When plans change part three. 

Jim and becca lyin had been dating for a while. They had become engaged. They both grew up attending fundimental baptist churches. They were both committed to Baptist distinctive and doctrine.  

That had all changed when he and her attended a wedding at a non fundimental church. He had got in trouble for it. It caused him to rethink his direction in life. 

He decided to abandon independent fundimental Baptist.  He wanted to take a break from the engagement. But she said no. She wanted to stay with him no matter what. 

They went to the church hia cousin and his wife attended. He was still not sure. That night they came back.

The car pulled in. “Your still nervous? “She commented.  “Yea i am a little. I used to rail against all of this. Now i am considering joing it. Whats happening to me?” he asked. “It will be ok. Your not compromising who you are.your principles are stronger then ever. Your only altering your views on style. ” she told him. “I know your right. It is still hard. ” he admitted. 

“We will get though this together my love. “She said. They exited the car. They took eachothers hand and walked inside hand in hand. She aleays loved his touch. She found she needed it. 

They went inside. The greeter remembered them. “Hi jim and becca. Right? ” grrig said. “Yes that is correct.  Your grieg?” he asked.  The greater said that he was correct. 

“I am glad you came back. I hope you will be hear on a regular bases.” greg said. “So far we like it. ” becca chimed in. He just smilled. 

They went to the maine auditorium. He saw his cousign and his wife. “You came back!” bryan said. ” i am a little surprised myself! ” jim said. 

“We are vary glad that you are hear. ” his wife jess said. “We are glad to be hear. We enjoyed this morning.  ” becca said. 

“Hey becca. On monday night we have a ladies bible study. We meet at 6:00 at night.  There are alot of younger ladies.  It is really good. Can you come?” jess asked. “I would love to. ” becca said.

Jim eas surprised that becca was eiger to jump into all of this. She seemed to be all this. She was more enthusiastic then he was. 

She really liked the idra of going to the ladies bible study. She was eiger to get to know jess better. She wanted to get to know other ladies in the church especialy ones her age ot close to it. 

“So are you seriously thinking aboit coming hear full time?” bryan asked.  “Yes we definitely are. ” jim said. Bryan smilled.” excellent. The pastor likes to take younger man under his wing. I assume you still want to go into ministry.  He will plug you in. Your will be extremely busiy but it is worth it. ” Bryan said. 

“Yes i do want to go into ministry. “Jim said. Becca was so glad to hear him say that. So was bryan. Bryan really liked his cousin. He wanted to see him grow and excell in the lord.

“This church is due for another wedding!, jess commented. ” i am certently am ready for a wedding. “Becca chimed in. 

“I would love to help you plan it. “Jess said.  “Sounds great. ” becca said. Becca tried to mention the wedding as much as posible. She wanted jim to know that she verry much wanted to do it. She wanted to marry him. She wanted him to be sure of that. 

“You two make a realy cute couple! ” jess remarked.  Becca squeezed his hand and smilled. “We think so too!” she said.

The pastor and his wife came over to becca and jim. “Hi. Welcome back! I am so glad that you are hear. We were hoping that you would come back. ” the pastor said. 

“It is good to be hear. ” Becca said.  “We hope that you will feel at home hear. We realy like this church and hope you will as well. ” the pastor’s wife told them. 

Becca notticed that jim had gotten prety quiet.  She wished that she could read his mind.  She wished she knew what was he thinking. She suspected that he was having doubts. He was having what some might describe as buyers remorse. She did not quite understand what he was going though. She was trying to. 

She felt at home hear. There was something that she realy liked about this church. She felt that this church could be a good thing for both of them. She hoped that he would embrace it. 

“So far so good! “Becca lyinn said. Jim just smiled. Everyone was really friendly.  Several had come up and talked to them. She suapected that these would one day become good friends. 

After a while the church service started. The pastor made anoncements. Then the worship team got up. She could tell that he was uncomfoetible during this. He did sing along. She sang along more enthusiastically.  

Her family were very tradional . they were old . her mom was a piano teacher. Her family were hyims only. She had never listened to ccm or klove or anything like that. She had never really wanted to.

