Only a matter of time part seven

“So do you have any rules for dating?”becky asked him. “Well i never really wrote it down. She has to be a belever. More then that,she has to show signs of spiritual growth and has to keep growing. I want her to have a growing faith. We have to have similer goals.a similar misson. I feel called to pastor a church in the united states. If a  lady felt called to a foregn field that would not be a good fit. Parental involvement is must. Both my parents and hers. “He said.

“I dont believe in casual dating myself.  Any dating should contain an expectations that mariege is a posibility. ” he told her. 

“Does she have to be independent fundamental baptist?”becky asked. He blushed a bit. She could tell that she hae put him on the spot. “No. Not necessarily.  I gues i assumed that she would be i.v.b but it is not necessarily a deal breaker if she is not. I want her to love the lord. I want her to be a partner in the ministry. ” he said.  

“I can tell that you have really thought. I assume that you want to be married? “Becky asked.  He smiled. “I do.  ” he responded. “I thought you did but i figured i would ask. “She said “by the way you talk i assume you also desire to be married. “He remarked. 

“I do. I am not guy crazy but i do thibk about it. Ok maybe i am. ” she said.  “So does your future husband have to be penticostal?” he asked “i would say no. I gues i assumed he would be. I know a lot of evengelical churches churches now embrace the gifts of the holly sprit.  I want someone who loves the lord. I want to be involved in some kind of ministry.  I want to be maried to someone i can partner with in the ministry stry.”she said. 

Something went off in his mind.  He got so happy. He felt like things were starting to fall into place.  He felt like this waa some kind of signal.  He never thought this would happen.

“Do you want to be in full time ministry? ” he asked. “Definently Definently! “She answered enthusiastically.  “Would you be oppen to becoming a pastor’s wife?” he asked.  

She later admitted to him that after they started dating that she totaly misinterpreted that question. She took it as academic.  It did not occur to her that he was giving essentially a pre perposal perposal.

“Yes i would be open to being a pastor’s wife. “She told him. “Oh good! “He said. She was surprised that he was as happy as he was with that answer. It had not occurred to her that he was giving a hint hint. Had she realized what he had been implying,he might have given a different answer. 

In retrospect, she was glad that she did not know what he was getting at. Both felt that the lord was briging them together.  It was in a behind the scenes kind of way. It all worked out. It worked out in a way no one could have anticipated.  

Today she was she was not ready to even think about a relationship with Kevin.  It did not even enter her radar. She considered him a friend but not a potential love interest. It did not occur to her that he did feel that way. In her mind they were too different for such a union.  She figured that he would see that that way.

She would have shocked if she knew that he felt the way he did. She did not even suspect that she might like her. Despite the failure to speak the same language they were brought closer together.  

“I am surprised that you are not romantically involved with anyone. “She commented. “I dont date to date.  I have never had any peace about pursuing anyone.there were some i almost asked out. I felt so jitery that i had to back off. You know i have never been on a date. “Kevin said. 

“Never? “She asked.  “Never! “He answered.  “Your ok with that?”she asked.  “Not always.  I have been tempted to rush a head.i almost did on a couple of occasions. I believe that God is in control.  I know he has a plan. I have to trust is not always easy. I wish i could say i always handled in in the correct manner but i have not. Right now i am at peace with it. ” he said.

“Are you sure she is out there? “She asked.  “I am certain of it. “He answered.  From what i have observed, you are a godly person. Your sensitive to God”s will. I know you will make a fine husband.  “She said. 

“I know that you will make a great wife. “He told her. “You really think so? You have not caught me at my best. I was afraid that you would think the opposite. “She declared. 

“I know it gnawed at you. I see the pain in your eyes. I know that know the lord. Sometimes we learn from our failures more then our strength.  When we repent we see the power of God’s grace. Forgiveness is a vital part with God. We should never sin that grace mwy abound. When we do sin we do have an advocate with the farther. I see that in you.  God will use that in your future ministry. I know that.  You have many qalities of a good wife. Your active in the things of the lord. You will make a great wife. ” he told her. 

“So! How will you know when you have met the person God has for you? “She asked. “I am trusting in the lord. I know he has a perfect plan. “He answered.

“I am not sure how i will know. Right now i am very werry. I dont realy want to think about it. I dont want to miss it. Jake was a distraction. I hope becuase of that i wont miss what he has for me or who.”she said. 

They discused this conversation later after they had oficialy gotten together.  “Why didn’t you say anything that day kev?”she asked him.”i wanted to. I suspected that it was not the right time. I did want to scream hello im hear. “He said. She huged him and said. “Yes you are. “She said. 

“What if i do miss it?”she asked. “Keep looking. Though it terry wait for it. I know i am taking that verse out of  context.  “He said. “I wont tell anyone. ” she said.they both laughed. 

He later told her that he so badly wanted to tell her how he felt. He knew that it was not the right time. She told him that it would not have been.  “I would not have understood. I was not ready them. Some things take time. This was one of them hunnie. “She told him.

“I understand that. It was hard .it was not easy waiting.  It was Definently worth it.  ” he said.she kissed him. 

“Right not your weary.  Keep looking for Gods directionin this.keep watching for that person. Keep waiting.  This is important Becky. “He told her.  “You have my assurance on that. “She said.

She had no idea why this waa so important to him. In retrospect it made perfect sence. He believed that she would realize that he was the one God had for her in time. He had no idea when that would be. He decided to trust the lord in this. 

They decided that they should probably be going.he walked her to her car.  “I had a really good time this morning.  He smiled as he said it. She smiled back. “I did too. I am really glad we got to do this. “She said. 

“We will have to do this again sometime. “He said. “Absolutely.  I would love to. I always enjoy sending time with you!” she told him. 

“I really enjoy spending time with you as well. “He told him. “I will see you around!  She said “you got it. “He watched her drive off. He really enjoyed being with her.  Things were starring to fall into place. He was excited to see how it would progress.

End of part seven. 



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