Only a matter of time part three

The team headed out. “I am a. It confused. Why did we invite her to join us?” Jamie asked. “Even though I disagree with her, I find her a plesent person. I enjoy talking to her.” He told them. They were very confused. “She is intrenced in penticoastal thought. I doubt very much that we can convince her to abandon the charismatic movement. Why go to all this foruble?” Tom asked. 

“I don’t have a total answer. I really don’t know. I did not plan today. She happen we to be hear so I invited her over. It was interesting. I just wanted to hear from her I guess. ” Kevin. Said. It is a little odd. ” Jamie said. ” I know that. ” Kevin said.

Kevin had no idea why he did what he did. As he thought about it ,he realized that it was out of character for him. He came to the conclusion that everything he did around her was out of character for him. She seemed to bring that out of her. He had no idea why.

Becky was just as surprised by her behavior. Before Kevin ,she did not know any independent fundimental Baptist although she knew some Baptist. She had no idea why she spoke to Kevin that Saturday night. Nor did she know why she joined him at dunken donuts. She was surprised that she had engaged Kevin.was it curiosity? Was it something more?

The team balanced there work between ministry and ground work. They kept busy. They also spent time picking the brain of the pastor and his wife. They wanted to emerse themselves in church planting and everything that we take along with it.

Becky was heavily involved in her church. She was Involved in small groups,  ible studies, sports activities open air Evengilism etc. She was very busy. The two had seperate lives. They did not see each other again that week. 

Kevin felt called to preach. Many felt that he had the gift of preaching. He preached at the midweek service. He held Bible study and prayer time for the group in the morning. Una way he was the defacto leader of the group. He came up with the idea. He was instrumental in organizing the event. 

They kept Saturday afternoon free. Kevin wished he knew how to reach Becky. He wanted to see her. He did not dare tell anyone in the group. Not even Sarah his sister. He decided to go to sprit of fire hoping to see her. He knew it was silly. He knew that it was probably a bad idea. He decided to go along with his idea.

He drove to the church. He had no idea where to was a big church. He had no idea where she would sit. It was not out of possiblity for him to not find her. He decided to sit.he got lost in thought. 

“Your hear? Two times in the same mounth? Your not woried your melt or something? “Becky asked.he chuckled. “So far i am OK. Do you think I will make it?”he asked. “I don’t know. I hope so we are still cleaning up after the last fundimental Baptist who spontaneously combusted!” Becky said. “You need to put up a warning sign or something. “He suggested. “Warning , independent fundimental Baptist could go poof if over exposed to penticoastal preaching!”Becky said.they laughed. 
“Will you join me?”he asked. “OK! “Becky said. Becky wore a black t shirt jeens and sandles. She was nervous but sat down. “So what are you doing hear?Are you a gluten for punishment. Are you considering becoming a penticoastal?”she asked. ” Will you promise not to laugh? ” He asked. “You did not come what just to see me? ” She asked. “I enjoy talking to you. “He answered. “I’m surprised. You and I have almost nothing in common. “Becky said. “I have never been afraid of being challenged . Some of her friends came over and sat down. 

“Hey! You were hear a week ago! “Becky’s friend Jess anounced.”your the Baptist!” Her friend Eric said!. ” That would be me!”he said. ” You decided to come back? “Jake asked. ” I did. Last time did not kill me.not even a Trace of psoriasis!”he said. “If you did get psoriasis,I a.m sure someone hear has the first of heeling!”Becky asked. “Funny Beck ! “Kevin said. “You dispatch!”she commented. 

” This is the first time that they had been playfull with each other. The first of many. They enjoyed teasing. It was always in fun. He was afraid that one of her friends would ask him why he decided to come back. He had no idea what he would say. Mercifully no one asked. 

He did not feel quite as amazed during the music time. He did not sing or dance he did read the lryicks. He watched Becky for a bit. She felt weird around her. She feared offending him. He was a guest. She was getting mad at him preemptively even though he had not done anything. She imagined that he was disipointed at her. There was no way that she could know for sure.

He brought out strong emotions in her. She decided to do what she always did. If he was offended,he would get over it. If he did,that was his issue. He has chose to come. No one made him. 

