Holding hands part eight 

” I don’t want to to hold anything form you. I want you to know everything. I want you to know me. “She said.he was not comfortable with all this.he did not think that this was appropriate. “Lex! I think we need to slow down. We are going way too fast. I know that you believe that we are to be married. I feel we have to slow down.i have doubts. I find it hard to believe that God would communicate his will in this manner. I am sorry. I just cannot subscribe to all this. It’s not me!” He told her.

“We mesh so well! We are already close friends. We are perfect for each other. “She said. ” Would you really be happy with a seperitist k.j.v reeding hymn singing person as your husband?” He asked. “As long as your serving the Lord. Yes!” She said. 

“Will you always feel that way?” He asked. “Yes! I know I will. “She answered.”well I think I should be turning in soon. It is getting late. “Derrek said. “OK! Have a great night my love!” She said. “Thank you. You too!”she said. She did not hug or kiss him even though she really wanted to. 

She decided to back off for a while. She would give him some space. From. The time she headed home,no text,no phone,no Facebook messages or email.she focused on school . She did pray for him like she always did. She got peace form the sprit that he was Indeed her future husband. She was to be his wife. She can wait. 

“Your dad and I were talking. We want you to invite Lexi to dinner tomorrow. “His mom said. ” Are you sure?” “Derrek asked. “Yes . We would like to get to know her more. “His dad said. “Do you not want her to come over?”his mom asked. “Oh no! I do. “Derrek said. ” Ask her.if it’s is not good for her ask her about Saturday.”his mom said. “Ask her. ” His dad said.

He called her. She saw the caller I.d. she picked it up. “Hey Derrek! I have missed you. I felt like I could not call you. I am glad to hear form you.”she told him. ” My parents were wondering if you would like to come to dinner tomorrow?”he asked. “I would love to? Tell them thank you.”she said.” I will do that.”she said. 

“She was really happy. She is excited to come over. ” He told his parents. “I figured that she would. “His mom told him. 

Lexi wore a pink shirt,green skirt and sandles. She could not wait to come. She was excited to interact with her future in law’s. She had k love on the radio. She parked. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She headed out of the car. 

She walked up the stairs. He was to greet her. “Hey lex! “He said. She kissed him on the cheek. She took his hand. He was nervous about holding hands in front of his family but decided not to take his hand away. They walked to the living room .” Thanks so much for inviting me to dinner. “Lex said. ” We are looking froward to getting to know you.” Anna said. “I am really looking forward to getting to know you.”she said. 

At dinner . “We have a thousand questions! “His dad asked. “You don’t have to answer all a thousand at once.”his mom said.” My question is why Derrek? He is not the most exciting person ever. He organizes his sox drawer for fun. “His sister Marisa said. ” I find him very interesting and plenty exciting “she said. 

“Organizing six drawer can be quite a stress reliever. ” she said.” One Saturday he was bored so he decided to put together a flash card on the history of urkrane. “His sister Emma said.” Do you still have them?”she asked. “He does Indded! ” His brother Ben said. 

“I don’t find him dull at all.  “Lexi said. ” I am very glad to hear that. “,Derrek said. He blushed. She found him cure when he was embarissed.

” Where did you grow up?” His mom asked her. ” Well I was born in Vermont.i grew up in Ohio and Pennsylvania. My dad was a youth pastor then was A senior pastor. We moved around a lot. In our denomination pastors go where they are sent. I know where Derrek grew up but where are you form? “She asked.

” I grew up in Springfield Massachusetts. “His dad said. ” I grew up in dellerware. “His mom said. ” How did you meet?”Lexi asked. ” It’s funny our poor kids know these stories by heart. It nice to be able to. Tell it to someone who has not heard it. We met at Bible college. I was a freshman and he was a junior. “Anna said.

“We were both saved when we were young. We both grew up in the church. My dad was a deacon and my mom taught sunday school. “He said.”my dad was a pastor. As was my dad’s dad. When I went to Bible college,I was not interested in dating. I was there to learn not to date.” She said. ” After a few mouths she relented.”he said. 

“My Perents met at Bible college. My dad grew up in the church. Mom was converted in her teens. My mom likes my dad before he liked her. It took some convincing. She was new to Christian life.”,Lexi said. “It is the school your going to now?” His mom asked.”yes it is”she said.

