The mage the conclusion

Long ago,megicians rinsed the land free . They did as they wanted. No one card oppose them. Some were on there own. Loyal to none but themselves. They used there power to wreak havock. Some were on there own. Other traveled in bands of mages. 

Others served kings. They were private counselors. Others raised up kings and tore down others. General who aspired to power would ask out mages. Some did things out of principal. Others did it for money. Some could be easily bribed. Some could be bribed but for harder means. 

The megicians fell into disrepute.with the rise of monotheism and iconislams, mages became unpopular. Magic became illegal in the empire. Emperor,senators,members of parliament and other officials were bared form consulting mages or magic orders. Magic orders declined. They did not dissapear. Many went underground. Other nations still employed magic. 

Everitson was a second order mage. He was a second to the top level of mages. He had gone form the very bottom to near the top. He was determined to gain power and keep it.not just in the magic order but beyond. He had drams of gaming power. He wanted to rule a kingdom. Not a big one. Just a big city and serounding areas. He saw the house of corn bloom as a start. He decided to target landowner by influence Lord with great influence but not great wealth any more. 

With the attitude towards his craft,it was a risk. He loved risk. He loved excitement. He loved danger. He loved playing with fire figuratively and literally. He found such actively exilerating. He knew he could not win forevrt. He would lose eventually. He loved he game. So far it had not disappointed him. He did not think it would.he would keep going. 

He knew he would be going to war. The war had been brewing for some time. The full fledge was was about to begin in Ernest. He could be not be happier. Win or lose he would make it a good fight. One no one would never forget. 

“We need to get everyone together!”Kathy said. “Is this wise?,some of them may decided to side with the master for verious reasons. Some out of loyalty,some fear some may want to see magic reasert itself. Maybe we need to go it alone. ” Brad told Kathy. ” I understand what you are saying Brad. We need Alies. I know it is a risk. This whole thing is a risk. We have no choice.”she told him. “Alright! You are right. I am just woried. I just wanted Ted some calm. I wanted a break.i sold my self into slavery for stability. I still can’t fight it!”he told her. She took his hand. “We will achieve that b! Just give it time. Just be patient. Be resolved. We will get there. OK?”she asked. “OK!I trust you ! Kath !”he said! She hugged him. 

” Do you think this is the best idea?”he asked. “It is a risk . It would be easier and perhaps safier to go it alone. There is potentially safety in numbers. We need help. Do you think that we should not inform the others?”Kathy asked her. “I think either option is a bad idea. I think that having there help I’d a slightly better idea. I am nervous about it. I think ir can work. We would have a better chance of suceding with there help. I am woried they won’t help. You are correct. Let’s tell them!”Brad said. “I agree with you. I just think we need there help. “She said. “OK let’s do it?”she asked. 

She and for them at the usual dinner time. She hoped that that would not arouse there suspicion.  She explained the situation. She explained there plan. ,”,You want to revolt against the master?”,Noel said.,”no revolt. The master is violating the law. I want to expose him.” She said. “The government may not want to deal with it. ” Amy said. “Will he be prosecuted?”Sarah asked. “The government will not ignore this. They know the risk posed by mages. They won’t turn a blind eye not the courts. They won’t move unless they are sure. With overwhelming evidence the master will be dealt with. ” She said. 

“Why can we just ignore this? Why do we have to get involved?”Andrew asked. “Like it or not we are involved.we  cannot be passive?  We won’t be permitted to. “Brad said! ” If the master and the staff are caught without us speaking out we could be charged as accomplishes. The master could claim we are sorcerers. “,Charles said. “I don’t want to be caught up in a game like this!”Sarah said.”none of us do . We have no choice. It’s act or face the consequences. ” Kathy said.

 “If the master and the overseas go to jail, we will be Fried?” Noel asked.”most likely but it is not definite. They could sell if off. There is precidnce for slaves of mages being fried. I can’t promise it but it is a distinct possibility.”she told everyone. “We could end up remaining as slaves. W could end up in a far worse situation. We could end up in the salt mines?”Andrew asked. “Yes we could. This could blow up in our faces. We have a chance. This is the only chance. “Kathy said. They considered her words. 

“This sounds like the situation Igor got in in the clash of the super humans.” Noel said. “Igor stood agent the super gient and won a huge victory. “,Kathy said. “You saw that movie?”Brad asked. “,Yes it is one of my favorite s. ” She just revealed her nerdam . It was all there. She was a big science fiction and sci Fi can. He had a collection of model ships form knights in space. She would never tell anyone except that she just had. “Sounds cool I’m in!”Noel said. 

“I am in as well. “Charles said. “Alright I will support this!,”Andrew said. The others all joined in. They were now all I’m it together. What happened,rise or fall they would do it together. They all got ready. 

Kathy got the camera.She went to the office. The master was not there. She was nervous. She started to shake. She calmed down. She tried not to lose her nurve. As scare as she was, she knew she had to do this. She attacked it to the computer. The datta was uploaded. She sent it to the Exchequer, the regonal federal attorney,the administering judge for the federal judicial circuit, the regonal senator and member of Parliament and a few others I. The government. She sent it. There was no going back now. 

 The corn bloom infantry lucnhed. They had ground trips and tanks. They moved out. They set up a staging area near the estate owned by everitson.the had a few boats as well. The boats moved out. The Lord was risking it all. He did not want to loose get remaned of the house. 

Noel and Andrew got the dragon easy. They were nervous. Neither wanted to end up in the sale mines or be killed. They knew that they had to fight this. Noel got to live out some of his favorite movies and comic books. He was happy. If he died he would go out living a dream. 

