The mage part six 

Once kathy was the daughter of a lawyer.her father was addicted to gambling.he fell into massive Debt.not even selling everything he had came close to paying off his debts.he was forced to sell Kathy his oldest daughter into slavery. Kathy ends up being sold to a mysterious land owner. 

While the master was benevolent.she was able to practice law and do what she was good at. She was practically tuning the household administration.she was able to bloom where she had been was not ideal but it could be a lot worse. She felt like she could make the best of all this. Then it all changed.  

One night,she and Brad were out on a stowl.they headed a noise. They should have just ignore it. There curiosity got the best of them. They folowed the blue. They discovered that the source of the nois. The landowner and his staff were mages. They were practicing magic. Magic was banned in the empire. It was illegal. Mages were to be arrested. There were no acceptions.  Even slaves were obligated to inform the authorities if they come across those who engaged in illegal mystism. Even if it is there masters. Usually a master was in complete authority. One of the few acceptions is if he practices magic. 

They stayed in the woods. Brad and Kathy held on each other . “,What do we do?”Brad asked. “I am going to talk to someone I trust. I have to do it discreet ly. The master and his staff cannot suspect we know. Who knows what langhts they might go to cover all this up!”she said. “Our lives are in danger ?”Brad asked.”I am afraid so . Don’t tell anyone what you saw! No one! “She said. “, Understood. I wont say anything. You have my word !”he said.”OK. Act natural. Do what you always do. Pretend nothing is ary. We will do what we always for now. “She told him. “Understood. “He said.

They hugged. They held each other for a short time. Then he walked her to her quters. They dispersed. She went to bed. She had to be carefully. Things were not the same now. Shehad knowledge she did not have before. It all made sense. The master was building power and Influence.not only was he a mage but he was a bully. He was quietly Building influence.He as buying up land. Perhaps by coercion. She helped in.she wanted to prove herself to her legal opoent to the master,to those in the house,in doing so she allowed a travisty of justice to diced. She let her pride run amock. Now she had to correct that mistakes. She suspected that evrritson and his allies were two steps ahead of everyone else. She did not have a lot of time. 

The next day she got up. She went to the office that she worked out of . She sent an email to the regional Exchequer. She sent a quick message. She asked for a meeting. She kept it vague. She sent it. She deleted the message. She feared sending it but she felt she had to talk to him. She was way over her head. She needed an ally. She needed advice. She had no idea what to do. 

She went to the woods. The woods were near the inter imperial sate highway. It was neutral federal ground.she waited . She saw the regional Exchequer.”thank you for comming.”she said.”you peeked my curiosity. I should usually ignore your message. I know you. I know you to be a person of high charicter and imtregrety. I know this is importent.”the Exchequer said.

“Thank you for comming excellentcy. Normally I would not so this. I feel I must.”she said.”very well my child. Say on!,”the federal official said. ” Thank you sir. Last night Brad and I were outside. We heard a noise. We folowed the sound to one or the barns on the property. We discovered that there was a mystical rituel going on.the rituel was being run by master evrritson himself.he had the wound. He was clad in the regalia of a mage.they were conducting a magic rituel. I believe he is a magic priest. There is more.”Kathy said.

“Say on! ” The Exchequer said. ” I believe that the master is secretly buying up property .When I acted as a barrister for the master,I believed the deal was on the up and up and done in good faith. I now suspect that the master may have employed some kind of coercion. I suspect that he is trying to build up his power,influence of both. I don’t know why. Perhaps a hostile takeover or some thing of the kind. ” She said.

“Your sure that it was a magic rituel? ” The Exchequer asked. ” Yes. They had the robes,the Wayne’s. The chants were in old language. Everything I saw is consistent with magic and things associated with it. ” She said. “Your certain. That landowner e everitson was leading the proceson?”he asked.”,yes I am certain !”she ansered. “His staff was participating ?He asked.”yes it was clearly a magic rite. Probably a lodge meeting. An official! Magic assembly.”she answered. 

“I don’t mean to badger you Kathleen but I have to ask these questions. These are serious allegations if proven true they have implications that will send riples thoughtout this Provence and beyond I suspect.”,he said.”as a student of the law I totally understand excellentcy.”she said. 