“The school my parents went to still exist but it is not as doctrinally sound Asif once was. It is one that we do not reply support any more.,”he said. Lexi was new to the I.f.b view on seperation. Independent fundimental Baptist believe that not only should a believer seperate from non believers but also  form believers who held to error even error that some might see as trivial. Fundimental Baptist held to certain fundimental. They believed in eternal security,King James Bible,traditional music and seperate.this was all new to Lexi. 

” Our views on separation are probably a bit  different for you “the pastor commented. “It is new to me. We don’t associate with liberal denominations. We tend to fellowship with like minded prostistant groups. “She said. “,We don’t want you to think we are stick in the middle seperitist. We believe that seperitist while not always nice is necessary!”Anna said.

After dinner,his brother Ben showed Lexi the drone that they had been working on. “Anything I should know about Derrek?She asked him. “He really likes cheaz puffs. “Ben said. “What are you telling flex?”Derek asked. “You really like chese puff?”she asked. “Yes I do “he answered.”it is more like an obsson “Marisa said.” I will keep that in mind.,”she said. “I would”Matthew said.

While Derrek and Ben were flying the drone,Lexi went over to Derek’s mom. “He seams like a really good big brother?”she remarked. “He is. He always has been. My older boys have been out of the house for quite a while. So Derrek has been the defacto oldest for quite a while. He will make a good dad.”his mom commented. “I have no doubt of that.” Lexi said. “Do you want to have kids?”she asked. “I do!”Lexi said. “I figured. We did not plan to have this many kids but we are thankfully to the Lord for them. We are proud of them. We tease thomas but we he has become a Godly person. God has worked in his life. We like denese”his mom said. “She is a sweet lady.”Lexi said. “We are proud of all of them. “Anna said.

“Have Derrek and Tom always been close?”Lexi asked. “Always. Rob was quite a bit older than Derek. Tom was closer In age to Derrek. Derek is more like Rob in personality but they don’t click. He and Tom could not be any different but they really like each other. “She said . 

“,What are you talking about?”,Derrek asked. “,You! “Lexi answered. “I should have known. How do you like the drone?”he asked. “I like it! Can I fly it?”she asked. “Sure!,”he answered.  

He gave her the remote . She flew the drone. “Cool is’int it?” Ben commented. “It is. ” She said. Matt showed her a few tricks with the plane. Lexi felt at home with his family. 

She got to hold the baby. The baby smiled at her. This was her future sister in law. She would be close in age to her kids. There kids would look up to her the way that Derrek’s siblings looked up to him. His family was starting to become her family. She wanted it to be that way. Itflt home. She felt happy but a bit sad. He was still not commited yet. All of this might not happen. She feared she was about to have a panic attack. She was OK. 

“Has your family always been Baptist?”she asked Derrek’s farther. “I can trace my Baptist roots to my grandfather. He was saved in his twenties. Fundimentilism in general began right after Darwin published the origin of the species. Fundimental Baptist is a bit newer.it grew gradually. Baptist have always tended to be outsiders,by choice and necessity. “His dad said. “Penticoastasm began in the 1900s. “She said.,”I have done some research on the history of penticoastasm. At the time there was little attention on the holy sprit. There should be teaching on the holy sprit. Believers are equipped with gifts of the sprit. The holy sprit Leeds believers. I don’t believe that tounges are evidence of the endweling of the holy sprit. There is of course some off shoots that are concerning. Word of Faith and prosperity gospel. ” He said. 

” I do disagree with word of Faith. I don’t believe in prosperity gospel. I do not associate with them. There are some who subscribe to a prosperity gospel that are out and out fraiud. I do believe that tounges and prophecy are for today. There should be balience. I have heard that too much enthises on emotion. Some times we probably do. Worship can include emotion and should. Worship is in sprit and in truth. There should be balience.”she said. 

“We do emotions. At times some penticoastal have gone too far.,” The pastor said. “Sometime the I.f.b go too far. They can become an almost platonic Christianity. Reason gone too far can be a problem. I agree that penticoastasm can go too far.”Lexi said. 

