Holding hands part ten

Derek woke up the next morning around 7:00. Subday school started at 9:45. He was groggy at first.  He slowly came to his sencess. He then remembered what lexi had said to him. 

He showered and went down to breakfast. He was glad that the house had two batheooms or he never would have a chance at getting a shower especially on Sunday.  

After his shower, he went down stairs.  “Good morning. “Derrek said.everyone said good morning back. Derrek tried not to think about this decison right now.

He tried to focus on the services. He taught a sunday school class. He wanted to be used of the lord in that class. He wanted the lord to be able to cominicate to him in the maine service.  He prayed for focus. He was glad that he was able to focus on the service that day. 

That saterday night lexi got home and went right to her bed room. She was flooded with emotion. She cried a bit. She had beem so sure that this was God’s will. She stil was. 

Could he realy reject Gods will? Could he realy walk away? Could he leave all this behind forever?  She knew it had to be his decison.  Her life was literally on hold until he made his decison.  She tried to remain calm until then. 

The next day she went to her church. She went home and had dinner. She read some that afternoon.  She tried not to be troubled by all that was going on. She waa determined to go to his church that night even though she knew that it would be hard for her to do so. 

That afternoon, he spent time with his family. He helped his brother with the drone. His dad read a missionary book. Then they got ready for church. 

He walked into the church. He went right to the main auditorium. He looked around for lexi. There she was. He walked over to her. She was talking to a couple of people in the church. They had gotten used to her being in the church. “Hi lex. “He said. She did not smile like she usualy did. She did manege to get a hi in. 

They sat down. Neither one attempted physical contact.  “How are you doing?” he asked. “Doing fine!” she reaplied. “How was your church? “He asked. “Very penticostal!” she said. He laughed. 

They were mostly silent until the service begun. She realy enjoyed the message.  She liked pastor carlson’s preaching. After the service ,several church members came up to him. They always made her feel so welcomed. He walked her to her car. 

“Well have a good night!”he told her. “You too. “She said. He opened the door for her. She steped inside.they said there final goodbyes. He watched her drive off. He stood there for a couple of seconds.  Then he went to the house that was next door.  Once he arived, he went inside. 

“Are you two ok?” his mom asked. “Yea. We are fine!” he said. “Ok just making sure. “She said. “You two are usually very playfull. You usualy bantor and play off eachother. You did not do that tonight. “His farther said. “No we are fine.”he tried to assure them. 

He read in his devotions about eve and the fall of man. He wrote down some observations. The women was created from adam’s rib. She was literily a part of him. He called her flesh of his flesh.  Lex beleved that she was created for him and vice versa. On that point he decided that it was plausible. 

He concluded that lex could have been created to be his future wife. He beleved that there was no way to know for sure that was the case. In genises three,there was no formula given for how a husband should chose a wife. He Fell asleep while meditating on these verses.he woke up the next day when his alarm went off. 

He decided to talk to his dad in private.  “Dad. I wanted to talk to you about simomething in private?”derek asked. “I had a feeling you would be stoping by. ” his dad said. ” hear is my problem. I find it hard to believe that the lord would cominicate though a prophetic word. That lex and i should get maried. It makes no sense. “He told his dad. 

“Do you think that you should not marry her?”he asked. “The marriage would be built on the word.that is a bad fondation.everything that happened after is a byproduct of that declaration.  I cant get passed that. ” derrek said.

“You do like her?”his dad asked. “Yes i do. ” Derrek said. “You do want to be with with her””his dad asked. “I do . i am just not sure i should. “He answered. 

“Whenever a young man comes to me and says he wants to get maried,my first question is is she saved.  I have no doubt lexi is a belever. My next question is does she show evidence of sprituel growth?  Does she have a strong faith? I am confident that you can answer yes to those questions.  “His dad said.”yes i would agree with that. ” he said. 

“Do you beleve that she would be an aset to in any future ministry?”pastor carlson asked. “I defiantly do. She has gifts,skils and abilities that would be helpful. She is certainly is a people person. She probably be has the gift of encouragement.  She seems to be an ideal canidate to be a pastors wife. She could be multiple ministries.  I believe that she could definently compliment any ministery i might have.  ” derrek said. ” i would agree with that. “His dad said.

“My next question is do you beleve that she could encourage you to do good works. Not just in ministery but in everyday life. Will she be a good influence? Now everyone has an off day. Will she have a good influence in your life?” his farther asked.

