Only a matter of time part 11

Previously on a matter of time.

Keven is a young bible colege student that led a missons trip to a smal town . his team was assigned to help a new church plant get nore established.  

While there he met a young women naimed becky. Becky was a penticostal. They became friends.  He wanted to date her. She was reluctent at first but finaly agreed to date him.

What now? How would they make it work? How would they leaen to relate to eachorther? Now they had to work at making this relationship work. 

On a saterday, the church that Kevin and his team were helping had a work day. Keven asked her to come. She arived. They all went to a meeting place outside the church. The plan was to do yard work, panting and general cleaning. 

Becky voluntered to cleen windows and doors. She got windex and started cleaning the windows. She was a detail person. 

“Hi becky.”Kevin’s sister sarah said. “Hi sarah!”Becky said. “I am glad you could come today.” sarah said. “I am glad i did too. ” she said. “He really likes you!” she said. “I know he does. ” becky said.

After cleaning windows she helped rake outside. She liked talking to everyone while she worked.  She feared being out of place. She did not feel that way at all. She felt at home. 

“Hi im tifini the pastor’s wife.”she said. “Hi. Its good to finaly meet you! Kevin thinks the world of both of you. “She said. “We think the world of him. He has ment alot to this church. He is going to be missed when he and the team leaves. They have been a huge blessing and encouragement. “Tifini said.

“I can definently see that.  They are all very mature. “She said. “We are glad they came. ” tifiani said. 

At lunch. “So what was kevin like as a roomate at colege?” Becky asked. “Well i was the uperclassman. His side of the room was emaculate. He would pass a white glove test.  My side aleays passed. It was never quite to hus standards. “The pastor said.

“I used to tiddy up his side. He was not a huge fan of. ” Kevin said. ” that was a bit of an undersatement. ” the pastor said. ” has he always been a neat freak?” becky asked. “As long as i can remember he has been “His sister sarah said.  “I will keep that in mind. ” she said. Everyone laughed. 

“In all seriousness,he was a good roomate. He and i had some really conversations.  ” the pastor said. “I think we edified eacother.” kevin said. “I feel that way myself. “Kevin said.  

The afternoon they got ready to pass out copies of john and romans. Becky agred go acompony Kevin’s group. “Basially we put them out in mail boxes. We do have a contact number and ditections to the church. The focus is to give out the gospel. We want to get the gospel to everyone in the seronding area. We dont set out to talk to people. On ocasions we stop and talk. Once and a whilr we get assed what we are doing. Wr try not to be pushy. “Kevin said. 

They split into groups. Becky teemed up with sarah. They put the pamphlet into mail boxis or on porches or inside the door. 

They met back and went to the next street. They were able to hit several streets. They talked to a few people. There were no decisons for Christ for there were some that seemed verry open. Two would end up attending and would be saved later. They became an intergral part of the church.  It was a productive day. 

They returned to the pastors house and changed to get ready to go to her church.  “You ok going to my church after spending the day with a fundamental church?” she asked. “I will be ok. ” he said. She chuckled. 

Sarah wanted to come as well.  They walked to her car. They went into the building. They walked to the auditorium.  They saw a group of her friends including eric.  They sat down. 

“Hi sarah. ” eric said. “Hi eric. ” she said. They sat down. During the worship  time, she did what she always did. She raised her hands and she danced. He recognized some of the words.  He sang a bit but was mostly still. 

After they went out for cofee. Eric came too as did orther friends. After they drove back to where he was staying.  

“It was so nice to spend the day with you.  It was nice to see you doing ministry along side me. It was nice to see you in action.  I love we got to be in both worlds today. “He said. 

“I had a good day too. I enjoyed hanging out with you and doing ministry together.  I enjoyed watching you in ministry. ” she told him. 

“I enjoyed watching you pass out john Romans.  ” he said. ” i enjoyed that myself.  I enjoyed working along side you in ministry. I look froward to doing it more. ” she said. “I do too. ” he said. 

