Only a matter of time part 12

Kevin Smith thought his life was complete. He was at bible colege. He was traning to serve the lord.he did not feel incomplete. There was no feeling of a void. He was happy where he was. He was single but he was not sad or fretting about it. 

Then he met becky. He was on a sumer missons trip.he happened to meet becky while visiting a penticostal mega church. It was a kind of reconnaissance misson. 

They kept bumping into eachother. It was highly unusual for him to even consider dating her but his feelings for her only got stronger.   

She at first resisted him. She did not want to date him. He backed off . She finaly changed her mind. She decided to give him a chance.  

They started hanging out more. She went to his church and she went to hers. She liked him but had doubt’s rather or not they could make it work.

The time came near for a newsboys concert.she had bought tickets a while ago. At the time she intended to go with jake. She stil wanted to go. She had no idea if kecin would go with her. It was worth a shot. 

“Hey! Kev. I have tickets for a christian rock group on saterday. Want to go?” she asked. “Yea i will go. ” he said. “I will give you ear plugs if you want. This is kibd of everything you are against !”she told him. 

“I promise i will be on my best behavior.  ” he said. “You dont have to go if you really dont want to!”shr said. 

“Bec! Whats going on? Why are you trying to give me an out.  I honestly dont want one. ” he told her.

“Look i am not i.f.b. i am not like you.i am afraid that you have your world,i have mine. Never the twain shal me. You want me to excist in yoir world.  You say you dont want me to become you. What happened when you come home and i am dancing to some klove song on the radio?”she asked.

“Hug kiss! Make fun of you incessantly.  I dont know.”he said. ” i cant be the person you want me to be. ” she asked.

“Do you want me to change?”he asked.”no i am in love with you. I dont know if i would love  you if you were a penticoastal. I love you qirks and all. You have mnny! I dont know that its enough!” she said. 

“Your in love with me? “He asked. “Yes i am but dont let it go to your head. ” she said. 

“Give me a chance. I am wiling to go to the concert. I will give it a chance.  I promise! ” he said. ” ok. ” she said. 

He was woried that he was losing her. He was woried that she was not really in this. He was not looking for a wife When he came hear. That was not anywhere on the radar. Now he could not imagine his life without her.  He feared that that he might have to. 

“Sarah i don’t get this. I was not looking for a wife. Yet hear’s becky. I cant beleve this is not from the lord. I understand her concerns. I realy do. I know we have different view ponts . i know we believe strongly in them. Can we make this work?” he asked.

“Earn her trust. Work with her. Sit down with her. Work with her. Let her know that you and her are partners. Let her know that you are on the same team. ” sarah said. 

“I wish i could just convince het that i am not about trying to change her. Thats why not i want. ” he said. 

“Isn’t it? You beleve that independent fundamental baptists is correct?  You are a baptist by conviction?” sarah asked. “Yes. I am fully convinced that baptist view is based on the bible. ” he said.

“Would you perfer that becky become a fundimental baptist?” she asked. “I wish everyone would. I am a happy Baptist. The stereotype is that we are angery sour puss. I am happy. I believe it is best. I gues i would love for her to become like me. I love her. I love her personality. I love that she pushes every buton i have. I understand who she is. ” he said. 

“You want to mary her?” she asked.  “Yes i do. ” he said..”your life is intertwined with i.f.b. you attend a fundimental baptist church. You attend a fundimental Baptist college. You are on a missons trip helping to build up an i.f.b church plant. Your whole life is centered around i.f.b. She wants to know where she fits in. Her world is centured in penticostalism. She beleves it is correct. We might not be be able to see that but she does. You do want to turn her into you. Dont you? ” she said.

“Mayby a little. How can i not?” he asked. “You two are seaking to make your two culture one. Out of two one. You will create a new culture. You want her to give up hers and embrace yours. You do kind off.  Are you wiling to murge your world with hers? Do you want to obsorb her into yours. You know if you do seak a hostile takeover, you will lose her” sarah said. 

“I am deeling with several isues. I am fully committed to fundimental Baptist theology. I am madly in love with becky. I dont know if i can reconcile those two things. ” he said. 

“You need to talk to her. Tell her this. Work with her. ” she said.  “I know your right. I dont want to lose her. I dont know to not. “He said. “Tell her that! You two have to work though this together. “Sarah told her.

On Saturday he arived at her place. She came out. She wore a pink dress and sandles. He wore a blue polo shirt and jeens. He hugged her. “Ready ?” she asked. “Im ready. ” he said.

They met up with friends of hers. “So this is your new boyfriend?” a friend said. “This is. This is kevin. ” she said. “You realize she is realy silly?” another friend asked.  “I am aware. ” he said. They laughed. 

