Only a matter of time part 13

Becky was a penticoastal college student. She had grown up in the penticoastal  movement. Her farther was a penticoastal minister. She grew up hevily involved in her church. She was in the praise and worship team. She was involved in outreach and evengilistic endeavors.  

She was commited to penticostal teaching and pratice. She never wavered. 

She knew other denominations exiated of course.  She knew that there were sagments of non Catholic Christianity that did not beleve in certain gifts of the holy sprit were viable for today. That was the extent of it. 

She did not understand how anyone could not beleve that gifts of the holy sprit were not viable today. She was a major proponent of prophecy,  tounges and heeling. She oftened shared penticostal articles or posts. She was commited to it. 

She had dated a bit but nothing too serious. She had not met anyone she really considered marying. She tried to force the issue. She tried to settle. She could not do it.

Then her world was shaken up. The saterday she met Kevin apeared to be just an ordinary day. That turned out not to be true.  

The first meeting went badly. She was a bit rude to him. She had not realize it until after. 

At first kevin was just there.  She kept runnning into him. He kept showing up. He kept asserting himself into her life. 

He was a fine person. She did not really know him. Slowly she started to trust him. She slowly let him become part of her life. She eventually considered her a friend. Not anything more

 When he asked her out,she was shocked. She tried to dismiss the notion that she liked her more then just a friend. She really did not want to think about that. 

When he asked her out, she recoiled. That did not last long.  She did feel drawn to him. After rebufing him,she Finally agreed to date him. 

“So tomorow. I am going to do some street evengelism. We are going to hand out a packet with john and rommans. We are going to try to talk to people.  ” he said. 

“Can i join you? I promise i wont spout penticostal belief.  I will be a silent partner. ” becky told him. He chuckled. “Yea that’s fine. Of course. “He said. 

On saterday the group split up. She and kev were a group.  They were walking up a street. A young man came up to him. “Hey. Rj! How are you?”kev asked. “You remembered me?” he asked. “Of course.”kev said.

“Look, kev i cant stop thinking about what you said. Can i really be saved from my sins?” he asked. “Yes you can. Believe on the lord jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. “He told him. 

He talked to rj quite a bit. He opened up several passages to him. Kevin talked to him exstensivly. Kevin was not a big fan of the siners prayer..after a while he did pray with him. 

R.j would be there for church the next day continued to attend ever sense. R.j would later become a deacon. He was a misionary to his street. He became a key member of the young church. He and kevin would develop a close friendship. 

After talking to r.j. They continued to walk though the street, becky talked to some teen girls. Becky handed out the John Romans.  They asked a lot of questions.  They took the pamphlets.  After the two prayed together for them. 

They handed some out in people’s homes.  They talked to some teens playing basketball. 

After a while a middle aged women went over to them. ” sir? What are you doing hear?” she asked. “I am from gospel baptist church. We are passing out copies of john and Romans.  ” he said. 

“I dont like you herasing people.” the lady said. “It it not our intention to herass anyone. If someone tell ustjey are bot interested. We back off. ” he assured her. 

“I dont think you should be hear. If you do not leave i am going to call the cops. ” the lady said. “We are not hear to cause trouble. ” becky said. 

“I will be watching you” she said..she moved on. They never saw the police. Apeatently she never did call the police.they left the street. 

Latet they met up at a meeting point. In addition to rj, there were two other decisons made for christ.these were fruit that remained. Later on the two girls started attending and later for saved and grew in the lord. 

Becky and kevin went out for supper.”i am glad i got to serve the lord with you. ” she said.”i did too.we make a good team. Our sprituel gifts seam to compliment each other. ” he told her. “I noticed that too. ” she said.

“I love doing ministry with you.” he told her. “I do too.    I love seing your different sides. Your playfull side. Your work side. Your serious sides. I am stil working on getting used to your jokes!” he said. 

“You dont like my humor?”he asked. “Your jokes are really really corney!”she said. “Oh! ” he said. “I like you alot just not your jokes. “She said. “Ok. I am glad you like everything else about me. ” he said. She smiled.”i really do. ” she said. “So should i stop telling those jokes?”he asked. “Yes you should. ” she said. 

“Whats wrong with my jokes? ” he asked.  “They are non sensical. They make no sence at all. ” she told him. “Thats why they are funny. “He said “oh!” she said. 

They went to her church. She watched him during the prase time. He was sining along and dancing a bit. It was more like swaying. The early  days he stayed still.  She took his arms and raised them. He gave her a dirty look. She smiled.  

After the service they walked to the car. ” so. Were you singing along to the songs during worship time?” sge asked. “A little bit. I know the words.” he said. “Were you swaying a bit? ” she asked. ” ok a little. ” he said. She laughed.  “I am waiting for you to have k love in your car.” she said.  “I dont know about that. “He said. 

” i love you so much.” she blutted. He smiled. “Where did that come from?” he asked. “I love spending time with you. I have a confession.  Even when i agreed to date you, i stil had doubts.i was not sure we could make a go of it. As i have interacted with you in several different circumstances.  Things are changing. I am growing close to you. I feel such a bond with you.” she said.

”  i know. I feel it too. I am glad you see it. I knew you were stil sceptical. I really hoped you would see what i saw. ” he said.

“It was the concert that turned mw around.  I realize your not quite who i though you were.  Your not rigid. Your not strict or harsh.  ” she said. 

He drove her to her house.  They said there goodnights. She wrote in her diary that she was ready to embrace him. She knew that he was part of Gods plan for her life. 

She went to his church Sunday night. He preached that day . he preached on the basics of the gospel.  He preached that we needed a constent reminder of who of who we were before we were saved and who we are now and what we will be in the future. He tried to keep it simple.

She loved to hear him preach. He constantly surprised her. He was a godly man. He had godly wisdom. He was able to preceve what to do when.

After the service they sat on the steps. “You ok bec? You seem sad tonight?”he asked. “Well i realize you only have two weeks  left before you go to your home. Soon clases will begin. Then winter.  We wont see as much of eachother. We will be buisey with home work,exams,  work,  ministry etc. I wish i had not run away like i did. When you chased me i hoped you would stop. I wanted you to go away and now you are. ” she told her.

He put his arm around her. She rested her head on his sholder. ” hey! I am not going away i just wont be as close.  I will only be forty minutes away.  Its not like i am going to eroupe or anything.  ” he told her.

“I know but with winters being how they are. I promised my parents i would go home for christmast. It could be a ling school year. ” she told her. 

“It wont be easy but we will figure it out. It wont be foever. ” he assured her. “I know that.  Look im sorry that i made you to chase me. ” she said. “It was worth it. ” he told her . 