The truth is that her parent’s convictions on music had never really been hers. She did not feel as strongly on this as even she would have thought.  She was ok with the music hear. She even kind of liked it. She felt that ccm was wrong but could never articulate why. 

She threw herself into it. She noticed that jim did not. She hoped that jim was not offended by her response.  She wanted to give this a chance. She hoped that jim understood that. If jim decided to go back to the old church,  she would suport that. She wanted him to know that as well. 

She suspected that he would not be happy at the old church.  It would be drudgery.  He would trudge along because that was what he was supposed to do. It would not really be him. Those at that church would no longer trust him. He probably could not teach the sunday school class he had before. He could not mostlikly preach there.  He might not be able to preach at like minded churches or retreets as he had. He would be a periah. 

Could he be welcomed hear? He was stil king James exclusive. That would not change.  Both he and Becca lyinn were strong suporters of the king James and textus receptis. They were both suportive of more conservitive dress. He could be ok with dressing down a little bit. Both believed that women should wear dreses or skirts. He could be ok with not wearing suits to services. 

The messege was really good. Both jim and becca liked the mesege. The pastor did preach from the king james. He preached in a very simple and consice mannor. 

He preached on godliness. He preached on being godly in an ungodly world. He preached on sticking to the word of God. He challenged those present to cling to the word of God. To read it and live it.both thought that it was really good. 

After the service, the pastor and his wife talked to them. “So did jess tell you about the bible study tomorrow night? ” jill ,the pastor’s wife asked. “She did. I am going to try to make it.” jess told her. 

Jill smiled. “Great! I was hoping that you would.  We have a realy good group.  It is a lot of fun. We have a good study. ” jill said. “We all really like it. ” jess said. 

Becca felt like she was already part of the church. She felt like this was right.she felt like this waa where she should be. She felt that this would be a real beginning. She was excited for it.excited for what God was doing and would do. 

After a while they walked out. They walked hand in hand. “So hunnie are you really considering going to the bible study?” he asked.

She was stuned by his question. ” yea. I think it is a good idea. It will give me a chance to get to know the ladies in the church. It will let me get a feel for the church as well. ” he said. 

“Your sure it is not too soon to realy dive in?” he asked.  “It is not commiting to anything. I like what i see so far. I will be keep my objectivity. I want to get to know this church more and those in it. ” she told him.

” ok. ” he said. “Your ok with me going aren’t you?” she asked. “Of course i am. I was just curias about your thoughts on it. “He said.

She smilled. ” ok. ” she said. They went to her apartment.  They sat on the steps. They were never inside each other’s home. They did hang out outside. 

“I had a good day with you today. I see this as a kind of adventure. I see this as you and i ploting our course in the lord. We are together making our faith our own. We are shaping how our family will work. Not forsaking the example of our parents and  grand parents but building on it. “Becca told him.

“I had not thought of it that way. I like that.  ” he said. “I do too. ” she said.  “I thought today went well. I want to be cautious but i like it so far. ” he said.

“I do too.  I want to give this church a chance.  I think it could be really good. I really do. ” she told him. He got a little more relaxed. 

After a while he walked her to her car. She gave him a great big hug. “I love you so much jim. I am so proud to be your fiancée. I cant wait to be your wife. ” she told him.

“I love you so much bec! “He told her. She smiled. She huged him tighter. She went to her car and got in. The car drove off. He watched her go.

He went inside. He checked his facebook. He got several meseges from people at gospel baptist church.they told him that they missed them at church. Some told him they hoped that they would come back. 

He did not reply. He just read them over. He closed face book. He was woried about all this. He knew that it was just his nerves. He tried to stay calm and colected.

End of part three.

Next up

Becca lynn goes to a ladies bible study at the new church and has a really good  time. 


When plans change part two 

Becca Lynn morgen was second oldest child of five kids. Both sets of parents were from a very conservative independent fundimental Baptist family. Growing up she only read from the king james bible. She only listened to old hymms and sacred Christian music. She never watched telivison or movies. Her reeding materials were carefully screaned. She only wore dresses or skirts never pants excepts for underneath a a skirt during outside activities or chores. 

