Only a matter of time part 13

Becky was a penticoastal college student. She had grown up in the penticoastal  movement. Her farther was a penticoastal minister. She grew up hevily involved in her church. She was in the praise and worship team. She was involved in outreach and evengilistic endeavors.  

She was commited to penticostal teaching and pratice. She never wavered. 

She knew other denominations exiated of course.  She knew that there were sagments of non Catholic Christianity that did not beleve in certain gifts of the holy sprit were viable for today. That was the extent of it. 

She did not understand how anyone could not beleve that gifts of the holy sprit were not viable today. She was a major proponent of prophecy,  tounges and heeling. She oftened shared penticostal articles or posts. She was commited to it. 

She had dated a bit but nothing too serious. She had not met anyone she really considered marying. She tried to force the issue. She tried to settle. She could not do it.

Then her world was shaken up. The saterday she met Kevin apeared to be just an ordinary day. That turned out not to be true.  

The first meeting went badly. She was a bit rude to him. She had not realize it until after. 

At first kevin was just there.  She kept runnning into him. He kept showing up. He kept asserting himself into her life. 

He was a fine person. She did not really know him. Slowly she started to trust him. She slowly let him become part of her life. She eventually considered her a friend. Not anything more

 When he asked her out,she was shocked. She tried to dismiss the notion that she liked her more then just a friend. She really did not want to think about that. 

When he asked her out, she recoiled. That did not last long.  She did feel drawn to him. After rebufing him,she Finally agreed to date him. 

“So tomorow. I am going to do some street evengelism. We are going to hand out a packet with john and rommans. We are going to try to talk to people.  ” he said. 

“Can i join you? I promise i wont spout penticostal belief.  I will be a silent partner. ” becky told him. He chuckled. “Yea that’s fine. Of course. “He said. 

On saterday the group split up. She and kev were a group.  They were walking up a street. A young man came up to him. “Hey. Rj! How are you?”kev asked. “You remembered me?” he asked. “Of course.”kev said.

“Look, kev i cant stop thinking about what you said. Can i really be saved from my sins?” he asked. “Yes you can. Believe on the lord jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. “He told him. 

He talked to rj quite a bit. He opened up several passages to him. Kevin talked to him exstensivly. Kevin was not a big fan of the siners prayer..after a while he did pray with him. 

R.j would be there for church the next day continued to attend ever sense. R.j would later become a deacon. He was a misionary to his street. He became a key member of the young church. He and kevin would develop a close friendship. 

After talking to r.j. They continued to walk though the street, becky talked to some teen girls. Becky handed out the John Romans.  They asked a lot of questions.  They took the pamphlets.  After the two prayed together for them. 

They handed some out in people’s homes.  They talked to some teens playing basketball. 

After a while a middle aged women went over to them. ” sir? What are you doing hear?” she asked. “I am from gospel baptist church. We are passing out copies of john and Romans.  ” he said. 

“I dont like you herasing people.” the lady said. “It it not our intention to herass anyone. If someone tell ustjey are bot interested. We back off. ” he assured her. 

“I dont think you should be hear. If you do not leave i am going to call the cops. ” the lady said. “We are not hear to cause trouble. ” becky said. 

“I will be watching you” she said..she moved on. They never saw the police. Apeatently she never did call the police.they left the street. 

Latet they met up at a meeting point. In addition to rj, there were two other decisons made for christ.these were fruit that remained. Later on the two girls started attending and later for saved and grew in the lord. 

Becky and kevin went out for supper.”i am glad i got to serve the lord with you. ” she said.”i did too.we make a good team. Our sprituel gifts seam to compliment each other. ” he told her. “I noticed that too. ” she said.

“I love doing ministry with you.” he told her. “I do too.    I love seing your different sides. Your playfull side. Your work side. Your serious sides. I am stil working on getting used to your jokes!” he said. 

“You dont like my humor?”he asked. “Your jokes are really really corney!”she said. “Oh! ” he said. “I like you alot just not your jokes. “She said. “Ok. I am glad you like everything else about me. ” he said. She smiled.”i really do. ” she said. “So should i stop telling those jokes?”he asked. “Yes you should. ” she said. 

“Whats wrong with my jokes? ” he asked.  “They are non sensical. They make no sence at all. ” she told him. “Thats why they are funny. “He said “oh!” she said. 

They went to her church. She watched him during the prase time. He was sining along and dancing a bit. It was more like swaying. The early  days he stayed still.  She took his arms and raised them. He gave her a dirty look. She smiled.  

After the service they walked to the car. ” so. Were you singing along to the songs during worship time?” sge asked. “A little bit. I know the words.” he said. “Were you swaying a bit? ” she asked. ” ok a little. ” he said. She laughed.  “I am waiting for you to have k love in your car.” she said.  “I dont know about that. “He said. 

” i love you so much.” she blutted. He smiled. “Where did that come from?” he asked. “I love spending time with you. I have a confession.  Even when i agreed to date you, i stil had doubts.i was not sure we could make a go of it. As i have interacted with you in several different circumstances.  Things are changing. I am growing close to you. I feel such a bond with you.” she said.

”  i know. I feel it too. I am glad you see it. I knew you were stil sceptical. I really hoped you would see what i saw. ” he said.

“It was the concert that turned mw around.  I realize your not quite who i though you were.  Your not rigid. Your not strict or harsh.  ” she said. 

He drove her to her house.  They said there goodnights. She wrote in her diary that she was ready to embrace him. She knew that he was part of Gods plan for her life. 

She went to his church Sunday night. He preached that day . he preached on the basics of the gospel.  He preached that we needed a constent reminder of who of who we were before we were saved and who we are now and what we will be in the future. He tried to keep it simple.

She loved to hear him preach. He constantly surprised her. He was a godly man. He had godly wisdom. He was able to preceve what to do when.

After the service they sat on the steps. “You ok bec? You seem sad tonight?”he asked. “Well i realize you only have two weeks  left before you go to your home. Soon clases will begin. Then winter.  We wont see as much of eachother. We will be buisey with home work,exams,  work,  ministry etc. I wish i had not run away like i did. When you chased me i hoped you would stop. I wanted you to go away and now you are. ” she told her.

He put his arm around her. She rested her head on his sholder. ” hey! I am not going away i just wont be as close.  I will only be forty minutes away.  Its not like i am going to eroupe or anything.  ” he told her.

“I know but with winters being how they are. I promised my parents i would go home for christmast. It could be a ling school year. ” she told her. 

“It wont be easy but we will figure it out. It wont be foever. ” he assured her. “I know that.  Look im sorry that i made you to chase me. ” she said. “It was worth it. ” he told her . 

He knew some how that it would work out. He hugged her. “Have a good night bec!” he said. “You too kev!” she said.  

End of part 13

Next up

Keven and his teams time is almost up. He gets ready to go back home.  


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