Wake up call 

I am craig. I am a graduate of an independent independent baptist colege. I am pastoring a smal church i help start in a smal town.i kept myself prety buisy. I kept myself buisy but i did not mind.i enjoyed serving the lord. 

I did not have much time for a social life . While most pastors these days are maried, i was stil single. I wanted to be maried but ministry kept me preocupied.  I did not feel comfortible dating someone in my church. 

One morning i woke up. I was in my bed room. The room looked different. The sheets were different. The room had been redecorated.  There were things i did not recognize. There were stuf i did not remember ever having. 

What was going on? This made no sense. I looked at my hand. I was waring a wedding ring. This was bizare.  I looked at a picture frame.  In the photo was myself with a girl that i presumed was my wife. I did not recognize her. We looked happy. In the picture we were far apart. If i had gotten maried,would int i remember it?

The door to the bathroom opened.i was startled.  I jumped. “Babe you ok?” she asked. “Yea i just got lost in thought. I did not hear you opening the door. ” he said. “Lost in thought? Out oh! We have only been maried for three days. Too late to back out now! Your stuck with me!”she said in a playful tone.

“Yes it seams som “he responded.”your not having second thoughts are you? I know it seams like your from vulcan and i am from rissa but we have made it this Far! “She said. 

“No im fine. I am still waking up. I am still groggy.  You know me i am not a morning person. “He said. 

“I know that. Everyone knows that. Mr. Vern warned me. “She said “i am not suprised. ” i said.

“Craig allen wallice what is going on?”she asked. “What do you meean? “He asked. “I have been in hear for a few minutes. No hugs no kisses, no teasing me about my former profession.  Nothing!”she said. 

I was reluctent to engage her in physical contact.  Although it seems we are ligally maried,my memory loss is concerning. Preferred not to engage her as a wife until i figured this all out. 

“You have not been replaced by a changling have you?”she asked. “What?”i asked. “Never mind!”she said. “Are you upset with me? “I asked.  “You think? Your acting all loopy. More then usual. I want my husbands back. You dont kiss me. Three days of marriage and your not into it any more. “She said

I tried to change the subject. “I love this picture!” i said .”your sister took the pictute. She tried to get you to get closer to me. You and pc!”she remarked. 

“Jill took that picture?” i asked. “No tracy! How could you forget ?”she asked. “Tracy yea. She loves cameras. ” i said.

I could see that she was quite upset.i had no idea who she was.to my knowledge i had never met her.i had no idea what to do. 

“Yea !”she said. She was clearly despondent.  “Tracy and jill wanted me to get an instragram account . i never saw the need for it. ” i told her.

“Please tell me your not going to go into one of your famous or infamous diatribes on social media.i think i can recite it verbatim. “She said. 

“My fanily uses sushes me before i get too far. ” i told her. “Why are you acting like you dont know me craig? I am your wife and very best friend. You look at me like i am a stranger. What happened? Your not looking at me like you usually do!”she commented.

She looked so distressed.  She seemed to be in love with me. I did not need to ask. I have never seen that kind of love from a non family member. I had all the evidence i needed that she loved me. I hated seing the hurts in her eyes. To me she was a complete stranger. 

“I guess i feared that you would get tired of me eventually.  I never thought it would happen after three days of marriege. “She said. 

I had no idea what to do. I felt i had to have my gaurd up until i figured out what was going on. I tried to bluf my way of this but she called me on it every time. I may not know her but she knew me. 

What could i tell her? Sory hunnie i dont know who you are. I dont remember anything about you. I dont even know your naime. I felt that i had to keep my gaurd up. I needed to verify in my mind that we were indeed maried. 

“You have no response? Unbelievable! “She said. She left the room. She put on flip flops. She got her purse. “Where are you going?”i asked. “I cant be hear right now. I am going for a drive. I am puting on seculer radio. When i come back i want my husbend to be hear. ” she said. 

I had no idea what to do. Should i follow her? I did not know anything about her. I let her go. She got in her car and drove away. Apearently we had two cars. The car i had and hers.

I probably should have gone after her. I had no idea who she was . she was a complete stranger to me. I knew i was hurting her but what could i do? I have no memory of meeting her.

 I looked around the room. My stuf was there but so was her things. She seemed to be a startrek and science fuxtion fan. She liked mysteries and romance books. 

I looked at my face book account. I saw wedding pics. I looked happy. We both looked happy.  There was a clip of the weding kiss. I clicked on it. 

My farther was the presider. He said that i could kiss the bride.  I leened over and kissed her. She was so happy.  I saw that i liped something to her before i kissed her. I could not hear what i said but i was prety sure i knew what i told her. The clip ended.  I knew some of the people who liked the clip but not everyone. 

I checked my profile. It said i was maried to rebecca garner wallice. Ok so her name is rebecca. Why did i not remember anything about her? I asked my dog fredie about rebecca.he was not too helpfull. 

She was prety. She seemed to like me. What do i do? Should i embrace her? Can i embrace her biblically? How can i fulfil a vow i dont remember making?  Is this some jind of calvinistic predestination.  I did not want to check her profile. I wanted to really remember.  

After a while ,i heard the car pull up.it was rebecca. At least i know her name now. She came inside. “Hey rebecca! “I said. “Rebecca! Is this fornal tuesday? Do i need to call you pastor wallice? ” she asked.

“Whats wrong with rebecca?  “I asked. “At least your nit calling me reverend! “She remarked. “Why would i call you reverend? “I asked.

I was totaly confused. I had no idea what she was talking about. She was confused. “How could you not get that joke?” she asked. 

“Look i think some thing wrong. I think i need to go to the hospital. I think i might need to get an m.r.i. ” i told her. She had been realy upset with me. Her entire countenance changed as did her body language.  “Oh babe! Are you ok?” she asked. I decided i should not surget coat it. “I dont know!” i responded. “Ok come on. ” she said. 

To be continued. 


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