The mage valentines special

Kathy was the daughter of a lawer. She was an hournor student. Due to financial trouble due to her fathers’s gambling,kathy was sold into slavery. 

Kathy ended up a slave to a mage.magic was ilegal. She helped expose him . she and all her felow slaves owned by the mage were ordered free. They got to stay at the esate. 

Kathy was basically put in charge of the administrative end of the esate. She headed up the financial end. Brad ran the operations aspect. He liked farming and hands on. They kept everything runing. They had the titles. They did not want a hierarchical sysitom. Her philosophy we work together, we get thibg done,then we all enjoy the fruits of our labor.  

She was kind and fair. She was a servent leader. She was only harsh on one person,herself. She pushed herself to the limits and beyond.  She was a workaholic.  She held herself to a higher standard then she would ever hold anyone else. 

She felt like she has a lot to prove.  She had to prove that this could work. There was a lot riding on this.  A lot of people on the outside wanted them to fail. A lot of people wanted the land. If. They failed the perspective business people. Could swoop in. 

Kathy felt the pressure. More then every one else. She had to make it work.the others just did the work.she had to nake ends meet. 

Brad went to her office. “Kath! Its quiting time.”brad said.”five more minutes b!”she said.  “Noel made supper tonight.  Hamburgers in the shapes of ships form knight in space !”brad said. “I am coming.five more minutes! “She said. “I think i have seen you more when we were slaves then now. ” he said. “I promise.  Five more minutes.  “She said. “Ok. Five minutes.  Then you leave. We go have dinner. Work day is done!”he said. “Deal.”she said. 

Five minutes later. 

He came back in. “Kathy time to make like a duck and quack off. “He said.  “I am not getting out of this one am i?”she remarked. “No not at all. “He said. “Five more minutes.  “Kathy said. “Nope. No nore extensions. Time to go. “He said. “Five more minutes. “She said.

He picked up her tedy bear.”i am taking foster hostege. I wont return him until you agree to come to the maine house.” he said.

“No foster.  You can’t! “She said.”no foster until you agree to leave!”she said. “This is so not fair. “She said.” brad vrs kathy found that if brad gets bear he can use it as laverge.”brad said “that decision is going to have to be apealed. Lets go.”she said. He smiled. She folowrd him. They left the office.

“When do i get foster bear back?”she asked. “Not till we get to the maine house.”he answered. “What do you think i am going to do?grab the bear and race back to my office?”she asked. “Yes. !” he said.

The maine house was by invitation only. It was usually off limits to slabes unless it was part of there work assignments. Now they owned it so they use it. 

Reverend lutter and brothers form the order of saint Sebastian had moved into to insure that every thing went on was done in decentcy and in order. 

“I was wondering if you were coming. The fss. Nova is for you kathy!” noel said. “Awsome ! It was my dream to command the nova one day!” kath declared. “You do know that knights in space is ficticious. It is a work of fiction. “Brad said. Kathy and noel gave him a dirty look. “Never mind! Forget i said anything!”brad said. 

After dinner. “Kath. Sence tomorow is valentine’s day. I was wondering if we could go out for dinner.” brad said. “Yea i dont see why not. Can we go after five a clock?”she asked.  “Sounds good! We agree, no bussiness? Just you and me? No cell phones or any other electronic device. Not even a calculator! Ok?” brad asked. 

“Not even a calculator?  What if i wanted to figure out the tip?” she asked.  “You have a 4.0 g.p.a? I think you can figure it out! Agreed?no technology? ” he asked. “Ok! Agreed. ” she respinded. “Sounds good!” he said. 

Kathy tried to get as much work done as possible before she had to go with brad. She had a Very productive day. There was stil things she wished to get done before the dinner date. He arived at the office promptly at 5:00.

“Hey its time. “He said. She got up. He gave her flowers and a bear. “I dis not want foster to be lonley!” he said.”very thoughtful!  Thank you. ” she told him. He hugged her “happy valentines day!” he told her. She said it back to him. 