When the concert began, she did what she always does. She danced and raised her hands and sang. She kept getting carried away. She ran saw him and stoped. He laughed. 

After a while she said to her,”you are so cute? I am not your guest. I am in your turf. Do what you ordinarily do. ” he told her. “You sure?”she asked. “Yes i do. I dont hold back at my church functions. ” he said. 

“Your making me self concscious!” she said. “Do you want me to look the other way?” he asked. “No! Ok look i am afraid of you. I dont want to offend you. ” she said. “Look i came hear willingly.  If im offended its my own fault.  Relax. “He said. 

He recognized some of the songs. It was a little loud . it was not too bad. He liked to observe her in her native environment.  He wanted to see her as she is. He routinely roled his eyes and she laughed. He liked to tease her and she usualy teased her back.  

At one point she raised his arms. He just laughed. He shock his head. They bith laughed. 

After the concert they went to her car.”so will you ever do this again?”she asked. “Yes i will. ” he said.”even after we are maried?”she asked. “Yes even after we are maried. ” he said.

“Are we sick of me yet?”she asked.he laughed. “No im not. “He said. “You sure?”she asked. “Im sure. “He said.

At the cofee shop. “Look i have been thinking about what you said. I dont think we can make this work. I know he can. Not by might not by power but ny my sprit. I would perfer you adopt i.f.b but i also know that mandated you beleve something does not work. We have to find a way to coexist without compormise. One of us givng in for the sake of unity wont work..i ask you what are deal breakers for you?”he asked.

“Well. Absolute band on speaking in tounges. Tounges at your church i got it. Private tounges. None. I just canot agree with that.  “She said.

“I assumed that would how it would go! “He said. “I will try not to embarrass you too much. ” she said.

“Other deal breakers?”he asked. “Music is not a deal breaker. Hyims at church ok. I cant be as strong on contemporary christian music. Please dont totally ban it?”she asked. “I figured that that was coming. Thats fine.  ” he said. 

“So i got to ask,is marying something you want to do?”he asked. “Yes. It is. I want to mary you. Not i.f.b.i feel like marying you meens marying them. Yes i do want to marry you. “She said.

“I dont want to lose you beck. There are things i cant compromise on. At the same time i hope wanting you and wanting to be a baptist pastor are not mutualy exclusive.i dont want to mary anyone else. I am sure of that. If i was convinced that you were not his will but right now i am prety sure you are. I am afraid to lose you. Somehow we have to figure a way of murging our worlds into one new world. I have no clue how to do that. Look this could be the hardest thing we have ever done. I beleve God can be glorified though it. ” he said.

“Your afraid to lose me?”she asked. “Yes i am afraid to lose you. “He said..”no one has ever said that before.  You really are. “She said. “Yea.”he said. 

“I ment what i said. I am in love with you. I did not want to admit it. I am. I dont want to lose you either. ” she said. 

They walked to the car. They drove to her house. They got out. “I had a really good time tonight!” she said. “I did too. I am glad we got to do it.” he said. “Me too. ” she said. He hugged her.  

They both went home. She checked face book. She got taged by friends for pictures. She saw a picture of her raising her hands and he doing an eye role.  Someeone got a picture of her raising his arms. In one picture she had his arm around her. She started crying. 

She called her. “Hey hunnie!” he said. “Have you seen some of the pictures?”she asked. “Yea i am looking at them now.” he said. “Im balling my eyes out. Look kev i see our life in these pictures.  Look i do want this. I am ready to fully commit. I am going to trust the lord. I do trust you. ” she said.  “I love you bec.” he said. 

End of part 12

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As the missons trip starts to wind down, the two start to really get close. 



Only a matter of time part 11

Previously on a matter of time.

Keven is a young bible colege student that led a missons trip to a smal town . his team was assigned to help a new church plant get nore established.  

While there he met a young women naimed becky. Becky was a penticostal. They became friends.  He wanted to date her. She was reluctent at first but finaly agreed to date him.

What now? How would they make it work? How would they leaen to relate to eachorther? Now they had to work at making this relationship work. 

On a saterday, the church that Kevin and his team were helping had a work day. Keven asked her to come. She arived. They all went to a meeting place outside the church. The plan was to do yard work, panting and general cleaning. 

Becky voluntered to cleen windows and doors. She got windex and started cleaning the windows. She was a detail person. 

“Hi becky.”Kevin’s sister sarah said. “Hi sarah!”Becky said. “I am glad you could come today.” sarah said. “I am glad i did too. ” she said. “He really likes you!” she said. “I know he does. ” becky said.