“So do you want me to become independent fundimental Baptist?  How do i fit in to all this?” she asked. “I am not trying to change you. I realy like how you are. I love your bubily outgoingness. I don’t intend for you to go all out i.f.b. i dont want you to change your views to conform to me. You have to follow what you believe based upon your study of scripture.  I want you to be captive to the word of God. I think you can fit in in my world. ” he said.

“Do i have to wear dreses all the time? Listen to only hyims and never speak in tounges?” she asked. “No. As i said i want to be subject to what you are fully convinced is Gods word. I never set out to marry a penticostal. Im crazy about you bec. ” he said. 

“I like who i am . i like where i am. I believe in penticostal theology. I believe in tounges and phrophecy. I like contenperary christian music. I dont see things like you do. I feel you want me to become you. I am not sure i can. ” she said.

 “I am really not trying to change you. I dont expect you to become me. I want you to be you. The truth is i just want to be with you. I am totaly enursed in i.f.b culture. I do fully believe that it is best. I want to start churches for the unchurched. I want to go to comunities that dont have much gospel witness. I gues i have expectations for my future wife.  I have had to modify them. I gues i have to continue to modify them. I dont want to be what is it the borg?”he asked.

 “I will be asimilated. Recistence is futile?” she asked.he chuckled. “I am new at this. I dont know what im doing. Lets talk about this. Lets work at this!” he said. ” ok! ” she said.

He hugged her. She held on to him. “Kev i’m crazy about you. “She said. “I know. ” he said. He watched her leave. 

End of part 11

Next up.

Kevin and becky go to a newsboys concert. 


Only a matter of time part seven

“So do you have any rules for dating?”becky asked him. “Well i never really wrote it down. She has to be a belever. More then that,she has to show signs of spiritual growth and has to keep growing. I want her to have a growing faith. We have to have similer goals.a similar misson. I feel called to pastor a church in the united states. If a  lady felt called to a foregn field that would not be a good fit. Parental involvement is must. Both my parents and hers. “He said.

“I dont believe in casual dating myself.  Any dating should contain an expectations that mariege is a posibility. ” he told her. 

“Does she have to be independent fundamental baptist?”becky asked. He blushed a bit. She could tell that she hae put him on the spot. “No. Not necessarily.  I gues i assumed that she would be i.v.b but it is not necessarily a deal breaker if she is not. I want her to love the lord. I want her to be a partner in the ministry. ” he said.  

“I can tell that you have really thought. I assume that you want to be married? “Becky asked.  He smiled. “I do.  ” he responded. “I thought you did but i figured i would ask. “She said “by the way you talk i assume you also desire to be married. “He remarked. 

“I do. I am not guy crazy but i do thibk about it. Ok maybe i am. ” she said.  “So does your future husband have to be penticostal?” he asked “i would say no. I gues i assumed he would be. I know a lot of evengelical churches churches now embrace the gifts of the holly sprit.  I want someone who loves the lord. I want to be involved in some kind of ministry.  I want to be maried to someone i can partner with in the ministry stry.”she said. 

Something went off in his mind.  He got so happy. He felt like things were starting to fall into place.  He felt like this waa some kind of signal.  He never thought this would happen.

“Do you want to be in full time ministry? ” he asked. “Definently Definently! “She answered enthusiastically.  “Would you be oppen to becoming a pastor’s wife?” he asked.  

She later admitted to him that after they started dating that she totaly misinterpreted that question. She took it as academic.  It did not occur to her that he was giving essentially a pre perposal perposal.

“Yes i would be open to being a pastor’s wife. “She told him. “Oh good! “He said. She was surprised that he was as happy as he was with that answer. It had not occurred to her that he was giving a hint hint. Had she realized what he had been implying,he might have given a different answer. 

In retrospect, she was glad that she did not know what he was getting at. Both felt that the lord was briging them together.  It was in a behind the scenes kind of way. It all worked out. It worked out in a way no one could have anticipated.  

Today she was she was not ready to even think about a relationship with Kevin.  It did not even enter her radar. She considered him a friend but not a potential love interest. It did not occur to her that he did feel that way. In her mind they were too different for such a union.  She figured that he would see that that way.

She would have shocked if she knew that he felt the way he did. She did not even suspect that she might like her. Despite the failure to speak the same language they were brought closer together.  

