Holding hands part 12

Derek went to classes in the morning.  He tried to focus on school work. He did not want to get sidetracked. After school he decided to go talk to pastor jeff at lexi’s church. He hoped to be able to talk to him. 

Weird he found it odd just how familar with the pentecostal church he was. He asked a janitor where the pastors office was. As he walked he saw pastor jeff the sr pastor. “Hi derrek. “The pastor said.

“Can i talk to you for a minute?”derek asked. “Of course this way”he said. They went to his office at the end of the hall. They entered the office. He closed the door.

“I had been meaning to sit down with you but i have bot got there yet. Pitfalls of pastoring a mega church.”jeff said. “I am an asitent pastor at a church of thirty regular attenders and find it hard to juggle a shedule. I totaly understand.”derrek said. 

“Im sure the pronouncement of the word was quite a shock to your syistom.”jeff remarked.  “It was. As a baptist i find the notion of a prophetic word to be problematic.  I cant beleve that the lord still cominicate in this mannor. “He said. 

“Well we dont plan these things. I simply got the feeling. I had to coninicate this. I knew nothing about you. I know lexi quite well.  I just felt that i had to delare this to the church. I knew nothing of your back ground. I had no ulterior motive in bringing it to you. It is not a scam. “He said.

“I cant bring myself to acept that it is from the lord. Lexi ow amazing. I have not found anyone quite like her. I wish we had met in a different mannor. “Derrek told him. 

” i find it inconceivable that people do not beleve in prophecy. For me i see no moral dilemma.  I understand where you are coming from. I respect your point of view.”jeff said. 

“It is just hard for me to accept that our relationship is form the lord. I cant deny how i feel about her. “He said. 

“Everyone has different views about Christian marieges. Some beleve that you can chose anyone provided they are saved. I believe that God creates a spouse for people. I cant prove it from scripture.  I cant beleve a decision not crucial to left to chance.do you believe its possible that she was created with you in mind and vice versa?” jeff asked. 

“From what i have seen it certently possible.  We do click even though we could not be futher away on several isues. ” derrek said. 

“Are yoy having doubts about the relationship? “Jeff asked. “I do. The doubts all concern the word. I see nothing about her character or intregrety that would cause me dificulty. “He said. 

“This is something only you can figure out. Whatever you decide you must be fully persuaded in your mind. I really beleve you two are ment for eachother. It is not just the word.  The fact you are hear. The fact that your grasping for staws. Hoping to justify it. You do want this. ” pastor jeff said. 

“I do want this. At first i was sceptical but now. If i make the wrong choice the consequences are enormous. ” he asked.  ” they always are. “Jeff added.”i have no idea what i will do”he said.

“I hope you will decide to continue your relationship with her. “He said.”i am seriously consider it. “Derrem said. 

“I assume if and lexi get maried,you two will go to your church? “He asked.”my dad is the pastor of gospel Baptist church. Dad has been mentoring me. I am doing an internship. I am a defecto assistant pastor. I feel called to being a pastor. Were we to get maried, gbc would be our home church. She is ok with that. I know it will be hard for her. She really likes this church.  ” derrek said. 

“Lexi is a vital part of our church. She will be missed. I want her to be where the lord wants her to be. I hope you two will not be strangers. I am glad you have been comming.  I hope you will try to understand her world. ” the pastor said. He considered her words. 

Lexi was driving home from her clases. She drove by the church. She was suprised to see derrek’s car at the church. She was curious. She considered stoping. Then her phone went off. 

She wondered if it was derrek. She saw that it was someone else.  She picked it up. “Hello joel! Whats up?” lexi asked. “Hi lexi i am in town. Alumni bussiness. I was wondering if we get together for lunch? ” joel said. “Yea ok. ” she said. 

Derrek left the church feeling good about things. He felt like he was closer to a decison. He was starting to think he could be with lexi and stil be sceptical of the word. He realized he liked pastor jeff personaly. He went to his car. 

Joel was considered a legend in the penticostal world. He was a senior when she was a freshman. He had already  been very involved in penticostal circles even before he went to college.  He had a blog and you tube chenel and was already a thought leader in the movement before he started his collegiate life. She found herself enamered with him.she had no idea he was there until she arived on campus.  She had folowed his blog and listened to his podcast. She was thriled to meet him. 