They walked hand in hand to the car. He opened the car door for her. She went inside. He got into his car. They drove off.

They were escorted to a table. Sense her emancipation, she mostlt wore the simple blue sleve less dress ans usually went barefoot. Hear she wore a red dress and flip flops. Amy who was her asistent wore skirt and a tank top. She wore flip flop but they rarely stayed on. 

“I hope this was a good pick?”he asked. “Absolutely.  I have never been hear. I would rather to go any where connected to my old life. “She said.  “You cant avoid it foever. ” brad said. ” i know. I would rather avoid it as long as i can.” she said. 

“Ok. I do under stand that. “He said.”i want to create new traditions. Right now with you and me. Later on you me and our children. ” she told him. “Sounds good. I like that idea. ” brad said. 

The food arived, they started to eat. They had very plesent conversation then they were interupted.  Her cell phone rang. She answered it. She kept on it for a few minutes.  

“Sorry! ” she said. “Kath we agreed. No cell phones or any electronic device. ” she said. ” your right? I will turn it off. ” she said. As she was about to turn it off,the phone rang again. She picked up the phone and took the call. Much to brads chagrin.  

“Ok now i’m done! “She said. He tried not to be angry with her. He was madly in love with her. He got really qiet. He tried to sort all this out. “Ok my phone is off!”she said.

“Ok! I was really looking froward to this! Just you and me. ” he said. “I know i was too. Im sory. ” she said.Then her other  phone went off. She did not answer it. She turned it off. “You had a second phone?” he asked. 

“Yes. “She said. “Kath! Dont you want to spend time with me?” she asked.  “Of course i do. There is a lot of pressure on me. I am basicaly the c.e.o of a compony. I am also c.f.o and i have to keep it running. ” she said. “One night is not going to make a difference!” he said. “I know. ” she said. 

They walked to the car. She started to take his hand.he took it. “I am sorry i runed the night. ” she said “its ok. ” he said.

When they got home,  they hung out outside.she removed her flip flop. “You know your going to have to stop eventually! ” he said. “I Dont want to stop! If i stop i have to think about everything.  I Dont want to do that. I dont want to have to think about everything.  I dont want to confront the pain. “Kathy said. 

He hugged her. “You cant run from it. Its there. It only will be! You have to deal with is not going away. “He said. “Everyone i trusted, everyone who was suposed to care for me has betrayed me. ” she said.

“Not everyone!  I am hear for you. “He said. He held her closely.  “I know that.  I dont know my role in the larger scheme of things. Where do i fit in? I want this esate to be sucesfull. ” she said.

 “You have so much potential.  Your going to make this work.  I will be at your side? Sorting out the pratical stuff. Lets have some time together ok?” he asked.  “Ok! ” she said.

She started to break down. She tried to fight it. He told her not to. “Dont ! Dont fight it? ” he said.  She let her tears flood. He held her. “Kathy you not in this alone. We are in this together. I am not like the others. I wish i could say i would never let you down. I probability will. I am human but i care about you. ” he said. ” i know that. I love you ” she said. “I love you.  ” he said. 

“We have time just for us ok? ” brad asked. “Agreed. ” she said. They kissed. 

The end.

Kathy and brad will return. 