He knew some how that it would work out. He hugged her. “Have a good night bec!” he said. “You too kev!” she said.  

End of part 13

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Keven and his teams time is almost up. He gets ready to go back home.  

Only a matter of time part 12

Kevin Smith thought his life was complete. He was at bible colege. He was traning to serve the lord.he did not feel incomplete. There was no feeling of a void. He was happy where he was. He was single but he was not sad or fretting about it. 

Then he met becky. He was on a sumer missons trip.he happened to meet becky while visiting a penticostal mega church. It was a kind of reconnaissance misson. 

They kept bumping into eachother. It was highly unusual for him to even consider dating her but his feelings for her only got stronger.   

She at first resisted him. She did not want to date him. He backed off . She finaly changed her mind. She decided to give him a chance.  

They started hanging out more. She went to his church and she went to hers. She liked him but had doubt’s rather or not they could make it work.

The time came near for a newsboys concert.she had bought tickets a while ago. At the time she intended to go with jake. She stil wanted to go. She had no idea if kecin would go with her. It was worth a shot. 

“Hey! Kev. I have tickets for a christian rock group on saterday. Want to go?” she asked. “Yea i will go. ” he said. “I will give you ear plugs if you want. This is kibd of everything you are against !”she told him. 

“I promise i will be on my best behavior.  ” he said. “You dont have to go if you really dont want to!”shr said. 

“Bec! Whats going on? Why are you trying to give me an out.  I honestly dont want one. ” he told her.

“Look i am not i.f.b. i am not like you.i am afraid that you have your world,i have mine. Never the twain shal me. You want me to excist in yoir world.  You say you dont want me to become you. What happened when you come home and i am dancing to some klove song on the radio?”she asked.

“Hug kiss! Make fun of you incessantly.  I dont know.”he said. ” i cant be the person you want me to be. ” she asked.

“Do you want me to change?”he asked.”no i am in love with you. I dont know if i would love  you if you were a penticoastal. I love you qirks and all. You have mnny! I dont know that its enough!” she said. 

“Your in love with me? “He asked. “Yes i am but dont let it go to your head. ” she said. 

“Give me a chance. I am wiling to go to the concert. I will give it a chance.  I promise! ” he said. ” ok. ” she said. 

He was woried that he was losing her. He was woried that she was not really in this. He was not looking for a wife When he came hear. That was not anywhere on the radar. Now he could not imagine his life without her.  He feared that that he might have to. 

“Sarah i don’t get this. I was not looking for a wife. Yet hear’s becky. I cant beleve this is not from the lord. I understand her concerns. I realy do. I know we have different view ponts . i know we believe strongly in them. Can we make this work?” he asked.

“Earn her trust. Work with her. Sit down with her. Work with her. Let her know that you and her are partners. Let her know that you are on the same team. ” sarah said. 

“I wish i could just convince het that i am not about trying to change her. Thats why not i want. ” he said. 

“Isn’t it? You beleve that independent fundamental baptists is correct?  You are a baptist by conviction?” sarah asked. “Yes. I am fully convinced that baptist view is based on the bible. ” he said.

“Would you perfer that becky become a fundimental baptist?” she asked. “I wish everyone would. I am a happy Baptist. The stereotype is that we are angery sour puss. I am happy. I believe it is best. I gues i would love for her to become like me. I love her. I love her personality. I love that she pushes every buton i have. I understand who she is. ” he said. 

“You want to mary her?” she asked.  “Yes i do. ” he said..”your life is intertwined with i.f.b. you attend a fundimental baptist church. You attend a fundimental Baptist college. You are on a missons trip helping to build up an i.f.b church plant. Your whole life is centered around i.f.b. She wants to know where she fits in. Her world is centured in penticostalism. She beleves it is correct. We might not be be able to see that but she does. You do want to turn her into you. Dont you? ” she said.

“Mayby a little. How can i not?” he asked. “You two are seaking to make your two culture one. Out of two one. You will create a new culture. You want her to give up hers and embrace yours. You do kind off.  Are you wiling to murge your world with hers? Do you want to obsorb her into yours. You know if you do seak a hostile takeover, you will lose her” sarah said. 

“I am deeling with several isues. I am fully committed to fundimental Baptist theology. I am madly in love with becky. I dont know if i can reconcile those two things. ” he said. 

“You need to talk to her. Tell her this. Work with her. ” she said.  “I know your right. I dont want to lose her. I dont know to not. “He said. “Tell her that! You two have to work though this together. “Sarah told her.

On Saturday he arived at her place. She came out. She wore a pink dress and sandles. He wore a blue polo shirt and jeens. He hugged her. “Ready ?” she asked. “Im ready. ” he said.

They met up with friends of hers. “So this is your new boyfriend?” a friend said. “This is. This is kevin. ” she said. “You realize she is realy silly?” another friend asked.  “I am aware. ” he said. They laughed. 

When the concert began, she did what she always does. She danced and raised her hands and sang. She kept getting carried away. She ran saw him and stoped. He laughed. 

After a while she said to her,”you are so cute? I am not your guest. I am in your turf. Do what you ordinarily do. ” he told her. “You sure?”she asked. “Yes i do. I dont hold back at my church functions. ” he said. 

“Your making me self concscious!” she said. “Do you want me to look the other way?” he asked. “No! Ok look i am afraid of you. I dont want to offend you. ” she said. “Look i came hear willingly.  If im offended its my own fault.  Relax. “He said. 

He recognized some of the songs. It was a little loud . it was not too bad. He liked to observe her in her native environment.  He wanted to see her as she is. He routinely roled his eyes and she laughed. He liked to tease her and she usualy teased her back.  

At one point she raised his arms. He just laughed. He shock his head. They bith laughed. 

After the concert they went to her car.”so will you ever do this again?”she asked. “Yes i will. ” he said.”even after we are maried?”she asked. “Yes even after we are maried. ” he said.

“Are we sick of me yet?”she asked.he laughed. “No im not. “He said. “You sure?”she asked. “Im sure. “He said.

At the cofee shop. “Look i have been thinking about what you said. I dont think we can make this work. I know he can. Not by might not by power but ny my sprit. I would perfer you adopt i.f.b but i also know that mandated you beleve something does not work. We have to find a way to coexist without compormise. One of us givng in for the sake of unity wont work..i ask you what are deal breakers for you?”he asked.

“Well. Absolute band on speaking in tounges. Tounges at your church i got it. Private tounges. None. I just canot agree with that.  “She said.

“I assumed that would how it would go! “He said. “I will try not to embarrass you too much. ” she said.