She wanted to date him. At one time it seemed to head in that direction. The aura serounding him dissipated. Joel was a showman. He seamed to struggle with pride. She eventually backed off . 

“”So how long will you be in town?”she asked. “A week. I am trying to start evengistic meetings in the reigion. “Joel said. “Is this a target area ?” she asked. “It is. It seems the perfect area for a revival.  I believe we can duplicate the revival in Toronto and Florida hear. I believe this could be the beggining of something. ” Joel said. 

“Is the school behind it?” she asked. “They have there doubts. I believe they will. I am trying to work on the alumli association.  I hope that if i can get there suport then the school will suport it. “Joel said. 

“Why this area?” she asked. “It just seams to make sense.  Sprit of fire is hear. There are several penticostal mega churches hear. It seems to be the best spot. ” joel said. “I see. “She said.

“Lexi i know we did not leave on the best of terms.  I regret that. I feel we could have been a great item. ” joel said. “Joel im seing someone. Its prety serious. ” she said. 

“I looked over your profile. Really a casationist. How can you even consider dating someone like that. I know you read over lord a look at the history of the casation movement.  People like him stifle the work of the holy spirit. ” joel said. 

Lexi wished that she had not accepted his offer to go to lunch with him. She just wanted to get out of there. How could she be so blind? 

“Like i said it is very serious. ” she said. “How serious?” he asked. She thought to herself. “Im going to mary this man. ” . “it is very serious. ” she said. ” i see. ” joel said. 

“So would you be interested in being involved in evengilistic crusades were they to occur?” he asked.  “I want to see how involved thr school is. We will see. I dont want to commit quite yet. ” she said. “I see. I hoped you would jump at it. I know you have jumped on to previous crusades. ” he said. “Perhaps i will junp on this one. I want to see how it shapes up. ” she said. “Ok. “He said. 

Derek left the church parking lot. He drove passed the restaurant. He saw her car. He saw her walking out with joel. Oh no he thought. Did i wait too long? Did i blow all this? He wondered. 

He drove home. He got a call on his on his phone. He looked at his phone.it was doctor l. Everit tompson.he picked up the phone. ” hello sir. ” he said. 

“Hi i am speaking in chepel tomorrow. I was hoping you would stop by . ”   he said. “Of course. I would be happy to. ” he said. 

He drove to the guest house on campus. He parked the car. He got out of the car. He knocked on the door. He was greated by doctor tompson. “Derrek its good to see you. ” tompson said. “Thank you sir. It is good to see you. ” derrek responded. 

He saw someone with him. “You remember my granddaughter hilda. ” he said. “Of course. Hello hilda. It is good to see you. ” derrek said. “Likewise. ” she said. 

They invited him to have diner with them at the presidents residence.  He agreed. After he got some time with hilda. There had some interest between the two. It had never emerged. 

“How have you been?” hilda asked. “Good. You?” Derek said. ” very good. ” he said. “Im glad to hear that. ” she said.

They talked for a while. His phone went off. It was lex. He felt it was rude to interupt his conversation with hilda. Hilda was like him. They were very similar.  He and lex realy never made sence to him. 

 “It is true your romantically involved with soneone?” she asked. “Yes i am with someone “Derrek said. “I knew i would loose you if i did not act. It was never the right time.  Did you ever consider an us?” she asked. “I did. I have not lately. ” he said.  “What about this seccond?”hilda asked.

 Lexi drove to her apartment.  She drove passed his campus.  He saw Derrek with a girl she did not recognize. She feared that she had pushed him away. She went home sad. 

She called a friend.  “Hi reese. Its lexi. “She said.”hi i have been meening to call you. Joel ganong may contact you. If it does walk away. I fear he may be the next tod bently. “Reese said. “He did contact me. I want to stay clear of him. “She said.

“Good.  I am glad to hear it. I hope Sprit of fire will follow suit. ” reese said. “I think they will. ” she said. “I am glad you saw though him. You have always showed evidence of good discernment.  “Reese said. “I had a bad feeling about this. At one time i probably would have blndly followed him. My spindy sence has improved.  I wanted to marry Joel once upon a time. ” she said. “I remember.  I was so jealous.  “Reese said. “I did not realize that.  ” she said. 

“Well i will let you go. I am glad i got to talk to you. ” reese said. “It is good to hear from you. ” she said. 

Was things heading in a bad direction. Could things get back on tract? 

End of part 12. 



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