“I am surprised that you are not romantically involved with anyone. “She commented. “I dont date to date.  I have never had any peace about pursuing anyone.there were some i almost asked out. I felt so jitery that i had to back off. You know i have never been on a date. “Kevin said. 

“Never? “She asked.  “Never! “He answered.  “Your ok with that?”she asked.  “Not always.  I have been tempted to rush a head.i almost did on a couple of occasions. I believe that God is in control.  I know he has a plan. I have to trust is not always easy. I wish i could say i always handled in in the correct manner but i have not. Right now i am at peace with it. ” he said.

“Are you sure she is out there? “She asked.  “I am certain of it. “He answered.  From what i have observed, you are a godly person. Your sensitive to God”s will. I know you will make a fine husband.  “She said. 

“I know that you will make a great wife. “He told her. “You really think so? You have not caught me at my best. I was afraid that you would think the opposite. “She declared. 

“I know it gnawed at you. I see the pain in your eyes. I know that know the lord. Sometimes we learn from our failures more then our strength.  When we repent we see the power of God’s grace. Forgiveness is a vital part with God. We should never sin that grace mwy abound. When we do sin we do have an advocate with the farther. I see that in you.  God will use that in your future ministry. I know that.  You have many qalities of a good wife. Your active in the things of the lord. You will make a great wife. ” he told her. 

“So! How will you know when you have met the person God has for you? “She asked. “I am trusting in the lord. I know he has a perfect plan. “He answered.

“I am not sure how i will know. Right now i am very werry. I dont realy want to think about it. I dont want to miss it. Jake was a distraction. I hope becuase of that i wont miss what he has for me or who.”she said. 

They discused this conversation later after they had oficialy gotten together.  “Why didn’t you say anything that day kev?”she asked him.”i wanted to. I suspected that it was not the right time. I did want to scream hello im hear. “He said. She huged him and said. “Yes you are. “She said. 

“What if i do miss it?”she asked. “Keep looking. Though it terry wait for it. I know i am taking that verse out of  context.  “He said. “I wont tell anyone. ” she said.they both laughed. 

He later told her that he so badly wanted to tell her how he felt. He knew that it was not the right time. She told him that it would not have been.  “I would not have understood. I was not ready them. Some things take time. This was one of them hunnie. “She told him.

“I understand that. It was hard .it was not easy waiting.  It was Definently worth it.  ” he said.she kissed him. 

“Right not your weary.  Keep looking for Gods directionin this.keep watching for that person. Keep waiting.  This is important Becky. “He told her.  “You have my assurance on that. “She said.

She had no idea why this waa so important to him. In retrospect it made perfect sence. He believed that she would realize that he was the one God had for her in time. He had no idea when that would be. He decided to trust the lord in this. 

They decided that they should probably be going.he walked her to her car.  “I had a really good time this morning.  He smiled as he said it. She smiled back. “I did too. I am really glad we got to do this. “She said. 

“We will have to do this again sometime. “He said. “Absolutely.  I would love to. I always enjoy sending time with you!” she told him. 

“I really enjoy spending time with you as well. “He told him. “I will see you around!  She said “you got it. “He watched her drive off. He really enjoyed being with her.  Things were starring to fall into place. He was excited to see how it would progress.

End of part seven. 


Only a matter of time part six 

Kevin had gone though the gamut of emotions that Saturday.  He went from highest highs abd lowest lows and everything in between.  

That day,he had been ready to engage in preemptive thowing in of the towel with becky. He had mentally given up. Then Becky threw him a life line. One in retrospect changed everything.  That had made him sad because that was not what he really wanted to do. Then she called him.

Both would agree that this was a huge turning point in there relationship.  What could have totpedoed any chance of a future made then closer. At times there family was built on swet and tears but also on prayer,love understanding . it worked because it was built. It was carefully constructed. It was done though a thoughtful process. 

He was able to get to sleep fairly easy that night. He slept soundly until norning. He felt rested and ready for another day. He was ready and waring to go. 

After breakfast,he got ready for church. He saw his sister. “You seam different today. You seam hapier. Its almost like yesterday never happened.  “Sarah remarked.