“Other deal breakers?”he asked. “Music is not a deal breaker. Hyims at church ok. I cant be as strong on contemporary christian music. Please dont totally ban it?”she asked. “I figured that that was coming. Thats fine.  ” he said. 

“So i got to ask,is marying something you want to do?”he asked. “Yes. It is. I want to mary you. Not i.f.b.i feel like marying you meens marying them. Yes i do want to marry you. “She said.

“I dont want to lose you beck. There are things i cant compromise on. At the same time i hope wanting you and wanting to be a baptist pastor are not mutualy exclusive.i dont want to mary anyone else. I am sure of that. If i was convinced that you were not his will but right now i am prety sure you are. I am afraid to lose you. Somehow we have to figure a way of murging our worlds into one new world. I have no clue how to do that. Look this could be the hardest thing we have ever done. I beleve God can be glorified though it. ” he said.

“Your afraid to lose me?”she asked. “Yes i am afraid to lose you. “He said..”no one has ever said that before.  You really are. “She said. “Yea.”he said. 

“I ment what i said. I am in love with you. I did not want to admit it. I am. I dont want to lose you either. ” she said. 

They walked to the car. They drove to her house. They got out. “I had a really good time tonight!” she said. “I did too. I am glad we got to do it.” he said. “Me too. ” she said. He hugged her.  

They both went home. She checked face book. She got taged by friends for pictures. She saw a picture of her raising her hands and he doing an eye role.  Someeone got a picture of her raising his arms. In one picture she had his arm around her. She started crying. 

She called her. “Hey hunnie!” he said. “Have you seen some of the pictures?”she asked. “Yea i am looking at them now.” he said. “Im balling my eyes out. Look kev i see our life in these pictures.  Look i do want this. I am ready to fully commit. I am going to trust the lord. I do trust you. ” she said.  “I love you bec.” he said. 

End of part 12

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As the missons trip starts to wind down, the two start to really get close. 


Only a matter of time part 11

Previously on a matter of time.

Keven is a young bible colege student that led a missons trip to a smal town . his team was assigned to help a new church plant get nore established.  

While there he met a young women naimed becky. Becky was a penticostal. They became friends.  He wanted to date her. She was reluctent at first but finaly agreed to date him.

What now? How would they make it work? How would they leaen to relate to eachorther? Now they had to work at making this relationship work. 

On a saterday, the church that Kevin and his team were helping had a work day. Keven asked her to come. She arived. They all went to a meeting place outside the church. The plan was to do yard work, panting and general cleaning. 

Becky voluntered to cleen windows and doors. She got windex and started cleaning the windows. She was a detail person. 

“Hi becky.”Kevin’s sister sarah said. “Hi sarah!”Becky said. “I am glad you could come today.” sarah said. “I am glad i did too. ” she said. “He really likes you!” she said. “I know he does. ” becky said.

After cleaning windows she helped rake outside. She liked talking to everyone while she worked.  She feared being out of place. She did not feel that way at all. She felt at home. 

“Hi im tifini the pastor’s wife.”she said. “Hi. Its good to finaly meet you! Kevin thinks the world of both of you. “She said. “We think the world of him. He has ment alot to this church. He is going to be missed when he and the team leaves. They have been a huge blessing and encouragement. “Tifini said.

“I can definently see that.  They are all very mature. “She said. “We are glad they came. ” tifiani said. 

At lunch. “So what was kevin like as a roomate at colege?” Becky asked. “Well i was the uperclassman. His side of the room was emaculate. He would pass a white glove test.  My side aleays passed. It was never quite to hus standards. “The pastor said.

“I used to tiddy up his side. He was not a huge fan of. ” Kevin said. ” that was a bit of an undersatement. ” the pastor said. ” has he always been a neat freak?” becky asked. “As long as i can remember he has been “His sister sarah said.  “I will keep that in mind. ” she said. Everyone laughed. 

“In all seriousness,he was a good roomate. He and i had some really conversations.  ” the pastor said. “I think we edified eacother.” kevin said. “I feel that way myself. “Kevin said.  

The afternoon they got ready to pass out copies of john and romans. Becky agred go acompony Kevin’s group. “Basially we put them out in mail boxes. We do have a contact number and ditections to the church. The focus is to give out the gospel. We want to get the gospel to everyone in the seronding area. We dont set out to talk to people. On ocasions we stop and talk. Once and a whilr we get assed what we are doing. Wr try not to be pushy. “Kevin said. 

They split into groups. Becky teemed up with sarah. They put the pamphlet into mail boxis or on porches or inside the door. 

They met back and went to the next street. They were able to hit several streets. They talked to a few people. There were no decisons for Christ for there were some that seemed verry open. Two would end up attending and would be saved later. They became an intergral part of the church.  It was a productive day. 

They returned to the pastors house and changed to get ready to go to her church.  “You ok going to my church after spending the day with a fundamental church?” she asked. “I will be ok. ” he said. She chuckled. 

Sarah wanted to come as well.  They walked to her car. They went into the building. They walked to the auditorium.  They saw a group of her friends including eric.  They sat down. 

“Hi sarah. ” eric said. “Hi eric. ” she said. They sat down. During the worship  time, she did what she always did. She raised her hands and she danced. He recognized some of the words.  He sang a bit but was mostly still. 

After they went out for cofee. Eric came too as did orther friends. After they drove back to where he was staying.  

“It was so nice to spend the day with you.  It was nice to see you doing ministry along side me. It was nice to see you in action.  I love we got to be in both worlds today. “He said. 

“I had a good day too. I enjoyed hanging out with you and doing ministry together.  I enjoyed watching you in ministry. ” she told him. 

“I enjoyed watching you pass out john Romans.  ” he said. ” i enjoyed that myself.  I enjoyed working along side you in ministry. I look froward to doing it more. ” she said. “I do too. ” he said. 

“So do you want me to become independent fundimental Baptist?  How do i fit in to all this?” she asked. “I am not trying to change you. I realy like how you are. I love your bubily outgoingness. I don’t intend for you to go all out i.f.b. i dont want you to change your views to conform to me. You have to follow what you believe based upon your study of scripture.  I want you to be captive to the word of God. I think you can fit in in my world. ” he said.

“Do i have to wear dreses all the time? Listen to only hyims and never speak in tounges?” she asked. “No. As i said i want to be subject to what you are fully convinced is Gods word. I never set out to marry a penticostal. Im crazy about you bec. ” he said. 

“I like who i am . i like where i am. I believe in penticostal theology. I believe in tounges and phrophecy. I like contenperary christian music. I dont see things like you do. I feel you want me to become you. I am not sure i can. ” she said.

