Wake up call part two

Previously on wake up call

Craig a young pastor wakes up discovering he got married. He had no memory of marrying this young lady. He does not even remember meeting her. At first he tried to bluf his way out of this but finaly he decided to tell her that something is up. 

“Look! I think that something is wrong. I think i need to go to the hospital. I think i might need to get an m.r.i. ” i sugested.  

 She had been really upset with me.her whole countenance and body language changed. “Oh babe! Are you ok? “She asked. “I dont know. “I said. I decided not to dugar coat it. 

If i needed evidence that she loved me,i did not any more.  I dont think i knew what marriege really was until that moment. How could i ever doubt she loved me after that.

She drove.we took her car. She had a secular radio starion on but changed it to k love. She held my hand on the way to the hospital.  They did conduct an m.r. i on me. 

“We found no evidence of a brain tumor or cancer. We did evidence of inflamation. It is not life threatning but it may be the cause of your memory loss. I see no reason to keep you hear but i want to see you in a few days. I reccomend that you dont drive or operate heavy machinery for now. “The doctor told him.

“She held my hand the whole time.”i cant remember the last two years. I cant remember meeting my wife or anything about our relationship.  I got maried a few fays ago but cant remember it ” i told the doctor. 

“I honestly dont know if your memory will return or not. The inflamation is inhibiting your short term memory. Why? I have no idea. “The doctor told him. 

After i was alowed to go home. “Babe! I am so sorry.  I had no idea “she said. “I was afraid to tell you. Afraid thatyou would not believe me.how could you beleve me?” he said. 

The car parked. “You ok?”she asked.”yea i feel fine. “I told her.we walked out of the car. We walked to the house. We went to the bedroom.

“I should not have gotten mad at you.  I am insecure.  I am woried you will regret your decison to marry me. You always tease me about it. “She said.

“Why are you insicure? It seems we have a close relationship.  ” i remarked. ” well i am afraid that you will get sick of me. I am a handfull. I am not particually independent fundamental baptists. “She said. 

“Oh! “I said. I was suprised. I figured i would marry a fellow i.f.b member. I gues i could see myself marying a non fundimental baptist. I could have never beleved my wife would be a non baptist. 

“I cant believe you did not know. You see when we met i pastored a united methodist church. “She said.”that would explain the reverend becky nickname. ” i remarked. “Yea. Not my favorate pet name but i adjust to it. “She said. 

“So how did we meet? “He asked. “Well you were heading home after visiting ambassasor . my church used to be free methodist but joined the united Methodist church. In the united Methodist tradition,they send pastors me in this case. We chatted after the service.  Then qe realized that everyone else had left. We went out for cofee. You paid. We talked for an hour. A week later you showed up. You brought me coffee with the extra turbo schot that i like.  I came to see you. I came on “businesses” . we kept meeting up. After 7 dates,  we decided we were dating. ” she told him. 

“Doctrinal differences were not an issue then? ” i asked. “Oh it was. We broke up ten times. The longest lasted a week. After the last breakups, you came to my office with a promise ring. You huged me and refused to let go. You promised me that you were in it no matter what. We both cried that day. That was the day i knew i was going to marry you. ” she told me. 

“Are you still a united Methodist pastor?” i asked. “No .i steped down. It was my choice. You always woried you put too much presure on me to leave. I came at that decison on my own. I grew up in a baptist church. I rebelled. I rerurned to christianity. I wanted to do it on my terms. I never felt right about it. I felt a fredom in doing it. The firat week i was i. A funk. You were so suportive of me. You loved on me that week.you made me feel so special. ” she said.

“You really are in love with me?” he asked. “Madly and deeply! I know it might not make sense. The hear does what the heart does. It did come out of no where.  ” she said. 

“You are in love with me!” i said.she took my hand and put it in myine. “It was not love at first sight.  It was incrimental. I was over a long period of time. Seing your face always makes me smile. There is no doubts in my mind that God created you for me and vice versa. I dont doubt that one bit. I thank the lord for you. ” she said. 

It was a bit uncomfortable. No one has ever talked to me like that. I had never been in love. I was not sure that it excisted. I bearly knew you but i know she loved me. I was overwhelmed. I wish i could remember all of this. 

“So am i in love with you?” he asked.”i am prety sure you are. You always show me that you are loved. You do little and big things.  Your always thinking about me. I remember being at a bible study and getting a text from you that said i loved you. Everyone wandered why i was blushing. ” she said. 

I did not know her. I had no idea who she was. As far as i knew i had never met her. I did not remember meeting her. I saw the mariege license.  According to the law we were maried. 

“I can see why you were so upset. “He told her. “I should have known that something was wrong. I overacted.  You were not acting like you.” she said. 

“Its ok.there is no way you could have known. ” i told her. “I really hope you will get your memory back. I want us to get back to being us. I want to start our lives together. “She said. 

“I want that too. I desperatey want to remember.  ” i told you. “I hope you do. Your different. Your stil you but at the same time your not the same. I love you no matter what but i miss you the you im use to. “She said. 

“This is hard on you. ” i remarked.”very! I know you like no one else does. I know you dont trust me yet. I see the difference in your eyes. Your not the same person i have come to know. Your almost from a different time. A time before we met. I am a conplete stranger to you. ” she said. 

“You have me at a disadvantage. I dont know me but you know me. ” i said.”you dont fully accept that we are maried. Not yet. You have your shields up. I know that. I can tell these things. I know you.”she said. 

She was right. I did not want it to be true. If this was a trick, it was a very eleborate one. I was fairly certain that it was not a sham. I probably was maried.  It was still hard.

I had no idea what to do. I was not prepared for this. I found i did cate about her. I found it dificult to fully embrace her. Why did i mary her? It does not make any sense. She did not seam to be my type. She is strong willed,complicated yet i do myself drawn to her somehow.  

I sat om the couch for a while. She decided to go to bed. “I am going to bed. Are you coming?” she asked.”i want to sit hear for a bit. I will be in later. ” i said. “Ok. “She said im a disappointed tone.

This was my house. It had been beckafied. Our life had been intermingled. Everywhere i looked,i saw evidence of her. I went to my den. I saw a picture of us. There was a book i did not recognize. It was entitled a history of Methodistsm. I figured it was a guft from bec. I went to the first page. There was a note from bec. “Well i figured you needed this book. I have realy shaken up your life. I came in like a wreaking ball. Love reberend becky. ” 

I found my journal. There were entries i never remembered writing.i saw my wedding day journal.  “Wow! Today is my wedding day! I have heard orther people say that they were going to marry there best friend. How can my soul mate be a former methodist minister? A girl that qoates star trek,ocasionaly listen to secular music, and describes herself as a recovering feminist. Becky qoating b 5 would say that the heart does what the heart does. ” 

“I know that she was created for me.she had the talents and abilities that complimented me and my ministry. She fills in my gaps. I am so excited to begin my life with her. ” 

I could not read any more. I closed the book. I neded time to process this. I put the journal away. I went back to the living room. I sat down on the couch. I pondered.  I was really confused. I understood her position.  I was skidish about embracing you.

It was odd. I felt that i haf a stranger in my own house. I was a bit uncomfortable with her being hear. I know the evidence sugest that we are ligally maried. It seams that we are bibilically maried. I have a bard times with all of this. 

I was tired. I fell asleep on the sofa.i could sleep anywhere and have. I did not mind sleeping on the couch. It was a warm night and i did not need a blanket. I slept soundly. 

To be continued.  


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