“Àlight. “He said.”he has a dragon. It was odd but no totally suspicious. Dragons are associated with magic. “She said. ,”It contributes to a paturn. Even though you are a slave you are still bound by the law. A slave has some protection when it comes to criminal or other baned activities on the part of there owners. You are obligated to report illegal magic craft.” He said. “I am aware of that sir.”she said.

“A court will require irrefutable proof. Any judge worth there salt will want overcoming evidence! This is a serious charge. If you decide to report this officially you will need to have evidence. A rituel on tape. Magic regalia that can be traced to the master etc. Evidence that can be verified by independent but controlling legal authorities. “The Exchequer said. “I understand!”she said. 

” OK! If a court finds that Mr evrritson is a mage and is using his properties to advance magic then he will be facing twenty years to life in prison. All of his assets will be seized and forfeited under the anti magic act of 3472. Sense you and the other slaves were owned by a magician witch is illegal,you will all be fried. Your ensalevement will be null and void. While the Idea of a get free quick is speaking ,this is a dangerous game! If you fail to convince a court ,the judge will not b happy. You will probably end up in a salt mine. You may not survive. Keeping you alive will not be a high priority by the gaurds. I am not trying to disrade you from this plan. I want to be honest with you. I owe you that. ” He said. 

“I appreciate that. “She said. ” Well we will keep in touch.  I suspect your going though with this. “The Exchequer said. “I am. I have to “she said.”I know. I would too if I were in your place. I am not a big fan of slavery. You should not be a slave. What what your father did was I excusible. It was selfish. He was self absorbed. I hope you can get your freedom. Be carefully. If everitson learns of what your up to.he will do everything he can. To stop you. You might be in serious jepordy. ” He said. “I know that . “She said.

“I don’t want anything happen to carefull. “He said.”I will sir.”she said. “I will help you as much as I can. I am in a difuckt Poseidon. If you get the proof there is much I can do.”he said.”I appreciate you and all you do sir. I will get that proof. “She said. “God bless my child!”he said.”,to you as well!”she said. 

 Brad went about his day as if nothing had happened. He works hard as he always did. He acted like it was any ordinary day. He liked his job. He had responsibility and authority. He found his job to be quite was a good day. He was able to forget about the other stuff. Not totally of course. The memory did come back but for the most part he focused on the job at hand. 

Kathy went about her life as well. She worked like she always did.she tried to put the other self at the back burner. That would come later. She went to the office. She did the paper work and her other duties. As always she did it to the best of her abilities. She did it until her day was over.she was excusd. For now neither the master or any one in his staff seamed to suspect anything.  That was good. If all of this was going to work,she would have to rely on anonymity.  She had to quietly work to expose this plot and then overwhelm the master and his ilk. She had to stay quiet until they were ready to act. That was the way it had to be. 

After the shift was over she went to find Brad. After walking around she did. “Hey there!”Brad saie.”hello !”she said. They started to walk. They spent a lot of time together before. It was not that out of the ordinary. They could talk without casting too much suspicion of something being off. 

“I talked to someone with ties to the government. It is someone I can trust. He said that we need to have overwhelming proof. If we make a. Accusation and it can’t be proven,we could end up in a lot of trouble. Think salt mines. If we can. Prove it and he and the others are convicted,we will be Fried. We won’t be slaves any more. “She said. “It won’t b easy as that will it?”Brad said. “No not even close. As hard as we think it is,it will be way worse. “She told her. “I assume if we are caught we will probably be kills?”Brad said. “Yes quite probably. I don’t think he likes being double crosed especially by his slaves.”he said. 

“If we don’t turn him in and he caught. We could be arrested as sorcerers ourselves. Either way is a risk. I like the master. I have doing this. Magicians are known for there trickery. They seam good.  Everything is strategy to them. They only care about power. They don’t care about anyone else. They say Randolf the great won his battle agent the thunites with the help of a mage. The mage made the same deal with his brother. He double crosed him as well. We can’t seam that kind of power by any means necessary and hope it does not bit us in the back side. There is forbidden knowledge. Forbidden for a good reason. My point is right now we are useful,when we are not we could be easily discarded. We probably will.we have no choice.”she said. 