 “I am really not trying to change you. I dont expect you to become me. I want you to be you. The truth is i just want to be with you. I am totaly enursed in i.f.b culture. I do fully believe that it is best. I want to start churches for the unchurched. I want to go to comunities that dont have much gospel witness. I gues i have expectations for my future wife.  I have had to modify them. I gues i have to continue to modify them. I dont want to be what is it the borg?”he asked.

 “I will be asimilated. Recistence is futile?” she asked.he chuckled. “I am new at this. I dont know what im doing. Lets talk about this. Lets work at this!” he said. ” ok! ” she said.

He hugged her. She held on to him. “Kev i’m crazy about you. “She said. “I know. ” he said. He watched her leave. 

End of part 11

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Kevin and becky go to a newsboys concert. 

Holding hands part 16

Derrek and lexi seemed like the most unusual of couples.  Derrek never expected this to happen. One single moment changed everything. 

Derek woke up the next day.  He was very happy. He showered.  He had breakfast.  He read his devotions. He saw a note. He smilled and took it out

“Good morning dere! i snunk this into your bible last night when you were not looking. i feel like you and i are starting a new chapter in our relationship. I realy care about you a great deal. I beleve that God created me for you. I beleve you were created for me. I am excited to explore that. I am excited to see how it all comes together.  Have a great day and great devotions. I will see you soon. love lex” 

He had a productive time in the word.he had a really meeningfull pray time. Then he got ready to go downstairs. 

He saw her car pull up. He went outside to meet her. She got out. “Good morning love!” he said. She smiled. “Morning!” she said he hugged her. 

“Good morning lexi. ” anna his mom said.  She said good morning. She worked the room.  She held the baby. They had become attached to her. She had become attached to them. 

After a while they left. They went into his car. “So how do you always manage to sneak notes into my bible?” he asked.  “Oh no that is a closely gaurded secret. ” she said. “Oh realy? I had no idea. ” he said.  

He started the car. He drove off. “I figured i would drop by for lunch?” he said. “Sounds good.  Its meet loaf day!” she said. “Sounds good. ” he said.  

He drove to the parking lot. “I dont think i have been surrounded by so many penticostals before. ” he said. “There are more of us then you know!” she said. He laughed. “Oh no!” he said. 

He hugged her. She kissed him on his forehead.  “I will see you at lunch. ” she said. “You got it. ” he said. He made sure she got inside. Then he drove off.

” so lexi! Was that your cessationest boyfriend? ” a friend asked. “Yes it was. ” she answered. She thought to herself her future husbend. She went to clases. 

He drove to his campus. He parked and got out of the car. He went to his clasroom. 

He really liked his clases. He learned a lot. He knew the importance of traning for ministry. He knew the importance of learning.he took his academics seriously. He knew that he had to keep his focus his focus. Keep the main thing the main thing. 

Now morning clases was over. He was ready to go see lexi. He was ready to go see lexi. He went to his car. He got a few jokes from his friends.  ” hey! Leaving pronised land for Egypt? ” one said. Another friend commented that he should be carefull not to get the penticostal bug.  He assured them that he would. 

He headed to the car. He was excited to see her. It had not been that long sense he saw her. He stil found that he missed her. He had so much he wanted to tell her. He suspected she did as well. 

He pulled in to the campus. He noticed that there were a lot of bumper stickers on car. There were contemporary christian music starions bumper sticker. There were generic and penticostal bumper sticker. All he had on his car was that he loved his beigle. 

He walked inside. He saw students geting out. “Hey there!” she said. He kissed her on her cheek. She took his hand. “The food does not contain a substence that turns people into penticostals do you?” he asked. “I am not alowed to talk about that. ” she said.

They held hands as they walked to the dining hall. This was his second time on campus. He stil felt out of place.  He got a meal ticket then got lunch. He sat down at a table with lexi and her friends. 

She Introduced him to everyone. They all seemed like nice people.  They were friendly and polite to him. 

“So your studying to be a baptist pastor? ” one student asked. ” yes i am. ” he said. “I see. I know a little bit about fundimental Baptist university.  You are known to not believe in the gifts of the holy spirit?” jake a student remarked.  

“Well. I do believe in the gifts of the holy spirit. I beleve that tounges and phophecy were gifts but they were ones of manny not the only gifts of the sprit.i beleve that there are multiple gifts of the holy sprit . all are importent. I beleve tounges and phophecy ceased as gifts upon completion of scripture.  ” he said in response. 

“That cannot be proven beyound doubt.  There is no verse that says in 345 ad tounges will cease.” jake commented. ” corinthians 13: 10 says that phophecy and tounges will cease. “He said.

” i know the view that phophecy and tounges ceased on completion of scripture. There is no evidence that the completion of canon of scripture is “the perfect. ” a student ben said. 

“Peater said that we have what we need for life and godliness. One of ny profesors like to say that the bible has the answer for every issue in life. The bible does not address every issue we faced specifically but there are principles. “He said.

“Every time spiritual gifts are referenced, tounges and phophecy make that list. There are test are phophetic utterance.  In the new testament epistles tounges and phophecy are viwed as viable gifts of the holy sprit. There is only one reference to its ceasing. It seems to be in the distent future. ” Jake said.

“It seams Baptist do not supernatural.  ” valerie said. “I disagree with that satement. We do believe in supernatural. We see miracles as things only the lord could do. I am suspect of believers performung miracles in this age. ” he said.

“We are commanded to perform mericles?” ben asked. ” yes . in acts we see miracles performed by belevers getting less and less.  ” he said.

“That is a weak argument. ” Valerie said. Mercifully it was nearing time for him to get back to his campus.  He took her hand and they walked outside. 

“Oh no. Your never setting foot on campus again are you?” she asked.”no im fine. Did you enjoy that?”he asked. “You have no idea.  So are we stil friends? ” she asked in a playful mannor. 

He laughed. “Yea we are stil friends! ” he said. “Good.  So i will see you after clases. “She said. “You got it. I have old testiment servey? You?” she asked. “Contemporary work of the holy sprit. ” she said. “Interesting.  ” he said. She chuckled.

He huuged her. ” i will miss you. ” she said.  “I will miss you lex. ” he said. They kissed on the cheek then they dispersed.  He went back to his campus.  

He picked her up later in the day. She was waiting for him.she hugged him. “I know it has not been that long but i realy did miss you. ” she said. “I missed you too.  ” he said.

She was invited to stay for dinner at his parents house. She accepted. After dinner they sat on the steps. “So tomorrow both our schedules are all over the place. We have clases and work. Wednesday is midweek about i pick you up. I come see you at fbu. Assuming your ok being seen with a crazy penticostal.  ” she suggested. 

