puff?”she asked. “Yes I do “he answered.”it is more like an obsson “Marisa said.” I will keep that in mind.,”she said. “I would”Matthew said.

While Derrek and Ben were flying the drone,Lexi went over to Derek’s mom. “He seams like a really good big brother?”she remarked. “He is. He always has been. My older boys have been out of the house for quite a while. So Derrek has been the defacto oldest for quite a while. He will make a good dad.”his mom commented. “I have no doubt of that.” Lexi said. “Do you want to have kids?”she asked. “I do!”Lexi said. “I figured. We did not plan to have this many kids but we are thankfully to the Lord for them. We are proud of them. We tease thomas but we he has become a Godly person. God has worked in his life. We like denese”his mom said. “She is a sweet lady.”Lexi said. “We are proud of all of them. “Anna said.

“Have Derrek and Tom always been close?”Lexi asked. “Always. Rob was quite a bit older than Derek. Tom was closer In age to Derrek. Derek is more like Rob in personality but they don’t click. He and Tom could not be any different but they really like each other. “She said . 

“,What are you talking about?”,Derrek asked. “,You! “Lexi answered. “I should have known. How do you like the drone?”he asked. “I like it! Can I fly it?”she asked. “Sure!,”he answered.  

He gave her the remote . She flew the drone. “Cool is’int it?” Ben commented. “It is. ” She said. Matt showed her a few tricks with the plane. Lexi felt at home with his family. 

She got to hold the baby. The baby smiled at her. This was her future sister in law. She would be close in age to her kids. There kids would look up to her the way that Derrek’s siblings looked up to him. His family was starting to become her family. She wanted it to be that way. Itflt home. She felt happy but a bit sad. He was still not commited yet. All of this might not happen. She feared she was about to have a panic attack. She was OK. 

“Has your family always been Baptist?”she asked Derrek’s farther. “I can trace my Baptist roots to my grandfather. He was saved in his twenties. Fundimentilism in general began right after Darwin published the origin of the species. Fundimental Baptist is a bit newer.it grew gradually. Baptist have always tended to be outsiders,by choice and necessity. “His dad said. “Penticoastasm began in the 1900s. “She said.,”I have done some research on the history of penticoastasm. At the time there was little attention on the holy sprit. There should be teaching on the holy sprit. Believers are equipped with gifts of the sprit. The holy sprit Leeds believers. I don’t believe that tounges are evidence of the endweling of the holy sprit. There is of course some off shoots that are concerning. Word of Faith and prosperity gospel. ” He said. 

” I do disagree with word of Faith. I don’t believe in prosperity gospel. I do not associate with them. There are some who subscribe to a prosperity gospel that are out and out fraiud. I do believe that tounges and prophecy are for today. There should be balience. I have heard that too much enthises on emotion. Some times we probably do. Worship can include emotion and should. Worship is in sprit and in truth. There should be balience.”she said. 

“We do emotions. At times some penticoastal have gone too far.,” The pastor said. “Sometime the I.f.b go too far. They can become an almost platonic Christianity. Reason gone too far can be a problem. I agree that penticoastasm can go too far.”Lexi said. 

“Intalect and emotion are both form the Lord. He wants us to use both. Both reason and emotion need to be kept in balience. If you go too far in either direction,you end up in a figuritive ditch. Emotion is not a reliable guide if not tempered by reason. ” The pastor said. “I do believe that reason has its place but emotion cannot be ignored. Emotion also has a place. ” She said. 

“Yes. Emotion has a place. Our Lord was very emotional. As I said emotion is part of who we are. The Lord created us to be emotional. He also created us to be logical.  God gave us the ability to reason things out. Reason serves as a filter to emotion. We have the written word of God. Emotion and intellect must be weighed by the word of God. There are some within the penticoastal movement do not put scripture above emotion. Some have said that prophetic uterence do not have to be in line with the word of God. Some say a prophecy that contradict scripture could be a challenge. Some would argue such a prophecy could still be form the Lord. That is dangerous thinking.”he said. 

” I agree that scripture is the final authority. It is the authority. Scripture must Trump all this. It does brother me that there some within the penticoastal community that would argue something like that. I would not associate with someone that held to a view like that. Any prophetic uterence must be in compliance with scripture. . If it does not it must be rejected.”she said.

“Given that prophecy will cease at some point ,why not consider what is in scripture. Prayer said we have all we need for life and godliness. Why not ignore any prophetic uterence. Just go with scripture!”Derek who had been quiet up until now remarked. ” Derrek and I have talked about this before.i don’t believe that tounges and prophecy have ceased. The Bible says that they will at some point. I believe that the Lord does still communicate to his poeole but those uterence has to be in line with scripture.  The Bible says that belevers should not be equally yoked. So if a believer told me I should Mary a budhest I would reject that. “She said. 

“Why not leave it alone? Would it not be easier to stay away for! Prophecy?”Anna asked. “I believe that prophecy is a ligitimate jeens for the Lord to communicate to his poeole.why not avail ourselves of it. We should test a prophetic uterence first. We are commanded to test it. Every word should be taken with a grain of salt. If it passes those test it then can be accepted. ” She said. 

“It is not possible that tounges and prophecy ceased at the completion of scripture?”pastor Carlson asked. ” I am not sure that the word perfect might not mean the completion of scripture. The perfect could be eluding to the millennial kingdom. ” She said. ” So are you prepared to become a Baptist ? “Anna asked. “Yes. I believe I am ready to become a Baptist pastor’s wife. I have assured him that I will support him. I see my role is to encourage. To be a helper and a partner. I take that very seriously.”she said. 

