Only a matter of time part 9 

Previously on only a matter of time.

 While on a missons trip aiding a church plant , a young ministerial student met a young lady who was a penticoastal. Despite differences they seam to hit it off. They started hanging out with eacother. She even went to his birthday party. 

He asked her out on a date. She declined. She insisted that she does not date non penticoastal. 

Kevin realized that he alowed himself to get distracted. He decided to get serious. He got back to why he was hear. He kept the main thing the maine thing. He saw things happening.

Sence they arrived, they saw three new fanilies who had become regular attenders. There was a man who got saved and soon after his wife got saved. They were being disiplied and becoming more and more a part of the church. 

There was a man and his live in girlfriend who was saved. They convinced them that they should live apart until marriage.  They agreed. They both grew in there faith. They planed to get maried. 

A single man began to attend. He got saved not long into his attendence. He was becoming a major part of the church. He showed evidence of rapid sprituel growth. 

There was a man who had sat in the back.  He came in during the first hymn and left during the closing prayer. He kept coming.  It was learned later that he was chairman of an athiest society.  He got saved after a time and was growing in his faith. 

There was difficult times as well. They had curiosity seakers who left after a couple weeks. They had people who left for various reasons.they got plenty of slammed door and people on the streets who told them to politely and unpolitly to leave them alone. Even that was seen as a step in the right direction. They were seing fruits from the labor.   

Kevin was kept busy. He and his team were kept buisy. They got tired. Kevin planed it that way. He wanted he and his team to get a true taste of church planting and ministry. They also wanted to be a blesing to the pastor and the new church. They wanted to help further establish this fledging church. The trip had so far been sucesfull. 

Becky kept buisy with her church and with her job. At a small group,  she met Brent.  Brent had just moved to the area. Brent was very serious about the lord and the penticoastal movement. They had hit it off almost imidietly. 

“So do you want to go out for cofee. I would love to chat with you futher!” brent said. “I would like that. ” she said. “Tim hortons?” he sugested. “How about dunkin donuts? ” she asked. “Ok. Thats fine.” he said.

Tim hortons had been her and Kevin’s spot. She did not want to wreck that. She thought that if things hapened between her and brent she would probably have to go there with him. Not now. 

“So your very committed to penticoastal beliefs?” brent asked. ” i am. I am a firm belever in speaking in tounges. I do practice it. ” she said.”as do i. I am glad to see that penticoastal beliefs are becoming more and more part of mainstream christianity. It is becoming more acepted even if if it not practiced.  ” brent said.

“Yes i am glad to see that. ” she said. ” you are prety active hear. ” he said. “I am. For a new guy you have dived right in. ” she said. “I was very active in my last church. I hope to be active hear as well. ” he said. “You have been a good adition to the church so far. ” she said.” it seems you are a piller of this church. ” he said “i try to be a major contributor to this church and penticoastalsm as well. ” she said. 

“I can see that.  I think you and i are quite compatible. ” he remarked. “We do seam to be. ” she responded. “I like you. I like your insights.  ” he said. “I have found you to be quite insightfull as well. ” she said. “Thank you. ” he answered. 

She felt guilty for being hear. She felt like she was sining. She ignored it. It kept gnawing at her. She did not know why. It just would not go away.

“You ok ? You have been really qiet all of a sudden rebecca! ” brent said.  ” look Brent.  I think i should be going! “She said. He was confused. “Why?”he asked. 

“I should not be hear.  Your a great guy.  Your not right for me. Im really sory. ” she said. “We have so much in common. ” he said. “I know. I should not be hear. I was running. Im sory. I got to go. ” she said. 

She paid her bill then left. She ran to the car. She drove away. She drove to where kevin was staying. They had not seen eachother sence the night of his party. They talked on the phone but did not have much to talk about.  He was playing basketball. She decided to leave and call him later. He saw her and imidietly came over to her. He smiled in a way he only smiled when he was around her. “Hi there! “He said. “Can we talk?” he asked. ” of course.”he said. 

They went over to a swing. They sat down. “I dont know what to say. When you asked me out i panicked. I an afraid. We are so different.  I assumed you felt as i did could only be friends. Anything more would be too difficult.  Too complicated.  I went out with someone tonight. He was just like me. If i met him a year ago i would not have hesitated to go out with him. I felt convicted all night..all i could think of what when the people of isreal wanted a king instead of samual. God told him that they were rehecting God. I was not rejecting you i was rejecting him. So i am hear. Is that offer to date you still good? ” she asked.  