She seemed the ideal canidate to be a independent baptist wife. Manny young men within the movement wanted to Mary her. Her heart seemed to always belong to one man.it had as long as she had known him. 

Becca adnired jim almost at the moment she met him. They were both young when they met. Everyone in the church assumed that they would date and one day get marry. There parents were close friends so it made sense that would get together.  

Even as children they were close friends. No one was surprised when they chose to date. They weathered every storm even being seperated when he went to college and she was stil in high school. 

 When his cousign bryan invited him to his wedding,of course he was going to go. He and bryan were close. He explaned the situation to becca.becca knew bryan and his fiancée well.  She did not hessitate to agree to go. 

Neither one of them thought that it was a big deal. Both families knew that they were going.  Members of his farthers church including his parents attended the wedding. They were shocked when they were taken to the office of the deen and questoned about the weading. Jim took the blame.  

Both tried to horner the school despite there disagreements over this. Becca did not think that this was a serious issue. She had her parents permission to attend the wedding.  She did not understand the controversy.  She did not believe that jim should have been censured over this.  

That event was a wattershed for him. It was a beginning  for him. It led to a rethink for him. She did not see it as a big issue at first. She and him discused it at length.  He saw this as a threat to there relationship. She saw it as a time of growth. 

 As he decided to explore churches beyond the realm of i.f.b ,she vowed to go with him. She was schocked when he sugested that mayby they should post pone or even canceil the engagement.  She did not want that. He was her family.  She would fight for it. 

 He wanted to visit the church himself at first. She would not have it. She wanted to go with him. She insisted he take her with him. 

She woke up sunday morning.  She took a shower. She got ready for church. She wore a red top and black skirt. She tried not to look too dresed up but she did not want to look out of place either. She felt like a fish out of water. She figured she would ajust. She braded her hair. 

She drove to his house. She parked the car. He greated her. He wore a buttoned down collared shirt and brown pants. He always wore a suit and tie. Now he was trying to go native.  

He felt out of place. That was ok.  He knew that it would subside. He had considered giving up. He considered trying to mend fences with his old home church and the i.f.b. he decided to stic with it.  

He looked troubled.  She could tell that he was having doubts about all this. She smiled at him. “This is realy a nuty idea is it bec?”he asked.  “No its not. It will be fine. ” she assured him. “I hope so.” he said. 

They went in his car, he drove.  They arived at the church.  The church was techically a baptist church but it droped the name Baptist from its title. It was still incorporated as faith bible Baptist church but on the air it was called faith bible church. 

The car parked. Jim nervously got out of the car. She was not quite as skidish as he was.  Jim had come up with his idea but was reluctent to follow though with it. They both left the car and walked to the church.

They were greated by an usher that gave them the buliton. They saw bryan and jess.  “You actualy came?” Bryan said.  “I have not started melting yet. ” jim said. “It took an hour in for the last fundy who visited hear to melt.  ” bryan said. 

“We are really glad that you you came! ” jess said “thank you. We are glad to be hear. ” becca said. They folowed Bryan and his wife into the main sanctuary. They sat down next to his cousign and his wife.

Jim could not get over his nerves. He was suprised that becca was not nervous. She seemed perfectly calm. He found that odd sence he felt like as conservative as he was, she was well to the right of him.    Yet she was fine with all this.  Even before the service began even in the parking lot,he considered leaving and abandoning all of this and going back to gbc. He did not. He decided to stic with it. Then the service began.  

The church had started around the same time as gospel baptist had. It was started by a independent Baptist pastor.  It soon became more and more evengelical. It became more contenpary. Eventually it droped the baptist from its name.  It became a cominity church. 

The pastor gave opening renarks. Then the worship team took over. They sand contemporary prase and worship songs many that could be heard on klove and other ccm stations. People in the audience were singing along dancing and lifting thrre hands. It looked more like a penticoastal church then a baptist one. Jim was a bit uncomfortable.  Becca was singing along. She did not apear to have the moral qums he did.

It seemed like the music went on foever. He was hoping it would end soon. Becca was enjoying it. She tried to be a little more reserve then she otherwise might be. 