“It is your turn lex. I love the idea. ” he said. “Great!  I was hoping you would.  I hope they go easy on me. ” she said.  “No promises.  ” he said.She laughed and said ok. 

On Wednesday she pulled in to his driveway.  He got in. “Have you consudered downsizing your bumper sticker colection?” he asked. “You ashamed to be seen with me?” she asked. “You no !your car i am not so sure.  I meen ‘got holy sprit?’ ‘have you spoken in tounges today?” he asked. She chuckled. “No i have not considered scaling back on my bumper stickers. ” she said. “I figured i would try. ” he said. 

“What clases do you have today?”she asked. “History and thology of missions,and romons. You?”he asked.”harmony of the gospels and christian ethics.”she said. “Normal clases not sprituel laughter.”he said. “Hay that is a really good course.”she said. “I made that up. Please tell me that is not a real course?”he asked. 

She kept quiet.  They arived at his campus. “So i will see you at lunch? ” he asked. “You bett!”she said. “I will tell my friends to go easy on you but no promises.  ” he said. “Ok!” she said. 

“Have a good day at school! “She said.  “You too. See you at noon. “He said. He started to walk off. ” hey. Lex i love you!” he said. She was a bit taken aback. “I love you. ” she said. 

As she drove off she realized something changed with him. The wall he put up was starting to come down. He was letting himself fall in love with her. She liked seing him relaxed. She felt like this was starting to become real. 

She came back at noon. She had never been on he campis of an independent fundimental baptist college before. She walked around. “Can i help you?”a young lady asked. “Hi lex!” he said.

“Hi . i have not trigered any proximity alarm yet. ” she said. “Danger penticostal alert. Oh you will need this. I took care of lunch.” he said. “You did not need to do that.” she said.”i wanted to. ” he said. “Thank you”she said. ” no problem lex.” he told her. 

They went to the dining hall. They got lunch and sat down at a table. “Doctor mcgath this is lexi.”he said.”so your lexi. I had looked froward to meeting you. I am the president of the college.”he said.

“Yes. Derrek hs mentioned you . “he said. “It is good to Finaly meet you. We have an anual November retreet. I hope you can attend.” he said..”derrek has mentioned it. I am planing to. ” she said. “Excellent.  ” he said. 

“Your the reason derrek is bumping into things?”another comented. “I have been a little distracted. My grades have not been effected.  “Derrek said. “His grades are really good. He is mostly an a student but nothing below a b. ” the president said. “I am glad to hear that i am not distracting him from his accedemics.” she said. 

“No your not. He has not hurt hinself or any one else.”the president said. “I dont think that i have had my head too much in the clouds!” he remarked.” your fine.”the president said.

“I understand your penticostal?” the president said. ” yes i am. Dont wory i am not going to turn him penticostal.  “She assured him. 

“I am not too concerned. Derek is a promising student. We are excited what the lord will do on your lives. ” he said. “I am as well. ” she said.

“My wife is looking froward to meeting you.  She will be at the retreet.  Derek you and lexi will need to drop by the house sometime.” he said.”of course. ” she said. 

She was nervous about it. Derek considered doctor mcgath a close mentor. She would become very close with doctor mcgath’s wife. The two families would be very close. 

She had had a very good visit.she was glad she came. She was glad she met the school president.he walked her to her car. “I will see you tonight? “He asked. “I cant wait. I will miss you.”she said. “I will miss you. “He said. She hughed him. 

She returned after her afternoon clases. She picked him up. “Hi hunnie!”he said. ” hi derrek.” she said. He got in and he hugged her. 

She felt at home right now. She felt like she got a glimpse at what her future might look like. She was exited.  

They went to his church . the church was getting used to seing her. She was getting used to them as well. 

At prayer time,she was exited to get together to get together with his family and other ladies in the church. She went downstairs.  After the prayer time. “We are so glad that you have been comming. ” many ann said.

“Thank you. I am enjoying getting to know all of you. ” she told her. “Keep comming. ” another lady said. “I will.”she said.

Anna and lexi talked on there way back upstairs. “I am realy glad you have been coming to church as well. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. “Anna said.  “Thank you. I have enjoyed getting to know you. “She told the lady she  hoped would be her future mother in law. 

“I am glad you and derrek have worked out your akwardness. ” she said.  “I am too. Derek is a good guy. I really like him.” she said. Anna smiled”i know.” anna said. 

After church they sat on the steps. “You seam to be more comfortable now. You have changed. You have let your gaurd down. ” she said.

“I am ready to embrace this. I am ready to embrace this. ” he said. She smiled. She hugged him. 

End of part 16. 

Next up

Lexi deals with her late mom’s birrhday. 

Holding hands part 15

Previously on holding hands.

While visiting a penticoastal church bible colege student derek carlson meats lexsi graves. At the service the pastor prophesied that they should be married.  

She embraced it whole heartily.  He had doubts. After a series of indisiveness , lexsi tells him to take some time and decide if he wants this or not. He decides that he does.  

He is now ready to begin a new chapter in there relationship.  She is woried that he might still have doubts.  She is not sure if she should hold back a bit. She really does not want to. 

 The sunday after they got back together, she went to his house a litle bit before the evening service was to begin. She wore a purple top and black skirt and flip flops.  He came out to meet him. He wore a black suit and tie. 

His presence always made her was no different.  From the first time she met him,she thought that he was very handsome. 

He hugged her. He gave her a light peck on the cheak. “Hi hunie !” she said.  “Hey lex! ” he said. ” how was church thus morning?” she asked. “Doing good.  I went though exodus for survey class. Morning service dad preached on psalm 22. How was your church? ” he asked. “It was good.  The pastor preached on the holy spirit. No penticoastal jokes dere!” she said.

“I would never. Well i might but i will refrain.” he said. “It was realy should listen to it. Its on the web site. ” she said. ” mayby i will. ” he said. She chuckled. 

“Ready to walk over to the church?” he asked. “Sure!” she said. He took her hand. ” so your preaching tonight?” she asked. “That is corect. I just have to decide what i am preaching on. Im kidding.  I had it all writen on Wednesday.  ” he said.

“You usualy have surmon ideas on note cards dont you. You just have to decide which one to go with dont you?” she asked. “You have caught on to my methods? Yes its true. Sometimes i merge several ides into one.  ” he said.

“I am excited to hear you preach tonight. ” she said. ” thanks.  I always look forward to being able to preach the word. ” he told her. 

No one at his church besides his immediate family knew that they had been on a break. They had noticed that they acted differently then they had before. 

Now they were back.  They enjoyed each other. It was clear and evident. There love for eachother led to love for others. Tonight they were happy. This was clear. 