He smiled. “Beck called me. She apologized for last night. It was more then that. I cant explain it “he told her. “I think i understand. “She said.

“Every time i think its time to walk away,there is something that keeps bringing me back. Something that stops me. “He told his sister.  

“Do you realy think she is the person God has for you?”sarah asked.”not to a certenty. I think its possible.  I am assuming no until i get a firm yes.”he told her.

“I know i need to tread lightly. I know i am getting ahead of myself.i need to slow down. I do not see a go ahead to keep going. “He said.

“You have changed in the last three years. You have grown. You have matured. You have alowed the lord to work in your life. You probably have the gift of preaching.  I am fairly sure you do. Now you are really preparing to go into ministery.mayby its time to find a wife,a partner. It makes sense. “She said.

“I cant believe i am even considering this but i am. “He said.”i dont feel you should walk away. Maybe you should slow down. ” she said.  “I do intend to take it slow”he said. 

“Just seak the lord. Be in his word. I know that you are. Keep doing it.”sarah said. 

“I will “he assured her.”ok good. “Sarah answered. “I will. “He assured her. “Ok.”she said.”i realy do care about her. “He said. “I know that. “She said. 

Kevin knew that they had a long way to go before they coukd date. There were a lot of unanswered questiones. A lot of things would have to be worked out. 

He beleved that God had brought them together.  It would work itself out. He beleved that has a plan. He was perparing them. He beleved she was part of her overall plan for there life. He did not fully understand it. He did believe it he was excited to see how it all played out. 

That Monday he got a call from becky.”hi beck. “He said,”hey kev.would you be available for cofee. Just the two of us?”she asked.

“I would love to. How is tomorrow morning?  “Kev asked. “Sounds great. I promise i wont ignore you this time.  “She told him. He chuckled. “Ok! “He said. “I will see you there. “She said. “You bet. “He said. 

Tuesday morning.  He was eaiger to get up. He got up. He got right up and got ready. He showered and got ready. 

He had a spring in his step that he did not have before. He could not wait to see her. He arived a bit earlier then they had planned. Within a few minutes of his puling in,her car pulled up. He smiled when he saw her. She saw him and smiled back. 

She parked the car. She turned off the engine. She got out of the car.she wore a ounk t shirt black skirt and flip flops. “Hi!”he said. “Hey there.”she said. 

They walked to the door of the cofee shop. He held the door for her. She thanked him. They walked inside.  He incisted in paying. 

After they got the donuts and cofee they went to the table and and sat down. She smiled at him.he smiled back. “Its really good to see you. “He told her. “Its good to see you kev.i need to thank you forva few things. “She told him. “Oh!”he said.

“First of all,thank you for being so gracious. Thank you forgiving me. The way you handled it was very godly. “She said.  “I apreciate how you handled it. As i said i was hurt. I apreciate your heart felt apology. I was heartned that you were concernee enough to come to me.  “He said. 

“It was hard to admit that i was wrong.  I knew i was.  I knew i could not let the night go by wuthout apologizing to you. I did not want to end the night without making things right. ” she said. 

“I am really glad you did. I was glad we went to bed on good terms. My heart was very heavy before you called. ” he told her. 

“I figured. I really wanted to make things right with you.  The other thing i wanted to thank you for.”she said.  “You have me curious. “He said. 

“My relationship with God has not always gone in a straght line. It has ebbed and flowed. A few years ago,i reqly got serious about my relationship with the lord.  I made the decison to go to bible college. I got more serious sense then. As i got serious saten was right there.i dodged a quite alot of his missiles.he kept coming. We not as strong as we believe we are. ” she said.

“I want you to know that i have stopped hanging out with jake. You can probably tell he is a bad influence on me. It is not his fault. I chose to give in. I chose to be distracted.  I chose the good over the very best. I knew i should not even consider dating jake. “She said.

“I knew he was completly wrong for me. I broke my own rules. You see a couple years ago,i wrote down a few guidelines for dating.  I never realy told anyone. ” she said.