“Intalect and emotion are both form the Lord. He wants us to use both. Both reason and emotion need to be kept in balience. If you go too far in either direction,you end up in a figuritive ditch. Emotion is not a reliable guide if not tempered by reason. ” The pastor said. “I do believe that reason has its place but emotion cannot be ignored. Emotion also has a place. ” She said. 

“Yes. Emotion has a place. Our Lord was very emotional. As I said emotion is part of who we are. The Lord created us to be emotional. He also created us to be logical.  God gave us the ability to reason things out. Reason serves as a filter to emotion. We have the written word of God. Emotion and intellect must be weighed by the word of God. There are some within the penticoastal movement do not put scripture above emotion. Some have said that prophetic uterence do not have to be in line with the word of God. Some say a prophecy that contradict scripture could be a challenge. Some would argue such a prophecy could still be form the Lord. That is dangerous thinking.”he said. 

” I agree that scripture is the final authority. It is the authority. Scripture must Trump all this. It does brother me that there some within the penticoastal community that would argue something like that. I would not associate with someone that held to a view like that. Any prophetic uterence must be in compliance with scripture. . If it does not it must be rejected.”she said.

“Given that prophecy will cease at some point ,why not consider what is in scripture. Prayer said we have all we need for life and godliness. Why not ignore any prophetic uterence. Just go with scripture!”Derek who had been quiet up until now remarked. ” Derrek and I have talked about this before.i don’t believe that tounges and prophecy have ceased. The Bible says that they will at some point. I believe that the Lord does still communicate to his poeole but those uterence has to be in line with scripture.  The Bible says that belevers should not be equally yoked. So if a believer told me I should Mary a budhest I would reject that. “She said. 

“Why not leave it alone? Would it not be easier to stay away for! Prophecy?”Anna asked. “I believe that prophecy is a ligitimate jeens for the Lord to communicate to his poeole.why not avail ourselves of it. We should test a prophetic uterence first. We are commanded to test it. Every word should be taken with a grain of salt. If it passes those test it then can be accepted. ” She said. 

“It is not possible that tounges and prophecy ceased at the completion of scripture?”pastor Carlson asked. ” I am not sure that the word perfect might not mean the completion of scripture. The perfect could be eluding to the millennial kingdom. ” She said. ” So are you prepared to become a Baptist ? “Anna asked. “Yes. I believe I am ready to become a Baptist pastor’s wife. I have assured him that I will support him. I see my role is to encourage. To be a helper and a partner. I take that very seriously.”she said. 

” I appreciate your candor. I hope you don’t feel like we have raked you over the coals. “His dad said. “I really don’t . I am wiling to talk about these things. I don’t want to change Derrek’s views. I would never try to undermine his ministry. I know that there will be ajustment on my part.”she said. 

“I want to say you have elevated many of our fears. “His dad said. “I am looking froward to getting to know you more.”Anna said. “I look forward to getting to know you more as well. “Lexi said. 

After a while Derrek and Lexi went out to the steps.”I really like your family. I feel so welcomed. “Lexi said. “They like you as well. I can tell.”he told her. She out her arm around him and rested on his shoulder. “I am excited to become a part of your family. I can’t wait.” She told him. 

He was not not so sure. “Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.we are still new to all this. ” He said. She was sad to hear him say that.she had hoped that they had moved pass that. It was clear that they had not. She knew that he was not ready to fully embrace her. He had mixed feelings. He would not let down his gourd. She could not bring down his shields. He had to do that.until he did it was a losing battle. Right now there was nothing that she could do. She had to back off.she had to fully back off. She had to get him to make up his mind. It had to be his decision.she did all she could. The ball had to be in his court. 

“I should be going. It is getting late. “Lexi said. ” I will walk you to your car. “He said. “OK!She said. They did not hold hands. Derrek never inciated ha d holding. Lexi decided not to at this moment. They want!Keep form the steps to the car. ” I hope you have a good rest of your night. ” She told him. He opened the car door. She got in. She drove off. She drove off. 

He went inside. “We really like her. ” His dad said. ” You too are really cute. ” His mom told him. ” I had not noticed. “He said. “Derrek replied.  “She had very godly sprit. We have clearly seen that.”his dad said. Derrek did not see things the way others did. He hoped that they enthusiasm would subside. So far it has not. 

End of part  8. 


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