The mage valentines special

Kathy was the daughter of a lawer. She was an hournor student. Due to financial trouble due to her fathers’s gambling,kathy was sold into slavery. 

Kathy ended up a slave to a mage.magic was ilegal. She helped expose him . she and all her felow slaves owned by the mage were ordered free. They got to stay at the esate. 

Kathy was basically put in charge of the administrative end of the esate. She headed up the financial end. Brad ran the operations aspect. He liked farming and hands on. They kept everything runing. They had the titles. They did not want a hierarchical sysitom. Her philosophy we work together, we get thibg done,then we all enjoy the fruits of our labor.  

She was kind and fair. She was a servent leader. She was only harsh on one person,herself. She pushed herself to the limits and beyond.  She was a workaholic.  She held herself to a higher standard then she would ever hold anyone else. 

She felt like she has a lot to prove.  She had to prove that this could work. There was a lot riding on this.  A lot of people on the outside wanted them to fail. A lot of people wanted the land. If. They failed the perspective business people. Could swoop in. 

Kathy felt the pressure. More then every one else. She had to make it work.the others just did the work.she had to nake ends meet. 

Brad went to her office. “Kath! Its quiting time.”brad said.”five more minutes b!”she said.  “Noel made supper tonight.  Hamburgers in the shapes of ships form knight in space !”brad said. “I am coming.five more minutes! “She said. “I think i have seen you more when we were slaves then now. ” he said. “I promise.  Five more minutes.  “She said. “Ok. Five minutes.  Then you leave. We go have dinner. Work day is done!”he said. “Deal.”she said. 

Five minutes later. 

He came back in. “Kathy time to make like a duck and quack off. “He said.  “I am not getting out of this one am i?”she remarked. “No not at all. “He said. “Five more minutes.  “Kathy said. “Nope. No nore extensions. Time to go. “He said. “Five more minutes. “She said.

He picked up her tedy bear.”i am taking foster hostege. I wont return him until you agree to come to the maine house.” he said.

“No foster.  You can’t! “She said.”no foster until you agree to leave!”she said. “This is so not fair. “She said.” brad vrs kathy found that if brad gets bear he can use it as laverge.”brad said “that decision is going to have to be apealed. Lets go.”she said. He smiled. She folowrd him. They left the office.

“When do i get foster bear back?”she asked. “Not till we get to the maine house.”he answered. “What do you think i am going to do?grab the bear and race back to my office?”she asked. “Yes. !” he said.

The maine house was by invitation only. It was usually off limits to slabes unless it was part of there work assignments. Now they owned it so they use it. 

Reverend lutter and brothers form the order of saint Sebastian had moved into to insure that every thing went on was done in decentcy and in order. 

“I was wondering if you were coming. The fss. Nova is for you kathy!” noel said. “Awsome ! It was my dream to command the nova one day!” kath declared. “You do know that knights in space is ficticious. It is a work of fiction. “Brad said. Kathy and noel gave him a dirty look. “Never mind! Forget i said anything!”brad said. 

After dinner. “Kath. Sence tomorow is valentine’s day. I was wondering if we could go out for dinner.” brad said. “Yea i dont see why not. Can we go after five a clock?”she asked.  “Sounds good! We agree, no bussiness? Just you and me? No cell phones or any other electronic device. Not even a calculator! Ok?” brad asked. 

“Not even a calculator?  What if i wanted to figure out the tip?” she asked.  “You have a 4.0 g.p.a? I think you can figure it out! Agreed?no technology? ” he asked. “Ok! Agreed. ” she respinded. “Sounds good!” he said. 

Kathy tried to get as much work done as possible before she had to go with brad. She had a Very productive day. There was stil things she wished to get done before the dinner date. He arived at the office promptly at 5:00.

“Hey its time. “He said. She got up. He gave her flowers and a bear. “I dis not want foster to be lonley!” he said.”very thoughtful!  Thank you. ” she told him. He hugged her “happy valentines day!” he told her. She said it back to him. 

They walked hand in hand to the car. He opened the car door for her. She went inside. He got into his car. They drove off.

They were escorted to a table. Sense her emancipation, she mostlt wore the simple blue sleve less dress ans usually went barefoot. Hear she wore a red dress and flip flops. Amy who was her asistent wore skirt and a tank top. She wore flip flop but they rarely stayed on. 

“I hope this was a good pick?”he asked. “Absolutely.  I have never been hear. I would rather to go any where connected to my old life. “She said.  “You cant avoid it foever. ” brad said. ” i know. I would rather avoid it as long as i can.” she said. 

“Ok. I do under stand that. “He said.”i want to create new traditions. Right now with you and me. Later on you me and our children. ” she told him. “Sounds good. I like that idea. ” brad said. 

The food arived, they started to eat. They had very plesent conversation then they were interupted.  Her cell phone rang. She answered it. She kept on it for a few minutes.  

“Sorry! ” she said. “Kath we agreed. No cell phones or any electronic device. ” she said. ” your right? I will turn it off. ” she said. As she was about to turn it off,the phone rang again. She picked up the phone and took the call. Much to brads chagrin.  

“Ok now i’m done! “She said. He tried not to be angry with her. He was madly in love with her. He got really qiet. He tried to sort all this out. “Ok my phone is off!”she said.

“Ok! I was really looking froward to this! Just you and me. ” he said. “I know i was too. Im sory. ” she said.Then her other  phone went off. She did not answer it. She turned it off. “You had a second phone?” he asked. 

“Yes. “She said. “Kath! Dont you want to spend time with me?” she asked.  “Of course i do. There is a lot of pressure on me. I am basicaly the c.e.o of a compony. I am also c.f.o and i have to keep it running. ” she said. “One night is not going to make a difference!” he said. “I know. ” she said. 

They walked to the car. She started to take his hand.he took it. “I am sorry i runed the night. ” she said “its ok. ” he said.

When they got home,  they hung out outside.she removed her flip flop. “You know your going to have to stop eventually! ” he said. “I Dont want to stop! If i stop i have to think about everything.  I Dont want to do that. I dont want to have to think about everything.  I dont want to confront the pain. “Kathy said. 

He hugged her. “You cant run from it. Its there. It only will be! You have to deal with is not going away. “He said. “Everyone i trusted, everyone who was suposed to care for me has betrayed me. ” she said.

“Not everyone!  I am hear for you. “He said. He held her closely.  “I know that.  I dont know my role in the larger scheme of things. Where do i fit in? I want this esate to be sucesfull. ” she said.

 “You have so much potential.  Your going to make this work.  I will be at your side? Sorting out the pratical stuff. Lets have some time together ok?” he asked.  “Ok! ” she said.

She started to break down. She tried to fight it. He told her not to. “Dont ! Dont fight it? ” he said.  She let her tears flood. He held her. “Kathy you not in this alone. We are in this together. I am not like the others. I wish i could say i would never let you down. I probability will. I am human but i care about you. ” he said. ” i know that. I love you ” she said. “I love you.  ” he said. 

“We have time just for us ok? ” brad asked. “Agreed. ” she said. They kissed. 

The end.

Kathy and brad will return. 


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