” I appreciate your candor. I hope you don’t feel like we have raked you over the coals. “His dad said. “I really don’t . I am wiling to talk about these things. I don’t want to change Derrek’s views. I would never try to undermine his ministry. I know that there will be ajustment on my part.”she said. 

“I want to say you have elevated many of our fears. “His dad said. “I am looking froward to getting to know you more.”Anna said. “I look forward to getting to know you more as well. “Lexi said. 

After a while Derrek and Lexi went out to the steps.”I really like your family. I feel so welcomed. “Lexi said. “They like you as well. I can tell.”he told her. She out her arm around him and rested on his shoulder. “I am excited to become a part of your family. I can’t wait.” She told him. 

He was not not so sure. “Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.we are still new to all this. ” He said. She was sad to hear him say that.she had hoped that they had moved pass that. It was clear that they had not. She knew that he was not ready to fully embrace her. He had mixed feelings. He would not let down his gourd. She could not bring down his shields. He had to do that.until he did it was a losing battle. Right now there was nothing that she could do. She had to back off.she had to fully back off. She had to get him to make up his mind. It had to be his decision.she did all she could. The ball had to be in his court. 

“I should be going. It is getting late. “Lexi said. ” I will walk you to your car. “He said. “OK!She said. They did not hold hands. Derrek never inciated ha d holding. Lexi decided not to at this moment. They want!Keep form the steps to the car. ” I hope you have a good rest of your night. ” She told him. He opened the car door. She got in. She drove off. She drove off. 

He went inside. “We really like her. ” His dad said. ” You too are really cute. ” His mom told him. ” I had not noticed. “He said. “Derrek replied.  “She had very godly sprit. We have clearly seen that.”his dad said. Derrek did not see things the way others did. He hoped that they enthusiasm would subside. So far it has not. 

End of part  8. 

Only a matter of time part three

The team headed out. “I am a. It confused. Why did we invite her to join us?” Jamie asked. “Even though I disagree with her, I find her a plesent person. I enjoy talking to her.” He told them. They were very confused. “She is intrenced in penticoastal thought. I doubt very much that we can convince her to abandon the charismatic movement. Why go to all this foruble?” Tom asked. 

“I don’t have a total answer. I really don’t know. I did not plan today. She happen we to be hear so I invited her over. It was interesting. I just wanted to hear from her I guess. ” Kevin. Said. It is a little odd. ” Jamie said. ” I know that. ” Kevin said.

Kevin had no idea why he did what he did. As he thought about it ,he realized that it was out of character for him. He came to the conclusion that everything he did around her was out of character for him. She seemed to bring that out of her. He had no idea why.

Becky was just as surprised by her behavior. Before Kevin ,she did not know any independent fundimental Baptist although she knew some Baptist. She had no idea why she spoke to Kevin that Saturday night. Nor did she know why she joined him at dunken donuts. She was surprised that she had engaged Kevin.was it curiosity? Was it something more?

The team balanced there work between ministry and ground work. They kept busy. They also spent time picking the brain of the pastor and his wife. They wanted to emerse themselves in church planting and everything that we take along with it.

Becky was heavily involved in her church. She was Involved in small groups,  ible studies, sports activities open air Evengilism etc. She was very busy. The two had seperate lives. They did not see each other again that week. 

Kevin felt called to preach. Many felt that he had the gift of preaching. He preached at the midweek service. He held Bible study and prayer time for the group in the morning. Una way he was the defacto leader of the group. He came up with the idea. He was instrumental in organizing the event. 

They kept Saturday afternoon free. Kevin wished he knew how to reach Becky. He wanted to see her. He did not dare tell anyone in the group. Not even Sarah his sister. He decided to go to sprit of fire hoping to see her. He knew it was silly. He knew that it was probably a bad idea. He decided to go along with his idea.

He drove to the church. He had no idea where to sit.it was a big church. He had no idea where she would sit. It was not out of possiblity for him to not find her. He decided to sit.he got lost in thought. 

“Your hear? Two times in the same mounth? Your not woried your melt or something? “Becky asked.he chuckled. “So far i am OK. Do you think I will make it?”he asked. “I don’t know. I hope so we are still cleaning up after the last fundimental Baptist who spontaneously combusted!” Becky said. “You need to put up a warning sign or something. “He suggested. “Warning , independent fundimental Baptist could go poof if over exposed to penticoastal preaching!”Becky said.they laughed. 
“Will you join me?”he asked. “OK! “Becky said. Becky wore a black t shirt jeens and sandles. She was nervous but sat down. “So what are you doing hear?Are you a gluten for punishment. Are you considering becoming a penticoastal?”she asked. ” Will you promise not to laugh? ” He asked. “You did not come what just to see me? ” She asked. “I enjoy talking to you. “He answered. “I’m surprised. You and I have almost nothing in common. “Becky said. “I have never been afraid of being challenged . Some of her friends came over and sat down. 

“Hey! You were hear a week ago! “Becky’s friend Jess anounced.”your the Baptist!” Her friend Eric said!. ” That would be me!”he said. ” You decided to come back? “Jake asked. ” I did. Last time did not kill me.not even a Trace of psoriasis!”he said. “If you did get psoriasis,I a.m sure someone hear has the first of heeling!”Becky asked. “Funny Beck ! “Kevin said. “You dispatch!”she commented. 

