Holding hands part 13

“What about this seccond?”hilda asked.  ” am i interrupting something? “Dr. Micheal mcgaff the colege ptesident asked. “No sir. Not at all. “Derrek responded.

“When do i get to meet this alexa i have heard so much about?” he asked. “Soon i hope. Perhaps at the november retreat.  ” derrek said. “Please introduce us to you. Marta and i are looking froward to meeting her. “He said. “Of course.” derek said.

 Derrek thought to himself, “thank you lord.” he realized he was being an idiot. A few mouths later he spoke to doctor mcgaff about this event. The doctor admited that when he saw him talking to hilda,he felt that he needed to interveign  so he did. 

He did not have a problem with hilda.she was a Godly person. She did later mary and she and her husband had a family and served the lord. She just was not his will for derek. Doctor mcgaff preceved that. 

Derek realized that he was about to go down a path that he was already told not to.  When God closed a door you should not try to reopen it.he said a quick prayer and then went back to where everyone was gathered. He kinda wanted to leave. He did value the president and his family and the others in attendence. 

After a while when protical aloud he headed out. He went to the car and drove home. He called lexi. “Hi lex! “He said. 

“Hi you were at my church? “She asked.”yea. I sat down with pastor jeff. I got his perspective. ” he said. “Oh. Are you close to a decison?”she asked. “Not yet. I still have some questions.  The same isues i guess. “He said. 

” your window is closing fast. ” she told him. ” i realize that. “He saif. “So yes is still a posibility? ” She asked. “Yes of course. Why do you ask?” he asked. “I saw you with someone!” she said. “Oh. She is the grand daughter of a famous evangelist. We went on dates a few times. We decided not to persue it. ” he told her.

” alright. If you dont want this, its ok. We can move on. ” she said. ” no i still want us to be a posobility. ” he told her. “Ok. I am not sure why i called. Perhaps i just wanted to hear your voice.  I was cutious. “She said.

After that they hung up. Things were stil in doubt. She moved closer and closer to being ready to call it off. 

 That Saturday he decided to go to her church. He did not tell her that he was there. He saw her in the crowd singing. He had become more familar with the music. He sang along. He drew the line at hand raising.

He wanted to tell her he was there. He was not sure why he had come. He prayed a bit before the survice. He tried to avoid his brother and his family as well. He liked the message.  He left right after the service. She never knew he was there. He did tell her later. She was not suprised. 

He spent sunday afternoon in prayer and study.  He took a lot of notes. He wrote down thoughts. The more he thought on it, the less forthcoming these answers were. 

Lexi considered not coming to his church but she felt she needed to be there. It was hard for her to go. She had trouble finding her ambition . she did manage to get into the car and headed to the church. 

She walked in a hesitated mennor. She finaly made it to the auditorium. He looked up and saw her. “Hi !” he said.  She said ” hi” she sat down. They engaged in smal talk but said little of substence. After the service they talked to various people in the church. Then he walled her to the car.

She felt that things just were not the same between them. She wondered if it could be. She felt like both of them were in the wilderness.  She did not know how or if they could put it back together. She did not know what to do? Should she drop this request for a final decision. Should she break up with him? She became weary with everything.   

Derrek wanted to have a relationship with lexi. He had no idea if it was God’s will. What if it was not? Why did he feel the way he did for her? He knew he did. It was very confusing. 

Wendsday night came. She came to his church. ” its almost time!” she said.  “I know. ” he said. “Are you close to an answer?” she asked. “I am getting there. ” he said. “Ok. ” she said. 

She had a good time with his mom and sisters.  ” we miss seing you around. You will have to start coming around again. We will have to have you over for supper. ” anna said. “We will see.  ” she said. 

She suspected that it might be all over on saterday. She was ready to have an answer. Either way she thought. 

On Friday his dad went to see him. “So are you close to an answer?” his dad asked. “I am close. ” he answered.”i have given this a lot of thought.when dating a lady you have to take everything serious. You have to look at red flags. They have to be adressed. You have to keep in mind that any potential wife is a sinner saved by grace.  You want a wife that lives by faith. Right now is the time to adress concerns. Marriage is a union of two siners. In a christian marriage,  it is two siners saved by grace. You canot lose sight of God”s grace. Dont be so hung up on a potential spouse failures that you miss God’s working in there lives. I know that God is working in lexi’s life. There is evidence of her spiritual growth.  There is evidence that she is growing as well. Do you see anything that makes you would clasify her  as a deal breaker?” his dad asked. 

” no. Her views on speaking in tounges. I do not see a character flaw that disqalifies her as a spouse. I see charactersics that would be helpful to my future ministry. ” derrek said. “I do too. ” reverend bryan carlson said.

“Were it not for the word i would be ready to embrace this. I dont see that it can be his will. I just cant. ” derrek admited. ” the prophetic word is prolemetic i agree. I dont understand that aspect. It seams that the lord bas brought you two together.  Do you believe God can be glorified with your relationship with her? ” he asked. 

He thought it over. ” yes i do. ” derrek responded.  “Do you believe that you and lexi going your separate ways will glorify God? Can you serve the Lord as effective without her as you can with? ” he asked. 

“Dad, i noticed you are reluctant to advise me directly with a yea or nea but sence it is friday and i need to give her an answer tomorrow night what is your recomendation?” he asked.

The pastor chuckled. “What are you doing? Why did it take this long? Mary her. The lord has brought you two together.  Instead of focusing in on if, why not figure out why. Do you honestly see yourself with someone other then lexi?” he asked.  “No i dont! ” derek answered. 

 “Now imagine never ever seing lexi again this side of eternity. How would you feel about that?” he asked. Derrek was prety sure he had an answer.  

End of part 13.

Next up 

 Derrek and lexi meet up at her church. He gives her his answer. 


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