He liked the preaching.  He was suprised that it was biblicaly based. He figured that he could be spritualy fed hear. He still was not sure. He would rather go hear then any other evengelical church he suposed. Mayby he should go back to his old church. 

After the service he introduced them to his pastor. “Pastor do you remember my cousign jim and his fiancée becka.”bryan asked. “I do. It is good to see you. Bryan said your considering coming hear full time?”pastor jeff asked. “We are definently considering it.”jim said.

“Well i hope you will come hear. This is a good church i think.  We are interested in serving the lord and impacting the greater community.  There are plenty of opportunities to serve. I went to fubdimental biblical uniservity. I went to school with pastor clark greig.”he said.

“Are you two stil on speaking terms?”jim asked. “We are. I still attend the spring conferences albiet in disguise. Clark and i are still good friends. I avoid manny of the staf including dr. Wyit.”jeff said. “Doctor wyit is the reason i have left the movement.  “Jim said. 

“Bryan mentoned his wedding caused some controversy. We dont have a lot of doctrinal differences with f.b.u mostly stylistic ones. I am sorry that yoir attendence caused difuclties. “Jeff said. “It was a shock. ” bryan said.

“I can imagine.  We do not want to step on anyone’s toes.  We try to stand on the word of God. If the lord had not said we try not to make it a law. I hope to talk to you futher on this. Plese consider making this your church home” jeff said. 

Becca was sold but jim was not so sure. He was not sure that he could settle down hear. They talked to a few people then went to the car. 

“I really liked it. I felt very welcome. I would like to get to know jess more. “Becca said. “I liked it. Yea i am wiling to give it a shot. “Jim said. “You sont seam totaly convinced. ” she said. “I just dont know. It is probably the best evengelical church in the area. I just dont know. I am willing to give it a chance. I think we can make it work.”jim said. “I think this will be a good fit for us. “She said. He had his doubts. He would give it a chance. 

To be continued. 

Next up at evening service becca is invited to a ladies group.  Jim strugles with his doubts. 

When plans change

In my other blog,Christian fiction i wrote a post about a young man who grew up fundinental Baptist.  He ended up leaving and going more evengelical. He breaks up his engagement and they go there seprite ways only to meet up later on. 

This got me thinking.  What if they stayed together?  I wanted to be examine these struggles.  Can a relationship built on independent fundamental Baptist servive if one wants to leave it? What about there parents?  

“When plans change.” 

James ball grew up in an independent fundamental Baptist church. His dad was a pastor. He knew becca lynn for most of his life. They went from acquaintance to friendship and then from friendship to close friend ship. They then formerly began a courtship right before he went to bible colege. 

He had gotten formal permisson to perpose marriage.  She said yes. They started to plan there weading and lives and ministry together.  Then things changed. 

James grew up traditional.  He was hardly armish. He liked the outdoors.he played non violent vidio games.  He did not own a tv. He had no intetest ib tv or movies. He read from the king james bible and only listened to hymms. 

Over time he became disillusioned with the i.f.b. he came to see that the i.r.b sometines took seperation too far. For james,there was one event that was the watter shed noment. The straw that broke the cammel’s back. His cousign was a non i.f.b. they had been very close. His cousign asked him to be his best man. There was ccm being played at thr wedding and reception. There was even dancing. His college sanctioned him for attending and participating.  He gave uo his seat in the student government and resigned his post as a dorm supervisor.

He had graduated from the colege but a bit battered and blody. His star within the i.f.b was in discendence. He continued to be involved in his farther’s church. His firm beliefs began to buckle. Despite that,his relationship with becca remained strong. 

Becca’s grandparents were missionaries to the philipines. Her farther was a deacon and sunday school teacher.  Becca had admired jim for a long time.  She saw him grow in his faith. People in the church saw them as a ligical couple. No one was surprised when they decided to formerly date. 

When they decided to date.,they did so with the expextation that they would one day be maried. There church was also eagerly anticipating it.  

She went with him to the weading. They both knew that it would not be an i.f.b cerimony. She knew he was brothered by the sanctioning.  It was the gateway controversy that sent him into a frenzy. He tried to shield her from his personal reevaluation.  