The maze part three

Kathy found life as a slave was not so bad. She was basically an administrator. She was his office manger and lawyer for the plantation and his business interest. She was a powerfull person.
The facility was luxicurious. The slaves were given access to a gyim,seining pool basketball court even television and video games.they were expected to work hard but the guards were not cruel. The master made it clear that that they were slaves under the law but were fellow workers,partners unless it became necessary for them to be slaves.
The master envisioned a kind of contract. Work well get to live in the land and reap the rewards of
the work.
The slaves were to be in the quarters by 2100 and lights out was at 2200. Kathy was tired. She was happy to go to sleep.
The reality set in as she laid in bed.the unthinkable had happen.she was now a slave. She was the daughter of a middle class member. Her farther was a professional. She had been in law school. She has a 4.0 g.p.a. many felt that she was going to be either valedictorian or silutitorian. She was determined to graduate at the top of her class. Now that was over.
The master seemed like a kind man .the overseas seemed reasonable. She was stil a slave She was not her own. She was owned. Nothing would change that. It was how it was.
She started to cry. She let the tears flow. She ended up crying hersf to sleep. She did sleep soundly. She slept until morning. She dreamed of home.
Brad did not have the same trouble adjusting as Kathy did. He had grown up in basically a shack.there was no running Water.He had to bathed in a river. He had no electricity.his house relied on lamp light. He had no phone tv or internet. This was a step up for him. He felt like He had received a social promotion but he knew that was not how it was for Kathy.
He hated that she was a was good for him. Not for her.she was a princess. She deserved to be a princess. She could not be chained.she was a free sprit.that was who God made her to was unfair that this had happened. He hoped one day this terable wrong will be made right.
The slaves got up the night day.they showered got dress a d went to the mass hall for breakfast.the good was good.Kathy. loved coffe but imperial law forbid slaves from drinking cafine.  She had Orange juice instead. It was not as good but oh well.
Kathy got right to work. She was given a lot of authority. The master yielded to Her on Manny topics. The staff trusted her .she had inteegrery and proved that She could be trusted.she enjoyed her work.
Sometimes she did forget She was a slave. She wore the standered blue slevless dress . she put her hair into a poney tail. She was barefoot.
Brad was given a lot of authority in the farm. He was hard working and component.the master and his staf was happy with him. He found that he could prosper hear. He was determined that He was. So far he was prospering.
He felt that he was a part of something. he was doing good. He was making a difference. He was not only helping the master but himself as well. He was also doing good for fellow slaves. He felt he could make a differences . he was pleased with that.
Noel liked the Dragon. He imagined that he was one of the comic super heroes he enjoyed . dragons were we’ll known but dragons had a bad reputation especially in the empire. They were associated with evil. They were was frowned upon.
Noel was a bit eccentric but worked hard. While some of the overseas disliked his endless anecdotes usually a comic book reference but ignored it because he was such a hard worker.he was dependable.