After church, Kevin tried to talk to Becky. He trouble getting a word in edgewise.”do you want to invite your friend to come with us ?” Eric asked.”we usually go out for coffee after church,do you want to come? “She asked. “Sure!”he said. 

“So ho does it feel to be the only non non Penticoastal at the table?,” Jake asked. ” Fine!”he answered. ” I was surprised to that the Baptist have come into more. Every denomination imaginible is hear.”Eric remarked.” Every denomination except for more traditional church . “He said. ” Old fashioned does not always translate into Holly.the society befor Darwin was so focused on the external that when Darwin published his original if species no one had a response . ” Jake remarked. “Being traditional is not the same as being old fashioned. We can live in the modern. Age or postmodern age but the Lord does not change. His principle are the same.” Kevin said.

“Your church will not join with non fundimental Baptist? “Eric asked. ”  No we do not join with non I.f.b churches!”Kevin answered. “We do not belong to Union of churches that are made up of multiple denominations. We believe that we cannot compromise with certain issues. We feel that we cannot join hands with those who are not seperated.”Kevin said. 

“The church is under attack. The world is trying against the church. Should we not be united? Certainly some denominations are disqualified. If we hold to the diety of Christ,salvation by faith alone why can’t we united at least to some extent.” Jake remarked. 

Becky was woried. She did not want Kevin to feel that he being gang up on. He seemed to be holding his own. He was doing it with good humor. He never showed signs of anoyence. 

“Certainly the diety of Christ is important criteria.salvation by faith alone is another.even in that fundimental Baptist and penticoastal s have a conflict.bqptist believe in imdiate indweling of a believer at conversion. Penticoastal beleve in a second blessing. As I understand it,the holy sprit does not necessarily come at salvation according to the penticoastal model. Urine that concerning. There is the issue of loss of salvation as well. These issues make joint operations if you highly problematic. “He said. 
“You separate from other Baptist Church? You sometimes seperate form other independent fundimental Baptist churches? If taken too far, seperation could  go to a very dangerous place!” Eric said. “Yes it could. We have to gourd against that. We have to avoid the other extreme. Denominations once not considered mainstream Christianity are not welcomed with open arms. Seventh day Adventist were once considered a cult. Now they are not. Mormansim is starting to be looked as part of Christianity. This is concerning!” Kevin said. 

” Some times the need for doctrinal purity Leeds to ligalism. From our vantage point, it can become very nit picky. Majoring in the minors. Jesus said that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. The Christian life is about freedom not bondege.” Eric said. 

“The Christian life is about freedom. Without the work of the holy sprit, we are incapable of pleasing the Lord. The unsaved cannot please the Lord. The Lord does have standards. We need his help to achieve those standards. It is a process. God’s grace helps is though that. If there is no difference between the church and the world what good is the church?”he asked.

“There is a difference. We do not beleve that we are like the world. We believe in modesty. Modesty is important to our church and to me personally. Warning a dress or skirt is not more modest then pants.we do not not beleve that all beets are bad. Rock music is not in of itself bad. I do not believe that some beats are evil. Fundimental Baptist Base good and bad music on there own subjective view.”Kylie said. 

“I would disagree with that. Men and women should have a destinct style of dress. Dresses do not make apart more modest. It is the heart. There needs to be a difference in men and women clothing. Music is not nutural. We see that form scripture. David used music to sooth Saul. If I play a classical peace,you might think flowers in a field. Then I switch the music to the line ranger theme,I imagine you won’t be still be thinking about flowers in a field.i just altered your thinking. The term rock and role was borowed from a euphism for premarital relations. “He said. 

“Men and women should dress differently. A women can ware pants and still not look like a man. How does one determine what is a godly beat and what is an evil beat? It seams to us that you want to live in the past. How is that only music written before 1971 is biblical? “Keri asked.

Becky was enjoying the conversation. She kinda enjoyed seeing Kevin on the defensive. He was cute when he was agitated. Pressure revealed a person’s character. Tonight she got a glimpse into his character. While he was strict,she did not find him harsh or men sprited. She wondered if she should throw him a life line.  