” This is the first time that they had been playfull with each other. The first of many. They enjoyed teasing. It was always in fun. He was afraid that one of her friends would ask him why he decided to come back. He had no idea what he would say. Mercifully no one asked. 

He did not feel quite as amazed during the music time. He did not sing or dance he did read the lryicks. He watched Becky for a bit. She felt weird around her. She feared offending him. He was a guest. She was getting mad at him preemptively even though he had not done anything. She imagined that he was disipointed at her. There was no way that she could know for sure.

He brought out strong emotions in her. She decided to do what she always did. If he was offended,he would get over it. If he did,that was his issue. He has chose to come. No one made him. 

After church, Kevin tried to talk to Becky. He trouble getting a word in edgewise.”do you want to invite your friend to come with us ?” Eric asked.”we usually go out for coffee after church,do you want to come? “She asked. “Sure!”he said. 

“So ho does it feel to be the only non non Penticoastal at the table?,” Jake asked. ” Fine!”he answered. ” I was surprised to that the Baptist have come into more. Every denomination imaginible is hear.”Eric remarked.” Every denomination except for more traditional church . “He said. ” Old fashioned does not always translate into Holly.the society befor Darwin was so focused on the external that when Darwin published his original if species no one had a response . ” Jake remarked. “Being traditional is not the same as being old fashioned. We can live in the modern. Age or postmodern age but the Lord does not change. His principle are the same.” Kevin said.

“Your church will not join with non fundimental Baptist? “Eric asked. ”  No we do not join with non I.f.b churches!”Kevin answered. “We do not belong to Union of churches that are made up of multiple denominations. We believe that we cannot compromise with certain issues. We feel that we cannot join hands with those who are not seperated.”Kevin said. 

“The church is under attack. The world is trying against the church. Should we not be united? Certainly some denominations are disqualified. If we hold to the diety of Christ,salvation by faith alone why can’t we united at least to some extent.” Jake remarked. 

Becky was woried. She did not want Kevin to feel that he being gang up on. He seemed to be holding his own. He was doing it with good humor. He never showed signs of anoyence. 

“Certainly the diety of Christ is important criteria.salvation by faith alone is another.even in that fundimental Baptist and penticoastal s have a conflict.bqptist believe in imdiate indweling of a believer at conversion. Penticoastal beleve in a second blessing. As I understand it,the holy sprit does not necessarily come at salvation according to the penticoastal model. Urine that concerning. There is the issue of loss of salvation as well. These issues make joint operations if you highly problematic. “He said. 
“You separate from other Baptist Church? You sometimes seperate form other independent fundimental Baptist churches? If taken too far, seperation could  go to a very dangerous place!” Eric said. “Yes it could. We have to gourd against that. We have to avoid the other extreme. Denominations once not considered mainstream Christianity are not welcomed with open arms. Seventh day Adventist were once considered a cult. Now they are not. Mormansim is starting to be looked as part of Christianity. This is concerning!” Kevin said. 

” Some times the need for doctrinal purity Leeds to ligalism. From our vantage point, it can become very nit picky. Majoring in the minors. Jesus said that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. The Christian life is about freedom not bondege.” Eric said. 

“The Christian life is about freedom. Without the work of the holy sprit, we are incapable of pleasing the Lord. The unsaved cannot please the Lord. The Lord does have standards. We need his help to achieve those standards. It is a process. God’s grace helps is though that. If there is no difference between the church and the world what good is the church?”he asked.

“There is a difference. We do not beleve that we are like the world. We believe in modesty. Modesty is important to our church and to me personally. Warning a dress or skirt is not more modest then pants.we do not not beleve that all beets are bad. Rock music is not in of itself bad. I do not believe that some beats are evil. Fundimental Baptist Base good and bad music on there own subjective view.”Kylie said. 

“I would disagree with that. Men and women should have a destinct style of dress. Dresses do not make apart more modest. It is the heart. There needs to be a difference in men and women clothing. Music is not nutural. We see that form scripture. David used music to sooth Saul. If I play a classical peace,you might think flowers in a field. Then I switch the music to the line ranger theme,I imagine you won’t be still be thinking about flowers in a field.i just altered your thinking. The term rock and role was borowed from a euphism for premarital relations. “He said. 

“Men and women should dress differently. A women can ware pants and still not look like a man. How does one determine what is a godly beat and what is an evil beat? It seams to us that you want to live in the past. How is that only music written before 1971 is biblical? “Keri asked.

Becky was enjoying the conversation. She kinda enjoyed seeing Kevin on the defensive. He was cute when he was agitated. Pressure revealed a person’s character. Tonight she got a glimpse into his character. While he was strict,she did not find him harsh or men sprited. She wondered if she should throw him a life line.  

After a while ,the night seem to be near an end. “It was good to talk to you!” Eric said. ” It was good to meet you. ” Kevin said. Becky said goodbye to her friends.  She went over to Kevin. ” I hope that this conversation was not too uncomfortable for you. ” Becky told him. “No it was fine! I found it insightfull. It is only fair sense you were outnumbered a few days ago. ” Kevin said. “Your the first non Penticoastal in our group. It is kinda nice to have a different perspective. ” Becky said. ” I feel the same way. ” Kevin said. 

“I was woried that we went too far. ” Becky said.”no no at all. ” Kevin said. “Oh OK. You would  tell me if you were right?” She asked. “Yes I would. I am hardly a delicate flower Beck?” He said. ” I know that. You are a guest. ” She said “really it was fine!” He answered. “Alright!”she answered.