Derrek preached on being restored to a relationship with God folowing a setback.  He started with the fall of Adam and eve. He discussed david’s fall and he discussed the return of the captives under Nehemiah and ezra. He discused Romans 8 and first john two. He discused the eternal esate. He discused how we should strive to be closer to the lord as we look froward to one day having christlikeness. 

Lexi was taking notes as fast as she could. There was so much hear. She was writing notes copying what he said as well as fast as she could.  She also wrote some of her thoughts. She would relisten to it off the website. 

The last two weeks had been hard on her. It took a toll on her. Tonight this surmon reminded her why she wanted to marry him. This confirned in her mind his call to ministry and her call to be his wife.  Her ministry was inter twined with his. 

She knew he worked hard on this. This was on  his heart. God has imparted on him wisdom. He was sensitive to the things of the lord. He had Godly wisdom. He felt a burden to impart this to others. 

After the service, she went to him. “I realy liked your message.  ” she told him. “Praise the lord. It is something i feel strongly about.  ” he told her. “I can tell. ” she said.

He talked to various people in the church. Then after everyone had left. He and lexi walked back to his parents house. They sat on the porch as was there custom.  

“So what is our time table? ” she asked. “Well i am a jr in college.  So are you. This is early november. We probably should complete our college traning. I am thinking the very earliest would be after graduation. The earliest is a year and seven mouths.  Somewhere after that. ” he said.

“Ok. Thats sounds reasonable.  ” she responded.  “Are you ok with that?” he asked.  “Well i want to mary you tomorrow.  I know we have to have a time of courting.  I agree. We need to get to know eachother. We need to go through marriage counseling.  Yes. That sounds reasonable.  I just wanted to find out where you are. “She said. 

“What would your time table look like?” he asked. ” realistically yes. I think sometime after graduation. I would like it be not too long after graduation.  I understand it might need to be a bit later. That is a reasonable time frame. I would not want it much beyond two years from now. That i gues is a preference.  ” she said.

“I understand that. I definently do. I agree with that.  I dont want it to go beyond two years from now. ” he said.

“So what is your time frame for ministry?” she said. “Right now i am an unoficial asistent pastor,youth pastor etc. My dad is mentoting me. I want to start churches. I am not sure if i want to pastor an excisting one first or find an unreached area and start a church. Dad started a church from scratch then did it two more times.  I hold a lisence to preach that is renewed every year. I want to become ordained.  In independent Baptist you go before an ordination council that consist of pastors curent or retired. The church votes on it baised on thr recommendation of the council. I might want to start a church on behath of gospel baptist. A kind of missionary pastor.  We could do it independently as well. ” he said.

“It sounds like you have given it a lot of thought. Would you want to get maried before becoming a pastor? ” he asked. “That is what i am thinking. If not they would be close together. I am open to pastoring an excisting churcg first but i feel called specifically to church planting. I gues my next phase of ministry is getting maried. ” he said.

“Thats sound reasonable.  ” she told her. “What are your thoughts on time table of ministry?” he asked. “I agree with you. That is a sound plan. I am glad i know your thinking on this. I am pleased that you have it well planned out. ” she said. 

“Are you ok with being a baptist pastor’s wife?” he asked. “I think i am. I think i have the gifts talents and abilities to be an efective pastor’s wife. I sing, i played several instruments including the piano. I have been told i have the gifts of encouragement.  I like to desiple. As for being a baptist pastor’s wife i am not sure about that. I have to pratice staying still during a church service. That might take some work. ” she admitted. 

He chuckled. ” i dont think i have ever seen you sit still. ” he said.”no you probably have not. I will work on that.  ” she said. “Can i watch you work on that?” he asked. 

She gently poked him. “Your one to talk dere. You dont dance or raise your hands but you nevet sit still. “She remarked.  ” true. ” he said. 

“You think i can be a good Baptist pastor’s wife?” she asked. He smiled.”absolutely.  You will be an amazing pastor’s wife.  ” he said. She smiled. “Thanks.  I will definently aspire to that with the help of the holy sprit. ” she said. “I know you will. I have full confidence in that. The lord has begun a good work in you. He will complete it on the day of christ. ” he said. 

“I know he will do the same for you. ” she said.  ” thank you lex. ” he answered. 

He walked her to her car. “Hey i have clases tomorrow morning.  You want to stop by hear tomorrow morning before clases?” he asked. “Yea. Sounds great. I will see you then.” she said. He kissed her on the cheak. They hugged. He watched her leave.

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Derek and lexi get more involved in each others world. 

Only a matter of time part ten

Previously on a matter of time.

Kevin and a group from a fundamental baptist college come to aid a new church plant. There he meets a penticoastal naimed becky. 

Despite a difficult start, becky and kevin becane friends. At first she waa reluctent to date him, she changed her mind. 

He went to find his sister. “You look happy! ” sarah remarked. “I am. I don’t get it but i really like her. I am going to call her dad and ask him for permison to formerly court her. ” he told her. “I am happy for you.  I know you wanted this to happen for a while. ” she said. 

“I realy have. I realy think that she might be my future wife.  It does not totaly make sense. Perhaps it does not have to. ” he said. “Perhaps it does not. I am happy for you too. I realy am. ” sarah said.  “Thanks sarah. ” he said. 

“I am glad to see like this. I really am. I knew someday you would find someone.  I figured it was only a matter of time. Never thought it would be a penticostal girl. I realy like her never the less. ” sarah said. “Thanks i do too. ” he said. 

Becky went home and called her dad. “Hi dad. ” she said. ” hi becky. ” he said.”look dad i wanted to give you heads up that you will probably get a call from a young man tomorrow or in the next couple of days!” she told him.

“Is this about what i think it is pumpken?” her dad asked. ” i am afraid so dady. ” she admited. ” do you want me to say yes?” he asked. “I do. I realy like him. He is in bible school. He wants to be a pastor. He is hevily involved in a church. ” she told him. 

“He is a Baptist isn’t he?” he asked. “Yes he is.” she answered. “Well at least he is not a punk rocker i suppose or a presbiterian. You like him?” he asked.

“I realy do. He is a really sweet guy. ” she said. “No one has called me before asking permision to court you. Is there a sugnificance to that?” he asked. “I realy think there is. ” she told him. ” i had a feeling that was the case. ” he said. 

“Will you say yes?” she asked. He laughed and said ” ok!” he said.  “Thanks dady. ” she said. 

She never not expected that this would be how today would go. She remembered this day aw a huge turning point for her life. It was not just for her life but his as well. The begging of them moving closer to being a family.  This was when it realy started to take shape. 

He was nervous for the next day.  He was nervous about talking to her farther. He was also excited. Things were starting to take shape in a way he never thought posible. He was excited about that. 