“What are your rulles?” he asked. “Well i have to date someone i could marry.  Marriage has to be a distinct posibility. Not that i will mary the person but i could.  It has to be reasonable for me to think that i could mary the person.  I dont beleve in casual dating. That has to be parental involvement. That did not happen with me and jake. ” 

“The last one is that any red flags had to be dealt with. They could not be ignored. They have to be examoned and worked though. I did not do that. Saterday. Your demeanor. Without saying a word,i saw your face. It trigered something in me. I rejected it at first. When i got home it really hit me. ” she said. 

“I could not ignore it i went home and i confrounted what i knew i needed to do. I thew up my hands and ok lord i am steping out of the way. It was like a huge weight was lifted from me. I knew i had to sever ties with him. It is hard but i am glad i did. ” 

“I did this bacause you challenged me to do this. I owe you a big thanks. This was a big gift. I wont forget it.” she told him. 

“I had no idea. I am glad i could have this affect. I did not set out to have that influence.  I am glad that it did happen. I want to be a godly influence.  I prase God for that.  ” he said. 

“I am glad you did.  I see that this is who you are. You seam to have a consistent walk with God.  “She said. “I am a sinner. I wish i was.i struggle with giving into the flesh like every belever does.  I am glad that you see evidence in me of growth.  “He said 

She found it so refreshing for her to hear the way he talked. he was quute an encouragement for her. His love for the lord was clearly evident.  She was certain of that. She saw her heart that day. It was unavoidable.  She enjoyed talking to him. She could freely talk about spiritual things with him. He loved that.  

He was never not up to discussing sprituel things. He was sensitive to the things of the lord. That was clear to her. He revelared much of his heart to her that day.  

“So do you have any rules for dating?”she asked.  “Well i have never written them down. Has to be a belevor. More then that she has to show signs of sprituel growth and growing. I would like her and i to have similar goals.  I feel caled to be a pastor in the united sates. If a lady feels called to a foregm fiekd, we would not be a goid fit. Perental involvement is a must. Both sets of perents.”he said.

“Does she have to be i.f.b?”she asked. He blushed a bit. She could tell that she had put him on the spot. “Not necessarily.  I gues i assumed that she would be i.v.b. if she is not it is not a deal breaker. I want her to love the lord and i want her to be a partner in the ministry. ” he said.

End of part six.  

Only a matter of time part four 

Kevon foccused on the work. He was interested in every aspect of the ministry. He tried to stay focused even with thr distraction. He trued to keep the main thing the maine thing. Things were happening.  Things were changing. New people were attending the church. Kevin and his team were making conections. Kevin wanted not to just to get people to attend the church but to become a part of it. He wanted to maje friendship. He wanted to emphasize the family aspect of the church. He tried to get the team members to keep in mind that the church is a body. He stresed that every part of a body is esential. That was starting to materialize with kevin and his team. 

Kevin studied i.f.b evangelism past and present. The i.f.b is realy good at getting people into church,not so good at keeping them. Kevon wanted people to become part of the church. He wanted them to feel that they are esential parts of that local assambly. Kevin worked at that. Both kevin and the pastor wanted a church of new and newer converts. 

He wanted people saved,decipled ,then go out and and leed orhers to Christ and they would desiple them. Unfortunately they did not always happen in i.f.b churches. The pastor wanted this church to folow that formula. He hoped that that would become a foundation of the church long after he left.  He wanted it to be the leading philosophy of the church. 

The church had continued to reach out to the surrounding area. They had met a lot of peoole. They did get plenty of rejection. They had plenty of meeningfull conversation as well. They were starting to see results.the team had a good reputation. They were seen as friendly and genuine.  They had the joy of the lord. 

He did not hear from becky during the week. He did see her face book posts. She often posted Christian music videos,penticoastal speakers .she seemed to be a star trek fan.she liked xmen and read armish romance novels.  Normally he might be offended she amused him. 

He posted updates of ministries he was involved in.  He posted pics.he shared king james bible verses. He qoated from i.f.b speakers past and present. Becky did like some of his post. She comented on them as well.  

He was very buisy. He hardly had time to miss her. When he did stop and smel the roses,he realized that he did miss her. He decided to give her a call. He nervously dialed her number. “Hi this is becky. I am probably evevangelizing or reading a sci fi novels etc. Please leave a messege and i will get back to you when i can. God bless. ” she said in her vioce mail. 