“Can I have your number? Not that I mind going to your church. If I do people are going to start asking questions!” He said.she chuckled. “Yes. I will give you my number. Do you have Facebook? ” She asked. “I do. “He said. They exchanged numbers. They added each other on Facebook. 

He walked her to her car. “Still feel free to come to my church any time. “Becky said. “I won’t be a stranger. ” He said. “I will see you around? “She asked. “You got it! ” He said. She drove off. He got into his car. 

“So where did you go last night?” Sarah asked. ” I went to sprit of fire. “He said. “No you did not? ” Sarah said. “I did. ” He answered. “Why?” She asked.”I did not know any other way to get in touch with Becky. ” He said. “What’s going on with you too? ” She asked. “It’s not like that. We are friends at least I think we are. We barly know each other. ” Kevin replied.

 “It is a little odd. “Sarah commented. “I know that. “Kevin said. “Please tell me your not thinking about becoming a penticoastal? ” She asked. “No I am not. I promise. ” He told her. ” You like her as more then just a friend? ” She asked. “I don’t know yet. ” He said. ” It’s possible? ” She asked. “It is possible!” He said.

“I guess it had to happen some time. You have never been on a date in your entire life. Baby Hannah has more of a social life then you do. No offense!” She said. ” I know that. ” He said.

“I really don’t know. I think there might be something between us. I don’t know. “He said. ” I was not expecting that response. I thought you would deny it or explain it away. ” She. Said. “I have no idea what this is. Perhaps nothing will come of this. She most likely would not be interested in me anyways. ” He said. ” OK!” She said. ” I know that this is not like me. I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it. ” He said. “You are human after all.” She said ” you doubted that?” He asked. ” A little!” She said. 

“Soon! The summer will be over. I will back at f.b.u. she will be at her college. This will be a distent memory.i will be back to the old me. ” He said. “Possibly!” She said. ,” You don’t sound confident about that?” He asked. “Well let’s just say I’m not so sure your confident about that. ” She told him. 

“Well regardless of that,that is probably how it will happen. Eventually the summer will end we will return home. Then go back to college. I will move on. She will move on. Life goes on.” He said. “Is that what you want to happen?”Sarah asked. “He half chuckled. “I think so. ” He said. “I am not sure you want that to happen. You just think that is what should happen. Those are two separate things. ” She said. 

“For a split second my mind went where you thought it has. I know it can’t happen. It should not happen. ” He said. She laughed. ” Your hilarious keV!” She said. “I like her. I do. This too shall pass!” He said. 

“You may not go back to being the old Kevin. Whatever happened s it will change you. It will have an impact. It cannot help but alter you. That’s OK. You will be different. You are still Kevin. Your not acting that unlike Kevin.it is bond to impact your life. ,” She said. 

“The truth is I am still trying to short it all out. ” He said. ” That’s what I suspected. ” She said. “I know that many see Bible college  as a place to meet a spouse . I tried to focus on training for ministry. “He said. “I don’t think you have even attended one sporting event!”she commented. “Maybe one. I have tried to keep the main thing the main thing. I made the decision to focus on school work. I did not go on this trip to finds wife. “He said.” Do you think she could be your future wife?”she asked. “You had to ask. “He remarked. ” Of course I did.”she said. ” I would not be unhappy if it happened but I don’t think it will. “He said. “Fair enough!”she said. 

End of part  three 

The mage the conclusion

Long ago,megicians rinsed the land free . They did as they wanted. No one card oppose them. Some were on there own. Loyal to none but themselves. They used there power to wreak havock. Some were on there own. Other traveled in bands of mages. 

Others served kings. They were private counselors. Others raised up kings and tore down others. General who aspired to power would ask out mages. Some did things out of principal. Others did it for money. Some could be easily bribed. Some could be bribed but for harder means. 

The megicians fell into disrepute.with the rise of monotheism and iconislams, mages became unpopular. Magic became illegal in the empire. Emperor,senators,members of parliament and other officials were bared form consulting mages or magic orders. Magic orders declined. They did not dissapear. Many went underground. Other nations still employed magic. 

Everitson was a second order mage. He was a second to the top level of mages. He had gone form the very bottom to near the top. He was determined to gain power and keep it.not just in the magic order but beyond. He had drams of gaming power. He wanted to rule a kingdom. Not a big one. Just a big city and serounding areas. He saw the house of corn bloom as a start. He decided to target landowner by influence Lord with great influence but not great wealth any more. 

With the attitude towards his craft,it was a risk. He loved risk. He loved excitement. He loved danger. He loved playing with fire figuratively and literally. He found such actively exilerating. He knew he could not win forevrt. He would lose eventually. He loved he game. So far it had not disappointed him. He did not think it would.he would keep going. 

He knew he would be going to war. The war had been brewing for some time. The full fledge was was about to begin in Ernest. He could be not be happier. Win or lose he would make it a good fight. One no one would never forget. 

“We need to get everyone together!”Kathy said. “Is this wise?,some of them may decided to side with the master for verious reasons. Some out of loyalty,some fear some may want to see magic reasert itself. Maybe we need to go it alone. ” Brad told Kathy. ” I understand what you are saying Brad. We need Alies. I know it is a risk. This whole thing is a risk. We have no choice.”she told him. “Alright! You are right. I am just woried. I just wanted Ted some calm. I wanted a break.i sold my self into slavery for stability. I still can’t fight it!”he told her. She took his hand. “We will achieve that b! Just give it time. Just be patient. Be resolved. We will get there. OK?”she asked. “OK!I trust you ! Kath !”he said! She hugged him. 