“Yes i do. She has been a good influence in my life in the short time i have known her. I have no reason to think she wont be in the future. ” derek said. 

“Have you seen evidence that she has good charicter and integrity?  Does she have a good reputation?” pastor carlson asked. ” yes i do believe that she has good charicter and integrety. ” derrek said. “Everything i have seen that makes me agree with that conclusion. Many in the church have told me how impressed they are with her. “The pastor said.  

“I believe she would make a good wife,a great mom and a great partner. I think that she would make a great partner in a ministry. Nothing about her even her penticostal background seems to be a hinderence. “Derrek said.”i agree. It was a concern at first but i am not as concerned at this point. “His farther said. 

“For me the issue is the word. While i met her prior to the word,it was breef. The linch pin of our romantic life if you will was the word. The word brought us to where we are today. I am sure i can acept a relationship that begin with the word. How can the lord possibly bless it?” Derrek asked.

“Lets say that the word never happened. You said that you had a report before the word. What if your romance grew wirhout the word? Would you have the same reservations?” he asked.  “No i dont think i would. I cant ignore the word. “He said.  “I understand tbat. I do agree but lets look at wvery facet of this. She does meet the orther criteria. Lets not dismiss it out of hand.  ” he said.

“I know that. She is very godly. She has a lot that is praise worthy.  I cannot get pass the word. Had the word not occured,would anyrhing else that occured would it have? I have no idea. I find that troubling. “Derrek said.

“God desires a young man to leave his parrents and to form a new family with his wife. Some he calls to be single. A godly mariege brings hournor to the lord. Your mom and i are hardly perfect but i thank the lord every day for her. I could not have asked for a more godly wife. I am very thankfull for her. I believe that lexi will be a good wife to whoever she maries. From a biblic standpount she has good qalities. The word does change things. “His dad said. 

“If the word is incorect how can the union? If the word is untrue how can anything else be of the lord? If the word is false doctrine how can i go any further?” Derrek asked. 

“If that is the case why not just end the relationship?  Why agonize over it? “His dad asked. “I do like her. We do click. We conect.i dont knoe why but we do. I realy enjoy spending time with her. ” Derrek said. 

“Your very divided right now?”his dad asked. “Yes i am. I know its not healthy.  I just cant come to a difinitive conclusion. ” Derek said.

“At this point your in a kind of limbo. ” his dad commented. “Worse. Lex is in limbo. “Derrek said.”you have to take that into consideration.  This affects her as well.  “Pastor  Carlson said. ” i do know that. I respect that. ” derrek said. 

“Were it not for the phophethic word, i would have no problem suporting your relationship with her. I understand your apprehension.  ” he told her.

“Are you pushing for us to be together? “Derrek asked. “No. You have not really been intetested in dating before . mom and i were curious why you were not intetested in dating. Some thing has changed inside of you. Its like you have come alive. There is a spark in you that was not there before.  You care about her. You have to seak the lord in this. He never wants his will to be a secret. He says so. Search it out.” his dad told him.

“I just dont see how i cam justify it.i realy think i may have to tell her that i cant persue this. “Derrek said. “Seek the lord. He will give you the stregth to do what you need to.” his farther said. 

Derrek wished that he could just get an answer.  He was really confused. He was prety sure that he had no choice but to end all this. He felt that that was how it had to be.

He continued his srudies into marriage in the bible. He looked at how Isaac found his wife. Abraham sent his nost trusted servent to find a wife for his beloved son. Rebecca was open to it. Many feel that the servent is a type of the holy sprit. Rebecca like lexi apeared to be a bit of a spitfire.  He was not sure the paralel were real. 

He prayed a lot that night.  Her prayed for wisdom.  He prayed for a difinitive answer. He prayed for the courage to obey when he did get the answer. He tried to be patcient. It was hard to be patcient.

After a time of prayer,he went to bed. He let his mind waunder before he fell asleep.  He fell asleep and slept until morning.

He went downwtairs and eat breakfast.  His mom and dad were at the table. “Your dad said that your reevaluating your relationship with lexi? “Anna asked. “Yes. Lexi wants me to have a firn decison.  I am working on it. “Derrek said. “Any headway?”his dad asked.”not yet!”Derek said. 

 That night he went ovet jacob and leah,rachelle and labin. He read about samoson and delilah. Also ruth. He wished that there was a verse that said,thou shalt mary lexi. Even thou shalt not marry lexi would also be helpful.  He knew that would not happen.  

End of part ten 


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