“Hi beck. Its keven. I had not from you in a while. I have been prety buisy myself.  I just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing. Call me when you get a chance.  “He said. Then he hung up.

He did not realize how much he miased her. He loved talking to her.even if they disagreed.  He enjoyed hearing her point if view even if he disagreed with her. 

His dad told had told him that getting a warm fuzzy feeling from a spouse was not the sum total of a relationship between a husband and wife. His dad said that not everyone got those feeling but he did.his mom said the sane thing. His perents said that for them as three relationship grew so did the fuzy feeling. He saw that with Becky.  

He never intended this to happen.  He had never planed to have these feelings. He tried to pretend that they did not exist.  It became clear to him that he did. He kept it to himself. Sarah, his sister has figured it out. Right now becky had her own life. A life very seperate from his. He feared that eventualy they would go there separate ways. He started to think that he would acept that. It she was heading towards that separation.  Maybe he should do the same. 

He considered going to her church’s saterday night service.  He feared that his fellow team members might not aprove. He knew that they might not understand. He decided not to go. He did really miss her. He was a bit mad at himsekf for feeling this way.

He checked his face book. He scrolled down the newsfeed. He looked at several entries.  He liked some and commented on some.  He saw a post from becky. It was a picture of her and some if her friends. Jake had his arm around her. Kevin found that he is a little jellous. He scolded himself. He told her about it after they got together. They laughed about it.

“You were jealous? ” she asked. “I know,  it was not my finest hour. I never said it was rational. “He told her. “It was not my finest hour either. I broke my own rule. I flirted with someone i was prety sure was not God’s will for me. I feel bad for that. I regret that you saw it. That was not right. ” she told him. 

One day after they got maried,it came up. They talked it over. For the most part she had prepared herself for her future husband.  On this day,she had let her gaurd down. She regreted that.

He turned  off facebook. He played dutch blitz with other members of the team. Then his phone rang. He looked at the called id. It was beck.his heart sank. He presed the talk button. “Beck hi! “He said. 

“Hi long time no hear from. “She said. “I have been prety buisy. Despite that i have not stoped thinking about you. Wait that canw out wrong. “Kevin told her.”i know what your trying to say.  I have missed you as well. ” she said “you have?” he asked. “Yes i have.why are you so suprised? “She asked. “I am glad to hear that. “He said “oh ok.” she said.

“How have you been?” he asked. “Good. I have kept myself buisy. I have been involved in various ministries.  Some as a leader, some as a student.  I like it but its kept me buisy. “She said. “I can understand that. ” he said.

“Church was really good. You should have come !”she told him. “I did think about it. Perhaps another time. “He told her. “Your welcome any time.” she told her.  “Thank you.i do know that.  ” he said. 

“I have enjoyed your face book posts. I have been following you extensively.  ” she said. “I suspected as much. I have been enjoyed yours as well. “He said. “You can probably see that i have a silly side. ” she told him. “I picked up on that.  ” he told her.”i will try not to go overboard with it.” she said. ”  oh ok!” he said. 

”  look. I wont take up any more of your time. I lost wanted to hear your vioce. I missed you. “He told her. “It was good to talk to you. I hope to talk to you again very soon. “She said told him. “I look froward to that as well. “He told her.”talk to you again soon. “She said. “Bye for now. ” he said.

“Who was that?” the pastor asked. “Her name is rebecca.  ” he said.  “Oh!” the pastor said. “Its not like that. We were friends.  “He told him. 

“I had a friend like that once.  What was her name? Oh Tiffany.  ” pastor reese asked. “Funy pastor.  It is realy not like that. We are friends. Thats all” he told him.

Kevin felt a lot of mixed emotions that day. That picture of her and jake had rattled him. After seing it,he concluded that he ans Becky was a fantasy he created. It had no bases in reality. Him and becky was sinply not going to happen.  

This was all in his head. That was ok. He fugured he had to move on. It might take time for him to move on. He had to rebound from something that never happen.  