” Do you think this is the best idea?”he asked. “It is a risk . It would be easier and perhaps safier to go it alone. There is potentially safety in numbers. We need help. Do you think that we should not inform the others?”Kathy asked her. “I think either option is a bad idea. I think that having there help I’d a slightly better idea. I am nervous about it. I think ir can work. We would have a better chance of suceding with there help. I am woried they won’t help. You are correct. Let’s tell them!”Brad said. “I agree with you. I just think we need there help. “She said. “OK let’s do it?”she asked. 

She and for them at the usual dinner time. She hoped that that would not arouse there suspicion.  She explained the situation. She explained there plan. ,”,You want to revolt against the master?”,Noel said.,”no revolt. The master is violating the law. I want to expose him.” She said. “The government may not want to deal with it. ” Amy said. “Will he be prosecuted?”Sarah asked. “The government will not ignore this. They know the risk posed by mages. They won’t turn a blind eye not the courts. They won’t move unless they are sure. With overwhelming evidence the master will be dealt with. ” She said. 

“Why can we just ignore this? Why do we have to get involved?”Andrew asked. “Like it or not we are involved.we  cannot be passive?  We won’t be permitted to. “Brad said! ” If the master and the staff are caught without us speaking out we could be charged as accomplishes. The master could claim we are sorcerers. “,Charles said. “I don’t want to be caught up in a game like this!”Sarah said.”none of us do . We have no choice. It’s act or face the consequences. ” Kathy said.

 “If the master and the overseas go to jail, we will be Fried?” Noel asked.”most likely but it is not definite. They could sell if off. There is precidnce for slaves of mages being fried. I can’t promise it but it is a distinct possibility.”she told everyone. “We could end up remaining as slaves. W could end up in a far worse situation. We could end up in the salt mines?”Andrew asked. “Yes we could. This could blow up in our faces. We have a chance. This is the only chance. “Kathy said. They considered her words. 

“This sounds like the situation Igor got in in the clash of the super humans.” Noel said. “Igor stood agent the super gient and won a huge victory. “,Kathy said. “You saw that movie?”Brad asked. “,Yes it is one of my favorite s. ” She just revealed her nerdam . It was all there. She was a big science fiction and sci Fi can. He had a collection of model ships form knights in space. She would never tell anyone except that she just had. “Sounds cool I’m in!”Noel said. 

“I am in as well. “Charles said. “Alright I will support this!,”Andrew said. The others all joined in. They were now all I’m it together. What happened,rise or fall they would do it together. They all got ready. 

Kathy got the camera.She went to the office. The master was not there. She was nervous. She started to shake. She calmed down. She tried not to lose her nurve. As scare as she was, she knew she had to do this. She attacked it to the computer. The datta was uploaded. She sent it to the Exchequer, the regonal federal attorney,the administering judge for the federal judicial circuit, the regonal senator and member of Parliament and a few others I. The government. She sent it. There was no going back now. 

 The corn bloom infantry lucnhed. They had ground trips and tanks. They moved out. They set up a staging area near the estate owned by everitson.the had a few boats as well. The boats moved out. The Lord was risking it all. He did not want to loose get remaned of the house. 

Noel and Andrew got the dragon easy. They were nervous. Neither wanted to end up in the sale mines or be killed. They knew that they had to fight this. Noel got to live out some of his favorite movies and comic books. He was happy. If he died he would go out living a dream. 

The mage knew something was up. He put the estate on alert. He orders his people to get ready. Purut and the others mobilized. He went to see Kathy.”Kath I know what your up to. “He said. He wore the hood. “You know what I am. You don’t know everything. Kathy you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! You are a force of nature. You are smart intelligent,resourcefull. What was done to you was a most henious crime. Everyone who should have protected you betrayed you. Your parents,your family,your government, your friends your community. They sacrificed you for themselves? For there corrupt system. For greed ,for averace. They did not even Try to save you. They cared nothing for you.  “He said. 

 ” I can trust you?”she asked. “I could teach you the ways of magic. My order DOes not have women. That should change. You could be my pristess. You could be my right hand person. You might be able to exceed me” she said. Join me Kath. We could recreate the world  in our image. We would be Uber gient. “He said. 

“I don’t speak power. I don’t want to control ,to dominate. I don’t speak what you seek! “Kathy said. ” The world is changing. The mages will rise again. Our time is coming again. We have been stifled but not eliminated. We are on the way back. ” He said. “Your time is come and gone. It will never b back!”she declared. 

“You are so idealistic! You are a dreamer. I survive all dreams. I can endure the nightmare! You do not know  my power. Either you join. Me or be crushed by me!”he said. 

Andrew and Brad got on the dragon. They rode the animal. The gaurds demanded they stopped. They did not. Everitson fire with his tube. The animal barely ducked the impact. The energy exploded into the water.”that was close!”Noel said. “Too close!”Andrew said. The creature fleew into the man. Andre fired his gun. One of the gaurds was hit. The other gaurd fired with a tube. The dragon breathed fire and envelop the energy from the tube. The dragon then flew off. 

Andrew thought that this was too close. Noel found this really exciting. The creature flew off. The gaurds did not pursue. They decided to try to find a different way to stop this plot against them. 

