Holding hands part 16

Derrek and lexi seemed like the most unusual of couples.  Derrek never expected this to happen. One single moment changed everything. 

Derek woke up the next day.  He was very happy. He showered.  He had breakfast.  He read his devotions. He saw a note. He smilled and took it out

“Good morning dere! i snunk this into your bible last night when you were not looking. i feel like you and i are starting a new chapter in our relationship. I realy care about you a great deal. I beleve that God created me for you. I beleve you were created for me. I am excited to explore that. I am excited to see how it all comes together.  Have a great day and great devotions. I will see you soon. love lex” 

He had a productive time in the word.he had a really meeningfull pray time. Then he got ready to go downstairs. 

He saw her car pull up. He went outside to meet her. She got out. “Good morning love!” he said. She smiled. “Morning!” she said he hugged her. 

“Good morning lexi. ” anna his mom said.  She said good morning. She worked the room.  She held the baby. They had become attached to her. She had become attached to them. 

After a while they left. They went into his car. “So how do you always manage to sneak notes into my bible?” he asked.  “Oh no that is a closely gaurded secret. ” she said. “Oh realy? I had no idea. ” he said.  

He started the car. He drove off. “I figured i would drop by for lunch?” he said. “Sounds good.  Its meet loaf day!” she said. “Sounds good. ” he said.  

He drove to the parking lot. “I dont think i have been surrounded by so many penticostals before. ” he said. “There are more of us then you know!” she said. He laughed. “Oh no!” he said. 

He hugged her. She kissed him on his forehead.  “I will see you at lunch. ” she said. “You got it. ” he said. He made sure she got inside. Then he drove off.

” so lexi! Was that your cessationest boyfriend? ” a friend asked. “Yes it was. ” she answered. She thought to herself her future husbend. She went to clases. 

He drove to his campus. He parked and got out of the car. He went to his clasroom. 

He really liked his clases. He learned a lot. He knew the importance of traning for ministry. He knew the importance of learning.he took his academics seriously. He knew that he had to keep his focus his focus. Keep the main thing the main thing. 

Now morning clases was over. He was ready to go see lexi. He was ready to go see lexi. He went to his car. He got a few jokes from his friends.  ” hey! Leaving pronised land for Egypt? ” one said. Another friend commented that he should be carefull not to get the penticostal bug.  He assured them that he would. 

He headed to the car. He was excited to see her. It had not been that long sense he saw her. He stil found that he missed her. He had so much he wanted to tell her. He suspected she did as well. 

He pulled in to the campus. He noticed that there were a lot of bumper stickers on car. There were contemporary christian music starions bumper sticker. There were generic and penticostal bumper sticker. All he had on his car was that he loved his beigle. 

He walked inside. He saw students geting out. “Hey there!” she said. He kissed her on her cheek. She took his hand. “The food does not contain a substence that turns people into penticostals do you?” he asked. “I am not alowed to talk about that. ” she said.

They held hands as they walked to the dining hall. This was his second time on campus. He stil felt out of place.  He got a meal ticket then got lunch. He sat down at a table with lexi and her friends. 

She Introduced him to everyone. They all seemed like nice people.  They were friendly and polite to him. 

“So your studying to be a baptist pastor? ” one student asked. ” yes i am. ” he said. “I see. I know a little bit about fundimental Baptist university.  You are known to not believe in the gifts of the holy spirit?” jake a student remarked.  

“Well. I do believe in the gifts of the holy spirit. I beleve that tounges and phophecy were gifts but they were ones of manny not the only gifts of the sprit.i beleve that there are multiple gifts of the holy sprit . all are importent. I beleve tounges and phophecy ceased as gifts upon completion of scripture.  ” he said in response. 

“That cannot be proven beyound doubt.  There is no verse that says in 345 ad tounges will cease.” jake commented. ” corinthians 13: 10 says that phophecy and tounges will cease. “He said.

” i know the view that phophecy and tounges ceased on completion of scripture. There is no evidence that the completion of canon of scripture is “the perfect. ” a student ben said. 

“Peater said that we have what we need for life and godliness. One of ny profesors like to say that the bible has the answer for every issue in life. The bible does not address every issue we faced specifically but there are principles. “He said.

“Every time spiritual gifts are referenced, tounges and phophecy make that list. There are test are phophetic utterance.  In the new testament epistles tounges and phophecy are viwed as viable gifts of the holy sprit. There is only one reference to its ceasing. It seems to be in the distent future. ” Jake said.

“It seams Baptist do not supernatural.  ” valerie said. “I disagree with that satement. We do believe in supernatural. We see miracles as things only the lord could do. I am suspect of believers performung miracles in this age. ” he said.

“We are commanded to perform mericles?” ben asked. ” yes . in acts we see miracles performed by belevers getting less and less.  ” he said.

“That is a weak argument. ” Valerie said. Mercifully it was nearing time for him to get back to his campus.  He took her hand and they walked outside. 

“Oh no. Your never setting foot on campus again are you?” she asked.”no im fine. Did you enjoy that?”he asked. “You have no idea.  So are we stil friends? ” she asked in a playful mannor. 

He laughed. “Yea we are stil friends! ” he said. “Good.  So i will see you after clases. “She said. “You got it. I have old testiment servey? You?” she asked. “Contemporary work of the holy sprit. ” she said. “Interesting.  ” he said. She chuckled.