After a while ,the night seem to be near an end. “It was good to talk to you!” Eric said. ” It was good to meet you. ” Kevin said. Becky said goodbye to her friends.  She went over to Kevin. ” I hope that this conversation was not too uncomfortable for you. ” Becky told him. “No it was fine! I found it insightfull. It is only fair sense you were outnumbered a few days ago. ” Kevin said. “Your the first non Penticoastal in our group. It is kinda nice to have a different perspective. ” Becky said. ” I feel the same way. ” Kevin said. 

“I was woried that we went too far. ” Becky said.”no no at all. ” Kevin said. “Oh OK. You would  tell me if you were right?” She asked. “Yes I would. I am hardly a delicate flower Beck?” He said. ” I know that. You are a guest. ” She said “really it was fine!” He answered. “Alright!”she answered.

“Can I have your number? Not that I mind going to your church. If I do people are going to start asking questions!” He said.she chuckled. “Yes. I will give you my number. Do you have Facebook? ” She asked. “I do. “He said. They exchanged numbers. They added each other on Facebook. 

He walked her to her car. “Still feel free to come to my church any time. “Becky said. “I won’t be a stranger. ” He said. “I will see you around? “She asked. “You got it! ” He said. She drove off. He got into his car. 

“So where did you go last night?” Sarah asked. ” I went to sprit of fire. “He said. “No you did not? ” Sarah said. “I did. ” He answered. “Why?” She asked.”I did not know any other way to get in touch with Becky. ” He said. “What’s going on with you too? ” She asked. “It’s not like that. We are friends at least I think we are. We barly know each other. ” Kevin replied.

 “It is a little odd. “Sarah commented. “I know that. “Kevin said. “Please tell me your not thinking about becoming a penticoastal? ” She asked. “No I am not. I promise. ” He told her. ” You like her as more then just a friend? ” She asked. “I don’t know yet. ” He said. ” It’s possible? ” She asked. “It is possible!” He said.

“I guess it had to happen some time. You have never been on a date in your entire life. Baby Hannah has more of a social life then you do. No offense!” She said. ” I know that. ” He said.

“I really don’t know. I think there might be something between us. I don’t know. “He said. ” I was not expecting that response. I thought you would deny it or explain it away. ” She. Said. “I have no idea what this is. Perhaps nothing will come of this. She most likely would not be interested in me anyways. ” He said. ” OK!” She said. ” I know that this is not like me. I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it. ” He said. “You are human after all.” She said ” you doubted that?” He asked. ” A little!” She said. 

“Soon! The summer will be over. I will back at f.b.u. she will be at her college. This will be a distent memory.i will be back to the old me. ” He said. “Possibly!” She said. ,” You don’t sound confident about that?” He asked. “Well let’s just say I’m not so sure your confident about that. ” She told him. 

“Well regardless of that,that is probably how it will happen. Eventually the summer will end we will return home. Then go back to college. I will move on. She will move on. Life goes on.” He said. “Is that what you want to happen?”Sarah asked. “He half chuckled. “I think so. ” He said. “I am not sure you want that to happen. You just think that is what should happen. Those are two separate things. ” She said. 

“For a split second my mind went where you thought it has. I know it can’t happen. It should not happen. ” He said. She laughed. ” Your hilarious keV!” She said. “I like her. I do. This too shall pass!” He said. 

“You may not go back to being the old Kevin. Whatever happened s it will change you. It will have an impact. It cannot help but alter you. That’s OK. You will be different. You are still Kevin. Your not acting that unlike is bond to impact your life. ,” She said. 

“The truth is I am still trying to short it all out. ” He said. ” That’s what I suspected. ” She said. “I know that many see Bible college  as a place to meet a spouse . I tried to focus on training for ministry. “He said. “I don’t think you have even attended one sporting event!”she commented. “Maybe one. I have tried to keep the main thing the main thing. I made the decision to focus on school work. I did not go on this trip to finds wife. “He said.” Do you think she could be your future wife?”she asked. “You had to ask. “He remarked. ” Of course I did.”she said. ” I would not be unhappy if it happened but I don’t think it will. “He said. “Fair enough!”she said. 

End of part  three 


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