Only a matter of time part 8

Kevin was part of a summer missons trip. His team was assisting a new church plant.  While in the town he met a penticoastal lady naimed becky. He felt drawn to her.

On a Sunday night she called him. “Hey beck!” he said. “How was church? ” she asked. “Excelent. The preaching was really good. We had some new people.  How was your church?” he asked. 

“Really good. I am glad things are going good at your church.  “She said. “I am too. ” he said. 

That week he was busy with various activities in the church. He did some visatation folowering up with visitors in the church. They made some new contacts as well. He was also busy with mid week service. They did sone yard work and other work. 

Becky tried to get back into the word. She had seen her relationship with the lord slip.  She now wanted to hold on to the lord with all she had. She realized that He had never stoped holding on to her. She started to journal again.  She tried to hold on to this. She wanted to capture it. 

Kevin and becky continued to talk on the phone. She found him to be an encouragement.  She was surprised by that. He was a cessationest. Yet when she spoke to him he challenged her to keep on with the lord. He challenged her to go deeper. She was thankful to the lord for him.  

They did not see a lot of each other but got together on tusdays for cofee. A friendship really started to develop.  One that was growing.  The signs were that it would continue to grow. 

At the same time his sister sarah seemed to be developing a friendship with fellow penrucostal eric. Kevin was a bit unsure about it.  “You know i think eric and sarah really like other.” she saud during a tuesday cofee meet. “I am not sure about that. It because i dont want sarah to grow up. It is not because he is penticoastal.  “He said. Becky chucked.  “I know that. ” she said. 

 One day sarah went to see becky. “Becky on saterday kev and i are going to see our parrents home for his birthday. Do you want to come?” she asked.

“Oh i Dont know. I dont want to imtrude on family time. It has been a couple of months sense you seen them. I dont want to get in the way of that. ” becky said. 

“I talk to my parents. They would love for you to come. Please. I would love for you to be there.  I know kevin would too. ” becky told her.

“Are you sure they dont mind?” she asked. “No its fine. Are you coning?” sarah asked. She was really nervous about it. “Oh ok. I will come. ” becky answered. Sarah smiled. “Excellent.  ” she said. 

That saterday becky drove to where kevin and sarah were staying. Becky decide to ware a skirt not pants. She arrived promptly.  

“Happy birhday. “She said.she handed him a present. ” thank you. “He said.”you want to open this hear not at your parents!”she incisted. He laughed. He opened the present. It was a book. “God’s on fire. The penticoastal revolution.  ” he said. 

“It is a realy good book on the history of the penticoastal movement. ” she said.  “Let me gues. It is from a penticoastal perspective?  “He remarked.  “You got it?”he said. He laughed.he looked at the cover. “To Kevin,i am so glad to have met you. The lord is at work in your life. I just wish you would fully embrace the holy sprit but mayby this book will inspire you.  Happy birthday. Love becky.”  

Kevin and Becky talked almost the whole way there. They were playfull. Sarah barely got a word in edgewise. She was fine with that. She thought that they were really cute. They engaged in a lot of  bentor. 

The car arived in drake. “This is my home town.  “He said to her. “You grew up hear?”becky asked. “Sence i was seven years old.  Say was four years old. ” he said. “How many are in your family? ” becky asked. “There are seven. I am the oldest. The youngest is two mounths. ” kevin said. 

 He pointed out some scenes. A famous bridge. There church.there first church. The uniterian church.he pointed out the penticoastal church.he pointed out some houses and some other sites. Then they arived at his house. The car parked. They all got out. 

Becky was a bit nervous. She tried to stay calm. They walked inside. She folowed kevin and sarah to the door.the door opened. There mom and dad came out with there baby dsughter. There younger siblings came out with them.  they were eiger to see there brother and sister. 

They huged there family. They were so happy to see them. They were so happy to see them. “You must be becky!” his mom asked. “I am. It is good to meet you. ” becky said. “Kevin and Sarah have spoken highly of you. We are pleased to Finaly meet you. ”  mom said. 

They went inside. Becky realy liked his family.  They were all very nice. They were funy. They made her feel very welcome.  

After he opened presents, they eat cake and ice cream. “Can you join me out on the steps?” he asked. “Sure!” she said. They went outside. ” beck i am so glad you came tonight! ” kevin remarked. “I am glad i came too. ” she said. 

“Look i wanted to ask you something.” he said. “What is it?” she asked. “Well i was wondering if you would consent to i Dont know dating courting what ever you want to call it.” he said. 

She stood up. “Oh! Kevin i cant date you!”she said. “Why not?” he asked. “Your not penticoastal.  “She said. “You wont date a non penticoastal?” he asked. “I would rather date a penticoastal.  Look your a great guy. I cant. Im sory. ” she said 

“Im sory. I wont bring it up again.” he said. ” im sory.  I know this was not what you wanted to hear. Your a  dear friend kev. ” she said.  “I know that. ” he said.  “Your upset?” she asked. “Im fine!” he said.

She admited later that she was staetled. She had not expected it. She later told him she wished she had taken a step back.  She wished she had thought it over. She regreted spoiling his birthday.  She was just was not ready yet. When they did get together they laughed about this day. 

That day he had no idea what to do. He realy thought that the door was totaly closed never to be opened. 

They went back inside. The rest of the night went fairly well. They tried to hide the fact that anything went ary. 

On the way home they were qiet. Gone was the bantering that had gone on on the ride to. Sarah had to do all the talking.  She tried to engage them but nothing hapened. It was a long trip back.  

They brought her to where they wete staying. Sarah said her good night. “I am realy sory i ruined your birthday pary. It was not my intention. ” she said. “I know that.  Its ok. I am glad you got to meet my family. ” he said.  “Well have a good night.”she said.”you too.” he said

She drove off. He watched her go.”you ok?” sarah asked. ” i asked her if she wanted to date me. She said no. Doctrinal differences.  ” he said. “You knew that it would be an issue.  “Sarah said. “Yea i did. Becky is so special to me. I thought we could work on it. ” he said. 

He went upstairs. He went to his room.he prayed a bit. He tried to make sense of all this. 

Becky was unsetled. She had no peace.she did not know what to do.she tried to focus. 

End of part 8. 


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