He huuged her. ” i will miss you. ” she said.  “I will miss you lex. ” he said. They kissed on the cheek then they dispersed.  He went back to his campus.  

He picked her up later in the day. She was waiting for him.she hugged him. “I know it has not been that long but i realy did miss you. ” she said. “I missed you too.  ” he said.

She was invited to stay for dinner at his parents house. She accepted. After dinner they sat on the steps. “So tomorrow both our schedules are all over the place. We have clases and work. Wednesday is midweek service.how about i pick you up. I come see you at fbu. Assuming your ok being seen with a crazy penticostal.  ” she suggested. 

“It is your turn lex. I love the idea. ” he said. “Great!  I was hoping you would.  I hope they go easy on me. ” she said.  “No promises.  ” he said.She laughed and said ok. 

On Wednesday she pulled in to his driveway.  He got in. “Have you consudered downsizing your bumper sticker colection?” he asked. “You ashamed to be seen with me?” she asked. “You no !your car i am not so sure.  I meen ‘got holy sprit?’ ‘have you spoken in tounges today?” he asked. She chuckled. “No i have not considered scaling back on my bumper stickers. ” she said. “I figured i would try. ” he said. 

“What clases do you have today?”she asked. “History and thology of missions,and romons. You?”he asked.”harmony of the gospels and christian ethics.”she said. “Normal clases not sprituel laughter.”he said. “Hay that is a really good course.”she said. “I made that up. Please tell me that is not a real course?”he asked. 

She kept quiet.  They arived at his campus. “So i will see you at lunch? ” he asked. “You bett!”she said. “I will tell my friends to go easy on you but no promises.  ” he said. “Ok!” she said. 

“Have a good day at school! “She said.  “You too. See you at noon. “He said. He started to walk off. ” hey. Lex i love you!” he said. She was a bit taken aback. “I love you. ” she said. 

As she drove off she realized something changed with him. The wall he put up was starting to come down. He was letting himself fall in love with her. She liked seing him relaxed. She felt like this was starting to become real. 

She came back at noon. She had never been on he campis of an independent fundimental baptist college before. She walked around. “Can i help you?”a young lady asked. “Hi lex!” he said.

“Hi . i have not trigered any proximity alarm yet. ” she said. “Danger penticostal alert. Oh you will need this. I took care of lunch.” he said. “You did not need to do that.” she said.”i wanted to. ” he said. “Thank you”she said. ” no problem lex.” he told her. 

They went to the dining hall. They got lunch and sat down at a table. “Doctor mcgath this is lexi.”he said.”so your lexi. I had looked froward to meeting you. I am the president of the college.”he said.

“Yes. Derrek hs mentioned you . “he said. “It is good to Finaly meet you. We have an anual November retreet. I hope you can attend.” he said..”derrek has mentioned it. I am planing to. ” she said. “Excellent.  ” he said. 

“Your the reason derrek is bumping into things?”another comented. “I have been a little distracted. My grades have not been effected.  “Derrek said. “His grades are really good. He is mostly an a student but nothing below a b. ” the president said. “I am glad to hear that i am not distracting him from his accedemics.” she said. 

“No your not. He has not hurt hinself or any one else.”the president said. “I dont think that i have had my head too much in the clouds!” he remarked.” your fine.”the president said.

“I understand your penticostal?” the president said. ” yes i am. Dont wory i am not going to turn him penticostal.  “She assured him. 

“I am not too concerned. Derek is a promising student. We are excited what the lord will do on your lives. ” he said. “I am as well. ” she said.

“My wife is looking froward to meeting you.  She will be at the retreet.  Derek you and lexi will need to drop by the house sometime.” he said.”of course. ” she said. 

She was nervous about it. Derek considered doctor mcgath a close mentor. She would become very close with doctor mcgath’s wife. The two families would be very close. 

She had had a very good visit.she was glad she came. She was glad she met the school president.he walked her to her car. “I will see you tonight? “He asked. “I cant wait. I will miss you.”she said. “I will miss you. “He said. She hughed him. 

She returned after her afternoon clases. She picked him up. “Hi hunnie!”he said. ” hi derrek.” she said. He got in and he hugged her. 

She felt at home right now. She felt like she got a glimpse at what her future might look like. She was exited.  

They went to his church . the church was getting used to seing her. She was getting used to them as well. 

At prayer time,she was exited to get together to get together with his family and other ladies in the church. She went downstairs.  After the prayer time. “We are so glad that you have been comming. ” many ann said.

“Thank you. I am enjoying getting to know all of you. ” she told her. “Keep comming. ” another lady said. “I will.”she said.

Anna and lexi talked on there way back upstairs. “I am realy glad you have been coming to church as well. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. “Anna said.  “Thank you. I have enjoyed getting to know you. “She told the lady she  hoped would be her future mother in law. 

“I am glad you and derrek have worked out your akwardness. ” she said.  “I am too. Derek is a good guy. I really like him.” she said. Anna smiled”i know.” anna said. 

After church they sat on the steps. “You seam to be more comfortable now. You have changed. You have let your gaurd down. ” she said.

“I am ready to embrace this. I am ready to embrace this. ” he said. She smiled. She hugged him. 

End of part 16. 

Next up

Lexi deals with her late mom’s birrhday. 


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