He smiled. “Of course it is. Is marying me a posibility?” he asked.  “Yes it is. I asume by your question you believe that is is on the table?'” she asked. “Absolutely.  I have liked you for a while now. I was afraid to tell you. ” he told him. ” im surprised you did not run for tbe hills. “She said. ” really like talking to you,spending time with you and getting your insights.  “He said.

“Im afaid. Why me?are you down on your recruitment? Do you want to turn me into a independent fundimental hyimm singing dress wearing cesationest baptist?”she asked. 

“Im not trying to turn you into me. Im not down on recruitment. I am not trying to change you. I. Want you to be part of my family. I want you to be my family.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he said. 

“Do you intend that i adopt your beliefs? Do i have to become you?”she asked.  “I beleve that the husband is the head of the house. I also beleve in the baptist destinctive of the preiesthood of all belevers. Our relationship will be the hardest thing we have done. I want to work with you. I want us to work on this together.”he said. 

“So are we going to be an independent Baptist family? Do i need to change my belief to conform to yours? ” she asked.

“I have done alot of research.  I have done a lot of prayer and reading of the bible. I have come where i am not out of blind adherence to Baptist dogna but as a result of careful study and continplation. I am not arogent as to think i have all the answers or have arived. I dont want to bang you over the head and say this is how it is going to be. I am wiling for us to sit down and talk on this. We are in this together.  I am called to be a sprituel leader but we are partners. I want us to work together on this. ” he said.

“What about speakinh in tounges?” she asked. “I want to be an independent Baptist pastor. I want to start churches in the independent fundamental Baptist mode. I dont believe i can allow public speaking in tounges in a service. Private tounges ok. I know you believe that this is an acceptable and beneficial pratice. Likevi said i believe in the priesthood of all belevers. I dont think that i can prohobit it . ” he said.

“You would not hinder me from practicing tounges outside church?” she asked. “No i would not. I dont believe i can. I dont believe i should.  ” he said. 

“You do recog ize that i pratice tounges not to tick off baptist but because i believe it is a gift of the sprit.   She remarked. “I do realize that. I will keep that in mind. ” he assured her. 

“Do i have to only listen to hymns? “She asked. He smiled. “No . i love tbe old hyims. I dont understand why people would not love the hymns?  Having said that no. I am not trying to change you. I am not going to try to turn you into me.” she said. “So can i listen to k love in our home even in your presence?” she asked.  He laughed. “Yes to both.  I will adjust somehow.  ” he said. She laughed too.

“I will start using king james. I do like the king james. I usualy use n.l.t but i will start geting use to king james. ” she said. “I love the king james. I think it is a more accurate english translation. The king james assumes that the bible is the word of God. Other translators either omit verses clauses or paragraphs or they put it in brakets. It calls into questione the word of God. The yea hath God said. If john 8 for example is omitted ia God gloried by having it omiited? ” he said. 

“A lot of king jamers are meen. You sean happy about the king james?” she asked. “I am. I try to be a chearfull pronoter of the k.j.v. ” he said. 

“Thank you for listening to me. I appreciate you be wiling to talk to me about this. I appreciate you listen and alow me to express my views and concerns. You have eliviated a lot of my feears. ” she said. 

After a while she decided she should get back.  He walked her to her car.  “So it is time for me to call your dad and ask for permission to court you?” he asked. She smiled and said “yes!”. “Ok. I will call him tomorrow.  Should i be nervous? ” he asked.  “No! dad is great. I am not too woried. ” she said. “Ok!” he answered. 

“I know your not much for physical contact but can i have a hug?”she asked. He smiled. “Of course!  He said.he wrapped his arms around her.she folowed suit. They held on to eachother for a few seconds. 

“I wish it was not like this. I wish that i had not gone on a date with someone else today. ” she said. “Thats ok. I am so glad you came today. ” he said. ” i am glad i did too. ” she answered.  

She got in the car. She put on her seat belt. She blew him a kiss. He made sure no one could see him then he blew one back. She laughed and lipped the word goofballs.  They waved to eachother. He watched her leave. 

Things were starting to happen. When kevin started planing this misson trip, he never expected to meet his future wife. That was not even af after thought. It seems that he had. 

End of part 9. 

Next up

Kevin talkes to becky’s dad. 


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