The trops form the house of corn bloom lucnhed forces form the staging area. They serounded the perimeter of the estate. They started to advance. While the ministry of Justice and the ministry of security arrived near the estate. The force had a search warrant. The staff of the master’s met the government officials and fired on them. The officials returned fire on the overseers. The overseers used conventional weapons and acrutiments of magic. They did not seam to care about hiding there megicians afiliations any longer. They wanted to survive not to avoid detection. If the government survived,they had plenty of evidence . 

The mage aimed his tube at Kathy.kathy stopped ,droped and told. She told around the ground. She dodged the energy.  He fired again. She kept dodging the enurgy.could she keep it up.she tried to curtail her fear.sne had to keep focused. She had to keep her whits about her. She did. 

She crawled out of the office. Purut came at her. The dragon swooped down and Noel took her on the creature. The creature ran off. The dragon kept going.”thanks.”she said. “We knight in space fans have to stay together!”Noel said. “Agreed! For space for fuedilism for the future!”she said.”upward and on ward!”Noel answered. “You two are really weird!”Andrew said. They kept on going. 

Brad and the others moved against the oversears. They kept on going. The security forces and the trips form corn bloom had joined forces. They kept moving further in. 

Everitson fired on the security forces. Some were injured. Some did. The dragon hit the master. Brad grabbed the specter.he broke the wound. The master hit Brad. Brad went at him. Brad and the master wrestled. Brad hit him. The master was serounded bg security forces.

Most of the mages were arrested. Some had escaped. Purut was also arested. Under the law, the slaves had to be arested and held until there case was ajudicated. For now the crises was over.


Kathy and the other slaves were taken to luck up. They were processed and changed into orange prison issue unfiro s. The shirts and pants for men. Sleeveless dress for female. There fate was unclear. They did what they felt they had to. 

 “I have looked at the evidence. It is clear that landowner everitson. Is a mage. He used his magic craft to buy the land by coercion. This includes those he perchased as slaves. Under the law there enslavement is null and void. They did coming acts of reblion against the master and his staff. This  was  in defense of  civilization and the rule of law. Therefore I am declaring the slave not locally responsible for the rebellion. I am also declaring there slavery null and void. They are free from slavery forthwith.The land unlawfully procure by landowner everitson is turned over to the former slaves. ” The judge said. 

They were then taken back to lock up. They were released as soon as the paper work was completed. They were allowed to return to there land. Kathy called a meeting of all the old slaves. 

” We are all free. You can do whatever you wish. I have a perposal. This land has good farm land a hospital and other potential. Working together we can use this land to maintain a living buy and trade and provide for everyone. We can grow our own food and trade with companies and houses and government. We can also raise money for commerce. My proposal is that the estate will be governed by all of us. Everyone will get to sit on the council and will have one vote. I will head the administration. Brad will head operations. Charles the hospital. Andrew and Noel the dragon. I don’t want to know he is hear.  Reverend luter will be setting up a church and will oversee our sprituel needs. I hope you will join us. We will all work on a charter . “Kathy said. 

The x slaves all signed on. Kathy was elected administrator. Brad headed up the operations. Everyone was happy. They celebrated . “Kath!”Brad said. She hugged him.”you have not changed?,”,he asked.,she still wore the blue dress and was barefoot. Her hair was in a pony tail. ” I like simple. ” She said.”I have a present for you. “Brad said. “,I wondered where you were. “He said.She opened it. One was a ship from knights in space. The other was a teddy bear. “I saw your old face book page. Noel tried to explain the ship but I tuned it out. I tried to listen. It not quite the same as before.”he said.”it’s perfect.”she said. 

When she as sold as a slave all of her belongings were sold. Her family erased all traces of her . It was like she never existed.” Thank you.”she said. She started to cry. “We get to start over.” He said. “We do. ” ,She said. They hugged. 

The end. Kathy,Brad and the gang will return. 

The mage part six 

Once kathy was the daughter of a lawyer.her father was addicted to gambling.he fell into massive Debt.not even selling everything he had came close to paying off his debts.he was forced to sell Kathy his oldest daughter into slavery. Kathy ends up being sold to a mysterious land owner. 

While the master was benevolent.she was able to practice law and do what she was good at. She was practically tuning the household administration.she was able to bloom where she had been planted.it was not ideal but it could be a lot worse. She felt like she could make the best of all this. Then it all changed.  

One night,she and Brad were out on a stowl.they headed a noise. They should have just ignore it. There curiosity got the best of them. They folowed the blue. They discovered that the source of the nois. The landowner and his staff were mages. They were practicing magic. Magic was banned in the empire. It was illegal. Mages were to be arrested. There were no acceptions.  Even slaves were obligated to inform the authorities if they come across those who engaged in illegal mystism. Even if it is there masters. Usually a master was in complete authority. One of the few acceptions is if he practices magic. 

They stayed in the woods. Brad and Kathy held on each other . “,What do we do?”Brad asked. “I am going to talk to someone I trust. I have to do it discreet ly. The master and his staff cannot suspect we know. Who knows what langhts they might go to cover all this up!”she said. “Our lives are in danger ?”Brad asked.”I am afraid so . Don’t tell anyone what you saw! No one! “She said. “, Understood. I wont say anything. You have my word !”he said.”OK. Act natural. Do what you always do. Pretend nothing is ary. We will do what we always for now. “She told him. “Understood. “He said.