Amy had put the Landry away. She was dismissed from her shift. She was happy. She saw Andrew.” you look tired. ” Amy said. ” it is a good kind of tried. ” he said she smiled. ” you always been this dedicated? ” She asked. “Not always. I see the importance of hard work and dedication. I am going to prove my worth. ” Andrew said. “You don’t anything to worry about. ” she said.
He Smiled. ” thank you !” he said. She smiled. He knew what She ment by that. He was pleased.
Kathy had been kept busy. She kept up with the financial and administrative end. She was a kind of prime minister or chief operating officer. The master was a kind of chairman of the bored.
” Kath come in ” the master said.”you wanted to see me sir!” she Said. “I would like to represent me in court. Under the slavery reform act of 4066 you can represent me. ” he said. “I would love  to master!” she said.
“I am being sued by the house of cornbloom. They claim a deal I made with to buy annexes of there land is null and void. The Lord was dying . he was stil the Lord of record . the oldest son claims that he was incompacutated and unable to act in sound mind. They want a regional exchecker to nullify the agreement . the exchecker plans to hold a hearing to discus the motion. ” he said.
“Can I see a copy of the agreement? “She asked. ” of course I took the liberty of emailing it to you. ” the master said. ” excellent. Thank you master. I will prepare my defense at once. ” she said. “I knew you would. ” he said.
She did all of the research she could. She studied the document .She also studied the pertinent laws and parlimentry acts as well as supreme court decisions. She did not want to lose this case. She had to prove herself. If She won this case She would win the confidence of her master. If She lost the case. She risked his confidence. The master trusted Her. She had to validate at trust.
A slave was at the mercy of master.they were at there whim really. If a slave displeased a master they risked being sent to the salt mines. That was basically a death sentence. She seemed like a nice guy but she did not want to test out his mercy. She would win this case. She overprepared. She was ready to go.
She wore the blue dress but wore flip flops . she followed her master  and her onterage. She saw the house of cornbloom .the new Lord of cornbloom. He was acompinied by his two brothers and three sisters. Several security officers were there.  There was his lawyer.
” that was the best He could come up with ?” Kathy asked. ” you know him ?” head overseas purrit asked. ” he was an upperclasman. His name is Eric Sawyer. He graduated third In his class. He hopes to be elected to the house of commons one day. He is good but cocky . he is not as good as he think he is. He is good. ” she said.
“Can you defeat him?” the master asked. “Yes I can but I must not underestimate him.”
She realised she had become cocky. She went to a place that was not her. She has been self righteous arogent. She humbled herself.
Eric went over to her. ” it seams the mighty have fallen kath. A slave. That is a shame!  ” Eric said. Eric was patronizing. Her. They walked on.
They entered the court room. The baleth ordered all to rise. The  exchecker called the court to order. End of part four
The empire is molded after the Roman empire and England during the middle ages. England used the feudal sysitom. Land was owned by the king who turned the land over to friends if his Lord’s .the. Lord had vasals who ran It and oversaw the serfs who farmed it.
Excheckers were basically tax collectors for the king. They had the authority to setle dispuits. The. British minister of finance today us called chancellor of the Excheckers.