The next week, the church held a v.b.s. This kept him very buisy. It was sucesfull but taxing.  All of the team was tired. On that saterday morning,they passed out copies of john and romans. They took that saterday afternoon off. 

He rested during the afternoon.  He took it easy.  He decided not to check facebook. He was tired.he decided he needed to rest.

“Sarah!  Want to go out for a drive tonight?”he asked.” let me gues a drive that ends up ay sprit of fire church?”she asked. “You caught me sis.” he told her. “Ok we can go. If i get a headache from the worship team i am blaiming you.” she told her.he chuckled.  “Ok deal.uf you do get a headache i will suply the headache mistake.”he told her. “Gee thanks.  ” she said.

He texted Becky.   He told her that she and sarah were coming to the church. She texted him back. She told him to text her when she arived. He told her that he would. Becky parked next to her.

Kevin and sarah got out of the car.Becky then got out of her car. “Hi stranger.  ” becky said.he smiled in a way he never had previously.  “Hi beck. It is so good to see you.” he told her. “I was beginning to think that there was a partial rapture ans Baptist went before us.  ” she told her.  “No!nothing like that.” he responded.

“Hi sarah. It is good to see you again.”rebeca said. “You too becky.”sarah said. The three walked in together.   “You look tired kev.”becky commented. “I am a bit tired.  I am a little tired. I expected that this might be the case. ” keven said.”make you take care of yourself.i dont want you to go down for the count. “She said. They walked towards the maine section of the church.

“I tell him the same thing. He has always been a workaholic.  Dad and the grandpa are the same way.”sarah said. “Know your limitations.  “Rebecca said. Thats good advice.  Mayby he will take it if it comes from you. ” she said.

They went inside and sat down. ” i did not realize i had that effect on him. ,Becky said. “I am prety sure you do. ” sarah said. “Helo i am in the room.” he said. They laughed.

The more time he spent with her,the more he fell in love with her. At the time he did not see it that way. He would later.  He did not all of a suden fall in love with her. It was a slow progression.  It was a series of steps in that direction.  Thr early steps were unnoticed.  After a while it was undeniable.  There was a time in his life he did realize that he was in love with becky.

One day he woke up at 2:00 in the morning. It hit him like a ton if bricks.  That day it all aded up. It all added up. Today he was not quite there.  

The door opened ,a group of friends entered.this included jake.they came over to her. When becky was around jake,she totally changed. Kev found it odd. Sarah picked up on it as well.

“Who is this?”eric asked. “Im sarah.keven’s sister.”she said. Everyone was friendly to them . jake was not rude but ut was different. .

Everything was tense. How could things change so rapidly between those two. He would eventualy understand her personality. He would learn how to relate to her. She had to ajust to him as well. By the time they started to date, they knew how to relate to eachother. 

Kevin stil found the worship time hard to take. He knew how it went.he stil had to ajust in. He figured that he would never fully get use to it. Sarwh could not ubderstand why wirship time incoperated worldly music into it. She tried to muddle though.

Becky figured kevin and his sister found worship time problemetic. She did not understand there views.she respected it. That nighr she looked over at kevin. She wanted to make sure he was ok. She was intreged by him. 

He always like the pastor’s messege.after Kevin and sarah discussed it at length. She found it to be mostly biblicaly based. 

After the service. “Do you want to join us?”becky asked. “Sounds good.”he said.they all walked out together as a group. Kevin saw her get into Jake’s car. Was there something going on between them?he did not to be jellous. He wanted to overcome this. He believed that it was a problem.  He knew he needed the lords help to overcome it. 

“You ok kev?”sarah asked. “Yea im fine. ” keven said.”it might not meen what you thini it meens. “Sarah commented. “I know that”keven said. “You dont have all the information yet. Dont jump to conclusions. “She told her.

“I am an idiot. What am i doing? Why did i actualy think this would work? I feel like i have gone crazy or simething. ” he said. “I have thought as long as i have known you.” she remarked. “Funy!i never should have come tonight. This was a really bad idea. ” he said. 

“Do you want to head back to the command post?” sarah asked.”no i alreqey agreed. It is just one night. Tonight i go home. Forget it ever happened. I let my gourd down.  I have no idea how i will explain this one to my future wife.” he said. 