“Weird I had a choice. I chose to become a slave. I intended to do good work,Excell.enjoy the pleasure of doing good work. Fulfilling my part of the social contract. It is not up to me. I have never been in control of much of my own destiny . Your right. I am with you. I won’t make you face this alone. He said.

“We will get though this together. We will be free. “She said.”I am happy for you. You should not be a slave. You are wild at heart. No one could enslave you,not really. Your a free sprit. I have no where to go. I will be stuck on the street. There is no good answer for me!”he said. She took his hand. ” No one is going to want this land. I may able to procure it. This could be ours us and the others. We can run it together. You can farm it. Noel can care for the dragon.charles can run the hospital. It won’t be like it was. You won’t be back on the streets. B. “She said.  “Like I said I am with you Kath.” He said.she smiled. 

Luckily she had a digital camera. She used to have an I phone but it was confiscated when she became a slave. The digital would do. She hatted using one of the master’s decided against him but felt like she did not have a choice. She and Brad address able to sneak around. They hoped that he would conduct a fuel tonight. Maybe they did one every night. They neared the area. They waited for a while. It seemed like nothing was going to happen. They were about to give up. Then they heard the sound of drums.she turned the camera on record. They used a peep hole to record it. She saw the master and his aides all clad in the mages robes. They were chanting in an old langrege. They burned incense. It was clearly a ritual. She recorded the whole event. She was careful not to be caught. Then they left. 

They snunk back to the slave rec area. “Where were you too?”Charles asked.” Just wanted time to ourselves.”Brad said. “OK.”Andrew said. Then they sat down. They would have to tell them eventually but not get. Noel quickly changed the subject. He mentioned a movie no one had seen . It made poeole forget about what the two had been up to. 

 The next day Brad continued to act like nothing had happened. He continued his chores. Kathy did as well. Then Kathy snuck off the campus to see the Lord of corn look. The hair apearent. He had still not been formerly put in charge of the house. It was a formality. The Senate seemed wiling to turn over the house to his authority. Kathy went to see him. “What are you doing hear? Come to make my life worse then it already is thanks to your master. Is he hear to try to take control of my whole house!”the Lord to be said. “I am hear on my own. I am not hear on behath of the landowner. “She said. He invited her into his office. 

” My farther should have never trusted your master. The family power was cerimonial. It had little influence of wealth. Previous Lord  squandered our wealth . He turned to the landowner. I knew none of this. I fear it won’t stop . I far that the land owner will  try to steal more land from our house and others. There are rumors that he is trying to court my younger brother and force the family to remove me as Lord of record and appoint him. He would be a puppet to everitson. You know what he is?”the current Lord of corn bloom asked. “Yes I do. I was not sure if you did or would admit to it.”she said. “I believed the same about you. I had no idea until I took over the family. Towards the end ,my farther became obsessed with power and legacy. He destroyed the family hoping to save it. “He said. 

“You know the law? You know that in the past the mages spread fear though our the world. Using there magic to spread chaos?”,she asked. “Yes I know the law. I know the history of the mages.i don’t like this . Some in my family are alied with the landowner. I want to move against that man but it is difficult.”he said. 

“Do you follow the way?”she said. “I you?”he asked. “I do. My faith is very important to me. I also know that evil is real. It must be apposed. If it is not,it spreads. It overwhelms. Then it devisates.”she said. “I know that. Your planing to move against him?”he said. “I have no choice. I believe I have to do this. “She said. “You want my support?”he asked. “Your family still has influence. “She said. He thought it over. “I still have some. You know you will literally be playing with fire?”he asked. “I do. I know my duty . Will you join me? ” She asked. 

“What is your plan?”,he asked. “I plan to submit the evidence to the local authorities. If you could have your trops on stand by. “She said.”I know your right. I must earn you that the landowner may have ooritives working inside my forces. What help I can give is yours. I hope to be able to restore our family if not our influence then our imtregrety.”he said.”I believe you are the man to do it. Thank you lord!”she told him. He nodded. “You are very brave. I really hope it does not end badly for you!”he said. 

End of part six 


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