They hugged. They held each other for a short time. Then he walked her to her quters. They dispersed. She went to bed. She had to be carefully. Things were not the same now. Shehad knowledge she did not have before. It all made sense. The master was building power and Influence.not only was he a mage but he was a bully. He was quietly Building influence.He as buying up land. Perhaps by coercion. She helped in.she wanted to prove herself to her legal opoent to the master,to those in the house,in doing so she allowed a travisty of justice to diced. She let her pride run amock. Now she had to correct that mistakes. She suspected that evrritson and his allies were two steps ahead of everyone else. She did not have a lot of time. 

The next day she got up. She went to the office that she worked out of . She sent an email to the regional Exchequer. She sent a quick message. She asked for a meeting. She kept it vague. She sent it. She deleted the message. She feared sending it but she felt she had to talk to him. She was way over her head. She needed an ally. She needed advice. She had no idea what to do. 

She went to the woods. The woods were near the inter imperial sate highway. It was neutral federal ground.she waited . She saw the regional Exchequer.”thank you for comming.”she said.”you peeked my curiosity. I should usually ignore your message. I know you. I know you to be a person of high charicter and imtregrety. I know this is importent.”the Exchequer said.

“Thank you for comming excellentcy. Normally I would not so this. I feel I must.”she said.”very well my child. Say on!,”the federal official said. ” Thank you sir. Last night Brad and I were outside. We heard a noise. We folowed the sound to one or the barns on the property. We discovered that there was a mystical rituel going on.the rituel was being run by master evrritson himself.he had the wound. He was clad in the regalia of a mage.they were conducting a magic rituel. I believe he is a magic priest. There is more.”Kathy said.

“Say on! ” The Exchequer said. ” I believe that the master is secretly buying up property .When I acted as a barrister for the master,I believed the deal was on the up and up and done in good faith. I now suspect that the master may have employed some kind of coercion. I suspect that he is trying to build up his power,influence of both. I don’t know why. Perhaps a hostile takeover or some thing of the kind. ” She said.

“Your sure that it was a magic rituel? ” The Exchequer asked. ” Yes. They had the robes,the Wayne’s. The chants were in old language. Everything I saw is consistent with magic and things associated with it. ” She said. “Your certain. That landowner e everitson was leading the proceson?”he asked.”,yes I am certain !”she ansered. “His staff was participating ?He asked.”yes it was clearly a magic rite. Probably a lodge meeting. An official! Magic assembly.”she answered. 

“I don’t mean to badger you Kathleen but I have to ask these questions. These are serious allegations if proven true they have implications that will send riples thoughtout this Provence and beyond I suspect.”,he said.”as a student of the law I totally understand excellentcy.”she said. 

“Àlight. “He said.”he has a dragon. It was odd but no totally suspicious. Dragons are associated with magic. “She said. ,”It contributes to a paturn. Even though you are a slave you are still bound by the law. A slave has some protection when it comes to criminal or other baned activities on the part of there owners. You are obligated to report illegal magic craft.” He said. “I am aware of that sir.”she said.

“A court will require irrefutable proof. Any judge worth there salt will want overcoming evidence! This is a serious charge. If you decide to report this officially you will need to have evidence. A rituel on tape. Magic regalia that can be traced to the master etc. Evidence that can be verified by independent but controlling legal authorities. “The Exchequer said. “I understand!”she said. 

” OK! If a court finds that Mr evrritson is a mage and is using his properties to advance magic then he will be facing twenty years to life in prison. All of his assets will be seized and forfeited under the anti magic act of 3472. Sense you and the other slaves were owned by a magician witch is illegal,you will all be fried. Your ensalevement will be null and void. While the Idea of a get free quick is speaking ,this is a dangerous game! If you fail to convince a court ,the judge will not b happy. You will probably end up in a salt mine. You may not survive. Keeping you alive will not be a high priority by the gaurds. I am not trying to disrade you from this plan. I want to be honest with you. I owe you that. ” He said. 

“I appreciate that. “She said. ” Well we will keep in touch.  I suspect your going though with this. “The Exchequer said. “I am. I have to “she said.”I know. I would too if I were in your place. I am not a big fan of slavery. You should not be a slave. What what your father did was I excusible. It was selfish. He was self absorbed. I hope you can get your freedom. Be carefully. If everitson learns of what your up to.he will do everything he can. To stop you. You might be in serious jepordy. ” He said. “I know that . “She said.

“I don’t want anything happen to you.be carefull. “He said.”I will sir.”she said. “I will help you as much as I can. I am in a difuckt Poseidon. If you get the proof there is much I can do.”he said.”I appreciate you and all you do sir. I will get that proof. “She said. “God bless my child!”he said.”,to you as well!”she said. 

 Brad went about his day as if nothing had happened. He works hard as he always did. He acted like it was any ordinary day. He liked his job. He had responsibility and authority. He found his job to be quite rewarding.it was a good day. He was able to forget about the other stuff. Not totally of course. The memory did come back but for the most part he focused on the job at hand. 

Kathy went about her life as well. She worked like she always did.she tried to put the other self at the back burner. That would come later. She went to the office. She did the paper work and her other duties. As always she did it to the best of her abilities. She did it until her day was over.she was excusd. For now neither the master or any one in his staff seamed to suspect anything.  That was good. If all of this was going to work,she would have to rely on anonymity.  She had to quietly work to expose this plot and then overwhelm the master and his ilk. She had to stay quiet until they were ready to act. That was the way it had to be. 