The mage part two

The empire did practice slavery. Slaves dus have protection under the law. Some willingly enter into slavery to avoid homelessness or to get out of poverty. Some slaves who were owner by noble or government officials could gain power or presteze.
While there were bad masters.there was cruelty. It was not always bad. When someone was sold into slavery against there will no never knew what kind of master they would serve. It was not just the master but also the overseas. Those hired to administer the slaves. When one became a slave there were Manny unknown elements.
The helicopter left the auction site . the chopper headed for the estate. Noel one of the New slaves went on and on about his favorite comic books. While no one was really listening that did not deter him from talking. Talk he did.
Brad felt sorry for Kathy. Her hair was in a beaded only tail.she was fairly tall. He guessed that she had been part of a middle-class family. Probably a merchant family. Perhaps he farther practiced a profession . sometimes if a family fell into debt after they sold everything else they would be forced to sell family members.
Brad felt for her.she should not be hear ge thought.
They saw the estate over heard. It was vast. There were horses and various other animals. There was everything you imagine. Field’s,farms even a swimming pool.
The master had his. Own landing strip and hanger. The helicopter landed. The slaves were allowed to disembark the craft.
“I am your master. I am xerxis. This is chief oversear perit. According to the law I own you. You are my slaves. You have two choices you can be members of my family or my slaves your choice. Work well and you will enjoy all the fruits of your labor. This can be a home a refugee . I do not tolerate insurection but reward hard work. I can be your friend or your worst nightmare.I would prefer to be your friend. It is your choice. ” the master said.
The New slaves were allowed to change out of the Orange prison style jumpsuits .male slaves wore light  blue t shirts and matching pants.  If the work required shoes or boot they were permitted to do otherwise they went barefoot. Female wore a simple sleveless blue dress. They were barefoot.
The slave qurter were set up like college dormitories. They had a lounge that slaves could use in off time. It included a kitchen refrigerator and a room with tv filtered internet enabled computer,WiFi and a stereo systems. Female and males had there separate facilities.
After given time to settle in, they were brought to the administration building for orientation. The rules were simple.there were not Manny. Work time was from eight in the morning to four thirty. Unles they were in a Job that required work outside that window.
After the orientation they were assigned to there jobs. Charles who had been in medical school was a signed to the estate hospital. He was thrilled to find that he could practice he got to work he forgot he was a slave.
Brad was not a stranger to hard work. He got right to work. He was knowledgeable as well.
“Brad!” the bald master said. “Sir!” brad said. ” I am making you foreman. ” xerxis said. ” thank you sir. I will not dusipoint you.” brad said. ” I am certain of that. ” he said.
Noel and Andrew got to work. As the work day was almost over they went to purit. ” what is that barn for?”Noel asked.the oversear smiled. ” I will show you. ” he said.they went was a dragen. “A Dragon? ” Andrew asked.” it required a million permits and wavers and parliamentary permission. ” purit said.
“Is he ferocious?” Noel asked. ” he can be. He can be controlled. We have become found of him. ” the head oversear said.
Amy was assigned to domestic work. She found everyone was nice. This was not what she expected. It seemed almost too good to be true.
After the orientation, Kathy was told to report to the master. He had an office in the administration building. ” Kathy! I was given all you’re. Records. You graduated from your private high school as class valedictorian. You have a 4.0 g.p.a from the university of emperor William the great. You were a law school student. You were sophomore class treasurer. You were school newspaper editor. I don’t like administrative work. I perfect hands in work. I would like you to be my office manager, financial manager and my lawyer. Under the law you can practice law on my bahath. I want you to be the estate administrators. “He said.
“Thank you master.I am most greatfull. You can count on me!”she said.” I know that. Cingradulations . ” he said .
He was quite pleased with her work.  She liked her duties.she got to do what she loved. She enjoyed law finances and administration. She got to do all of that.
.” you may go!” the master said.” I almost hate to go. ” Kathy said. ” I suspected that might happen.” he said. She laughed.
“Thank you master.” she said. She bowed. ” Kath ! I know you like stuffed animal. You will find some on your bed including a stuffed bear. His name is edger. “He said. She smiled and thanked him.
Noel was escorted to the library.” this is the comic section. ” purit said. “Is that torch man? I heard emperor Bryon the 15th had all of them destroyed.” Noel said. ” not all of them. ” the head oversear said.”may I read it?” Noel said ” you May you read it.I think it will become clear why the emperor may be rest in peace sought to eraise all traces of The series. ” purit said. Noel could not be hapier.
Brad looked for Kathy.he finally found her. She was outside reeding. “What are you reading?” he asked.”she was embarrassed.  “Jenny teenaged spy. I know ! I am not a Female version of Noel I promise. ” she said. “I’m not judging.I just figured you would read the economist or the boulder ridge journal !” he said.
” I am not that aristocratic even when I was in the professional circle.”she said. “You probably guesed that I am form the back woods. Grew up in jackman. More moose then people. ” he said. She laughed. “So let me gues your farther long dead mom just barely made sold yourself into slavery to survive.” she said. “Prety much. ” he said.
” your not going to ask me how I ended up a slave?” she asked.”you will tell me when your ready. If you don’t that is fine too. ” brad said.
“Are we friends?” Kathy said.”yes we are. ” brad said. ” you do know I would not have givin you the time of day before. ” she remarked.”yea I figured ” brad said. ” that’s all changed now. We are eaquils now .” she said. “I suppose so. I don’t mind to brother you. I will let you get back to your book. ” he said.”I can read later. Will you join me ?” she said. He smiled.
The new master was nice . he could be benevolent. He had a secret. One that could ruin him. One that had to stay hidden. One that would threaten his own personal fiefdom.he knew how to navigate the matters the powers that be made him tread.while he was playing a dangerous game. If sycesfull he would become the powers that be. He would be free to be who he was ment to be. He would get revenge on those who tried to keep him down.
End of part two.