He fell asleep imaging his life with her. There life together. He was excited about God would do with and though them. 

The next morning keven was a little preoccupied.  He was very qiet at breakfast. “Hi kev. Is everything ok?, pastor resse asked. “Yes it is. I am going to call Becky’s farther and ask his permison to date her. ” he responded. 

“Oh. I remember caling Tiffany’s farther. I was so nervous. I stil get nervous thinking about it. I am not sure what was harder , the first time i called him or asking him for permison to perpose mariage? Both times i was Prety sure he would say yes. Stil it was Prety nurve racking. ” the pastor said. 

“I have never met him or spoke to him before.  “He told him. “Just be respectfull. Dont be too nervous. This is a positive thing. Perental involvement is a good thing.  Dont swet this too much kev. I am sure it will be fine. ” pastor rease said. 

He waited til later on in the morning. He took a breath and dieled the number. “Helo this is pastor mike. ” he said. “Hello pastor this is kevon wakefield.” he told him.

” yes i have been expecting your call. Becky told me you might call. ” the pastor said. “I am calling to ask your permission to formerly court your daughter. ” he told her. 

Pastor mike had a reputation for being a bit of a prankster. He was tempted to have a little fun with this.he decided that that would not be fair. He decided to be on his best behavior at least for on this occasion. 

“Well! I apreciate you calling me. I see no reason not to say yes. You have my permission.  ” he said.”thank you sir. I apreciate that. ” he told the older man. “I am looking froward to meeting you in person. ” the pastor said.

“As am i.” the younger man said . Despite there theological differences, kevin and his future father in law got along famously.  They became very close. They enjoyed each other’s style of humor. Kevin learned how to navigate though his pratical jokes. 

He was so excited after he talked to her dad. He sent a relationship request to becky. He put as a message to her that he had his constent to court her. She saw the mesege while on her break from the flower shop. She clicked yes on the face book request. She knew he would say yes. She was still excited now that it happened. 

It started to feel real. It sank it that sje wod one day marry this man. Despite her fears and concerns she was happy about it.  She was really happy about it. 

Kevin called his dad later that day. “Hi dad. ” he told him. ” hi kev “his dad said. “I called Becky’s dad. I got his formal permission to date her.”he said.”your mom and i thought that might be coming. Congradulations son.”he said. 

“Thanks.  I am prety excited myself”he said. “She seemed like a nice girl. We were  inpresed when she came over. “Dad said. “I really like her. “He said. “Your mom and i can tell.”he said. 

He texted her later. “Hi hunnie,do you want to go out for dinner tonight? “He asked her. She texted back.”yes!” with a series of explination points. 

She got out of work at five.  She changed into a pink t shirt and skirt and flip flops. She then waited for him to arive. She huged him. She held on to him for.  few minutes. 

At the restaurant.  “I am really excited for us.”she said. “I am too. I want you to know that i want to work all this out together. I am not a dictator.  I am not a my way or the highway kind of guy. I want us to be an independent baptist family. I want you to be fully persaded in your mind. I want try to undermine your view on tounges. I want you free to be your best for God. I know that that is your wish as well. “He said.

“”I trust you . i meen that. I know that you love the lord. I know you love me.”she said. 

“This is not going to be easy. I think we both know that. This may be one of the hardest things we ever do. I firmly beleve that the lord has brought us togather. I know if we submit to him,we can make this work. “He said. 

“I am thought that for a while myself. I was afraid. Its scary. I just wanted to run form it. I wish that i had it all together. This is a bit of a slip up for me.  I had had a personal revival right before i went to college. I have taken a few steps back. That was not how i wanted ot to go. I wanted to have it together and then to meet you. “She said. 

“I know God is working in your life. I know your sensitive to the things of the lord. I am sure he has begun a good work in you and will complete it. Your not afraid of rebuke or introspection.  We are never going to be one hundred percent this side of eternity. The lord wants us to grow. I think when we beleve we are at our worse is when he says ‘ok i can use you now. ‘ “he said 

“You seam to have it all together. “She said. “If only that were true. I a not eve close . i fought with the lord before i made the decison to bible school. I felt a burden to start this misson trip hear. I wanted to work  at a camp that i have worked at for a few sumers. I wanted to work at the camp . it would  have been my fouth sumer there. I had  a fruitfull ministry there. That was my comfort zone.  I knew this was where i should be. I almost did not come hear. I know about struggle. I know about the drive to compromise.   I understand it. None of us are immune to it. We are all siners saved by grace. ” he told her. 

“I know that. At the time what i was doing made total sense. I did not see it as sin. I do now. I am weary from it. ” she said. 

“I understand.  I have been there. I cant believe you think i am this super christian. I am not. You know i never told anyone thar story. I realize from this trip that i love church planting. I love preaching.  I am excited to see this church starting to be established and built up. I also realize that i know who my wife is now. ” he said. 

She smiled in a way he had never seen her smile before. “Do you have any doubts about us?”she asked.  “No i dont. I believe with all my heart that the lord brought us togather.  ” he said. 

She smiled. That was the moment that she decided that she would commit herself to the lord and to him.she was now ready to comit to all of this. 

After dinner they walked hand in Hand to the car. He knew she was different.  This was a turning point for her. He drove her home. 

He hugged her. Both hung on to eachhother for a few seconds. “I love you. ” she told him. He smiled.”i love you beck. ” he said. 

She walked to the apartments.  He drove off. Things started to make sense to him. 

End of part ten.

Next up.

Becky gets more involved in his church. He gets involved in hers. There worlds start to murge. 

Holding hands part 14

Saterday arived. He had to give lexi an answer today. He finaly made up his mind definitively  on saterday morning. He prayed about it. He was peace. 

Lexi had incisted that whatever he decided, it had to be definitive.  It had to be the final answer. He had agreed.  He was ready. 

 Saterday afternoon he called her. Lexi was in her room. She did not want to answer the phone but she did. She answered the phone. “Hey dare!” she said. 

“Hi lex. Do you want to go to church tonight with me?” derrek asked. “Yes.of course. Do you have an answer?” she asked. “I do. ” he said “i want to hear it tonight on our way to church ok?”she asked. ” ok.” he said.

“I will see you then. ” she said. “You got it.” he said. Then they hung up. She did not do much that Day. She did not have a lot of ambition.she felt weary.  She spent much of her day in her room. 

She changed from a tank top and pajama pants to a yellow short sleve dress.  She put on flip flops. She would wait for him to arive. 

He always wore a suit and tie to his church. At youth group that he was a leader at, he wore a polo shirt. He usualy dressed down wgen he attended her church. He wore a dress shirt and jeens.  He almost changed to khakies but decided he looked fine. 