He had been distant from her. He avoided her at times. When they got together it was tense. There were moments of silience. She tried to engage him but he changed the subject. They were growing apart. 

After weeks if little contact he asked her to dinner.  “Bec i cant do this anymore. ” he said. “What cant you do?” she asked. “I feel stifled at gospel baptist church and the i.f.b in general. I cant abide by this rigidness. There are issues that are not speled out in the bible. I am leaving gospel Baptist church.  I cant stay. I need to get away from gbc and the i.f.b for a while. “He told her.

“I knew that was a possibility.  Where are we going?” she asked. ” i am going to try out my cousign’s church. I may check out a few churches. I dont expect you to go with me bec. This is my thing.  I assumed you would stay at g.b.c?” he said. 

“Oh no ! Where you go i go. Your new home church will be my home church. You go all evengelical so do i. “She said.

“About that.i think we should postpone the engagement. When we agreed to be maried, we were in a different place. I think we need to delay it for now. ” he said. 

“No!i could not disagree more. I agreed to mary you. Not you the independent fundamental Baptist ninister in training but you. When you perposed i know you were having doubts. Dont push me away! I want to mary you no matter what. I dont want to delay it . i want to procede as scheduled. ” she told him.

“Look bec i dont plan to come back. I am leaving the i.f.b. i am a firm believer in the king James bible.  That wont change. Other thing i may reevaluate. I may change. I am not sure getting ready for mariege under these circumstances is a good idea. I think you might believe that i am goung though a phase. I am not. I am not planing to return. “He said. 

“I know that. I know you. I know how you are. I know when you have made a decison,you stick with it. I have no intention of trying to change your mind or talk you out of it. I want to go with you. Dont abandon me! Lets do this together. This can be an adventure. This will inpact our family.  Your my family. Dont shut me out. “She said. 

“You might change your mind. You might decide that you want to stay with g.b.c!” he said. “You have made a decison. You considered it carefully and thoughtfuly. You dont do things on the fly. I trust you. You are spiritual leader of our family.i trust you.  Now i need you to trust me.  I understand your fears. I may not fully like our new church. I will adjust.  I dont want to postpone or delay our planed wedding. Please! “She pleaded. 

“The thing is i am not sure i am doing the right thing. I am afraid i am not. I dont want to drag you into this in case i am wrong.  I wish that the i.f.b would hold firm to king janes bible,separation,dress but mayby not be as rigid on other things.  I am ok with not using power point. I Dont think power point should be associated with a carnal church. I think a pastor should ware a suit abd tie to sunday services. Whoever again if a pastor does not ware a tie,i Dont think it is evidence of carnality.  It seems there is no third way.its fundimental or evengelical. I am a point in my life where is something is not bibically prohibited,i have no right to make it a mandate. I cant do it any more.  I an not sure im right on this. If i go off a clif i Dont want to take you with me. ” he said. 

“I knew thats where you were. Lets prayer about this. Lets be carefull. Lets do it together.  Do you still want to marry me?” she asked.

“Of course i do. My feelings about i.f.b have changed. My feelings have not changed.i still love you. That has not changed. I do stil want to marry you.” he assured her. 

“I am wiling to explore different churches with you. I will go where you go.  Double minded man is unstable in all his ways. We do this we do this. No more talk of breaking off the engagement.  This will be hard.i will be uncomfortable. This could be harder on me then it is on you. I can handle it. Promise me we are stil engaged?” she asked. 

“Ok.  We will do this together!” he said “no more talk of breaking off yhe engagement? ” she asked. “No more talk of a break up! ” he assured her. “Thank you. “She said. 

He drove her home.  She hugged him.they did not engage in a lot of physical contact but did engage in some. She held on to him. She kissed him on the cheek.something she did not not do often.  They said there goodbyes.

That night he called his cousign. “Hi brandon its jim. ” he said. “Hey jim. “He said ” hey.  Becca and i want to visit your church this sunday. We are considering making a change. “He said.

“I had a feeling that was the case. Please come on by. I am so glad becca is coming with you.  No presure but you two would like to make a fine edition to the church.jess and i will save a seat for you. ” he said.”thanks” he said.

To be continued.