After the shift was over she went to find Brad. After walking around she did. “Hey there!”Brad saie.”hello !”she said. They started to walk. They spent a lot of time together before. It was not that out of the ordinary. They could talk without casting too much suspicion of something being off. 

“I talked to someone with ties to the government. It is someone I can trust. He said that we need to have overwhelming proof. If we make a. Accusation and it can’t be proven,we could end up in a lot of trouble. Think salt mines. If we can. Prove it and he and the others are convicted,we will be Fried. We won’t be slaves any more. “She said. “It won’t b easy as that will it?”Brad said. “No not even close. As hard as we think it is,it will be way worse. “She told her. “I assume if we are caught we will probably be kills?”Brad said. “Yes quite probably. I don’t think he likes being double crosed especially by his slaves.”he said. 

“If we don’t turn him in and he caught. We could be arrested as sorcerers ourselves. Either way is a risk. I like the master. I have doing this. Magicians are known for there trickery. They seam good.  Everything is strategy to them. They only care about power. They don’t care about anyone else. They say Randolf the great won his battle agent the thunites with the help of a mage. The mage made the same deal with his brother. He double crosed him as well. We can’t seam that kind of power by any means necessary and hope it does not bit us in the back side. There is forbidden knowledge. Forbidden for a good reason. My point is right now we are useful,when we are not we could be easily discarded. We probably will.we have no choice.”she said. 

“Weird I had a choice. I chose to become a slave. I intended to do good work,Excell.enjoy the pleasure of doing good work. Fulfilling my part of the social contract. It is not up to me. I have never been in control of much of my own destiny . Your right. I am with you. I won’t make you face this alone. He said.

“We will get though this together. We will be free. “She said.”I am happy for you. You should not be a slave. You are wild at heart. No one could enslave you,not really. Your a free sprit. I have no where to go. I will be stuck on the street. There is no good answer for me!”he said. She took his hand. ” No one is going to want this land. I may able to procure it. This could be ours us and the others. We can run it together. You can farm it. Noel can care for the dragon.charles can run the hospital. It won’t be like it was. You won’t be back on the streets. B. “She said.  “Like I said I am with you Kath.” He said.she smiled. 

Luckily she had a digital camera. She used to have an I phone but it was confiscated when she became a slave. The digital would do. She hatted using one of the master’s decided against him but felt like she did not have a choice. She and Brad address able to sneak around. They hoped that he would conduct a fuel tonight. Maybe they did one every night. They neared the area. They waited for a while. It seemed like nothing was going to happen. They were about to give up. Then they heard the sound of drums.she turned the camera on record. They used a peep hole to record it. She saw the master and his aides all clad in the mages robes. They were chanting in an old langrege. They burned incense. It was clearly a ritual. She recorded the whole event. She was careful not to be caught. Then they left. 

They snunk back to the slave rec area. “Where were you too?”Charles asked.” Just wanted time to ourselves.”Brad said. “OK.”Andrew said. Then they sat down. They would have to tell them eventually but not get. Noel quickly changed the subject. He mentioned a movie no one had seen . It made poeole forget about what the two had been up to. 

 The next day Brad continued to act like nothing had happened. He continued his chores. Kathy did as well. Then Kathy snuck off the campus to see the Lord of corn look. The hair apearent. He had still not been formerly put in charge of the house. It was a formality. The Senate seemed wiling to turn over the house to his authority. Kathy went to see him. “What are you doing hear? Come to make my life worse then it already is thanks to your master. Is he hear to try to take control of my whole house!”the Lord to be said. “I am hear on my own. I am not hear on behath of the landowner. “She said. He invited her into his office. 

” My farther should have never trusted your master. The family power was cerimonial. It had little influence of wealth. Previous Lord  squandered our wealth . He turned to the landowner. I knew none of this. I fear it won’t stop . I far that the land owner will  try to steal more land from our house and others. There are rumors that he is trying to court my younger brother and force the family to remove me as Lord of record and appoint him. He would be a puppet to everitson. You know what he is?”the current Lord of corn bloom asked. “Yes I do. I was not sure if you did or would admit to it.”she said. “I believed the same about you. I had no idea until I took over the family. Towards the end ,my farther became obsessed with power and legacy. He destroyed the family hoping to save it. “He said. 

“You know the law? You know that in the past the mages spread fear though our the world. Using there magic to spread chaos?”,she asked. “Yes I know the law. I know the history of the mages.i don’t like this . Some in my family are alied with the landowner. I want to move against that man but it is difficult.”he said. 

“Do you follow the way?”she said. “I do.do you?”he asked. “I do. My faith is very important to me. I also know that evil is real. It must be apposed. If it is not,it spreads. It overwhelms. Then it devisates.”she said. “I know that. Your planing to move against him?”he said. “I have no choice. I believe I have to do this. “She said. “You want my support?”he asked. “Your family still has influence. “She said. He thought it over. “I still have some. You know you will literally be playing with fire?”he asked. “I do. I know my duty . Will you join me? ” She asked. 

“What is your plan?”,he asked. “I plan to submit the evidence to the local authorities. If you could have your trops on stand by. “She said.”I know your right. I must earn you that the landowner may have ooritives working inside my forces. What help I can give is yours. I hope to be able to restore our family if not our influence then our imtregrety.”he said.”I believe you are the man to do it. Thank you lord!”she told him. He nodded. “You are very brave. I really hope it does not end badly for you!”he said. 

End of part six