He said good bye to his family. He got into his car. He drove to her apartment. She was emotionaly exhausted.  She was not her usualy bubbly exerburent self. She kinda dragged herself to do anything.  

She often time waited for him on her steps but not today.  She was stil inside when he pulled in. She just did not have a spring in her step today.she opened the screen door and walked to the car.

“Look if the answer is no lets just part ways and that will be that!” she said “what? No the answer is yes. I am in!” he said. 

There was a single tear that ran down her cheak. ” really?” she asked. “Yes. Really hunnie!” he answered. He wraped his arms around her and hugged her. He had ment it to be a quick hug. She would not let him go. She held on to him for a bit. 

“Ok im ready!” she said.he started the car. The car left his driveway. “Your totaly in. Your one hundred percent in this? ” she asked. “Yes i am. I dont totaly understand it. I do believe the lord had brought us together. I believe the lord is glorified by us being together. I believe that saten wins if we are not. That does not totaly make sence to me but i do believe that.” he told her. 

“Ok i just had to make sure!” she said. The car arived at thr church parking lot. He parked the car. ” hey do you want to go out for cofee at our usual spot after the service?” she asked.” yes! Absolutely! ” she said. 

She realy wanted to just sit and talk to  him.  She felt like she had a lot to talk about. She felt like they really needed to talk and talk soon.they needed to have a deep and meaningful conversation.   They had a lot to figure out and work out. 

They both got of the vehicle. She took her hand. They walked hand in hand into the church. ” i like the outfit tobight. Jeens and dress shirt works for you . ” she said. ” thanks. ” he said.

They went to the sanctuary.  They sat next to tom and denise and there family. “It is good to see you two together. ” tom said. They smiled at him and then at eachother.   

During the worship time she raised one hand. She would not let go of him.she felt insicure that day. She was not leting him go. 

He sang along.he knew most of the songs now.  He would not dance. Some times he found himself swaying but when he realize it he stoped. She laughed st him. She loved it. He was the funniest when he was not trying.  She found his old fashoned ways to be endearing.  

She observed that he was reserve. He was pasive. He was traditional. She believed that she could bring him out of her shek. She did not want to change him . she liked how he was. She wanted him to stay conservitive in most things.  She wanted him to calm down in orthers. She was becoming king james prefered.she wore pants but saw that dreses or skirts were probably more famine.  She hoped he would moderate on other isues like music. She hoped he could go to a set point on these isues. She did not want to change him just calm him down on a few isues. 

He watched her. She was silly at times. Totally the oposite of him in many words. She seemed to be bold.she had little inhibitions.  She never sat stil.  He pictured her always dancing always swaying.  Always with a song on her heart if not on her lips. The perpetual optimist. Almost poly anish but with a touch of realism. Perhaps they were even eachother out he thought. 

During the worship time, he wondared if the lord could realy take him and her two people who seemed hopelessly and terminaly incompatible and make them truely one flesh? Then it dawned on him that he already had. 

After the service ,they went to there usual place for cofee. She was fairly qiet. “Are you upset with me?”he asked. “A little. She answered. 

“I kinda figured. “He answered.”i love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I am a little upset with you. Why did you drag this our for two weeks? This should not have taken you five minutes.  Either you want to be with or you dont.if you dont feel it, you dont feel it.” she said.

“Its not that simple. I want to be with yoy.i had to make sure it was God’s will. ” he said.”you baptist. Its all logic. Platonic Christianity.  It is anlitical. It is all acdemic. Do you not feel anything?  “She asked. 

“This is the bigest decison of our lives. Logic has to come into it. ” he said.”you canot dismiss feelings entirely as well!” she told her. ” i know that.  ” he said.

“I want you to want this. I want you to want to be with me. I want you to blow you away. I want you to love me as much as i love you! Your too buisy running statistical anylises to see the forest from the trees!” lexi told him. 

“I do love you. I do want to want to be with you. Thats who i am. I am anytical. Mayby i do psycho analize everything .  ” she told him. 

“”I know you would perfer i be if.b. i have been completely honest with you. I wont change my views on tonges unless i am convinced by the bible.  I am wiling to go to your church and embrace most of independent baptist. Is it not enough i can go to your church all the time and go to myine on Saterday and mid week. ” she said. 

” no i dont mind how we have it! Now” he said. “Look your aloud to tell me how you feel?” she said. ” this is how i feel. ” he told her. ” ok. “She said. 

“Im sory this is not how i wanted tonight to go. I want us to be happy. I want us to enjoy eachother.  ” she said. ” i am happy. I do enjoy you. I do want this. ” he said. 

” are you totaly in? Are you one percent in?” she asked. ” yes absolutely.  ” he answered. ” i am sory.i feel realy insicure tonight. I do trust you. I missed you. These last two weeks were horible. Lets never do this ever again. Ok? Lets be apart like this ! I am upset but i stil love you. I want to know you.  I want to realy know you. Please let me in. Break down those walls of yours ok?” she asked.

“Ok. No more walls. These last two weeks were terible. I agree lets never do that again. I missed you too. ” he said. 

“You were so funny tonight!” she said “me?” he asked. “You were swaying. Well until you realized you realized you were doing it and then you stoped.  It was cute!” she said. 

“You were cute yourself. ” he said smiling. ” how so?” she asked. ” its hard to explain. Your just are. My penticostal preee fiancĂ©e! ” he said. ” i like the sound of that. ” she said.  

“Im really sory. I did not consider you like i said. I did not take your feelings into acount. I messed up big time. Im sorry. ” he said. 

“I forgive you. Thank you.”she said.”i did up walls. I gues i only let you get so far. “He said. “No more walls? Will you let me in?” she asked. “Yes i will. No more walls. ” he said. “Ok good. I am not upset anymore. I might have overeacted. These two weeks made me weary. Leta never do this again. Even if its hard lets see eachother every day. In person or phone but lets keep the lines of communication open.”she said.  “Ok agreed “he said. 

“Do you really see us as pre enganged?”she asked. “I do. Do you see see is that way? “He asked. She smiled. “Yes i do. ” she said. 

They left the cofee shop holding hands. They got into the car . There Eyes met. He drove her home. He walked her to het steps.

He hugged her. She held on to him. He kissed her on the cheak.  “I will see you tomorrow hunnie!” she said. “You got it. I love you lex!”he said. “I love you dare!” she said. She went inside smiling.  He drove off. 

He knew how he felt. He knew how much he loved her. He was glad that he had met her. She would change his life, she already had. He believe he changed hers as well. He was excited to begin there life togather. 

End of part 14

Next up 

Derrek and lexi have a lot of heart to heart talks.