After cleaning windows she helped rake outside. She liked talking to everyone while she worked.  She feared being out of place. She did not feel that way at all. She felt at home. 

“Hi im tifini the pastor’s wife.”she said. “Hi. Its good to finaly meet you! Kevin thinks the world of both of you. “She said. “We think the world of him. He has ment alot to this church. He is going to be missed when he and the team leaves. They have been a huge blessing and encouragement. “Tifini said.

“I can definently see that.  They are all very mature. “She said. “We are glad they came. ” tifiani said. 

At lunch. “So what was kevin like as a roomate at colege?” Becky asked. “Well i was the uperclassman. His side of the room was emaculate. He would pass a white glove test.  My side aleays passed. It was never quite to hus standards. “The pastor said.

“I used to tiddy up his side. He was not a huge fan of. ” Kevin said. ” that was a bit of an undersatement. ” the pastor said. ” has he always been a neat freak?” becky asked. “As long as i can remember he has been “His sister sarah said.  “I will keep that in mind. ” she said. Everyone laughed. 

“In all seriousness,he was a good roomate. He and i had some really conversations.  ” the pastor said. “I think we edified eacother.” kevin said. “I feel that way myself. “Kevin said.  

The afternoon they got ready to pass out copies of john and romans. Becky agred go acompony Kevin’s group. “Basially we put them out in mail boxes. We do have a contact number and ditections to the church. The focus is to give out the gospel. We want to get the gospel to everyone in the seronding area. We dont set out to talk to people. On ocasions we stop and talk. Once and a whilr we get assed what we are doing. Wr try not to be pushy. “Kevin said. 

They split into groups. Becky teemed up with sarah. They put the pamphlet into mail boxis or on porches or inside the door. 

They met back and went to the next street. They were able to hit several streets. They talked to a few people. There were no decisons for Christ for there were some that seemed verry open. Two would end up attending and would be saved later. They became an intergral part of the church.  It was a productive day. 

They returned to the pastors house and changed to get ready to go to her church.  “You ok going to my church after spending the day with a fundamental church?” she asked. “I will be ok. ” he said. She chuckled. 

Sarah wanted to come as well.  They walked to her car. They went into the building. They walked to the auditorium.  They saw a group of her friends including eric.  They sat down. 

“Hi sarah. ” eric said. “Hi eric. ” she said. They sat down. During the worship  time, she did what she always did. She raised her hands and she danced. He recognized some of the words.  He sang a bit but was mostly still. 

After they went out for cofee. Eric came too as did orther friends. After they drove back to where he was staying.  

“It was so nice to spend the day with you.  It was nice to see you doing ministry along side me. It was nice to see you in action.  I love we got to be in both worlds today. “He said. 

“I had a good day too. I enjoyed hanging out with you and doing ministry together.  I enjoyed watching you in ministry. ” she told him. 

“I enjoyed watching you pass out john Romans.  ” he said. ” i enjoyed that myself.  I enjoyed working along side you in ministry. I look froward to doing it more. ” she said. “I do too. ” he said. 

“So do you want me to become independent fundimental Baptist?  How do i fit in to all this?” she asked. “I am not trying to change you. I realy like how you are. I love your bubily outgoingness. I don’t intend for you to go all out i.f.b. i dont want you to change your views to conform to me. You have to follow what you believe based upon your study of scripture.  I want you to be captive to the word of God. I think you can fit in in my world. ” he said.

“Do i have to wear dreses all the time? Listen to only hyims and never speak in tounges?” she asked. “No. As i said i want to be subject to what you are fully convinced is Gods word. I never set out to marry a penticostal. Im crazy about you bec. ” he said. 

“I like who i am . i like where i am. I believe in penticostal theology. I believe in tounges and phrophecy. I like contenperary christian music. I dont see things like you do. I feel you want me to become you. I am not sure i can. ” she said.

 “I am really not trying to change you. I dont expect you to become me. I want you to be you. The truth is i just want to be with you. I am totaly enursed in i.f.b culture. I do fully believe that it is best. I want to start churches for the unchurched. I want to go to comunities that dont have much gospel witness. I gues i have expectations for my future wife.  I have had to modify them. I gues i have to continue to modify them. I dont want to be what is it the borg?”he asked.

 “I will be asimilated. Recistence is futile?” she asked.he chuckled. “I am new at this. I dont know what im doing. Lets talk about this. Lets work at this!” he said. ” ok! ” she said.

He hugged her. She held on to him. “Kev i’m crazy about you. “She said. “I know. ” he said. He watched her leave. 

End of part 11

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Kevin and becky go to a newsboys concert.