The car parked at the parking lot of the cofe shop. Everyone got out of there cars. Kevin saw that Kevin and rebecca were being playfull. He tried to ignore it.sarah kept checking on keven. She wanted to make sure he was ok. He wished he had not commited to this. He wished he had realized before this that it was a bad idea. He was commited right now. He decided to keep this commitment.  

Inside the group engage in benign fevolity.  He realized how out of his place he was. He really wished he was not hear. He decided to stay for a little bit then when it was polite to left. He wondered if he left if anyone would notice. 

Everyone got there cofee and snacks to to with it. They all sat down at a table. Kevon could not have been any further but from becky. The conversation was very esoteric. Kevin could not relate to it. He felt so isolated. He saw that the dream if him and becky was just that a dream. He came to see it would not work. He got realy qiet.

“You must feel out numbered?”eric asked. “I have brothers i am use to it. “She said. “You two are the first non penticoastal to be in our group. I think it is a good thing. “He said.”i hope you see it that way.”she said.  “I for one see the need for aome differencecof opinion.”he told her. “I think we can get along.”she said.”i have never had a baptist friend before. ” he said. “We are realy not trying to step on your toes. “She said.”when the reeses arived there was suspicion. I am seing that your not a threat.”he said. 

“We are hear because there is no king james conservitive churches. We are not trying to compete. “Kevon said.”i am starting to see that.  “Eric said. “I am glad we can talk. “Sarah said. “I am too” eric said.

Becky and jake were in a whole different world. The conversation shifted to eric and sarah. Eric tried to get the whole group together. “The reason we are all hear is due to kevin and becky. “Eric said. That satement changed the tone of that evening. 

“Whats that?”Becky asked.”you and Kevin opened the door to all this. You two alowed for this dialog. “Eric said. “Well i am not sure where i fall into all this. Kevin came to the church. I just happened to sit next to him. As i recal i was not at my best.”she said. 

“Its ok. I did not take ofense. “Kevin said. “I am glad to hear that.”becky said. 

“I hope that we can all be friends.”eric said.  “I would like that.  I think we will. “Kevon said “i do too. ” becky said.

After a while ,the group started to disperse.  “Dont be a stranger ok?”eric told sarah and kevin. “I will try not to be.”she told him. They went to the car. 

In the car.  “You ok kev?”sarah asked.”what am i doing sarah? Why did i think i could crack into her world? We are just too different? Mwyby i saw what i wanted to see.i wanted there to be something between becky and i. I might have clues that did not existed. Its not her fault.  She has no obligation to me. We are not together. We never have been. I hate feeling like this.”he said.

“It is a part of life. It will pass. “Sarah said. “I know but until it does pass. Its going to drive me crazy.  “He said.”it will.”Sarah said.”i want to go back to being me. I dont know this kevin.”he said.”your stil are. The core of you is still you. Learn from did not happen in a vacume. The lord will use this. “She said. “I know.”he said.

It was a hard night for keven.he had trouble getting over the stress of the day. Then the phone rang. He saw that it was her. “Hi beck!”he said.”look kev im so sory. I acted badly.  I was so ungodly tonight. I know i hurt you. I am very sory.”she said. 

“I really appreciate hearing from you. I accept your apology. I was hurt. I did not understand it. You meen a great deal to me. I value our friendship beyond my ablity to express. All is forgiven. I want to be in a good place with you. “He told her.

She started to cry. “I do too. I got caught in myself. You saw a nasty side of myself. I am sad you saw it.”she said.  

“Like i said i waa hurt but i am over it now. I am so glad you called.”he said.  

“Your so special to me kev. I font want us ina bad place. “She said.”i dont want that either. “He said.”i want us to be ok!”she said “i love you. I want us to be close no matter what. “He said.”i love you too. Again i am sory”she said. “I firgive you. We are good i promise.”he said.

“Thank you.i willnletbyou go. I did not want to leve things as they were. “She said. “Thank you for caling. Good night.”he said.  He started to cry after he hung up. Despite there isues God kept briging them back.

End of part four