The mage knew something was up. He put the estate on alert. He orders his people to get ready. Purut and the others mobilized. He went to see Kathy.”Kath I know what your up to. “He said. He wore the hood. “You know what I am. You don’t know everything. Kathy you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! You are a force of nature. You are smart intelligent,resourcefull. What was done to you was a most henious crime. Everyone who should have protected you betrayed you. Your parents,your family,your government, your friends your community. They sacrificed you for themselves? For there corrupt system. For greed ,for averace. They did not even Try to save you. They cared nothing for you.  “He said. 

 ” I can trust you?”she asked. “I could teach you the ways of magic. My order DOes not have women. That should change. You could be my pristess. You could be my right hand person. You might be able to exceed me” she said. Join me Kath. We could recreate the world  in our image. We would be Uber gient. “He said. 

“I don’t speak power. I don’t want to control ,to dominate. I don’t speak what you seek! “Kathy said. ” The world is changing. The mages will rise again. Our time is coming again. We have been stifled but not eliminated. We are on the way back. ” He said. “Your time is come and gone. It will never b back!”she declared. 

“You are so idealistic! You are a dreamer. I survive all dreams. I can endure the nightmare! You do not know  my power. Either you join. Me or be crushed by me!”he said. 

Andrew and Brad got on the dragon. They rode the animal. The gaurds demanded they stopped. They did not. Everitson fire with his tube. The animal barely ducked the impact. The energy exploded into the water.”that was close!”Noel said. “Too close!”Andrew said. The creature fleew into the man. Andre fired his gun. One of the gaurds was hit. The other gaurd fired with a tube. The dragon breathed fire and envelop the energy from the tube. The dragon then flew off. 

Andrew thought that this was too close. Noel found this really exciting. The creature flew off. The gaurds did not pursue. They decided to try to find a different way to stop this plot against them. 

The trops form the house of corn bloom lucnhed forces form the staging area. They serounded the perimeter of the estate. They started to advance. While the ministry of Justice and the ministry of security arrived near the estate. The force had a search warrant. The staff of the master’s met the government officials and fired on them. The officials returned fire on the overseers. The overseers used conventional weapons and acrutiments of magic. They did not seam to care about hiding there megicians afiliations any longer. They wanted to survive not to avoid detection. If the government survived,they had plenty of evidence . 

The mage aimed his tube at Kathy.kathy stopped ,droped and told. She told around the ground. She dodged the energy.  He fired again. She kept dodging the enurgy.could she keep it up.she tried to curtail her fear.sne had to keep focused. She had to keep her whits about her. She did. 

She crawled out of the office. Purut came at her. The dragon swooped down and Noel took her on the creature. The creature ran off. The dragon kept going.”thanks.”she said. “We knight in space fans have to stay together!”Noel said. “Agreed! For space for fuedilism for the future!”she said.”upward and on ward!”Noel answered. “You two are really weird!”Andrew said. They kept on going. 

Brad and the others moved against the oversears. They kept on going. The security forces and the trips form corn bloom had joined forces. They kept moving further in. 

Everitson fired on the security forces. Some were injured. Some did. The dragon hit the master. Brad grabbed the specter.he broke the wound. The master hit Brad. Brad went at him. Brad and the master wrestled. Brad hit him. The master was serounded bg security forces.

Most of the mages were arrested. Some had escaped. Purut was also arested. Under the law, the slaves had to be arested and held until there case was ajudicated. For now the crises was over.


Kathy and the other slaves were taken to luck up. They were processed and changed into orange prison issue unfiro s. The shirts and pants for men. Sleeveless dress for female. There fate was unclear. They did what they felt they had to. 

 “I have looked at the evidence. It is clear that landowner everitson. Is a mage. He used his magic craft to buy the land by coercion. This includes those he perchased as slaves. Under the law there enslavement is null and void. They did coming acts of reblion against the master and his staff. This  was  in defense of  civilization and the rule of law. Therefore I am declaring the slave not locally responsible for the rebellion. I am also declaring there slavery null and void. They are free from slavery forthwith.The land unlawfully procure by landowner everitson is turned over to the former slaves. ” The judge said. 

They were then taken back to lock up. They were released as soon as the paper work was completed. They were allowed to return to there land. Kathy called a meeting of all the old slaves. 

” We are all free. You can do whatever you wish. I have a perposal. This land has good farm land a hospital and other potential. Working together we can use this land to maintain a living buy and trade and provide for everyone. We can grow our own food and trade with companies and houses and government. We can also raise money for commerce. My proposal is that the estate will be governed by all of us. Everyone will get to sit on the council and will have one vote. I will head the administration. Brad will head operations. Charles the hospital. Andrew and Noel the dragon. I don’t want to know he is hear.  Reverend luter will be setting up a church and will oversee our sprituel needs. I hope you will join us. We will all work on a charter . “Kathy said. 

The x slaves all signed on. Kathy was elected administrator. Brad headed up the operations. Everyone was happy. They celebrated . “Kath!”Brad said. She hugged him.”you have not changed?,”,he asked.,she still wore the blue dress and was barefoot. Her hair was in a pony tail. ” I like simple. ” She said.”I have a present for you. “Brad said. “,I wondered where you were. “He said.She opened it. One was a ship from knights in space. The other was a teddy bear. “I saw your old face book page. Noel tried to explain the ship but I tuned it out. I tried to listen. It not quite the same as before.”he said.”it’s perfect.”she said. 

When she as sold as a slave all of her belongings were sold. Her family erased all traces of her . It was like she never existed.” Thank you.”she said. She started to cry. “We get to start over.” He said. “We do. ” ,She said. They hugged. 

The end. Kathy,Brad and the gang will return. 


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