The mage

Pristine city
The provincial capital city of pristine. The city was one of the largest in the empire. People came from all over the empire and outside.
The slave market was heavily guarded by.members of the auction house security and the imperial forces. While there has not been any incidents at the pristine auction house in forty year’s.  It was one of the most secure slave auction in the empire. No one was going to take any chances.
Slavery was legal in the empire. There was an aboulition movement. It was very smal. It had been growing a little bit. There were always family members of s slave to be who believed that the selling was unjust. Extra steps were being taken just in case.
The potential buyers were arriving. Anyone could buy slaves.they had to register and show proof that they could buy a slave. They were screaned. There weapons had to be presented.
The auction house did not want By problems. They wanted a successfull auction. Both the auction company and the military were on high alert . everyone believed that there would be no major incidents.
While In the cages the slaves to be waited. Brad was different from most unsold slaves. He was a willing slave. His parents were dead. He came from a poor family in a remote town on the edge of the provinces . there was no jobs. No real prospects.he decided to sell himself to the slavers. Beter to be sold into slavery then to scrounge for food in a desert.
The slaves to be wore orange prison style jumpsuits. They had the name of the auction house on the uniform. Other wise barefoot.
He looked around.he hoped that whatever house he ended up serving with ,he hoped that the circumstances would be better then they were currently. He had bo idea. For all he knew they could be worse. It was to late now. He had sign the paper work literally signing his life away. It was done now. There was no going back.
He saw the nearby cells. He looked around. Some looked scared. Others looked like they were in shock. Others we’re resolute.
In the empire there we’re different kind of slaves. Some slaves we’re members of enemy nations captured In war. Some were non violent criminals sentenced to slavery or who agreed to be slaves to avoid prison. Some became slaves due to debt by themselves or family members.
He saw one fellow New slave that caught his eye. She was tall. Her hair was In a simple pony tail.she had almost perfect posture. She was well manicured. He surmised that She was from a professional or murchent class. Before today She would probably not even acknowledge his existence.
There eyes met. He smiled at her. She made a he smile back to her. He guesed that she was not hear at her own will like he was. He wished he could talk to her. He guessed that he would probably never see her again. Perhaps that was how It had to be.
The stands were full of people. There were rich to middle class. There were members of the mobility. Curent and former military commanders from army, navy marines and air force.there were also merchants ,administrators doctors ,lawyers and common people.
Amount the atendies was a bald man. He was tall and imposing. He looked strong but not obese. He was thin but hardly anorexic. He was there with partners. People seemed nervous to be around him. No one why. The just were.he almost never smiled.
The back ground check done by the auction house with the help of the internal revenue service revealed that he was quite wealthy. His title says he was a non noble land owner. He was not part of a cooperation or merchant guild. He owned his own business. His aides were all bald and male. The were all imposing.
The unsold slaves were moved to cage near the auction site. He saw her. He knew that this might be the last time he ever saw her .
Several were sold . ” the next is the daughter of a lawyer. She has had three years if law school at university of kings town. Her grandfather was a judge.she attended bording school before college. She is expert in literature,law, computer science and finances. ” the auctioner said.
“Kathy will make a fine worker,cleaner financial or legal advisor as well as numerous other task. ” the auctioned said.
She started at five hundred Alexander’s.  She went up to a thousand . the bald man bided a thousand. A noble man bided two thousand. The bald man bid four thousand Alexander’s. An admiral bid ten thousand Alexander’s. The bald man bid a million. The noble man bid two million . the bald man went to ten million. It went once twice . the bald msn won.
He felt bad for her. She look so sweet.she did not deserve this. It came to him. Brad knew that he would probably not get a high price. He was unskilled.he barely graduated high school. Except for being in a rock band he nothing to offer.
His opening bid was for three hundred alexander’s. A merchant made that bid. The bald man bid four hundred. The merchant bid five hundred. An older lady bid six hundred Alexander’s. The bald man bided eight hundred Alexander’s. A General bided nine hundred . the bald man bided a thousand. Alexander’s. No one kept going.
A part of brad was excited. The bald man was creepy looking. He was going to be living on the same compound as Kathy. Would she even talk to him.
They were taken to a transfer area. The bald man baught six new slaves. A slave named Noel went on and on about comics book. He engaged him for a few minutes. He went over to Kathy. ” it’s going to be ok. Kath. Your strong.this won’t destroy you. ” he said . she squized his hand “thank you.”she said.
Once the purchase was finalized, the slaves were turned over to the bald man’s staff. They were loaded
On to a helicopter owned by The bald man. The chopper lifted off.
End of part one.